Frodsham & District Bowling League 2018

Secretary & Treasurer

Mr John Brassington
tel: 73 10 34


Mr Alan Hough
tel: 71 31 20

Result Secretary

Mr Pete Snelson
tel: 72 27 52


Mr Brian Griffiths
tel: 73 31 83

Wed Apr 18th 18 Matches

Welcome to the Frodsham & District Bowling League Website


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Latest information:

Mon Jan 29th

Hi everyone, not long until the sun comes out.

The Frodsham league is going to use the MB system again this season.

It is actually already on this site and the fixtures are already to view.

The players registrations are ‘copied’ by Mike Beckett who designs and runs the MB system.

Obviously, he won’t know who has passed away, left your team or who has joined.

Your Secretary can choose to put in and/or take out the players registrations if they wish, with their code.

John B will still need the ‘hard copy’ for his records please, and I will update teams that haven’t updated then.

Please remember all teams are welcome to leave the registrations to Pete, if you wish, no problem.


The team codes for the Frodsham League this season are the same as last season.


Any problems, please email me or if it’s more serious, please chase John B 731034.


Hope you enjoy your season.

Best wishes


Frodsham League Results Secretary.

Thu Jan 18th

The Frodsham Fixtures are also shown on allbutacross.

If you see any serious errors, please chase John asap.

Start times are...Weds 18th & 25th April 6-30pm. Weds 2nd May onwards 7-00pm.

Later in season...Weds 5th Sept & 12th Sept 6-30pm ( 6pm if no lights ).

If you wish to change a start time, please discuss with your opponenets and sort yourselves.


Mon Jan 8th

John writes...

There will be three divisions for season 2018,
with 12 teams in each. So no Friday fixtures needed.

I have already received some correspondence
from Steve Owen now Secretary of Norley BC.
He informs me Tigers Head BC have disbanded.
However, the B team wish to continue to play in
the F&DBL Div.3 as Norley.