Coventry Bowling League 2017

There are 19 Matches with a Walk Over

Matches with Walk Overs
DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamPosHome PlayerAway Player
Wed 12th AprMid Week 1Haunchwood CCopsewood B8 Roger Hagen
Wed 3rd MayMid Week 1WilnecoteHaunchwood C1Gordon Bath
Wed 19th AprMid Week 1Lime Tree AHaunchwood C8Dave Ord
Wed 10th MayMid Week 1Haunchwood CDunlop B8 Bob Young
Wed 24th MayMid Week 2Herberts AWalsgrave C7 Malc Puffet
Wed 24th MayMid Week 2Herberts AWalsgrave C8 Barry Durneen
Wed 12th AprMid Week 4Herberts BKenilworth B8Stuart Rendall
Tue 6th JunMid Week 4Foleshill Gas CKenilworth B5Barry James
Tue 6th JunMid Week 4Foleshill Gas CKenilworth B6Jayke Ward
Wed 9th AugMid Week 2Herberts ADunlop C8Spencer Lindon
Wed 2nd AugMid Week 3Phoenix FoxesLime Tree B6Will Kay
Wed 30th AugMid Week 2Standard AHerberts A8Dave Lambie
Wed 19th JulPremier 1Copsewood ABaddesley5Paul Lamb
Wed 19th JulPremier 1Copsewood ABaddesley6Paul Ward
Wed 19th JulPremier 1Copsewood ABaddesley7Russ Prosser
Wed 19th JulPremier 1Copsewood ABaddesley8Andy Gibbs
Wed 30th AugMid Week 4Albany BKenilworth B8Derek Grimley
Wed 23rd AugMid Week 2Bedworth Ex-serviceDunlop C5Roy Ashby
Wed 9th AugMid Week 3Dunlop DPotters Green B3 Matty Peach

Clubs with Walk Overs

Lime Tree1

Teams with Walk Overs

Premier 1Baddesley4
Mid Week 1Haunchwood C4
Mid Week 2Dunlop C2
Mid Week 2Herberts A3
Mid Week 3Dunlop D1
Mid Week 3Lime Tree B1
Mid Week 4Kenilworth B4

Teams Received a Walk Over

Premier 1Copsewood A4
Mid Week 1Copsewood B1
Mid Week 1Dunlop B1
Mid Week 1Lime Tree A1
Mid Week 1Wilnecote1
Mid Week 2Bedworth Ex-service1
Mid Week 2Herberts A1
Mid Week 2Standard A1
Mid Week 2Walsgrave C2
Mid Week 3Phoenix Foxes1
Mid Week 3Potters Green B1
Mid Week 4Albany B1
Mid Week 4Foleshill Gas C2
Mid Week 4Herberts B1