Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Pontesbury B (Shrewsbury Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
15Brian Williams1916384389287+10220.4715.115.37
217Emlyn Jones1914574371238+13319.5312.537.00
322Terry Jones (6TB)1813572322231+9117.8912.835.06
424Kevin Jones (6TB)2213959428351+7719.4515.953.50
541Neil Hyde (6TB)2011955363338+2518.1516.901.25
648Peter Williams (6TB)1910953356301+5518.7415.842.89
779Dave Perks189950293324-3116.2818.00-1.72
884Martin Jones2181338330376-4615.7117.90-2.19
987John Lumley (6TB)157847253242+1116.8716.130.73
1098Boo Challinor66010012668+5821.0011.339.67
11122Ken Hayman (6TB)114736193217-2417.5519.73-2.18
12132Steve Williams83538146131+1518.2516.381.88
13134Tony France3301006352+1121.0017.333.67
14139Barry Challinor103730131188-5713.1018.80-5.70
15146Alan Potter2201004226+1621.0013.008.00
16161Cliff Evans211503831+719.0015.503.50
17165Rob Jones211502729-213.5014.50-1.00
18169Martin Green312334553-815.0017.67-2.67
19179Charlie Hotchkiss (j)10102021-120.0021.00-1.00
20184John Potter10101121-1011.0021.00-10.00
Tue 18th AprAUnison 132204191
Tue 25th AprHPrince Hotel B1921338210
Tue 2nd MayAMeole Brace V174173557
Tue 9th MayHAlbert Road BC2081258210
Tue 16th MayHBayston Hill A2051198210
Tue 23rd MayABattlefield B154177555
Tue 30th MayHBicton A1941258210
Tue 6th JunAGreenfields Social A189185557
Tue 13th JunHAbbey B1901368210
Tue 20th JunACorbet Arms163188373
Tue 27th JunHBattlefield A174193373
Tue 4th JulHUnison 189140739
Tue 11th JulAPrince Hotel B173184555
Tue 18th JulHMeole Brace V21011810012
Tue 25th JulAAlbert Road BC151208191
Tue 1st AugABayston Hill A144175464
Tue 8th AugHBattlefield B2031269111
Tue 15th AugABicton A177184373
Tue 22nd AugHGreenfields Social A2081289111
Tue 29th AugAAbbey B160203373
Tue 5th SepHCorbet Arms2109310012
Tue 12th SepABattlefield A147208282
  Played 223947352512595149
1st Half Results for Pontesbury B
Williams Brian191620.47  21-1521-1221-14 21-821-1921-1821-1221-14
Jones Emlyn191419.53 21-1721-321-1621-621-1121-1019-2121-77-2120-21
Jones (6TB) Kevin221319.4521-1521-1621-1821-821-621-1621-1320-2117-2119-2114-21
Jones (6TB) Terry181317.8916-2121-521-1221-921-87-2121-521-1121-118-21 
Hyde (6TB) Neil201118.157-2121-1313-2121-1521-1821-1121-1121-1921-1516-2119-21
Williams (6TB) Peter191018.7414-2121-4 21-1521-1116-2121-915-2121-1121-1619-21
Perks Dave18916.2812-216-219-21  11-21 21-1621-1310-2121-14
Jones Martin21815.71 21-2019-2121-519-2111-2113-2111-215-2121-1321-18
Lumley (6TB) John15716.8710-2121-58-2120-2121-821-18     
Challinor Boo6621.00   21-321-6   21-13  
Hayman (6TB) Ken11417.5516-21 20-2120-2118-2121-16     
France Tony3321.00      21-18    
Williams Steve8318.25      21-919-2121-620-2120-21
Challinor Barry10313.105-2118-2121-20  4-21 21-15 20-212-21
Potter Alan2221.00           
Evans Cliff2119.00          17-21
Green Martin3115.0011-2121-11    13-21    
Jones Rob2113.50           
Hotchkiss (j) Charlie1020.0020-21          
Potter John1011.00           
2nd Half Results for Pontesbury B
Williams Brian191620.4721-1921-1421-816-2121-1321-1417-2121-1620-2121-821-20
Jones Emlyn191419.5321-621-1221-7 21-1521-3 21-1919-2121-112-21
Jones (6TB) Kevin221319.4521-2017-2121-1619-2118-2121-518-2121-521-1721-713-21
Jones (6TB) Terry181317.8921-521-20  21-11 21-621-105-2121-1313-21
Hyde (6TB) Neil201118.1518-21 21-1820-215-2121-1320-2121-12 21-414-21
Williams (6TB) Peter191018.7415-21 21-12 11-2121-1918-2121-518-2121-1020-21
Perks Dave18916.2821-1521-1921-1919-21 21-917-2119-2121-2021-101-21
Jones Martin21815.719-2114-2121-157-217-2121-1320-2121-119-2121-818-21
Lumley (6TB) John15716.8721-6 21-814-218-2114-21 21-1018-2121-1914-21
Challinor Boo6621.00 21-14      21-1921-13 
Hayman (6TB) Ken11417.55   16-2111-21 21-1521-198-21 21-20
France Tony3321.00     21-1821-16    
Williams Steve8318.25 20-21   21-114-21    
Challinor Barry10313.1021-611-21 8-21       
Potter Alan2221.00  21-721-19       
Evans Cliff2119.00    21-10      
Green Martin3115.00           
Jones Rob2113.50 6-2121-8        
Hotchkiss (j) Charlie1020.00           
Potter John1011.00   11-21       

Tue 12th Sep

PosBattlefield AScoreScorePontesbury B
1Harry Ryder (6ta) Best Result211Dave Perks
2Den Williams2112Emlyn Jones
3Jim Evans (6ta)2120Peter Williams (6tb)
4Harold Banks2114Neil Hyde (6tb)
5Amy Ryder2113Terry Jones (6tb)
6Steve Wilkes (6ta)2113Kevin Jones (6tb)
7Nigel Ryder2021Brian Williams Best Result
8Tim Cliffe2021Ken Hayman (6tb) Best Result
9Sam Cartwright (6ta)2118Martin Jones
10Tony Garmson2114John Lumley (6tb)
Well done Battlefield you were the strongest team & deserved to win the league. Good luck to both teams inDiv 1 next year.!

Tue 5th Sep

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1John Lumley (6tb)2119Darren Rhoades Best Result
2Emlyn Jones Best Result211Eric Pitchford
3Neil Hyde (6tb)214Dave Evans
4Boo Challinor2113Peter Sherry
5Peter Williams (6tb)2110Mike Wood
6Terry Jones (6tb)2113Arthur Morris
7Dave Perks2110Steve Edwards
8Brian Williams218Paul Caswell
9Kevin Jones (6tb)217John Lumsden
10Martin Jones218Graham Lewis

Tue 29th Aug

PosAbbey BScoreScorePontesbury B
1Steve Richardson2119Emlyn Jones
2Luke Suter2021Dave Perks
3Derek Hill (6fa)2120Brian Williams
4David Webb1921Boo Challinor
5Stephen Jennings1721Kevin Jones (6tb) Best Result
6Neil Ashton (6fa) Best Result215Terry Jones (6tb)
7Barry Davies2118Peter Williams (6tb)
8Nigel Thomas218Ken Hayman (6tb)
9Simon Damm2118John Lumley (6tb)
10Perry Evans (6fa)219Martin Jones
Well bowled molly damm

Tue 22nd Aug

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreGreenfields Social A
1Emlyn Jones2119Ian Massey
2Kevin Jones (6tb) Best Result215Chris Jones (6ta)
3Brian Williams2116Mike Badnell
4Peter Williams (6tb) Best Result215Ted Wellard
5Neil Hyde (6tb)2112June Massey
6Dave Perks1921Rob Jones Best Result
7Terry Jones (6tb)2110Nigel Harris (6ta)
8Ken Hayman (6tb)2119Kevin Williams (6ta)
9John Lumley (6tb)2110John Watkins
10Martin Jones2111Roger Jones (6ta)

Tue 15th Aug

PosBicton AScoreScorePontesbury B
1Ken Barrow Best Result214Steve Williams
2Kevin Coles (6ta)1621Tony France
3Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2118Peter Williams (6tb)
4Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2117Brian Williams
5Rob Jones621Terry Jones (6tb) Best Result
6Kevin Price1521Ken Hayman (6tb)
7Pat Price2117Dave Perks
8Dave Price2120Neil Hyde (6tb)
9Martin Codd (6fa)2120Martin Jones
10Andy Wilson (6fa)2118Kevin Jones (6tb)

Tue 8th Aug

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Emlyn Jones Best Result213Dave Pritchard
2Brian Williams2114Bob Bishop
3Steve Williams2111Roger Whitfield
4Tony France2118Peter Thomas
5Dave Perks219Lynne Jennings
6Neil Hyde (6tb)2113Pete Drury
7John Lumley (6tb)1421Ray Bourne Best Result
8Peter Williams (6tb)2119Stacey Wenger
9Kevin Jones (6tb)215Dave Cadwallader
10Martin Jones2113Simon Thomas

Tue 1st Aug

PosBayston Hill AScoreScorePontesbury B
1Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)2111Peter Williams (6tb)
2Dave Kibbler1021Cliff Evans Best Result
3Alex Evans (6ta)1321Brian Williams
4Lionel Morris (6ta)1521Emlyn Jones
5Mike Statham2111Ken Hayman (6tb)
6John Davies2118Kevin Jones (6tb)
7Ruth Richards1121Terry Jones (6tb)
8Martin Cousins Best Result215Neil Hyde (6tb)
9Gwyn Jones (6ta)218John Lumley (6tb)
10Molly Sullivan217Martin Jones

Tue 25th Jul

PosAlbert Road BCScoreScorePontesbury B
1Mark Hill1921Alan Potter Best Result
2Stewart Jones2114John Lumley (6tb)
3Bryan Bates2120Neil Hyde (6tb)
4Dave Nicholls218Barry Challinor
5Chris Partridge2116Brian Williams
6Graham Hughes2111John Potter
7Phil Davies2116Ken Hayman (6tb)
8Russell Turner2119Dave Perks
9Dave Turner Best Result217Martin Jones
10Paul Binnersley2119Kevin Jones (6tb)

Tue 18th Jul

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Neil Hyde (6tb)2118Scott Gibson
2Emlyn Jones Best Result217Martin Stott (6tv)
3Brian Williams218Mark Davies (6tv)
4Peter Williams (6tb)2112Dave Perks
5Kevin Jones (6tb)2116Phil Wilkinson
6Rob Jones218Jan Wilkinson
7Dave Perks2119Geoff Balshaw (6tv) Best Result
8Martin Jones2115Bob Chatham
9John Lumley (6tb)218John Crundell (6tv)
10Alan Potter Best Result217John Cooper (6tv)

Tue 11th Jul

PosPrince Hotel BScoreScorePontesbury B
1Neil Ashley1421Boo Challinor
2Kerry Lea1921Dave Perks
3Chris Wilson1221Emlyn Jones Best Result
4Tony Parsons2120Steve Williams
5Neil Lewis2111Barry Challinor
6Rhys Marshall Best Result216Rob Jones
7Craig Breeze1421Brian Williams
8Jenna Marshall2021Terry Jones (6tb)
9Tom Stanhope2117Kevin Jones (6tb)
10Bob Pugh2114Martin Jones

Tue 4th Jul

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreUnison
1Peter Williams (6tb)1521Will Tyler
2Emlyn Jones216Simon Reynolds
3Barry Challinor216Matthew Parry (j)
4Brian Williams2119Cameron Griffin (j)
5John Lumley (6tb)216Will Nankivell
6Terry Jones (6tb) Best Result215Bill Moseley
7Dave Perks2115Vi Wynne
8Neil Hyde (6tb)1821Mike A Hughes
9Martin Jones921Stephen Morris Best Result
10Kevin Jones (6tb)2120Alan Everall

Tue 27th Jun

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBattlefield A
1Emlyn Jones2021Jim Evans (6ta)
2Martin Jones2118Tony Garmson
3Kevin Jones (6tb)1421Barry Gilder (6ta)
4Brian Williams Best Result2114Dave Wall (6ta)
5Steve Williams2021Amy Ryder
6Peter Williams (6tb)1921Nigel Ryder
7Dave Perks Best Result2114Steve Wilkes (6ta)
8Neil Hyde (6tb)1921Harry Ryder (6ta)
9Cliff Evans1721Warwick France
10Barry Challinor221Harold Banks Best Result
A strong Battlefield team totally out played PBC. good performances from Perky. Martin J. & Willy were the only bright spots for PBC. whose Captain found the Banker far to strong.

Tue 20th Jun

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScorePontesbury B
1Tom Edwards1221Brian Williams Best Result
2Richard Owen1321Martin Jones
3Dave Evans2120Steve Williams
4Paul Caswell2116Neil Hyde (6tb)
5John Lumsden2119Kevin Jones (6tb)
6Steve Edwards2120Barry Challinor
7Dave Hyde1621Peter Williams (6tb)
8Mike Wood218Terry Jones (6tb)
9Darren Rhoades2110Dave Perks
10Eric Pitchford Best Result217Emlyn Jones

Tue 13th Jun

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreAbbey B
1Emlyn Jones217Neil Ashton (6fa)
2Boo Challinor2113Neil Crane
3Neil Hyde (6tb)2115Derek Hill (6fa)
4Peter Williams (6tb)2111Gary Jones
5Steve Williams Best Result216David Webb
6Dave Perks2113Steve Richardson
7Brian Williams2118Nigel Thomas
8Terry Jones (6tb)2111Stephen Jennings
9Martin Jones521Perry Evans (6fa) Best Result
10Kevin Jones (6tb)1721Simon Damm

Tue 6th Jun

PosGreenfields Social AScoreScorePontesbury B
1Roger Jones (6ta)2119Steve Williams
2Chris Jones (6ta)2119Emlyn Jones
3John Brown (6ta)2115Peter Williams (6tb)
4Mike Badnell1521Barry Challinor
5Kevin Williams (6ta)1921Neil Hyde (6tb)
6Nigel Harris (6ta)1121Terry Jones (6tb) Best Result
7June Massey1921Brian Williams
8Ian Massey1621Dave Perks
9Ian Kilburn (6ta) Best Result2111Martin Jones
10John Watkins2120Kevin Jones (6tb)

Tue 30th May

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBicton A
1Peter Williams (6tb)219Ken Barrow
2Emlyn Jones2110Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
3Tony France2118Andy Wilson (6fa)
4Neil Hyde (6tb)2111Trevor Bowers
5Martin Green1321Keith Thomas (6ta) Best Result
6Steve Williams219Tony Dawson
7Terry Jones (6tb) Best Result215Pat Price
8Brian Williams218Dave Price
9Martin Jones1321Tony Kirkham Best Result
10Kevin Jones (6tb)2113Andy Jones (6fa/ta)

Tue 23rd May

PosBattlefield BScoreScorePontesbury B
1Dave Cadwallader2111Dave Perks
2Peter Thomas1621Kevin Jones (6tb)
3Dave Pritchard1121Emlyn Jones Best Result
4Bob Bishop2116Peter Williams (6tb)
5Lynne Jennings Best Result214Barry Challinor
6Ray Bourne1121Neil Hyde (6tb) Best Result
7Simon Thomas217Terry Jones (6tb)
8Stacey Wenger1621Ken Hayman (6tb)
9Dave Southerton1821John Lumley (6tb)
10Roger Whitfield2111Martin Jones

Tue 16th May

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Emlyn Jones Best Result216Gwyn Jones (6ta)
2Peter Williams (6tb)2111Mike Young
3Boo Challinor Best Result216Alex Evans (6ta)
4Neil Hyde (6tb)2118Ruth Richards
5Brian Williams2114Martin Cousins
6John Lumley (6tb)218Julian Archer
7Ken Hayman (6tb)1821Trevor Pritchard (6ta) Best Result
8Terry Jones (6tb)218Sylvia Morris
9Kevin Jones (6tb) Best Result216Lionel Morris (6ta)
10Martin Jones1921Andy Davies

Tue 9th May

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreAlbert Road BC
1Emlyn Jones2116Graham Hughes
2Peter Williams (6tb)2115Dave Nicholls
3Neil Hyde (6tb)2115Bryan Bates
4Boo Challinor Best Result213Stewart Jones
5Brian Williams2112Mark Hill
6John Lumley (6tb)2021Reg Reece Best Result
7Terry Jones (6tb)219Sue Hill
8Ken Hayman (6tb)2021Phil Davies Best Result
9Kevin Jones (6tb)218Paul Binnersley
10Martin Jones215Dave Turner

Tue 2nd May

PosMeole Brace VScoreScorePontesbury B
1Ian Boden321Emlyn Jones Best Result
2John Cooper (6tv)219Dave Perks
3Geoff Balshaw (6tv)2021Barry Challinor
4Mark Davies (6tv)2113Neil Hyde (6tb)
5Scott Gibson2120Ken Hayman (6tb)
6Mike Jones (6tv)1221Terry Jones (6tb)
7Dave Perks1521Brian Williams
8Bob Chatham Best Result218John Lumley (6tb)
9Martin Stott (6tv)1821Kevin Jones (6tb)
10John Crundell (6tv)2119Martin Jones
Very close game. Thanks to Pontesbury guys for their help. Will check that Ian is ok.

Tue 25th Apr

PosPontesbury BScoreScorePrince Hotel B
1Emlyn Jones2117Jenna Marshall
2Neil Hyde (6tb)2113Kerry Lea
3Peter Williams (6tb) Best Result214Tom Stanhope
4Dave Perks621Neil Lewis Best Result
5Barry Challinor1821Craig Breeze
6John Lumley (6tb)215Rob Ashley
7Terry Jones (6tb)215Jon Dale-jensen
8Martin Green2111Rhys Marshall
9Martin Jones2120Chris Wilson
10Kevin Jones (6tb)2116Ian Macmillan

Tue 18th Apr

PosUnison ScoreScorePontesbury B
1Simon Reynolds2112Dave Perks
2Dave Renwick217Neil Hyde (6tb)
3Cameron Griffin (j)2114Peter Williams (6tb)
4Will Tyler2110John Lumley (6tb)
5Matthew Parry (j)2120Charlie Hotchkiss (j)
6Susan Oliver Best Result215Barry Challinor
7Bill Moseley2116Terry Jones (6tb)
8Pete Oliver2111Martin Green
9Alan Everall1521Kevin Jones (6tb) Best Result
10Stephen Morris2116Ken Hayman (6tb)