Walsall Community Indoor Bowling League 2019/20

Chairman Secretary Treasurer
Ann Welsh  t.b.a
 Barry Bird  




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Thu Sep 10th 2020

Indoor League  2020 / 2021

Following yesterday's Coronavirus announcement that only 6 people are now allowed to meet indoors, it has been decided with great reluctance to suspend Walsall Indoor League Bowling until further notice.

The Walsall League Presentation Meeting as also been cancelled.


Tue Mar 17th 2020


As you are all aware the Indoor League for next Season will be consisting of 2 Divisions only (Previously 3 Divisions),

also there will be no Cup Competitions played.


The make up of the 2 Divisions will be as follows : -

    Division 1                              Division 2

Anchor Meadow B              B.B.C.

Anchor Meadow C              Bloxwich ER A

Bloxwich ER B                   Chart A

Brownhills A                      Chart C

Brownhills B                      FF Harrison B

Chart B                              Forest B

FF Harrison A                     Fordbrook B

Forest A                             Leamore

Fordbrook A                       W.B.C.

Palfrey                               Yew Tree B

Yew Tree A


 The league is due to commence on Monday 5th October. (Assuming the current situation improves sufficiently)


Please note there are no League Meetings until further notice

Tue Mar 17th 2020

Results for Indoor Cup Competitions played on Monday 9th March

Knockout Cup              Yew Tree A   82    FF Harrison B         56

M. Banks Cup               Forest B       71    Anchor Meadow B  68

Thanks again to Bloxwich ER & FF Harrison for making their facilities available.


On completion of the Indoor Season congratulations to the following teams.

Division 1            Champions             Anchor Meadow C

                           Runners Up            Brownhills A

Division 2            Champions             FF Harrison A

                           Runners Up            Palfrey

Division 3            Champions             Chart C

                           Runners Up            Chart B

Knockout Cup     Winners                  Yew Tree A

                           Runners Up             FF Harrison B

M. Banks Cup      Winners                  Forest B

                           Runners Up             Anchor Meadow B