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Hello everyone,
After the success of the Wrexham Federation team over the last 2 seasons and the interest of more players we have decided to set up a B team. 
This will mean that we need at least 48 players on match day to fulfil both matches, however we will need reserves too so the more people that get on board the better. 
The main idea of setting the Wrexham Federation up was to promote the game within our area and give players a chance that don’t usually get a look in at county level. 
We are now looking for new members for the 2022 season.
Anyone can get involved, it doesn’t matter about ability! We just want people who are keen to play and won’t let us down. 
If you wish to play and haven’t already put your name down then please contact myself ASAP (Tommy Lowndes) on 07718482740. 
A little bit of information about the Fed:
It’s a league which will have 9 divisions next season, the 9th division is where Wrexham Federation B will start, the A team will hopefully be in 5th division but still some bowls to be played yet. 
It’s run on a 12 home and 12 away basis which allows 2 home bowlers to play. It’s usually the 3rd Sunday in the month but that can vary! 
It’s 2pm start with home and away teams both able to practise on the day! It’s dress code so black tailored pants and polo top which we provide upon membership.
It’s a point per game, there is points for the agg at each leg and also an overall agg to play for as well. 
Don’t be shy get in touch, I’m sure you will love it just as much as us. 
Tommy/Chris Edwards/Ieuan Pugh 
(Wrexham Federation officials) 


LINK TO The Federation of Crown Green Bowls (Wrexham Division 6) 
















Flintshire Indoor Bowling Club are planning to re-commence a winter league programme of fixtures in October 2021. I would appreciate club members letting me know of their intentions regarding team entry.

The format of the leagues will continue as in the pre-Covid period.

Please see the website:- flintibc.co.uk
Facebook Group:- Flintshire Indoor Bowling Club (Please join)


Bob Dolby












There will be no promotion or relegation for this season, but prize money will be paid out.




The set up of the divisions for the 2022 season will try to revert back to the situation as at the beginning of the 2020 season but obviously this will depend on the teams wishing to participate in the 2022 season.


















 At the AGM of 2019 A proposal from Bersham BC was passed by member clubs for a trial period as follows :-


 If the LOWEST team from a Club with more than one team were short of a player then a player would be allowed to play twice.

The team that is short of a player  would place 2 of their cards face down with the names of the players that were prepared to play twice.


The opposing team would then pick one of these cards to replace the missing players.


If a team were short of 2 players then 3 cards must be placed face down.

They would only be allowed to play a maximum of two players twice per match and for each player that played twice their score would count towards the team aggregate but 6 chalks would be deducted for each player that played twice. This is to try and avoid a player turning up expecting to play a game but ends up receiving a Walk Over


The 6 point reduction will automatically be applied once the match result has been entered onto the web site.


This system has been trialled in a couple of leagues already and in the Malpas League last year it avoided 8 walkovers, and in the Whitchurch League it avoided 77 walkovers.












Something "interesting" (a clue to the author!) to read below



The History of Crown Green Bowls in Wrexham featuring Esclusham B.C.









LINK TO Wrexham Area Bowling Results - COUNTY CUPS 2020 









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RULE 20 Clubs must enter the results onto the web site within 24 hours of completion of the match. Clubs failing to get the results in on time will be fined £10.00 for each and every occasion. 

Rule amended at AGM on 10.10.2015 





Burton Cup



The Burton cup was the second most prestigious cup in Wales after the Welsh Senior Merit and has been played for since 1930 all be it there are some gaps in the records, it is not known whether it was played for in those years or the cup just wasn't engraved, if anyone has any knowledge of those years please let us know, the new tab for the winners is on the left hand side at the bottom.








 For your interest Allan Taylor who plays for Ruabon and has been involved with bowls for many years has taken over Charisma Trophies in Yorke Streeet in Wrexham, and has subsequently introduced Crown Green Bowls and bowling accessories to the existing range of products and services already provided.'Allan is now taking bowls in that want testing/polishing laquering etc. to Premier Bowls,  Do not leave it to late if you want your bowls back in plenty of time for the start of the season'


Obviously it is still early days and he is only now starting to increase stock levels including Taylors and Drakes Pride product ranges.


Allan has asked if we can let local Wrexham clubs know they now have an outlet in Town that they can call into at any time, but also more importantly can drop off their bowls, jacks etc for refurbishment at the end of the season, rather than having to make the long trek to Stockport on an individual basis.

The telephone number for Charisma is  01978 363262 or email-sales@charismatrophiesltd.com.      Charisma Trophies Web Site