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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2019


President: Isobel Jones 2019 Chairman: Phil Scott 01948 820757/ 07946478299
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett
01948 661930


Assistant Secretary
John Mitchell
01948 667378


Juliette Swire



Competition Secretary
Jamie Brookes



Peter Lawrence

Tue Apr 2nd 27 Matches
Thu Apr 4th 1 Match
Tue Apr 9th 27 Matches


Important Dates:


Wed Mar 20th 7:30pm Audlem Bowling Club are hosting a Rules Revision night. If interested  Contact Sue Condrey.
Sat Mar 23rd 10:30AM Audlem Bowling Club are hosting a Rules Revision night. If interested  Contact Sue Condrey.
Mon Mar 25th 7:30pm Referees Seminar at Tilstock Bowling Club Mike Potter and Robert Ellison will be in attendance Reserve your place with Isobel.

Latest information:

Sat Feb 16th

2019 Fixtures are now available.
Unfortunately Preston Brockhurst have withdrawn from the League. AWC D, Hanmer D and Victoria C have withdrawn their teams.
Joules Mkt Drayton have entered a second team but Edgmond have reluctantly decided not to enter a second team.
District D, whilst finishing third to bottom of Division 5, have agreed to be placed in Division 6 to help out levelling the divisions otherwise it would have meant Byes in Divisions 5, 6 and 7
This now means that for 2019 Divisions 1 to 4 will consist of 14 teams starting on Tue 2nd Apr. Divisions 5 and 6 with 12 teams and Division 7 with 11 teams all starting on Thur 18th Apr.
Chester Road now consist of all mixed teams and have been allocated letters A to H depending where their teams finished last year.


Wed Jan 30th

Following last night’s AGM the following new Officers were appointed:

President: Isobel Jones.

Chairman: Phil Scott.

Vice Chairman: Derek Wright.

Secretary: Juliette Swire.

Competition Secretary: Jamie Brookes.


The following new rule was passed to help teams due to shortage of players during Holiday times.

Rule 4.3c It is expected that clubs will fill teams by drawing players from the teams below them.  In the event of the LOWEST team of a club being unable to field a full team for a match, its captain may put face down four or more cards with the name of players who are prepared to play twice that evening.  The opposing Team Captain will draw from these cards a player who is allowed to play twice.  If more than one player is required, he/she may continue to draw from the remaining cards.  The points that these players score will count towards their team total, but six points will be deducted from the total aggregate for that match for each player who has played twice.

Note 1.  The person entering the match result on the website will select a player called Played Twice for the second game and enter the name of the player concerned in the box shown.

Note 2. The players who play twice must also have played at least 50% of their games for that team to date; this will be monitored by the Results Secretary and if they have not played the required number of games up to the date of the match the result will be declared a Walk Over for the opposing team. 

Note 3. The individual player’s score from their second game will not count in their individual averages.


All other rule changes were passed with the exception of the proposal to increase match fees to 35 pence.