Craven Arms Skittles League 2018

Secretary: Phil Baker Treasurer: Phil Baker    
Mon Feb 18th 2 Matches
Tue Feb 19th 2 Matches
Wed Feb 20th 2 Matches

Welcome to the Craven Arms Winter Skittles League Results Website


Important Dates:


Latest information:

Mon Jan 21st


A number of games have had to be cancelled but are now starting to pile up so can they please be re-arranged ASAP. I would suggest either a Friday Night @ 7.00pm or a Sunday Night.


14 NOV MnMs V Left Overs  TBA

15 JAN MnMs V Rack em Up   New Date 30th Jan @ 7.15pm

30 JAN Stokesay V Taste the Rainbow   TBA

5 FEB MnMs V Top of The League   TBA

11 FEB Rack em Up V Mandys OAPs   New Date 18th Feb @ 8.45pm

18 FEB MPM V Mandys OAPs  New Date 11th Feb @ 8.45pm

There is a free space on Tuesday 5th Feb @ 8.45pm! First come first served! 


Please let me know new dates asap. 





Mon Jan 14th



Please note, the Knockout Cup games due to be played on this date have been cancelled. New dates will follow asap.

Wed Nov 21st


1st Round Games:

MPM V Mandys Oaps                           Sat 12 Jan @ 7.15pm

MnMs V Virgin Skittlers                       Sat 12 Jan @ 8.45pm

The Price is Right V Taste the Rainbow   Sat 2 Feb @7.15pm

Top of the League V Rack em up           Sat 2 Feb @ 8.45pm


Quater Finals

Fillies V Stokesay                                 Sat 16 Feb @ 7.15pm

Pumpkins V Left Overs                         Sat 16 Feb @ 8.45pm

MPm/Mandys V MnMs/Virgins               Sat9 Mar @ 7.15pm

Price/Rainbow V TOTL/Rack Em             Sat 9 Mar @ 8.45pm


Once everyone has played each other once i will announce the handicaps to be used for the knockout cup.

The team chasing the handicap must win by 1 clear skittle. In the event of a drawn game, the team recieving the handicap will go through!