Runcorn & District Bowling League 2021

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Mr Terry Clare

Tel No: 574 894

Mr Bob Watson

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Mr Pat Crowe

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Thu Jan 28th

2021 Bowls Season


Hi everyone, I sincerely hope that you are coping with this nightmare that we are all experiencing and would encourage you all to please stay safe & take care - following restrictions that we are advised to respect will I'm sure result in a quicker return to some sort of 'normality' and hopefully allow us to once again start to enjoy the sport that we love so much, and get back to meeting all of our 'bowls family' sooner rather than later.  A provisional set of fixtures has now been drawn up for 2021, but will not be published on this website until they have been completely checked by both committee and club representatives, so please watch this space.  Once again, take care & look after yourselves and those that you love.  Kind regards & best wishes, Phil Crilly