Norley Bowling League 2011

There are 25 Matches with a Walk Over

Matches with Walk Overs
DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamPosHome PlayerAway Player
Wed 7th SepDivision 1Wharton Cons BDelamere A10 Jim Clare
Wed 7th SepDivision 3Owley Wood BGreat Budworth6 Ashley Jennings
Wed 20th AprDivision 4Middlewich RBL BMeadowbank B10Matt Ellison
Wed 6th JulDivision 4Lostock GraylamsMeadowbank B3Paul Dawson
Wed 13th JulDivision 4Meadowbank BOwls A8 Jane Graves
Wed 20th JulDivision 4Owls AMeadowbank B9Jane Cross
Wed 10th AugDivision 4Meadowbank BTarporley RBL A10 Clive Wilson
Wed 31st AugDivision 4Lostock GraylamsWharton Rec A6Norman Hardy
Wed 14th SepDivision 4Crewe PO BMeadowbank B7David Foulkes
Wed 10th AugDivision 6Nantwich Barony ParkLostock BC Northwich10Andrew Vost
Tue 19th JulSection 1Castle Private AGrapes Hotel Runcorn6Gill Rigden
Tue 24th MaySection 2Overton Memorial Hall ADavenham Rec B8 Phil Bowyer
Tue 30th AugSection 2Wharton Cons BCuddington A6Dave Warburton
Tue 7th JunSection 3Pochins ABeech Tree BC B8 Ken Mather
Tue 28th JunSection 3Lostock GraylamsMoulton RBL A8Monica Thompson
Tue 5th JulSection 3Hargrave Huxley AMoulton RBL A4Frank Milne
Tue 12th JulSection 4Rudheath SSC BAlpraham A2 John Stoneley
Tue 23rd AugSection 4Mobberley Victory HallWinsford Cons B7David Byrne
Tue 17th MaySection 4High Legh ACastle Private B5John Hirst
Tue 16th AugSection 4Winsford Cons BMobberley Victory Hall8 David Byrne
Tue 30th AugSection 5Cuddington BHelsby CSC D1 Dennis Cliff
Tue 6th SepSection 5High Legh BManley7Myra Cadman
Thu 15th SepSection 5Vale RoyalOverton Memorial Hall B8 Harold Hearn
Thu 15th SepSection 7Helsby CSC BTarporley RBL B8Lilian Evans

Clubs with Walk Overs

Castle Private1
Grapes Hotel Runcorn1
Lostock BC Northwich1
Moulton RBL3
Overton Memorial Hall1
Owley Wood1
Rudheath SSC1
Tarporley RBL1
Vale Royal1
Wharton Cons2
Winsford Cons2

Teams with Walk Overs

Division 1Wharton Cons B1
Division 3Owley Wood B1
Division 4Meadowbank B6
Division 4Wharton Rec A1
Division 6Lostock BC Northwich1
Section 1Grapes Hotel Runcorn1
Section 2Cuddington A1
Section 2Overton Memorial Hall A1
Section 3Moulton RBL A3
Section 3Pochins A1
Section 4Castle Private B1
Section 4Rudheath SSC B1
Section 4Winsford Cons B2
Section 5Cuddington B1
Section 5Manley1
Section 5Vale Royal1
Section 7Tarporley RBL B1

Teams Received a Walk Over

Division 1Delamere A1
Division 3Great Budworth1
Division 4Crewe PO B1
Division 4Lostock Graylams2
Division 4Middlewich RBL B1
Division 4Owls A2
Division 4Tarporley RBL A1
Division 6Nantwich Barony Park1
Section 1Castle Private A1
Section 2Davenham Rec B1
Section 2Wharton Cons B1
Section 3Beech Tree BC B1
Section 3Great Budworth A1
Section 3Hargrave Huxley A1
Section 3Lostock Graylams1
Section 4Alpraham A1
Section 4High Legh A1
Section 4Mobberley Victory Hall2
Section 5Helsby CSC D1
Section 5High Legh B1
Section 5Overton Memorial Hall B1
Section 7Helsby CSC B1