Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2016

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Oxon Village (Shrewsbury Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
16Alan Edwards2218482447308+13920.3214.006.32
217Mal Isaac2216673422356+6619.1816.183.00
329Roger Lem1913668362271+9119.0514.264.79
430Brian Selley23131057430343+8718.7014.913.78
548Mike Davies24121250406456-5016.9219.00-2.08
669Paul Davies21101148391355+3618.6216.901.71
772Colin Jones1510567256237+1917.0715.801.27
873Jason Stevens21101148380363+1718.1017.290.81
991Phil Ashcroft2191243323371-4815.3817.67-2.29
1092Nigel Williams2091145312365-5315.6018.25-2.65
11117Sue Storey1661038266301-3516.6318.81-2.19
12135Chris Murray541809582+1319.0016.402.60
13163Bill Clyne422507564+1118.7516.002.75
14164Lesley Medlicott422507672+419.0018.001.00
15176Norman Barkley1101002114+721.0014.007.00
16198Emma Shore10102021-120.0021.00-1.00
17204Paul Murray10101221-912.0021.00-9.00
Tue 29th MarAOxon172149648
Tue 5th AprHBattlefield B183159648
Tue 12th AprABayston Hill A170184373
Tue 19th AprHPrince Hotel B167156648
Tue 26th AprHAlbert Road BC192161739
Tue 3rd MayAMeole Brace V153184464
Tue 10th MayHBricklayers B174172557
Tue 17th MayAUnison 166202282
Tue 24th MayHFrankwell1961508210
Tue 31st MayADorrington 2041619111
Tue 7th JunHBye00000
Tue 14th JunAGreenfields Social A156169464
Tue 21st JunHSt Julians180199373
Tue 28th JunHOxon179150648
Tue 5th JulABattlefield B196174739
Tue 12th JulHBayston Hill A2061428210
Tue 19th JulAPrince Hotel B178177466
Tue 26th JulAAlbert Road BC149189464
Tue 2nd AugHMeole Brace V1991519111
Tue 9th AugABricklayers B148195282
Tue 16th AugHUnison 1991368210
Tue 23rd AugAFrankwell185174648
Tue 30th AugHDorrington 2051289111
Tue 6th SepABye00000
Tue 13th SepHGreenfields Social A170162557
Tue 20th SepASt Julians167176464
  Played 2442944000135105167
1st Half Results for Oxon Village
St Ju
Edwards Alan221820.3221-1615-2121-13 21-1321-1521-1415-2121-1121-1821-1220-2121-10
Isaac Mal221619.1817-2121-1821-1621-1021-1321-1821-1615-2121-1621-14 21-1721-14
Lem Roger191319.0521-1221-121-821-1316-2121-821-510-2121-1221-1321-1316-2121-13
Selley Brian231318.7021-821-1512-2121-1220-2115-2120-2119-2121-1521-1310-2120-2121-8
Davies Mike241216.928-2114-2112-2121-199-2111-2116-2121-1621-1721-1521-921-209-21
Davies Paul211018.6221-517-2120-2115-2121-139-2116-2121-1821-14 21-918-2121-11
Stevens Jason211018.1021-1221-1219-2114-2121-810-2113-2110-2121-921-1918-21 19-21
Jones Colin151017.07   1-21    14-2121-1610-2121-157-21
Williams Nigel20915.6016-2111-2119-2121-1021-165-2121-1820-2121-14 7-2110-21 
Ashcroft Phil21915.3821-1221-199-2111-2121-17 4-2115-21 15-2115-2117-2121-10
Storey Sue16616.635-2121-1016-21 21-18 21-1420-21 21-1812-2116-2118-21
Murray Chris5419.00     21-17       
Medlicott Lesley4219.00             
Clyne Bill4218.75   21-8 19-21  14-2121-14   
Barkley Norman1121.00             
Shore Emma1020.00             
Murray Paul1012.00             
2nd Half Results for Oxon Village
St Ju
Edwards Alan221820.3221-1021-1921-1419-2121-10 21-1121-1621-621-1021-6
Isaac Mal221619.1820-21 21-134-2121-1621-1721-1117-2121-921-1213-21
Lem Roger191319.0521-18 20-2115-2121-1921-1012-21    
Selley Brian231318.70 21-316-2112-2121-1313-2121-721-1621-1121-521-7
Davies Mike241216.9221-2021-1915-2121-1721-2018-2121-1621-1616-218-2118-21
Davies Paul211018.62  20-2121-1421-147-2121-919-2121-1720-2120-21
Stevens Jason211018.1021-14 20-2121-1421-918-2119-21 21-2021-1510-21
Jones Colin151017.0721-1621-8  21-1214-2121-1221-1621-221-1521-20
Williams Nigel20915.6017-2121-1321-142-2121-179-2121-15  7-2121-17
Ashcroft Phil21915.3821-1921-1121-1013-2110-217-2121-1312-2121-8 6-21
Storey Sue16616.63 18-213-2121-18   21-13 16-2116-21
Murray Chris5419.0021-1421-10     11-2121-20  
Medlicott Lesley4219.00 21-17   20-21 21-13 14-21 
Clyne Bill4218.75           
Barkley Norman1121.00        21-14  
Shore Emma1020.00 20-21         
Murray Paul1012.0012-21          

Tue 20th Sep

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreOxon Village
1Mark Lanning2118Mike Davies
2Mark Parry Best Result216Phil Ashcroft
3Roland Leigh621Alan Edwards Best Result
4Keith Potter2021Colin Jones
5Chris Kershaw2116Sue Storey
6Ian Jones2113Mal Isaac
7Andrew Reynolds721Brian Selley
8Andrew Rhodes1721Nigel Williams
9Ernie Shea2120Paul Davies
10Stuart Rhodes2110Jason Stevens

Tue 13th Sep

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreGreenfields Social A
1Mike Davies821Ian Kilburn (6ta)
2Alan Edwards2110Ian Massey
3Colin Jones2115Rob Jones
4Lesley Medlicott1421Chris Jones (6ta)
5Sue Storey1621Jo Wellard
6Mal Isaac2112June Massey
7Nigel Williams721John Brown (6ta) Best Result
8Brian Selley Best Result215Kevin Williams (6ta)
9Jason Stevens2115Roger Jones (6ta)
10Paul Davies2021John Watkins

Tue 30th Aug

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreDorrington
1Phil Ashcroft218Dennis Oakley
2Norman Barkley2114Graham Shenton
3Mike Davies1621Trevor Parry Best Result
4Alan Edwards216Roger Pearson
5Colin Jones Best Result212Dave Higgins
6Chris Murray2120Arnie Jones
7Mal Isaac219Barry Patsalides
8Brian Selley2111Rose Shenton
9Jason Stevens2120John Childs
10Paul Davies2117Peter Smith
Hope to see Dorrington back in this Division in 2018

Tue 23rd Aug

PosFrankwellScoreScoreOxon Village
1Terry Brooks2112Phil Ashcroft
2Haydon Jenkinson1321Lesley Medlicott Best Result
3Chris Hose2117Mal Isaac
4Andy Dorsett1621Mike Davies
5Chris Knight1621Alan Edwards
6Terry Morris1621Colin Jones
7Chris Griffiths1321Sue Storey Best Result
8Richard Ewels Best Result2111Chris Murray
9Mark Lloyd2119Paul Davies
10Rob Ball1621Brian Selley

Tue 16th Aug

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreUnison
1Phil Ashcroft2113Christine Reynolds
2Roger Lem1221Simon Reynolds Best Result
3Alan Edwards2111Dave Renwick
4Colin Jones2112Mike A Hughes
5Mike Davies2116Susan Oliver
6Mal Isaac2111Bill Moseley
7Nigel Williams2115Cameron Griffin (j)
8Jason Stevens1921Vi Wynne
9Brian Selley Best Result217Pete Oliver
10Paul Davies219Alan Everall

Tue 9th Aug

PosBricklayers BScoreScoreOxon Village
1Gary Jones2118Mike Davies
2Perry Evans Best Result217Phil Ashcroft
3Derek Hill2113Brian Selley
4Neil Ashton2114Colin Jones
5David Webb2120Lesley Medlicott
6Barry Davies1721Mal Isaac
7Jake Wynn1021Roger Lem Best Result
8Stephen Jennings219Nigel Williams
9Simon Damm2118Jason Stevens
10Nigel Thomas Best Result217Paul Davies

Tue 2nd Aug

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Roger Lem2119Geoff Balshaw (6tv)
2Mike Davies2120Mark Davies (6tv)
3Phil Ashcroft1021Phil Wilkinson Best Result
4Colin Jones2112Dave Perks
5Mal Isaac2116Barry Bailey
6Alan Edwards2110Martin Stott (6tv)
7Nigel Williams2117Jan Wilkinson
8Brian Selley2113Mike Jones (6tv)
9Jason Stevens Best Result219Scott Gibson
10Paul Davies2114John Crundell (6tv)

Tue 26th Jul

PosAlbert Road BCScoreScoreOxon Village
1John Griffiths2113Phil Ashcroft
2Dave Nicholls Best Result212Nigel Williams
3Terry Jones1721Mike Davies
4Bryan Bates2115Roger Lem
5Sue Hill2112Brian Selley
6Martin Ryan214Mal Isaac
7Chris Partridge1821Sue Storey
8Mark Hill2119Alan Edwards
9Mike Young1421Jason Stevens Best Result
10Paul Binnersley1421Paul Davies Best Result

Tue 19th Jul

PosPrince Hotel BScoreScoreOxon Village
1Neil Ashley2120Roger Lem
2Rob Ashley1021Phil Ashcroft Best Result
3Jon Dale-jensen2116Brian Selley
4Ken Sant2115Mike Davies
5Neil Lewis Best Result213Sue Storey
6Rhys Marshall1321Mal Isaac
7Craig Breeze1421Alan Edwards
8Arne Dale-jensen1421Nigel Williams
9Bob Pugh2120Paul Davies
10Chris Wilson2120Jason Stevens

Tue 12th Jul

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Lesley Medlicott2117Nick Hughes (6fa)
2Colin Jones218Ray Sant
3Phil Ashcroft2111Alex Evans (6ta)
4Mike Davies2119Lee Corfield
5Emma Shore2021John Davies
6Chris Murray2110Rosie Scotland
7Sue Storey1821Craig Bowen (6ta) Best Result
8Nigel Williams2113Martin Cousins (6fa)
9Alan Edwards2119Mark Owen (6fa/6ta)
10Brian Selley Best Result213Andy Davies

Tue 5th Jul

PosBattlefield BScoreScoreOxon Village
1Ian Rose1921Phil Ashcroft
2Dave Pritchard1821Roger Lem
3Dave Cadwallader1621Colin Jones
4Bob Bishop2021Mike Davies
5Lynne Jennings2120Mal Isaac
6Stacey Wenger Best Result2112Paul Murray
7Dave Southerton1421Chris Murray
8Alan Cadwallader2117Nigel Williams
9Ray Bourne1021Alan Edwards Best Result
10Nobby Johnston1421Jason Stevens

Tue 28th Jun

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreOxon
1Roger Lem2113Emmet Mckinley (j)
2Colin Jones721Paul Williams Best Result
3Phil Ashcroft2110Lol Evans
4Mal Isaac2114Tony Manders
5Alan Edwards2110Ken Davies
6Sue Storey1821Terry Clorley
7Mike Davies921Martin Mckinley
8Jason Stevens1921Paul Thomas
9Paul Davies2111Roger Haydon
10Brian Selley Best Result218Andy Owens

Tue 21st Jun

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreSt Julians
1Alan Edwards2021Ian Jones
2Colin Jones Best Result2115Roland Leigh
3Roger Lem1621Chris Kershaw
4Phil Ashcroft1721Mark Lanning
5Sue Storey1621Andrew Rhodes
6Mike Davies2120George Powell
7Mal Isaac2117Mark Parry
8Nigel Williams1021Andrew Reynolds Best Result
9Brian Selley2021Ernie Shea
10Paul Davies1821Stuart Rhodes

Tue 14th Jun

PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreOxon Village
1Rob Jones2112Sue Storey
2Jo Wellard2110Colin Jones
3Lorna Parsons (j)921Mike Davies Best Result
4Kevin Williams (6ta)1221Alan Edwards
5Nigel Harris (6ta)921Paul Davies Best Result
6Chris Jones (6ta) Best Result217Nigel Williams
7Roger Jones (6ta)1321Roger Lem
8John Watkins2110Brian Selley
9June Massey2118Jason Stevens
10Ian Massey2115Phil Ashcroft

Tue 31st May

PosDorrington ScoreScoreOxon Village
1Rose Shenton1521Mike Davies
2David Oliver1621Colin Jones
3Graham Shenton1321Roger Lem Best Result
4Roger Pearson Best Result2115Phil Ashcroft
5Gordon Cooke1421Mal Isaac
6Tom Williams1421Bill Clyne
7Dennis Oakley1821Sue Storey
8Arnie Jones1921Jason Stevens
9John Childs1321Brian Selley Best Result
10Peter Smith1821Alan Edwards

Tue 24th May

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreFrankwell
1Colin Jones1421Haydon Jenkinson Best Result
2Roger Lem2112Terry Brooks
3Mike Davies2117Ollie Ewels
4Alan Edwards2111Brian Bennett
5Mal Isaac2116Ray Powell
6Bill Clyne1421Chris Dorsett Best Result
7Jason Stevens Best Result219Chris Griffiths
8Paul Davies2114Chris Hose
9Brian Selley2115Richard Ewels
10Nigel Williams2114Andy Dorsett

Tue 17th May

PosUnison ScoreScoreOxon Village
1Bill Moseley Best Result2110Roger Lem
2Simon Reynolds2115Phil Ashcroft
3Mike A Hughes2120Nigel Williams
4Bob Parry2115Alan Edwards
5Christine Reynolds1621Mike Davies Best Result
6Matthew Parry (j)2120Sue Storey
7Susan Oliver2119Brian Selley
8Cameron Griffin (j)2115Mal Isaac
9Pete Oliver1821Paul Davies
10Alan Everall Best Result2110Jason Stevens

Tue 10th May

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreBricklayers B
1Phil Ashcroft421Perry Evans Best Result
2Brian Selley2021Stephen Jennings
3Nigel Williams2118Derek Hill
4Alan Edwards2114Neil Ashton
5Mike Davies1621Steve Richardson
6Roger Lem Best Result215Barry Davies
7Mal Isaac2116Neil Crane
8Jason Stevens1321Sean Lane
9Sue Storey2114Nigel Thomas
10Paul Davies1621Simon Damm
thank you Bricklayers for letting us finish the match in very wet conditions

Tue 3rd May

PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreOxon Village
1John Crundell (6tv)219Paul Davies
2Geoff Balshaw (6tv)1821Mal Isaac
3Jan Wilkinson1721Chris Murray
4Scott Gibson2115Brian Selley
5Dave Perks821Roger Lem Best Result
6Mike Jones (6tv)1521Alan Edwards
7Mark Davies (6tv)2110Jason Stevens
8Martin Stott (6tv)2111Mike Davies
9Phil Wilkinson Best Result215Nigel Williams
10John Cooper (6tv)2119Bill Clyne

Tue 26th Apr

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreAlbert Road BC
1Roger Lem1621Bryan Bates
2Phil Ashcroft2117Les Lacourse
3Alan Edwards2113Dave Nicholls
4Paul Davies2113Martin Ryan
5Mike Davies921Mark Hill Best Result
6Mal Isaac2113Sue Hill
7Sue Storey2118Phil Davies
8Brian Selley2021Paul Binnersley
9Jason Stevens Best Result218Stewart Jones
10Nigel Williams2116Chris Partridge

Tue 19th Apr

PosOxon VillageScoreScorePrince Hotel B
1Phil Ashcroft1121Tony Parsons
2Colin Jones121Neil Lewis Best Result
3Roger Lem2113Ken Sant
4Brian Selley2112Arne Dale-jensen
5Mike Davies2119Jon Dale-jensen
6Mal Isaac2110Rhys Marshall
7Bill Clyne Best Result218Rob Ashley
8Nigel Williams2110Neil Ashley
9Paul Davies1521Chris Wilson
10Jason Stevens1421Tom Stanhope

Tue 12th Apr

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreOxon Village
1Pete Nicholls2112Brian Selley
2Nick Hughes (6fa)1321Alan Edwards
3Jane Archer (6fa/6ta) Best Result219Phil Ashcroft
4Alex Evans (6ta)2119Nigel Williams
5Craig Bowen (6ta)2112Mike Davies
6Paul Richards (6fa/6ta)1621Mal Isaac
7Gwyn Jones821Roger Lem Best Result
8Andy Davies2116Sue Storey
9Trevor Pritchard2120Paul Davies
10Mark Owen (6fa/6ta)2119Jason Stevens

Tue 5th Apr

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Roger Lem Best Result211Dave Pritchard
2Alan Edwards1521Roger Whitfield
3Mike Davies1421Alan Cadwallader
4Phil Ashcroft2119Lynne Jennings
5Mal Isaac2118Dave Southerton
6Sue Storey2110John Beer
7Nigel Williams1121Stacey Wenger Best Result
8Brian Selley2115Pete Drury
9Paul Davies1721Dave Cadwallader
10Jason Stevens2112Nobby Johnston
Do not have any tea before you play here, they put on a tremendous spread, great hospitality!

Tue 29th Mar

PosOxonScoreScoreOxon Village
1Ken Davies1621Alan Edwards
2Emmet Mckinley (j)1221Phil Ashcroft
3Lol Evans1221Roger Lem
4Tony Manders521Paul Davies Best Result
5Paul Thomas2117Mal Isaac
6Paul Williams218Mike Davies
7Terry Clorley Best Result215Sue Storey
8Martin Mckinley2116Nigel Williams
9Roger Haydon1221Jason Stevens
10Clive Brown821Brian Selley