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 Mike McDarby

(Bournville Sports B.C.)

Phil Ellett

(Hamstead Great Barr B.C.)

Paula Stevens

(Towers B.C.)

 Derek Wigley

(Goldieslie B.C.)

Mike Busby

(Water Orton B.C.)

Shirley Wigley

(Goldieslie B.C.)

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Sally Jerrard-Dinn

(Bakelite B.C.)

Ray Tonks 

(Hamstead Great Barr B.C.) 

Trish Gough


Wayne Jones

(Towers B.C.)


Shane Fardon (Water Orton B.C.)

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Sat Jul 24th 8 results from 8 Matches



Important Dates:


Latest information:

Thu Jun 17th
  • I am sorry to advise that Black Horse B.C. have withdrawn from the 2021 Season with immediate effect.
  • The matches they have already played in Afternoon B Division will be deleted from the League records, and their remaining fixtures will become byes. 


Tue Jun 8th
  • Following consultation with the Clubs concerned, Afternoon B Division fixtures have been amended after the resignation of Rowley Labour in order to eliminate as many of the bye weeks as possible, and also to bring the finishing date for the season forward in line with other Divisions.
  • Revised Club Fixture lists will be sent today to each of the Clubs, and while I appreciate it means change to your club handbooks I hope you will feel the adjustments are better than having big gaps in your fixtures for the season.



Fri Jun 4th
  • I am sorry to announce at such a late stage that Rowley Labour have withdrawn from the 2021 Warwickshire Parks season with immediate effect.
  • As a result all their scheduled fixtures in Afternoon Division B will become byes.
Thu May 20th

Reminder to all Clubs that Player Registrations need to be returned no later than 31st May 2021 to ensure that players are listed and eligible to play in the opening fixtures.


Thu May 13th

BCGBA have released their 'Return To Play - Step 3 Guidance' Document, which takes effect from 17th May 2021 and can be found in the Return To Bowls 2021 tab


Tue May 11th

The 2021 Season fixtures are now live on the site, and have been sent to each Club Secretary. Any problems, please get in touch with Shane at the address above.

Many thanks to Mike Beckett for all his help.


There will be bits of tidying up to be done on the pages in the next few days, and some more details to be added to the later part of the season, so please keep looking at the pages in the run-up to the season starting.



Sat Mar 27th
  • British Crown Green Bowls Association have released documents relating to the restart of Organised Sport, effective from 28th March 2021. Copies are available for viewing/downloading in the new tab 'Return to Bowls 2021' and updates will be added as they become available.
  • Thank you to the BCGBA Officers for their tireless efforts to put Crown Green Bowls in a position where a return to organised play should be possible in the near future.
  • Please note that the guidelines are applicable to Club, County and Affiliate members of the BCGBA.