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Thu Oct 15th

The management committee for The Waterloo Bowling Green, Blackpool have a couple of initiatives under way to, firstly, save this iconic venue and secondly, help towards it’s ongoing running costs to ensure that is can continue well into the future.

The committee have (in principle), negotiated a 10 year lease over The Bowling Green and Stands with the owner.

This lease will be subject to some works being completed on the stadium, for which there is a cost budget of £75K.

Funding the initial costs

We have asked the bowling community to consider whether it wants to donate funds to achieve the above figure.

We have had a good response with a number of sizeable donations (£1000 plus) being made to us directly – as a gesture of our appreciation, we have said that we will give all of those people 2 x 5 day tickets for The Waterloo finals week for the next 5 years – face value of those tickets is £300.

For anybody who feels they want to make this level of donation – contact Gary Ellis on 07764699881. We have, so far, raised £38,000 via 10 separate donors.

We have also received a number of smaller donations via a ‘go fund me’ page set up by Lynn Pritchatt – see https://uk.gofundme.com/f/giving-the-waterloo-a-chance - at the time of writing, we have raised circa £15,000 via 242 separate donors. For anybody who isn’t on-line, contact Gary Ellis on 07764 699881 who will make the arrangements for you to donate.

If we could find more people to contribute to either of the above to help us get to the £75K target, we’d be delighted.

Funding for ongoing running costs

We have set up The Waterloo ’50 50’ club.

This is essentially a monthly draw whereby 50% of funds received from entrance fees go to The Waterloo and the other 50% is paid back out in prizes. Payments can be made directly to our bank account by monthly standing order, or by setting up a direct payment for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

We have had 4 draws so far and have had at least 300 people in each draw, paying out 6 prizes last month, ranging from £620 (first prize) to £50 (sixth prize). If we can retain 300+ in the draw, it secures at least £18K per annum in ongoing yearly income for The Waterloo.

If you want to support The Waterloo by being part of the draw, please contact Phil McVittie on irissgift@yahoo.co.uk or on 07808 071539, supplying him with the following details


Mobile number

E-mail address


Helpers to assist with the running of The Waterloo generally, and the bowls tournaments


We currently have a very small team of helpers for The Waterloo – anybody who is willing to help us by coming onto the management committee, helping with marking and measuring at qualifiers, and help with running finals week, where we obviously need a lot of staff, please get in touch with Gary Ellis on 07764699881.


We believe that The Waterloo is the only crown green bowls ‘stadium’ in the country - and the only one there’s ever likely to be. That’s why we are making a special effort to save it. Any help you can give us is much appreciated.