Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association 2020



Supporting Wallasey C.G.B.A. Bowls 


Executive Committee

President: Keith Etches

Chairman: Mike Costall  Vice Chairman: Colin Jones

Secretary/ Treasurer: Peter Dodd

Graham Bunting, Mary Fishwick, Peter Fishwick, John Joy, Andy Wainwright, Tommy Walker  


Wallasey CGBA League Fixture Secretary

Would all Club Secretaries please note that Colin Jones is our League Fixture Secretary and he is the person to contact

if your club has any queries about postponed or re-arranged League matches.

Colin can be contacted via his mobile phone number 07930 934876



Linda Howard is the Registrar for Merseyside County CGBA and will now issue all BCGBA Membership Cards.

Any requests for a BCGBA Membership Card can be sent to Linda at her address detailed on the BCGBA Membership

Application Form, which can be downloaded from the Merseyside County website and accompanied by a cheque

payable to Merseyside CCGBA. The costs are £12 for new bowlers and £4 for replacement cards.

Linda can be contacted via email at registrar4mccgba@gmail.com.



Monday August 3rd

George Stead

George's funeral will be held at Landican on Friday 7th August at 12-30pm.

Due to the restriction of numbers permitted, only those invited by the family will be allowed in the Chapel.

Others may attend the crematorium and observe from a distance if they wish but must observe the current social distancing regulations.


Monday July 27th 

BCGBA Stage Three Green Re-Opening Rules

The third stage process for the re-opening of Bowling Greens can be accessed via the Link in the Table to the left of this page or at the top of this page depending on which device you are using to access this Website. Please all take care and follow all the instructions and enjoy the fact that more of us can get out onto the green (Weather providing of course).


Saturday July 18th

Sad news from Manor Road Bowling Club

I am sorry to have to report that George Stead sadly passed away this morning. George was a real character in the local Bowling Community and to play against him in a match was always one of highlights of my own bowling career. I have played against George more times than any other opponent in my time as a bowler and although George was never ever short of a mutter or two in our matches, George always acknowledged good woods and I think enjoyed our matches. George represented Wallasey for many years in British Parks and Federation of Crown Green Bowling matches and was never afraid to give his opinion on what he felt was right or wrong about bowling in general.

Our condolences go to his wife Joyce and all their family members, including Ian and Tom, at this sad time and as soon as I have any further information, I will post it on this site.



Sunday June 14th

2020 Wallasey CGBA Bowling Season Cancelled 

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times and following all the safety regulations.The Wallasey CGBA Executive Committee have decided that after the Prime Minister today decided not to relax Social Distancing Rules until at least the next scheduled statement on July 4th, it has now been decided by our Committee that we have no option other than to cancel the whole of the 2020 Bowling season. We have made this decision with great regret, having still held onto some hope that we could get some bowls played in July and August. The uncertainty of what is going to happen in the next few weeks has convinced us to make the decision to cancel our Season.

I had received notification that 8 teams would not be playing anyway this Season after responding to the email I sent out asking for Clubs feelings on whether they wanted to play or not.

The Executive Committee have decided that we will not be holding an Annual General Meeting this year but will instead call a meeting of all our Clubs in January 2021 to formulate everything for the 2021 Season.

I am really sorry that it has come to this but we have finally had to admit defeat as Health and Safety is more important than playing bowls in these unbelievable times.

Please all take care and I hope to see you again in January 2021.

Sunday May 31st

Re-Opening of Bowling Greens - Phase 2

The BCGBA have issued a 2nd Phase for the re-opening of bowling greens and the information can be accessed via the Phase 2 Green Re-opening link in the table at the left of this page or at the top of the page depending on which device you are using. 

Monday May 18th

Re-Opening of Bowling Greens

Following last weeks relaxing of some some of the Isolation and Social Distancing rules by the Government, the BCGBA have issued guidelines for the re-opening of bowling greens. All the information, which is quite comprehensive, can be seen via the Guidance for re-opening of greens link in the table at the left of this page or the document download link at the top of the page, depending on how you are accessing this website. Please follow all of the advice and stay safe !!!!

Sunday April 19th

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all OK and keeping safe.

Further to the news on Thursday that the isolation period has been extended by the Government, it does seem obvious that our 2020 Bowling season is going to be seriously disrupted. I am still hopeful however that we will still be allowed to play later in the scheduled season. We will not be able to start our season off now with the Pairs League but I am still confident and hopeful that we can still get all our Main League fixtures in later in the year. To complete a full season of Main League fixtures will take 7 to 8 weeks depending on weather conditions and even if we are not able to get out on the greens until the beginning of June, we will have June, July and August to play our main League Fixtures and possibly the Divisional Cup matches or Presidents Cup & Wallasey News Cup matches as well if the weather is OK. The light becomes an issue in September but we have played Pairs matches in previous years in September and sometimes the weather has been great at that time of the year.

Once again I hope you and all your family members are OK and safe in these terrible times all over the world, and as soon as we are allowed out again I will contact everyone regarding our plans.

Best regards to you all,


Saturday March 21st

All Wirral Council greens, club houses and facilities closed.

Wirral Borough Council have now closed all public greens, bowling huts and facilities for the foreseeable future.

Monday March 16th

All Bowls Suspended by order of British Crown Green Bowling Association

We have just received the following Communication from the Chief Executive of the British Crown Green Bowling Association

From: Mark Bircumshaw <ceo@bcgba.org.uk>

Subject: Corona -virus announcement.

Date: 16 March 2020 at 17:54:35 GMT

To: undisclosed-recipients: ;

Reply-To: ceo@bcgba.org.uk

To County Secretaries, Management and Officers.

Following the Government announcement this afternoon it is with great sadness that we now have to suspend all bowling for the foreseeable future.

Based on the advice announced we need to avoid all mass gatherings and sporting event as these will no longer be supported by the emergency services. 

If anyone within your household has symptoms then the whole family need to isolate for 14 days.

Limit social contact wherever possible and encourage working from home. 

At risk groups - those over 70 and those with medical conditions need to take additional care.

All BCGBA meetings should now be postponed as un-necessary travel should be avoided. Contact in Pubs, Clubs and restaurants to be avoided. 

Taking this all into account all leagues should now suspend matches until such time as we are given an all clear to resume competition.

All BCGBA and BCGLCC Competitions are now suspended until further notice this should include all qualifier events. 

As a Bowls community we need to look after our members and I encourage you to follow the advice being given and support those we are able to at this very difficult time. 

I will add links onto the website / face-book as these are updated. 

Please take care of yourself and stay safe.  

On behalf of the Management Committee BCGBA

Chris Hasselby  (BCGBA Chairman)

Mark Bircumshaw (CEO)

Monday March 16th

Federation of Crown Green Bowls

All Federation competitions have been cancelled for the coming 2020 season and they will start off again in 2021 with the same Divisional Structure originally set up for this year.  

Saturday March 14th


I have received various requests about information about the Coronavirus and how it will affect our bowling season. I know as much as you do but the BCGBA have posted the information below on their website. It is all sytems go at the moment for our upcoming season and if I receive anymore information at all, I will post onto this site immediately. It is worth clicking on both the links below and also the Sport England link, for any more information you might need.

Coronavirus Guidance

Following a number of queries received by BCGBA, and the media attention surrounding Coronavirus, BCGBA wishes to advise that no events under its jurisdiction are affected at present.

BCGBA will continue to monitor the situation and further guidance will be issued at a later date if necessary.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public. If you have a personal concern you should contact https://111.nhs.uk/.

If you have been asked to self-isolate then you should follow the advice given by your GP or NHS111.

It would be sensible to wash your hands before and after any game or practice session and the cleaning of jacks should be done on a regular basis.  Contact between players should be reduced to a minimum.  Disposable paper cloths for cleaning is recommended rather than a reusable one.

Care should also be taken with the use of bowls cleaning cloths and should be washed on a regular basis and probably best not to share with someone else

We have not received any additional advice from the government or NHS at present and will continue to monitor the situation.

Leagues will potentially need to review their rules on cancellation of matches should the situation change.

Sport England have added some information. Please visit: https://www.sportengland.org/news/coronavirus-information-sector.

Thursday March 12th

Two Main League & One Pairs League Fixture Changes

I have had to make three changes to fixtures involving West Kirby Victoria because of clashes with the June, Isle of Man Festival Week.

The Main League Division One Fixture originally scheduled for Tuesday June 23rd between West Kirby Victoria and Upton Victory Hall 'A' will now take place on Thursday August 6th. 

The Main League Division One Fixture originally scheduled for Thursday June 25th between Hoylake Central 'A' and West Kirby Victoria will now take place on Tuesday August 11th.

The Pairs League Division One Fixture originally scheduled for Tuesday August 11th between West Kirby Victoria and New Brighon Queens Royal will now take place on Tuesday September 1st.

The fixtures have now been altered on the Main League and Pairs League pages of this site. 

Wednesday March 11th

Wallasey CGBA v Merseyside Ladies

The Annual 'Colin Jones Challenge Cup' match between the Wallasey CGBA & Merseyside Ladies will be held on Sunday October 4th with the Ladies hosting the event this year.

Tuesday March 3rd

Disappointing news as Queens Bowling Club pull out of Wallasey Association

Queens Bowling Club have decided that they cannot after all carry on in the Wallasey CGBA because of a lack of available players and have therefore resigned from the Association. I received an email from the Club last night confirming their decision just a month after they had decided to carry on. With all the Cup Draws and League Fixtures and Pairs League fixtures having been confirmed for the 2020 season this will mean that Division Two of the main League will now have the same number of teams as Division One (8) and the scheduled matches for Queens will now be 'Bye' weeks. Likewise, Pairs League Division Three Fixtures concerning Queens will also be bye weeks. New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'B' team will have a bye in the Sheppick Cup Quarter Final. I can only apologise to the teams in our Main League Division Two and our Pairs League Division Three for the this unforeseen situation. Obviously the Executive Committee will be discussing the ramifications of the Queens Bowling Club's decision at our next meeting on March 17th and how we will have to reappraise our playing format for the 2021 season. 

Tuesday February 25th

Changes to Calendar of Events (Wallasey CGBA Charity Day)

We have had to make a change to some dates in our Calendar of events because of clashes with other local events taking place at the same time. Our Annual Charity Day has now been changed to Sunday August 16th starting at 12noon at Manor Road Bowling Club. The Wallasey Festival due to be staged on Sunday 20th September will also be changed but I am still looking for a date to accomodate this event in the Calendar that does not clash with other local events. The Wallasey CGBA v Merseyside Ladies match is provisionally scheduled for Sunday September 27th but Merseyside Ladies are hosting this years event and this date has not yet been confirmed.

Tuesday February 4th

Pairs League Division Four fixture change

The scheduled Pairs League Division Four matches between Manor Road C and New Brighton Quarry Vikings C teams have now been reversed after a request from New Brighton Quarry Vikings because of possible problems with their green at the start of the season.

Tuesday February 4th

2020 Pairs League Fixture Changes

I have had to change some Pairs League Fixtures from Thursday August 11th to Tuesday September 1st because there were already some Main League matches scheduled for August 11th. All the changes are now completed and hopefully everything is now OK. Thanks to Sam Robinson for pointing out the clash of fixtures and if anyone else can spot any other errors please do not hesitate to contact me. I think Tranmere's poor League form is finally taking it's toll on my addled brain cells.

Monday February 3rd

2020 Main League & Pairs League Fixtures

Even though the Provisional Fixtures for the 2020 Pairs and Main League season can now be accessed via their respective pages, I am still working through any possible fixture clashes etc. I will be updating any errors I come across as & when I need to.

Monday February 3rd

Great news from Queens Bowling Club

Queens Bowling Club have confirmed that they will be able to compete in 2020 season and the new season Pairs and Main League fixtures can now be seen on this site. Thanks to Tommy McCrystal and the Queens Bowling Club members for their help in notifying us of their continued Membership and as with all our Clubs, we wish everyone a successful and enjoyable 2020 season.

Friday January 24th

Queens Bowling Club

We have received the following request for us to post on our site.

Like a lot of other bowls clubs, due to our ageing membership, a number of our members have only very recently informed us that they are now unable to play Wallasey Bowls. As a result we are desperately in need of new members, experienced or not, as we could struggle to put a side out for every game.. Would it be possible, therefore, to put a mention on the Wallasey Bowls Web site that we are trying to recruit new members. If anyone is interested, they can contact myself on my email address or mobile  number below. or alternatively, Tommy Scroggie on 07749 370916.

Many Thanks

Tommy McChrystal


Queens Bowling Club


Wednesday January 22nd

2020 Main League 

The Executive Committee decided the format of the 2020 Main League & Pairs League Divisions at last night's meeting.

Main League

Division One: New Brighton Queens Royal, New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'A', West Kirby Victoria, Manor Road 'A', Upton Victory Hall 'A', Hoylake Central & Melrose 'A', Manor Road 'B' & Harrison Park 'A'.

Division Two: New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'B', Upton Victory Hall 'B', Sacred Heart, Grange, Magazine 'A', Liscard, Poulton 'A', Hoylake Central & Melrose 'B' & Queens.

Division Three: Manor Road 'C', Poulton 'B', Sandridge, New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'C', Greasby, Telegraph, Upton Victory Hall 'C', Harrison Park 'B' & Magazine 'B'.


Pairs League

Division One: West Kirby Victoria, New Brighton Queens Royal, New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'A', Upton Victory Hall 'A', Manor Road 'A' & Harrison Park 'A'.

Division Two: Hoylake Central & Melrose 'A', Manor Road 'B', New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'B', Grange, Sacred Heart, & Upton Victory Hall 'B'.

Division Three: Sandridge, Hoylake Central & Melrose 'B', Magazine 'A', Queens, Greasby, & Poulton 'A'.

Division Four: Manor Road 'C', Poulton 'B', Upton Victory Hall 'C', Harrison Park 'B', Telegraph, New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'C' & Magazine 'B'


Divisional Cup Draws

Association Cup: Preliminary Round   Magazine 'B' v Poulton 'B'

First Round: Winners of Preliminary Round match v Sandridge; New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'C' v Manor Road 'C', Harrison Park 'B' v Telegraph, Greasby v Upton Victory Hall 'C'


Sheppick Cup: Preliminary Round  Poulton 'A' v Upton Victory Hall 'B'

First Round: Winners of Preliminary Round Match v Magazine 'A', New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'B' v Queens, Grange v Liscard, Hoylake Central 'B' v Sacred Heart


Harold Jones Cup:

First Round: Upton Victory Hall 'A' v Manor Road 'B', Manor Road 'A' v West Kirby Victoria, New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'A' v Hoylake Central & Melrose 'A', Harrison Park 'A' v New Brighton Queens Royal.

Friday January 17th

Wallasey CGBA 2020 Calendar of Events

The proposed Wallasey CGBA 2020 Calendar of Events has now been uploaded and can be seen via the Calendar of Events link at either the left or top of this page depending on which device you are viewing the page. The Calendar still has to be ratified by the Executive Committee at our first meeting of the year next Tuesday January 21st.

Monday January 6th

26 Teams remain in the Association for the 2020 regular League season.

Unfortunately New Brighton Quarry Vikings have had to withdraw their 'B' team from the Association because of several players having left the Club during the close season. With last year's 'C' team now becoming the 'B' team in 2020 and last years 'D' now becoming the 'C' in 2020 we will have to re-arrange the Division format for 2020. It will probably, depending on the Executive Committee agreeing at their meeting on January 21st, see the New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'A' team in Division One in 2020, New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'B' team ( last years 'C' team) in Division Two and New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'C' team (last years 'D' team) in Division Three. Poulton are registering 2 teams in the Association for 2020 and Poulton 'A' team will operate in Division Two and Poulton 'B' team in Division Three. The Executive Committee will also have to decide which Divisions will have 9 teams next season and which Division will have 8 teams as with the loss of the New Brighton Quarry Vikings team we will only have 26 teams left in our regular League season next year. New Brighton Quarry Vikings 'A' team will play on the Top green at New Brighton Cricket & Bowling Club, the 'B' team will play their home games on the Bottom green with their home fixtures on a Wednesday evening and the 'C' team will play their home matches on the Top green.

As previously reported, we are starting off the season with our Pairs League and with Liscard deciding not to enter a team in the Pairs League in 2020, we will have 25 teams in this competiton. Once again the Executive Committee will have to decide on January 21st how we split 25 teams into Four Divisions of the Pairs League.

As agreed at our Annual General Meeting in November the Divisional Cups will start later this season to take advantage of lighter nights rather than having to complete matches in near darkness earlier in April.

All the above does mean that I will not be formatting any fixtures until after our January 21st meeting.

Thursday November 28th

Annual General Meeting

Last night's Annual General Meeting at Manor Road Bowling Club was very well attended with all Clubs represented on the night. After all the usual reports from the Association Secretary, Treasurer, and Competition Secretary (with Tommy Walker standing in for the incapacitated Keith Etches), voting on the three rule changes proposed by the Executive Committee took place. All three proposals were passed by the delegates and the new rules regarding Starred Players and the Divisional Cups have now been amended to our Constitutional Laws which can be accessed via the table either at the side or top of this page depending on which type of device you are viewing this site on.

The Secretary explained to everyone that in 2020 we shall be starting off the season with the Pairs Leagues and these matches will be played and completed in April & May before our Main League season commences. This will enable the Main League matches to take advantage of the lighter evenings instead of having to finish some games in near darkness.

The Divisional Cup's, the Harold Jones, Sheppick and Association Cups, will now be returning to our original format of all matches being staged on Nuetral greens. There will no longer be any 6 home and 6 away matches in these Cups, all matches will now be 12 players per side.

With the Pairs League starting earlier, I will be contacting Clubs before the end of December to see how many teams will be entering into the League, to enable me to format the Divisions and Fixtures.