Wallasey Crown Green Bowling Association 2018

There are 48 Matches with a Walk Over

Matches with Walk Overs
DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamPosHome PlayerAway Player
Thu 26th AprPairs 3GreasbyGrange 9 Chris Lowden
Thu 26th AprPairs 3GreasbyGrange 10 Arthur Welch
Thu 26th AprPairs 2Sacred Heart Wallasey RBL9Robert Macintosh
Thu 26th AprPairs 2Sacred Heart Wallasey RBL10Terry Bates
Tue 8th MayDivision 3GreasbyBronze12Ian Kendrick
Tue 15th MayDivision 2Wallasey RblSacred Heart12 Simon Monks
Tue 15th MayDivision 3N B Quarry Vikings CBronze12Ken Ashley
Tue 15th MayDivision 2LiscardHoylake Central & Melrose B12 John Poultney
Thu 17th MayDivision 3BronzeMagazine12 Iain Berriman
Tue 29th MayDivision 3BronzeMagazine B9 Steve Taylor
Tue 29th MayDivision 3BronzeMagazine B10 Alex Egan
Tue 29th MayDivision 3BronzeMagazine B11 Andy Egan Jnr
Tue 29th MayDivision 3BronzeMagazine B12 Graham Egan
Thu 24th MayDivision 3Harrison Park BBronze12Phil Cooper
Wed 30th MayDivision 3Manor Road CBronze8Colin Jones
Wed 30th MayDivision 3Manor Road CBronze10Val Garlick
Wed 30th MayDivision 3Manor Road CBronze12Jannette Walker
Thu 7th JunDivision 3BronzeUpton Victory Hall B12 Peter Rattray
Tue 19th JunDivision 3BronzeGreasby10Gary Smith
Tue 19th JunDivision 3BronzeGreasby11Patrick Higginson
Tue 19th JunDivision 3BronzeGreasby12Michael Walsh
Thu 28th JunDivision 3TelegraphGreasby10Ruth Christian
Thu 28th JunDivision 3TelegraphGreasby11Neil Bruce
Thu 28th JunDivision 3TelegraphGreasby12Doug Cristie
Thu 28th JunDivision 2Sacred HeartWallasey Rbl12Simon Monks
Thu 5th JulDivision 2QueensSt. Georges11 John Randles
Thu 5th JulDivision 2QueensSt. Georges12 Derek Smith
Thu 5th JulDivision 2Hoylake Central & Melrose BWallasey Rbl12Jean Hughes
Tue 17th JulDivision 3BronzeN B Quarry Vikings C11 Ann Wilson
Thu 12th JulDivision 3Magazine BBronze12Andy Egan Jnr
Tue 17th JulDivision 3BronzeN B Quarry Vikings C12 Brenda Boulton
Thu 19th JulDivision 3BronzeManor Road C12 Colin Jones
Wed 11th JulDivision 3Manor Road CGreasby11Carole Dunne
Wed 11th JulDivision 3Manor Road CGreasby12Steve Green
Tue 31st JulDivision 3BronzeTelegraph10 Irene Evans
Tue 31st JulDivision 3BronzeTelegraph11 Doug Cristie
Tue 31st JulDivision 3BronzeTelegraph12 Neil Bruce
Tue 31st JulDivision 2QueensWallasey Rbl12Tommy Mccrystal
Thu 2nd AugPairs 3PoultonGreasby9 Peter Limb
Thu 2nd AugPairs 3PoultonGreasby10 Val Limb
Tue 3rd JulDivision 3Harrison Park BTelegraph12Bob Holcroft
Tue 14th AugPairs 3Queens Greasby7Jack Williams
Tue 14th AugPairs 3Queens Greasby8Sam Williams
Tue 14th AugPairs 3Queens Greasby9Tom Scroggie
Tue 14th AugPairs 3Queens Greasby10Tommy Mccrystal
Thu 16th AugPairs 3GreasbyUpton Victory Hall B9 Chloe Cavanagh
Thu 16th AugPairs 3GreasbyUpton Victory Hall B10 Michael Cavanagh
Tue 4th SepPairs 1Manor Road ANew Brighton Quarry Vikings A9Steve Green

Clubs with Walk Overs

New Brighton Quarry Vikings1
Wallasey Rbl6

Teams with Walk Overs

Division 2Liscard1
Division 2Queens2
Division 2Wallasey Rbl4
Division 3Bronze19
Division 3Greasby8
Division 3Telegraph1
Pairs 1New Brighton Quarry Vikings A1
Pairs 2Wallasey RBL2
Pairs 3Greasby8
Pairs 3Poulton2

Teams Received a Walk Over

Division 2Hoylake Central & Melrose B2
Division 2Queens1
Division 2Sacred Heart2
Division 2St. Georges2
Division 3Bronze3
Division 3Greasby1
Division 3Harrison Park B2
Division 3Magazine1
Division 3Magazine B5
Division 3Manor Road C6
Division 3N B Quarry Vikings C3
Division 3Telegraph6
Division 3Upton Victory Hall B1
Pairs 1Manor Road A1
Pairs 2Sacred Heart 2
Pairs 3Grange 2
Pairs 3Greasby2
Pairs 3Queens 4
Pairs 3Upton Victory Hall B2