Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association 2019

 President / Competition Secretary: Keith Etches: Tel - 07759 956998

Chairman: Mike Costall: Tel -  0151 639 2866 

Vice Chairman / League Fixture Secretary: Colin Jones: Tel -  07930 934876

Secretary / Treasurer: Peter Dodd; Tel -  07908 974768

Executive Committee:

Graham Bunting, Bill Dow, Mary Fishwick, Peter Fishwick,

John Joy, Andy Wainwright, Tommy Walker

Thu May 16th 11 results from 11 Matches
Wed May 22nd 2 Matches
Thu May 23rd 10 Matches
Tue May 21st 5 Cup Games



Supporting Wallasey C.G.B.A. Bowls



Linda Howard is the Registrar for Merseyside County CGBA and will now issue all BCGBA Membership Cards.

Any requests for a BCGBA Membership Card can be sent to Linda at her address detailed on the BCGBA Membership

Application Form, which can be downloaded from the Merseyside County website and accompanied by a cheque

payable to Merseyside CCGBA. The costs are £12 for new bowlers and £4 for replacement cards.

Linda can be contacted via email at registrar4mccgba@gmail.com.



Wallasey CGBA League Fixture Secretary

Would all Club Secretaries please note that Colin Jones is our League Fixture Secretary and he is the person to contact if your club has any queries about postponed or re-arranged League matches.

Colin can be contacted via his mobile phone number 07930 934876



Sunday May 19th

Harold Jones Cup Final

The Harold Jones Cup Final between New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'B' and New Brighton Queens Royal will now be played on Saturday June 15th with a 6-00pm start. The venue will be Hoylake Central & Melrose Bowling Club and the Handicap will be confirmed after the two selected teams have been confirmed with the Association Secretary.


Sunday May 19th

Weekly Draw

Unfortunately due to Mike Costall being too ill to conduct today's weekly draw, the draw did not take place as scheduled. Further news about the draw will be posted on this site during the week.


Sunday May 19th

Federation National League Division Two

Wallasey win against Dudley takes them to top of Division Two

Wallasey had a fantastic 12 home winners against Dudley at Tixall this afternoon and combined with the five equally impressive away winners at Dudley, the overall 23-09 victory saw the Wallasey teams climb to the top of Division Two on 37 points with Fylde A in 2nd place on 28 points. Full match report will appear later tonight or early tomorrow.


 At Tixall Bowling Club    At M & B Sports, Edgbaston
Wallasey                 Dudley    Dudley                Wallasey
Phil Lee  21 v   06  Stephen Homer 1 Chris Watts  21 v  20 Ian Sherbrooke 
Ian Jones  21  v  13 Ian Carr 2 Dan Williamson  19 v  21 Elliott Potter
Craig Saville  21  v  20 Martin Danter 3 Chris Lambert  21 v  06 Phil Vaughan
Joseph Edwards  21  v  08 Kaye Coulthard 4 Mike Hill  21 v  14 Peter McGregor
Mike Havern 21 v  17 Wayne Berry 5 Mark Rose  21 v  07 Neil Sherbrooke
Dave Gilmore 21 v  13 Simon Totten 6 Craig Skidmore  21 v  09 Jamie Isaac
Josh Bunting 21 v  20 Matt Price 7 Gavin Skidmore  21 v  13 Steve Nugent
Paul Saville 21 v  15 Adam Hopwood 8 Mark Street  10 v  21 Gerry Riley
John Devlin 21 v  20 Stewart Meddings 9 Jon Blakeman  21 v  09 Colin Saville
John Lloyd 21 v  11 Cian Danter 10 Andy Poole  20 v  21 John Cosgrove
Anthony Thompson 21 v  16 Neil Hopwood 11 Martin Perks  19 v  21 Owen Turner
Matthew Gilmore 21 v  15 Richard Bate            12 Paul Rolls  13 v  21 Marc Daugherty
Total  252        174   Total    Total    228         183     Total



















Sunday May 12th

Weekly Draw

The weekly draw took place at Manor Road Bowling Club today with the numbers drawn being 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, & 18. Today's Jackpot was not won and next week the Jackpot will be £145 from 17 numbers. The £30 consolation was won on a ticket sold by Keith Etches. 


Sunday May 12th

Anthony Thompson wins Wallasey CGBA Federation Merit Competition

New Brighton Queens Royal's, Anthony Thompson won today's Federation Individual Merit Competition at New Brighton Cricket & Bowling Club, defeating New Brighton Quarry Vikings bowler, Chris Barton 21-09 in the Final. 16 players turned up to play in sunny conditions and 'Buzz' started off his day with a convincing 21-04 victory over Lynsey Gorman in his first match. A Quarter Final 21-11 win against Joe Edwards saw him take his place in the Semi Final where he defeated Richard Bendrey 21-10 to reach the Final against Chris Barton. Chris had started off the day with a 21-10 win against Derek Smith and his Quarter Final saw him post a very narrow 21-20 winning score against Josh Bunting. Another close match in the Semi Final against Owen Turner saw Chris winning 21-18 and reaching the Final against Anthony. Anthony proved just too consistent in the Final and ran out a fairly comfortable 21-09 winner to win the Trophy for a third time. Anthony was the first winner of this Trophy in 1994 and won it again in 2004. Association President, Keith Etches presented the Trophy to Buzz after thanking New Brighton Cricket & Bowling Club for the use of their green and all the players, markers and measurers who helped out during the day. Anthony Thompson, Richard Bendry, Chris Barton and Owen Turner will now go on to play in the Federation of Crown Green Bowls, Individual Merit Competition at the Grange Bowling Club, Warrington on Sunday October 6th.

All the results of today's competition can be seen by accessing the 2019 Cup Fixtures or Competitions Results (Individual Competitions) link in the table at the left of this page if you are using a computer, or the top of the page if you are using a mobile phone or tablet.



                  Anthony Thompson receives the Wallasey CGBA Federation Individual Merit Trophy from Association President, Keith Etches. 


Monday May 6th

Two Handicap changes for Presidents Cup First Round matches.

There are 2 changes to handicaps for the Presidents Cup First Round as a result of the Divisional Cup matches between the teams concerned. New Brighton Quarry Vikings B team Handicap against Manor Road A will now be reduced to 60 instead of the 72 they had when both teams met in the Harold Jones Cup. Manor Road A stay on their Handicap of 30 from that match. In the Sheppick Cup, Upton Victory Hall B team will have their Handicap reduced to 108 from 114 against Liscard who remain on 96 for this match.


Sunday May 5th

Weekly Draw

Today's numbers drawn in our Weekly draw at Manor Road were, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14 & 18. The Jackpot was not won today and will be £130 from 18 numbers next Sunday. The £30 consolation prize went to Val Garlick from Manor Road. Thanks again go to Mike Costall and Colin Jones for conducting today's draw.


Wednesday May 1st

Wallasey CGBA Federation Individual Merit Competition

The 2019 Wallasey CGBA Federation Individual Merit Competition will take place at New Brighton Cricket & Bowling Club on Sunday May 12th. This Competition is open to all Wallasey CGBA registered bowlers Male or Female and the Entry Fee will be £5 per person. All entry fees will be paid into the Prize Money Fund for the Competition with at least the final four players receiving prize money at the end of the event. Matthew Gilmore the 2017 winner of the event is the current holder of the Trophy, which was not played for last season because of personal circumstances regarding the Association Secretary and the Competition Secretary preventing them from officiating on the scheduled date of the competition. All players wishing to enter the competition must report to the green at the Cricket Club by the 10-30am scratch time to be included in the draw. If you are not at the venue by10-30am you will not be allowed to take part in the competition. The Four semi-Finalists will be entered into the Federation of Crown Green Bowls Individual Merit Competition to be held at the Grange, Warrington on Sunday October 6th and their £10 entry fees will be paid for by the Wallasey CGBA.


Sunday April 28th

Weekly Draw

Our first Weekly draw of the season took place at Manor Road this afternoon with the winning numbers drawn out as 3, 4, 9, 13, 16 & 19 The Jackpot was not won today but the  winner of the £30 consolation prize was Josh Bunting. Next weeks Jackpot will be £115 from 19 numbers. Thanks to Mike Costall and Colin Jones for conducting today's draw.


Wednesday April 24th

Divisional Cup Semi Final Venues & Presidents Cup First Round Draw, Venues & Handicaps

The Semi Final Draws and venues for the Divisional Cups and the First Round Draw and venues and Handicaps for the Presidents Cup can be accessed via the Cup Results/Fixtures link at the left of this page if you are using a computer or the top of the page if you are using a Mobile phone or Tablet.


Wednesday April 17th

Regular League Season starts next Tuesday.

Our Regular League season gets underway next Tuesday, April 23rd and matches for the remainder of April will start at 6-15pm.From May 1st onwards all matches will start at 6-30pm. Good luck to all our Clubs for the new season.


Wednesday April 17th

Presidents Cup Draw

The Presidents Cup First Round draw took place at last night's Executive Committee Meeting and can be seen via the Cup Results link at the left of this page if you are using a computer or the top of the page if you are using a Mobile phone or Tablet. This competition is re-drawn for each round of the competition.  


Wednesday April 3rd

Wallasey CGBA Season gets underway next Tuesday April 9th

Our 2019 Season starts next Tuesday with the Preliminary Rounds of the Divisional Cups. Will all Teams please remember that matches in April start at 6-15pm. Good luck to all of our Clubs for the new season. 


Wednesday December 5th

Wallasey CGBA 2019 Season

Our Calendar of Events for the 2019 Season has now been completed and can be seen by accessing the Calendar of Events link in the table at the left of this page. All our Cup Finals have been highlighted in red, our Federation National League matches are highlighted in blue and our Individual Competition dates are highlighted in green. After a difficult season in 2018 when for one reason or another, we were only able to stage 3 Individual Competitions, we have set our dates early for 2019 and can only hope other Associations or indeed Clubs will work their own Competitions around our dates. Unfortunately with so many competitions available for players to enter in Wirral & Merseyside there will obviously be occasions when dates will clash but our Competition dates will not alter from those published today.

The new rules regarding Cup Finals agreed at our AGM last week have now been updated and our Constitutional Laws can be accessed from the table at the left of this page.

If you are reading this website on your I Pad, Tablet or Phone then the information above is accessed via the Other Pages link at the top of the home page on those devices.


Thursday November 29th

Annual General Meeting

Last night's Annual General Meeting at Manor Road Bowling Club was, as usual, well attended with only one Club not being represented on the night. After the all the usual reports from the Secretary, Competition Secretary and Treasurer had been given, the Notices of Motion section of the meeting saw a proposed new rule regarding the Presidents Cup and Wallasey News Cup being played on a six home - six away basis being heavily defeated by the delegates present.

The following New Cup Rules were all accepted by the delegates.

New Cup Rules

New Rule 4.

All team competition cup finals shall take place on a date determined prior to the start of each season by the Executive Committee and shall not be changed.

New Rule 5.

Clubs unable to field a team for any final must notify the Association Secretary as soon as possible but at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled final. Failure to notify the Association secretary at least 48 hours prior to the final will render the club involved liable for all for costs incurred by the Association such as printing costs, referee’s fees etc. and an additional fine of £25. Such clubs will also forfeit the trophy & any prize monies due.

New rule 6.

If whilst a team competition final is being played more than 2 players are missing the team concerned shall be deemed to be unable to raise a team as per rule 5.  Teams attending finals with missing players shall then be fined at a rate of £10 per player (Maximum £20) in addition to any fines imposed as per the above rule 5.

A proposal by Manor Road Bowling Club, seconded by Harrison Park Bowling Club, to change our Regular League Points Scoring system was heavily defeated by the delegates present.

New Brighton Quarry Vikings Bowling Club applied to enter a 'D' team into the Association for the 2019 season and this was unanimously accepted by the delegates present. This team will play in Division Three next season.

Wallasey Royal British Legion Bowling Club have now changed their Team Name but they will still be playing at Withens Lane. The team will now be known as Withens Lane Bowling Club and the old Wallasey Royal British Legion Club will now be called the Withens Lane Social Club.

Dave Gilmore is the new Secretary of Manor Road Bowling Club having taken over from Brian Hampson.

Andy Wainwright was elected on to the Executive Committee and all the present Officers and Executive Committee members were re-elected en bloc after an excellent speech and proposal by one of our Life Members, Rick Keeley.

Our Chairman Mike Costall reminded the delegates present that it is easy to criticise our Officers and Committee members but there is a right way to go about voicing any complaints members may have about things that they maybe do not like or agree with and any complaints will be addressed in the proper manner if received in the proper manner.