Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Dorrington (Shrewsbury Div. 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
113Peter Smith2215768403349+5418.3215.862.45
214Peter Warhurst2215768420383+3719.0917.411.68
327Chris Breakell2013765381278+10319.0513.905.15
434Roger Pearson1813572329287+4218.2815.942.33
553Dave Higgins1710759318285+3318.7116.761.94
664Trevor Parry2091145366347+1918.3017.350.95
767Joan Sadd1991047322345-2316.9518.16-1.21
879Gordon Cooke1981142285339-5415.0017.84-2.84
997Barry Patsalides1771041256317-6115.0618.65-3.59
10127Arnie Jones1841422263361-9814.6120.06-5.44
11130Dennis Oakley431757265+718.0016.251.75
12132Anne Higgins83538132143-1116.5017.88-1.38
13181Ruth Smith151147179310-13111.9320.67-8.73
14190David Oliver10101321-813.0021.00-8.00
Tue 18th AprHMeole Brace B2041508210
Tue 25th AprABagley A144200282
Tue 2nd MayAOxon147187373
Tue 9th MayHMonkmoor A169181464
Tue 16th MayABicton B179175648
Tue 23rd MayHOsbc A172162557
Tue 30th MayAPOWBC A158197373
Tue 6th JunHFrankwell172163648
Tue 13th JunAHanwood B149189464
Tue 20th JunHCastlefields C2021308210
Tue 27th JunATelepost B145193373
Tue 4th JulAMeole Brace B133202282
Tue 11th JulHBagley A176180555
Tue 18th JulHOxon172181646
Tue 25th JulAMonkmoor A146202282
Tue 1st AugHBicton B196158648
Tue 8th AugAOsbc A165177555
Tue 15th AugHPOWBC A166178555
Tue 22nd AugAFrankwell154173555
Tue 29th AugHHanwood B2081319111
Tue 5th SepACastlefields C179177557
Tue 12th SepHTelepost B2031448210
  Played 2237393830110110128
1st Half Results for Dorrington
Warhurst Peter221519.0921-1717-2116-2121-1321-1818-2121-1621-1221-921-1113-21
Smith Peter221518.3221-521-1221-1521-1421-914-2121-187-2121-2021-921-17
Breakell Chris201319.0521-1218-2121-1220-2121-1521-614-2121-98-2121-4 
Pearson Roger181318.2821-1211-2121-1311-21 21-1816-2121-17  9-21
Higgins Dave171018.7121-89-21 14-2121-14  17-2121-1721-1919-21
Parry Trevor20918.3020-2117-2113-2121-1116-2121-1717-2121-1213-21 21-16
Sadd Joan19916.9521-1912-219-2121-1721-1921-86-21 16-2121-821-13
Cooke Gordon19815.0021-178-2119-21 9-2121-813-2121-1616-2121-1413-21
Patsalides Barry17715.0621-1810-21 13-2113-2114-2121-1621-137-2121-164-21
Jones Arnie18414.6116-21 10-21 15-216-2117-2111-2121-1715-2115-21
Oakley Dennis4318.00           
Higgins Anne8316.50 21-20 12-21     21-7 
Smith Ruth15111.93  4-2115-2121-1615-2112-2111-215-2119-219-21
Oliver David1013.00  13-21        
2nd Half Results for Dorrington
Warhurst Peter221519.0917-2121-1721-198-2121-1421-1921-1821-1621-1721-2016-21
Smith Peter221518.3212-2118-214-2118-2115-2121-2021-1721-1921-1121-1221-4
Breakell Chris201319.0514-21 17-2121-1421-921-1121-521-821-1117-2121-15
Pearson Roger181318.2821-1521-2021-139-2121-1721-10 21-721-421-1821-18
Higgins Dave171018.71 21-13 18-2121-1021-1213-2118-2121-2021-621-19
Parry Trevor20918.3020-2121-721-1711-2121-1317-2121-1914-2121-419-21 
Sadd Joan19916.9510-2120-2121-18 17-2119-2112-21 21-1712-2121-16
Cooke Gordon19815.004-2121-189-219-21  21-146-2121-1211-2121-9
Patsalides Barry17715.0621-1910-2121-18 20-2110-218-21   21-7
Jones Arnie18414.616-2112-2121-1221-2018-214-21 21-1819-2115-21 
Oakley Dennis4318.00       9-2121-1421-1621-14
Higgins Anne8316.50   19-2121-1110-219-21   19-21
Smith Ruth15111.938-2111-2116-2112-21  19-212-21   
Oliver David1013.00           

Tue 12th Sep

PosDorrington ScoreScoreTelepost B
1Dave Higgins2119Peter Shingler
2Anne Higgins1921Rob Morris
3Peter Warhurst1621Margaret Flattley Best Result
4Roger Pearson2118Derek Flattley
5Joan Sadd2116John Bowater
6Chris Breakell2115Tom Butler
7Gordon Cooke219Gordon Draycott
8Dennis Oakley2114Alan West
9Barry Patsalides217Robin Sprigg
10Peter Smith Best Result214Martin Snow

Tue 5th Sep

PosCastlefields CScoreScoreDorrington
1Peter Ashley2021Peter Warhurst
2Craig Elson Best Result2111Gordon Cooke
3Paul Jarvis2112Joan Sadd
4George Marston621Dave Higgins Best Result
5Phil Mcewan2115Arnie Jones
6Liam Page2119Trevor Parry
7Ally Roberts2117Chris Breakell
8Michael Rogers1821Roger Pearson
9Dave Wall1621Dennis Oakley
10Graham Rogers1221Peter Smith

Tue 29th Aug

PosDorrington ScoreScoreHanwood B
1Roger Pearson Best Result214Christine Phillips
2Trevor Parry Best Result214Steve Ashton
3Peter Warhurst2117Vi Houston
4Dave Higgins2120Clive Goodwin
5Joan Sadd2117Jason Houston
6Dennis Oakley2114Mike Bennett
7Arnie Jones1921John Rowe Best Result
8Gordon Cooke2112Jack Phillips
9Chris Breakell2111Roger Houston
10Peter Smith2111Steve Downes

Tue 22nd Aug

1Terry Brooks2118Dave Higgins
2Chris Hose2114Trevor Parry
3Chris Knight1621Peter Warhurst
4Julie Thorborn721Roger Pearson Best Result
5Mel Yates Best Result212Ruth Smith
6Haydon Jenkinson219Dennis Oakley
7Mark Lloyd216Gordon Cooke
8Richard Ewels1821Arnie Jones
9Bob Simpson821Chris Breakell
10Chris Dorsett1921Peter Smith

Tue 15th Aug

PosDorrington ScoreScorePOWBC A
1Peter Warhurst2118Steph Clarke
2Joan Sadd1221Chris Slawson
3Dave Higgins1321George Dourish
4Anne Higgins921Mike Binnersley
5Ruth Smith1921James Mansell
6Trevor Parry2119Matty Hyde
7Gordon Cooke2114Tom Moseley
8Barry Patsalides821Tom Gregory Best Result
9Chris Breakell Best Result215Ryan Hutchings
10Peter Smith2117Stan Briscoe

Tue 8th Aug

PosOsbc AScoreScoreDorrington
1Derek Griffiths2110Anne Higgins
2John Allen1921Peter Warhurst
3Trish Jones1021Roger Pearson Best Result
4Norman Brown1221Dave Higgins
5Bill Francis2119Joan Sadd
6Keith Lewis2110Barry Patsalides
7Martin Francis2117Trevor Parry
8Dan Christmas Best Result214Arnie Jones
9Kieran Croft2021Peter Smith
10Tim Robbins1121Chris Breakell

Tue 1st Aug

PosDorrington ScoreScoreBicton B
1Roger Pearson2117Paul Idris Evans
2Trevor Parry2113Mike Bradder
3Peter Warhurst2114Stuart Bennett
4Joan Sadd1721Keith Sudlow
5Dave Higgins2110Val Roberts
6Arnie Jones1821Billy Jones
7Anne Higgins2111Norman Barkley
8Barry Patsalides2021Julie Williams
9Chris Breakell Best Result219Roger Oldacre
10Peter Smith1521Kevin Sudlow Best Result

Tue 25th Jul

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreDorrington
1Ricky Cooke (6ta)2118Peter Smith
2Richard Saunders1421Chris Breakell Best Result
3Colin Hayes219Gordon Cooke
4Natty Lee (6ta)2118Dave Higgins
5Daniel Brookfield2021Arnie Jones
6Steve Bramall (6ta)2111Trevor Parry
7Ali Brown2119Anne Higgins
8Mick Fiest219Roger Pearson
9Andy Cooke (6ta)2112Ruth Smith
10Stuart Dodd (6ta) Best Result218Peter Warhurst

Tue 18th Jul

PosDorrington ScoreScoreOxon
1Ruth Smith1621Pete Ellis
2Trevor Parry2117Ken Davies
3Roger Pearson2113Tony Manders
4Peter Warhurst2119Lol Evans
5Joan Sadd2118Paul Thomas
6Gordon Cooke921Emmet Mckinley (j)
7Barry Patsalides2118Pete Nicholls
8Arnie Jones Best Result2112Dave Wood
9Chris Breakell1721Martin Mckinley
10Peter Smith421Roger Haydon Best Result

Tue 11th Jul

PosDorrington ScoreScoreBagley A
1Roger Pearson2120Mark Spencer (6ta)
2Ruth Smith1121Gary Morgan (6ta)
3Peter Warhurst2117John Farmer (6ta)
4Gordon Cooke2118Paul Peatroy (6ta)
5Dave Higgins2113John Griffiths
6Joan Sadd2021Stuart Reynolds
7Trevor Parry Best Result217Reg Sayer
8Arnie Jones1221Darren Williams
9Barry Patsalides1021Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result
10Peter Smith1821John Lovett (6ta)

Tue 4th Jul

PosMeole Brace BScoreScoreDorrington
1Ben Parks2120Trevor Parry
2Barry Lowe (6tb)218Ruth Smith
3Tony Crundell (6tb)2117Peter Warhurst
4Gareth Davies Best Result214Gordon Cooke
5Dan White1521Roger Pearson Best Result
6Mary Woodcock216Arnie Jones
7Neil Pickin (6tb)1921Barry Patsalides
8Michael Powis2110Joan Sadd
9Mal Cowley (6tb)2112Peter Smith
10Vernon Biggs (6tb)2114Chris Breakell

Tue 27th Jun

PosTelepost BScoreScoreDorrington
1Rob Morris219Roger Pearson
2Margaret Flattley2113Peter Warhurst
3Derek Flattley219Ruth Smith
4Peter Shingler2113Gordon Cooke
5Tom Butler Best Result214Barry Patsalides
6Alan West2119Dave Higgins
7John Bowater2115Arnie Jones
8G Booth1321Joan Sadd Best Result
9Martin Snow1621Trevor Parry
10Gordon Draycott1721Peter Smith

Tue 20th Jun

PosDorrington ScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Chris Breakell Best Result214Paul Jarvis
2Gordon Cooke2114Mike Pugh
3Peter Warhurst2111Neil Thomas
4Ruth Smith1921Michael Rogers
5Joan Sadd218Graham Evans
6Dave Higgins2119Phil Mcewan
7Arnie Jones1521Dave Wall Best Result
8Anne Higgins217Fred Ashley
9Barry Patsalides2116Fred Wear
10Peter Smith219Ally Roberts

Tue 13th Jun

PosHanwood BScoreScoreDorrington
1Steve Ashton2113Trevor Parry
2Daryl Ashton1721Arnie Jones
3Jack Phillips2116Gordon Cooke
4Tony Beamond921Peter Warhurst Best Result
5Jason Houston Best Result215Ruth Smith
6Mike Bennett217Barry Patsalides
7Christine Phillips1721Dave Higgins
8Shaun Ashton218Chris Breakell
9John Rowe2116Joan Sadd
10Roger Houston2021Peter Smith
another great night of bowls with first class refreshments after the match

Tue 6th Jun

PosDorrington ScoreScoreFrankwell
1Roger Pearson2117Chris Hose
2Gordon Cooke2116Julie Thorborn
3Ruth Smith1121Terry Brooks
4Trevor Parry2112Haydon Jenkinson
5Dave Higgins1721John Binnersley
6Arnie Jones1121Chris Knight
7Barry Patsalides2113Mel Yates
8Peter Warhurst2112Mark Lloyd
9Chris Breakell Best Result219Andy Dorsett
10Peter Smith721Bob Simpson Best Result

Tue 30th May

PosPOWBC AScoreScoreDorrington
1James Mansell2116Roger Pearson
2Chris Slawson2117Trevor Parry
3George Dourish2112Ruth Smith
4Tom Gregory2113Gordon Cooke
5Ivor Sargent1621Barry Patsalides Best Result
6Joe Hotchkiss2117Arnie Jones
7Ryan Hutchings1621Peter Warhurst Best Result
8Tom Davies Best Result216Joan Sadd
9Keith Davies2114Chris Breakell
10Tom Moseley1821Peter Smith
Another solid home victory for the young uns.

Tue 23rd May

PosDorrington ScoreScoreOsbc A
1Trevor Parry2117Norman Brown
2Roger Pearson2118Keith Lewis
3Gordon Cooke218Derek Griffiths
4Ruth Smith1521Bill Francis
5Peter Warhurst1821Dan Christmas
6Arnie Jones621John Allen Best Result
7Joan Sadd218Kieran Croft
8Chris Breakell Best Result216Dave Croft
9Barry Patsalides1421Trish Jones
10Peter Smith1421Martin Francis

Tue 16th May

PosBicton BScoreScoreDorrington
1Karen Bennett2116Trevor Parry
2Paul Idris Evans Best Result219Gordon Cooke
3Stuart Bennett1521Chris Breakell
4Billy Jones1621Ruth Smith
5Wendy Wainwright1421Dave Higgins
6Ron Wainwright1821Peter Warhurst
7Julie Williams2115Arnie Jones
8Shaun Phillips1921Joan Sadd
9Roger Oldacre2113Barry Patsalides
10Keith Sudlow921Peter Smith Best Result

Tue 9th May

PosDorrington ScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Roger Pearson1121Stuart Dodd (6ta) Best Result
2Trevor Parry Best Result2111Dean Pritchard (6ta)
3Ruth Smith1521Andy Cooke (6ta)
4Chris Breakell2021Daniel Brookfield
5Peter Warhurst2113Ali Brown
6Joan Sadd2117Steve Bramall (6ta)
7Dave Higgins1421Matthew Griffiths
8Anne Higgins1221Mick Fiest
9Barry Patsalides1321Natty Lee (6ta)
10Peter Smith2114Ricky Cooke (6ta)
A very friendly game. The Monk took to our green very well.

Tue 2nd May

1Pete Ellis Best Result214Ruth Smith
2Ken Davies2119Gordon Cooke
3Paul Williams2113David Oliver
4Lol Evans1221Chris Breakell Best Result
5Emmet Mckinley (j)2110Arnie Jones
6Jack Jones1321Roger Pearson
7Paul Thomas219Joan Sadd
8Ted Rogers2116Peter Warhurst
9Roger Haydon1521Peter Smith
10Martin Mckinley2113Trevor Parry

Tue 25th Apr

PosBagley AScoreScoreDorrington
1John Farmer (6ta)2111Roger Pearson
2Mark Spencer (6ta)219Dave Higgins
3Darren Williams2117Peter Warhurst
4Reg Sayer Best Result218Gordon Cooke
5Stuart Reynolds2112Joan Sadd
6John Griffiths2021Anne Higgins
7Gary Morgan (6ta)2110Barry Patsalides
8Andy Sutherland (6ta)2118Chris Breakell
9Paul Peatroy (6ta)2117Trevor Parry
10John Lovett (6ta)1221Peter Smith Best Result

Tue 18th Apr

PosDorrington ScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1Roger Pearson2112Barry Lowe (6tb)
2Chris Breakell2112Dan White
3Peter Warhurst2117Tony Crundell (6tb)
4Gordon Cooke2117Vernon Biggs (6tb)
5Arnie Jones1621Steve Phillips Best Result
6Joan Sadd2119Neil Pickin (6tb)
7Dave Higgins218Mary Woodcock
8Barry Patsalides2118Ben Parks
9Trevor Parry2021Mal Cowley (6tb)
10Peter Smith Best Result215Peter Morgan-jones