Whitchurch & District Bowling League Honours Board

Champions for 2018

Division Champions
Most Wins Men
Most Wins Ladies
All Winners
Individual Compettitions
Consolation Cup
Individual Merit
Jubilee Doubles Consolation
Jubillee Doubles
Judith Purcell
Judith Purcell Consolation
Junior Doubles
Junior Player of the year
Ladies Merit
League Doubles
Mixed Doubles
Mixed Doublke Consolation
Norman Ford Classic
Presidents Cup
Senior Citizens
Shropshire Star Cup
St Alkmonds Trophy
St Alkmunds Consolation
Under 12
Under 12 Consolation
Under 15
Under 15 Consolation
Under 18's
Under 18's Consolation
Under 21
Under 21 Consolation
Under 25's
Under 25's Consolation
League Winners for division1Woore A
Most Wins Men for division1C.Price
Most Wins Ladies for division1C.Price
League Winners for division2Malpas Fmrs A
Most Wins Men for division2S.Maddocks
Most Wins Ladies for division2S.Maddocks
League Winners for division3Adderley B
Most Wins Men for division3A.Groom
Most Wins Ladies for division3A.Groom
League Winners for division4Malpas B
Most Wins Men for division4J.Chetta
Most Wins Ladies for division4J.Chetta
League Winners for division5Wem USC B
Most Wins Men for division5J.Bryne
Most Wins Ladies for division5J.Bryne
League Winners for division6Hanmer D
Most Wins Men for division6B.Meakin
Most Wins Ladies for division6B.Meakin
League Winners for division7Hadnall C
Most Wins Men for division7B.Burton
Most Wins Ladies for division7B.Burton
Individual MeritTim Jordan (Hadnall)
Under 21Dan Beeston (Hanmer)
Senior CitizensCedric Bancroft (Woore)
League DoublesJack Hewitt & Julian Goodwin (Malpas Sports)
Mixed DoublesGaynor Smith & Julian Goodwin (Malpas Sports)
Jubillee DoublesPrees A
St Alkmonds TrophyMike Reeves(AWC) & Deanna Simcock(Chester Road}
Under 25'sJack Hewitt (Malpas Sports)
Under 25's ConsolationBen Hinton (District)
Judith PurcellDonna Bennet & Paul Bradley (Malpasd Sports)
Shropshire Star CupWem USC
Presidents CupWrenbury
Under 21 ConsolationWilliam Stokes (Bridgewater)
Junior DoublesSusie Lawson (Malpas Sports) & Josh Warner (AWC)
Ladies MeritDonna Bennett (Malpas Sports)
Under 12Wayd Pawlowski (Wem USC)
Norman Ford ClassicBen Hinton (District)
Under 12 ConsolationZoe Fenwick (Calverhall)
Jubilee Doubles ConsolationCalverhall A
Judith Purcell ConsolationTina Ralph & Philip Jones (Nantwich Park Road)
Mixed Doublke ConsolationMandy Hare (Joules) & Phiip Jones (Nantwich Park Road)