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There will be no Saturday League or Pairs League games played this year, there maybe some cup games played later in August and September.


No league or area fees will be payable for 2020 the same applies to the fixture books sent out, but the score cards will be chargeable but not payable until next season.






Recommendations to consider before opening your green


· Green Opening, Exercise, Practice and Competitive (Full Social distancing must be maintained - 2 metres distance)
· 4 groups permitted on the green at a time with no more than 30 people attending the premises at any one time.
· Bowlers should only partake while practising social distancing unless with members of their household.
· Club Schedule of Attendance (names, dates & times must be recorded) produced to ensure limited attendance should be
maintained (record of green availability should be maintained)
· Club to appoint a central contact (To enable track and trace records should this be required)
· Only WCGBA or BCGBA affiliated Club members allowed on a Green
· Ensure that your Insurance cover is up to date.
· Each Club will have to make and maintain their own risk assessment of the safety in managing your green
· Arrangements should be made to manage the social distancing and all other hygiene procedures
· You will need to ensure you have your landlord’s permission to open the green if this applies
· Maintenance schedule will need to be reviewed to ensure green is available for play prior to opening
· Club Buildings to remain closed apart from Toilets.
Be aware that this guidance could change at any point and could be withdrawn if the risk level increases


This Action Plan/ Risk Assessment should be used in conjunction with advice from the Welsh Assembly Government and is intended as a guide to clubs to safely consider all the risks associated with reopening your green. This does not override your landlords right to keep the green closed.



Crown Green Bowls - The Opening of Greens
· Only use your equipment brought from home or provided sterilised by your host Club (jacks, mats, bowls etc.)
· Sterilize equipment before and after use
· Keep strict social distancing measures in place - you must remain at a safe distance (2 metres) from people outside of your household
· Follow strong hygiene practices at every opportunity - wash your hands when you get home
· You must have permission from your club to use the green
· Your club will have an agreed process for you to agree a time for you to access the green
· Once you have completed your session, please depart as soon as you safely can to enable others to access the green.
· You may only play on a WCGBA affiliated green if you are a member of a WCGBA or BCGBA affiliated club
· Do not enter clubhouse, or any facility which is part of the club (except toilets where the Club has agreed procedures to open)
· Do not use club equipment unless provided sterilised by the Club
· Do not turn up at the green without prior agreement from your club
· Being careful about touching solid surfaces e.g. gates, seating, doors, etc.
· Wash your hands as soon as you get home, avoid touching your face and take hand sanitiser with you to use while out if possible
· Your Club must have written authority from the landlords of the green that you can gain access to the green under the strict guidelines laid out in this
document and then follow all guidelines
· It is the clubs’ responsibility to decide if your facility is open.
· Please check that your insurance is valid
· You must have a clear process for knowing who Is playing at the green, make this as clear as you can for your club members to understand and abide by.
· Please place a sign in clear view of all visitors of the guidelines set out above.


· Do not use a clubhouse connected with the Club, ensuring there is clear signage to state this. Use of toilet facilities is at Club’s discretion subject to WAG guidelines out-lined here - https://gov.wales/providing-safer-toilets-public-use-coronavirus-html. A printed copy of this can be provided on request.


· Do not use club equipment unless sterilised for arranged competitions or on loan for one individual’s use.


This Action Plan/ Risk Assessment should be used in conjunction with advice from the Welsh Assembly Government and is intended as a guide to clubs to safely consider all the risks associated with reopening your green. This does not override your landlords right to keep the green closed.




Crown Green Bowls - Competitions and League/Cup Bowling

· Clubs may use their Greens for Club or Open Competition subject to a maximum of 30 people being at the Green and its surroundings at any one time.
· There must be a designated organiser of the competition who has responsibility for adherence to rules and guidleines. A Deputy may be appointed case of need.
· All Open Competitions should be registered with the WCGBA as normal and a certificate obtained. In the light of these difficult times, the deadline for applications will be
reduced to 14 from 28 days.
· A full risk assessment should be completed and supplied to the Secretary of the WCGBA at least 7 days prior to commencement of the competition. The pro forma risk assessment already supplied may be used.
· All competitors in open competitions should be a fully paid up member of either a WCGBA or BCGBA club. It is the respnsibility of competitors to ensure that this is complied with. Disciplinary action may be taken in the event of non compliance.
· Competitors should use a personal stamped jack and mat with the jack to be used when leading. Nobody else should touch the jack or an individuals’ bowls. These jacks should be either supplied by the organising club and sterilised after use in each match or brought by the competitor from their own club being sterilised prior to return.
· A full record by time and date of all attendees, competitors and otherwise, should be maintained by the organiser.
· Social Distancing rules should be observed at all times.
· No refreshments should be provided. If competitors wish to bring their own then all litter should be taken home with them.

Measuring and Rules
· Where possible all measurements should be carried out by one designated person who should be the only one to handle the measuring equipment.
· Where longer measures are required then 2 designated measurers should carry them out with the measuring equipment being sterilised thereafter.
· Players should maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance whilst measuring is undertaken.
· A repeat measure is not allowed in any circumstances unless decided upon by the Measurers.
· To assist social distancing, Organisers may wish to consider stipulating that the leader should announce to his opponents the bias of the jack in addition to showing it as
stipulated in the rules. NB It is acknowledged that this is the norm anyway.

League and Cup Bowling
· Due to the lateness of the year, it is not recommended that League Bowling recommence.
· Where the commencement of limited Cup Competitions or inter club friendly matches are considered the rules and guideliens above should be adhered to.







‘You will no doubt have seen the announcement yesterday by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) that Bowling Greens will be allowed to open with effect from Monday next. (June 22nd)


You may be aware that we have had guidance notes prepared and ready to go for some time now and these are attached having been updated in line with current guidance from the WAG and Bowls Wales. The Guidance Notes include a risk assessment document which we strongly encourage you to utilise to assess any issues specific to your Club. There is also a poster attached for display if you do make the decision to open.


The role of the WCGBA in this matter can only be advisory and whilst we will do all we can to help Clubs to open, if they wish, in the safest manner possible, the final decision rests with you the Clubs, and your Committees will be best placed to assess what is right for your Club. You do not have to open nor do you have to open with the maximum number of ends/games suggested in the Guidance Document, this is particularly pertinent for Clubs with smaller Greens who may be concerned about ability to social distance.

Please address any questions or issues you have to ceo@bowls.wales and we will do our best to help.

Trevor Clarke



















Something "interesting" (a clue to the author!) to read below



The History of Crown Green Bowls in Wrexham featuring Esclusham B.C.









LINK TO Wrexham Area Bowling Results - COUNTY CUPS 2020 


The link above will take you to the Wrexham Area bowls web site where details draws etc. of the Cyril Adams (Wrexham League County Cup) and Dewi Jones (Wrexham Veterans  League County Cup) can be found, (once the draws have been made) the password to enter the results will be the same as the Saturday League passwords.


All the players and teams who have previously played in either the Cyril Adams or Dewi Jones Cup have been transferred over to the new site, but if your club is playing in either of these competitions please check that your players are registered to play.



The WG Roberts and League Cup draws can now be viewed via the left hand side of the page.






 At the AGM of 2019 A proposal from Bersham BC was passed by member clubs for a trial period as follows :-


 If the LOWEST team from a Club with more than one team were short of a player then a player would be allowed to play twice.

The team that is short of a player  would place 2 of their cards face down with the names of the players that were prepared to play twice.


The opposing team would then pick one of these cards to replace the missing players.


If a team were short of 2 players then 3 cards must be placed face down.

They would only be allowed to play a maximum of two players twice per match and for each player that played twice their score would count towards the team aggregate but 6 chalks would be deducted for each player that played twice. This is to try and avoid a player turning up expecting to play a game but ends up receiving a Walk Over


The 6 point reduction will automatically be applied once the match result has been entered onto the web site.


This system has been trialled in a couple of leagues already and in the Malpas League last year it avoided 8 walkovers, and in the Whitchurch League it avoided 77 walkovers.






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LINK TO The Federation of Crown Green Bowls (Wrexham Division 7 B)













RULE 20 Clubs must enter the results onto the web site within 24 hours of completion of the match. Clubs failing to get the results in on time will be fined £10.00 for each and every occasion. 

Rule amended at AGM on 10.10.2015 





Burton Cup



The Burton cup was the second most prestigious cup in Wales after the Welsh Senior Merit and has been played for since 1930 all be it there are some gaps in the records, it is not known whether it was played for in those years or the cup just wasn't engraved, if anyone has any knowledge of those years please let us know, the new tab for the winners is on the left hand side at the bottom.








 For your interest Allan Taylor who plays for Ruabon and has been involved with bowls for many years has taken over Charisma Trophies in Yorke Streeet in Wrexham, and has subsequently introduced Crown Green Bowls and bowling accessories to the existing range of products and services already provided.'Allan is now taking bowls in that want testing/polishing laquering etc. to Premier Bowls,  Do not leave it to late if you want your bowls back in plenty of time for the start of the season'


Obviously it is still early days and he is only now starting to increase stock levels including Taylors and Drakes Pride product ranges.


Allan has asked if we can let local Wrexham clubs know they now have an outlet in Town that they can call into at any time, but also more importantly can drop off their bowls, jacks etc for refurbishment at the end of the season, rather than having to make the long trek to Stockport on an individual basis.

The telephone number for Charisma is  01978 363262 or email-sales@charismatrophiesltd.com.      Charisma Trophies Web Site