Wolverhampton and South Staffs Bowling League 2019

Chaiman Secretary Treasurer
Sat Apr 27th 21 Matches


Wolverhampton & South Staffs League  

Wolverhampton & South Staffs

Bowls League


Rules for League Competitions

The League to be known as the ‘Wolverhampton and South Staffs League’.



  1. All games to be played in accordance with the British Crown Green Bowling Association Laws of the Game.
  2. Standard jacks, as approved by the B.C.G.B.A., a 19-metre tape and a set of measures shall be provided by the home club for all games.
  3. All clubs must submit a copy of their B.C.G.B.A CR1 form to the fixtures Records Secretary no later than the date of the official paying in meeting. Lists of players without BCGBA numbers will not be accepted. A fine of £10 will be payable for this rule breach.
  4. All divisions will score under one scoring system. All matches shall be played on a home and away basis. The scoring basis will be 1 point awarded for each game won, 2 points awarded for a home aggregate win and 4 points for an away aggregate win. In the event of an aggregate draw the home team to be awarded one point and the away team two points. The championship of each division will be awarded to the team with the highest number of points. In the event of a tie-on points, the championship will be awarded to the team with the best aggregate of total shots for, less shots against.
  5. All matches to be played on or before the scheduled fixture date, unless SCBA Fixtures or bad weather causes postponement. Matches that are interfered with by bad weather must not be cancelled until one hour after the scheduled start time unless mutually agreed between both club captains. These matches to be re-arranged as soon as is practical, to be agreed by the club captains. Any such match not completed within 40 days to be referred to the League Executive Committee. The Executive committee will then decide on a date for the match and could mean that one or both teams are deducted 14 points and fined £10. A Request for an exceptional postponement must be received no later than 7 days prior to a match to the Executive Committee.
  6. Teams will consist of 12 players and all games will be 21 up. Three or four ends shall be played simultaneously according to the accepted practice for the green. All greens not considered to be 4 ended greens must be registered and accepted by the league as 3 ended greens.
  7. The draw for the commencement of a match will be done by both teams numbering the cards from 1 – 12 and the games to be played in that order. If a player is absent, then the 10-minute rule apply. Full names (forenames and Surname) must be written on the card.


  1. A team not having the full complement of 12 players shall forfeit each game 21 – 0 for the absentee. A player shall be deemed absent when 10 minutes have elapsed after his/her game has been called on. A Substitute can be used up to and including the tenth minute. The absent player shall take no further part in the fixture. “Walkovers” to be recorded on the score card.
  2. All Saturday games including 3 ended greens to start no later than 2.30 pm. The start time may be brought forward with the agreement of both clubs. Home players only are allowed to practice the green. Visiting players will vale the first opportunity to set the mark on the first end.
  3. No player shall be eligible to bowl for more than one club during the season except provided for in rule 15.
  4. When a player has played 12 games for the first team he/she will be deemed a first team player for that season. No club shall play more than 2 first team players in any second team match. In the event of a club having 2 teams in one division this rule shall not apply and players shall be separately registered for each team. No player shall be allowed to play for more than one team on the same scheduled fixture date, i.e. No "doubling up".
  5. All players must be registered with the Fixture Records Secretary by 5pm prior to the date of a fixture. This may be done via phone call, text message or email. The registration must include the player’s BCGBA number. The registration will not be accepted if this is not supplied. The Player must also register with the Staffordshire County Bowling Association prior to registration being submitted to the league. Unregistered players will receive no score and the opponents 21.
  6. At the close of the match result card must be signed by both captains. The results must be entered onto the Bowling Results website (www.bowling recults.co.uk/southstaffsbowls) no later than 5pm on Monday evening and preferably as soon as possible. Failure to do this will result in a fine of £10
  7. a) Divisions 1 – 3 All players taking part in League matches shall pay 25p medal money.   b) Premier Division only. All players taking part shall pay 50p medal money.  c)  Each Club shall be charged for 2 places in the Senior Merit (£4.00) and one place in the Joe Sweet (£3.00). Additional entries will be charge at the rate approved by the Management Committee (£2.00and £3.00).                        
  8. A player registered with a league club shall be allowed to transfer to and register with another league club subject to the following conditions.
  9. Transfers will be allowed up to 31st July
  10. Both clubs must agree to the transfer and both secretaries should inform the Fixture Records Secretary of the agreement at least 5 days prior to the first game being played by the transferred player
  11. A player will only be able to transfer once during the season.


  1. Promotion and Relegation shall be 2 up 2 down. Promotion to lower teams may be offered if there are resignations from higher divisions. In the event of having to restructure the league it will be up to the Executive Committee to put forward proposals at the AGM.
  2. Any questions arising, not covered in these rules shall be brought before the Executive Committee whose decisions shall be final.
  3. All clubs will be expected to take note of persons with special needs and make dispensation that they will not disadvantage as a result of the stated disability. Clubs will be expected to adhere to guidance as issued by the BCGBA and Staffordshire County Bowls Association in regard to this issue.




  1. The league shall be known as the Wolverhampton and South Staffs Bowling League.
  2. The Officers of the league shall consist of President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Results Officer, Competitions Officer and Welfare Officer.
  3. The Management Committee shall consist of the officers of the league and one delegate from each club. There shall be one vote per club irrespective of the number of teams each has in the league. The management committee will the Annual General Meeting on the first week of February each year (Monday). The Executive committee to consist of officers of the league and representatives as voted for by the members of the league at the annual general meeting. At least 1 representative must come from a team in the bottom 2 divisions. The Executive Committee will have the power to co-opt any member they feel may be necessary. A binding decision of the Executive committee can only be made where the committee consists of at least 4 members of which 2 must be executive officers.
  4. The President, Management Committee and Executive Committee will be elected at the AGM.
  5. The Secretary shall convene a special management meeting at any time on receiving a requisition requesting him/her to do so signed by authorised representatives of any two clubs. The nature of the business to be dealt with to be clearly stated on the requisition. A member shall give four weeks’ notice in writing to the Secretary of any special business they desire to be brought forward to the Annual meeting.
  6. Seven days’ notice shall be given to each club of all meetings and any special business or proposed alterations of these rules shall be specified.
  7. No alterations in, or amendments to these rules shall be made without the consent of a majority of members present at the Half Yearly meeting. Any club may give notice of any amendments or alterations of these rules. Such Notice to be given in writing expressing terms to the league secretary at least 28 days prior to the half yearly meeting. A proposal which fails due to miswording or technical reasons may be resubmitted at the Annual General Meeting.
  8. The management committee shall have the power to cancel membership of any club, if, in their opinion, the green or accommodation shall be allowed to fall below the standards of fitness required by the league, or for any reason considered derogatory to the status of the league.
  9. 9.    Each club on joining the league shall pay an entrance fee of £2 for each team. The Annual Subscription for each team shall be £30. Each Club shall be charged for 2 places in the Senior Merit (£4.00) and one place in the Joe Sweet (£3.00). Additional entries will be charge at the rate approved by the Management Committee (£2.00and £3.00).
  10. All subscription and entrance fees to be paid by 1st April each year.
  11. All clubs must be directly affiliated to the Staffordshire County Bowling Association.
  12. Clubs not represented at the AGM or Half Yearly Meeting shall be fined £10 for each absence. No apologies to be accepted.
  13. Clubs wishing to resign must do so by the 1st January in the given year, subsequent resignations will make clubs liable for all league fees for the forthcoming season, plus as administration fee of £30. Applications to join the league must be received by the Secretary by the date of the half yearly meeting.
  14. In the event of a team or teams dropping out of the league for any unforeseen reason before the start of the season their place can be taken if other teams are willing to join the league subject to management’s Executive Committee approval.
  15. Only those persons nominated as club contacts will be allowed to re-arrange fixtures.
  16. Teams shall, where they have more than one green, nominate the green upon which they intend to play their matches and only that green may be used. Teams wishing to change greens or venues for a new season should seek acceptance from the league.
  17. Each Club shall be furnished with a copy of the rules, and be bound thereby, and in case of infringement thereof bat any club, such club shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee.
  18. All league trophies must be returned to the league secretary on an appointed date and at an appointed venue between 8pm and 10pm otherwise a fine of £30 will be incurred. Individual trophies must be returned 2 weeks before finals days otherwise a fine of 310 will be incurred.
  19. If a proposal fails at the half yearly meeting for a technical reason the proposer may submit an amended proposal to the AGM.
  20. Any club not represented and any player not present (without a good reason acceptable to the Executive Committee) at the presentation night to collect prize money will have it donated to a charity of the management committee choosing. 
  21. All club and individuals will be asked to sign for trophies received at the presentation evening, as clubs will be liable for any damage or loss whilst in their possession.
  22. In the event of the secretary of the league receiving a letter of complaint from an individual or club relating to conduct an emergency Executive Committee Meeting will be called to consider the correspondence. If required a further disciplinary committee will be called to consider the matter and this will follow the BCGBA disciplinary guidelines.

Competition Rules

In the event of any competition where there are no qualifying games played and there are more than 16 entries the earlier rounds may be less than 21up. Any competition with less than 8 entries will be cancelled.

  1. Players entering a league competition must clearly identify any secondary affiliations on the entry form. Failure to indicate this may result in the player being barred from taking part in a competition on a green they are a member of.
  2. Players entering any competition must have plated at least 2 league games prior to the qualifying/finals taking place

Individual Merit

  1. Number of greens for qualifying rounds to be decided according to the number of entries. The number of finalists will be dependent upon entries received
  2. Final stages to be played on a neutral green to all players
  3. All rounds to be 21 up
  4. Draw to be made at scratch out time.
  5. Individual Merit to be open to all league players. Phillips Cup limited to players who have played at least four games for their respective side in the bottom two divisions prior to the closing date for entries.
  6. Entry fees to be decided by the Executive Committee.
  7. Substitutes will not be allowed.

Joe Sweet Floodlight Doubles

  1. Number of greens for qualifying rounds to be decided according to the number of entries. 8 pairs to qualify for the final stages
  2. Final stages to be played at the ECC
  3. All rounds to be 15 up except quarter final, semi-final and the final which will be 21 up
  4. Draw to be made of player present at scratch out time.
  5. Pairs to be players from the same club.
  6. Home players to owe 3 in quarter finals, 2 in semi-finals and 1 in the final i.e. will be added to the card of the opponents in the quarter finals 2 in semi-finals and 1 in final.


  1. A player to receive one point for a win home and away
  2. Highest number of points to win
  3. In case of a draw, best aggregate.
  4. A score of 21 – 10 shall be given to a player who does not play in a match though an absentee in the other competing side
  5. In the event of two or more having equal points and aggregates, the player who has played he most matches to be declared the winner.