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The Executive Committee have discussed the format for the 2021 season and have decided on the following recommendations:


The biggest decision is obviously when do we start our matches? Our feeling is that we should not start the season until the majority of players have received their second vaccine jab and are deemed to be protected as much as is possible and this might mean a 3 week delay between second jab and the start of the season. As things stand at present, we feel that 3rd June would be a realistic target date to start the season but could be delayed of course. 


If we start on June 3rd the season needs to be completed by the end of September which would give us 18 weekly matches (clubs closing their greens in mid September would have to play the relevant match(es) at an earlier date). This means that each Division would ideally comprise of 10 teams. Once we know exactly how many teams will be taking part this season the fixture list can be formulated based on as near to 10 teams per division as possible. 


Obviously a pre-season meeting will not take place in March as usual, but at a later date – hopefully in early May. However, to enable social distancing, we will switch the venue from Meole Brace to Bagley. 


Regarding after match refreshments, even if official guidelines allow for this to take place, we believe that in the interest of safety and the fact that every bowler is over 65 and therefore in the vulnerable group, no refreshments should be served and that all players should bring whatever refreshments they require with them to the match. The wearing of masks, social distancing and any other measures must be in accordance with the regulations in force at the time. All of this can be discussed further at the pre-season meeting.


As there is no rush, the fixture list will not be published until late April/early May. This will allow plenty of time for any club who has to withdraw one or more of their teams to notify the Fixture Secretary to ensure we don’t get withdrawals after the fixture list has been published. However, it is hoped that we won’t lose any teams but, in the circumstances, understandable if we do.


All club delegates have been asked to notify the Secretary as to whether their club agrees with the above or not, and to put forward alternative views and ideas if they wish. If no notification is received we will assume that the club agrees with the above proposals for the 2021 season only. Obviously there will be the opportunity for further discussion at the pre-season meeting.





Suitable Footwear at League Matches


The 2020 BCGBA Official Handbook Bye-Laws section clearly states the following:


Suitable footwear must be worn. Hard or block-heeled footwear, or open-toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match played under the Association’s jurisdiction. 


Please note that the word 'sandals' has been taken out of the 2019 bye-law as there are makes of 'sandals' that are closed-toed, but any open-toed footwear is still not permitted. This is a bye-law not a Law of the Game so a player must be prevented from starting a match if wearing open-toed footwear.



Apart from the fact that the BCGBA's bye-laws should be strictly adhered to, another factor to consider is the club’s third party liability insurance policy. This will inevitably include a clause saying that all matches must conform to the laws of the sport’s national association, in our case the BCGBA, so it is important that this law regarding footwear is adhered to without exception since anyone suffering a toe injury from a striking bowl might not be covered by insurance meaning the club itself is liable.



Any player not conforming to the above bye-law is obviously not eligible to play in a match (or competition) and unless they change into suitable footwear or another player wearing suitable footwear takes their place, then their game will have to be recorded as a 21-0 walkover in favour of their opponent. This might seem harsh but the rules must be abided by hence this announcement.


Please ensure that all club captains and players are aware of the above in order to avoid an unpleasant situation when turning up to play in banned footwear with no alternative to change into and no alternative player to take their place.





Club Contacts


If you have to contact another team captain or club official, you need to log on using your club password (as if you are entering your home match results), and then select Club Contacts which will open up a new page displaying contact names and telephone numbers.