The Dudley & District Bowling League 2015

Thursday League

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Team Averages for Dudley Sports B (Thursday 6)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
121George Tranter2012860357326+3117.8516.301.55
226Linda Smith2011955363342+2118.1517.101.05
328Margaret Southwick1911858323335-1217.0017.63-0.63
446Daphne Moss1981142327321+617.2116.890.32
552Colin Pritchard147750217202+1515.5014.431.07
657Paul Millard2071335333355-2216.6517.75-1.10
763Brian Smith136746237218+1918.2316.771.46
864Roy Stephenson1761135307313-618.0618.41-0.35
987Ron Blythe541809572+2319.0014.404.60
1094David Chater3301006333+3021.0011.0010.00
11105Chris Carroll422508168+1320.2517.003.25
12121Ray Bryant211503727+1018.5013.505.00
13131Audrey Southwick312334148-713.6716.00-2.33
14152Ray Burrows1010721-147.0021.00-14.00
Thu 9th AprHCoseley Athletic B166111719
Thu 16th AprACoseley Athletic B127151353
Thu 23rd AprASwindon132131356
Thu 30th AprHSwindon159105719
Thu 7th MayAPensnett Social A110158171
Thu 14th MayHPensnett Social A136146353
Thu 21st MayAM & B Portland Rd B144142538
Thu 28th MayHM & B Portland Rd B152124537
Thu 4th JunALangley B125155262
Thu 11th JunHLangley B139140353
Thu 18th JunAWest Brom F.s.c. B138129447
Thu 25th JunHWest Brom F.s.c. B164143628
Thu 2nd JulAThimblemill Rec120140353
Thu 9th JulHThimblemill Rec151104537
Thu 16th JulABye00000
Thu 23rd JulHBye00000
Thu 30th JulAPensnett Social B145162353
Thu 6th AugHPensnett Social B136131446
Thu 13th AugAGlasscutters B121124353
Thu 20th AugHGlasscutters B119150262
Thu 27th AugAKingswinford Cons B146115538
Thu 3rd SepHKingswinford Cons B158120537
  Played 20278826817981105
1st Half Results for Dudley Sports B
M & B
M & B
Tranter George201217.8521-2013-2117-2121-1015-2110-2121-1921-1721-1313-2121-13
Smith Linda201118.1521-1721-1020-2112-2117-2121-1821-1821-1619-2112-2121-13
Southwick Margaret191117.0021-921-189-2121-165-2121-1921-1620-2110-2121-89-21
Moss Daphne19817.2119-2115-2121-521-821-1110-21 21-1220-2121-1510-21
Millard Paul20716.6521-197-2112-2121-1218-2119-2120-217-216-2115-2120-21
Pritchard Colin14715.5021-109-2111-2121-78-2121-48-2121-511-2120-2121-5
Smith Brian13618.23   21-138-2117-2121-1521-1117-2121-1221-14
Stephenson Roy17618.06 20-2121-1321-1818-2117-2121-1120-21  15-21
Blythe Ron5419.0021-921-1821-8   11-21 21-16  
Chater David3321.00           
Carroll Chris4220.25           
Bryant Ray2118.5021-6        16-21 
Southwick Audrey3113.67           
Burrows Ray107.00           
2nd Half Results for Dudley Sports B
Tranter George201217.8521-1417-2121-1221-2021-106-2114-2121-221-8
Smith Linda201118.1521-2021-1421-815-2112-2121-88-2121-1117-21
Southwick Margaret191117.0021-1921-1818-21 21-128-2121-1313-2121-19
Moss Daphne19817.2121-189-2113-2117-2111-2121-618-2121-1517-21
Millard Paul20716.6521-1521-321-611-2121-1618-2121-1114-2119-21
Pritchard Colin14715.5021-153-2121-9      
Smith Brian13618.2318-2116-2121-620-2115-21    
Stephenson Roy17618.0620-2112-2115-2119-2114-2121-511-2121-1821-17
Blythe Ron5419.00         
Chater David3321.00   21-20   21-621-7
Carroll Chris4220.25   21-1721-920-2119-21  
Bryant Ray2118.50         
Southwick Audrey3113.67     6-21 14-2121-6
Burrows Ray107.00      7-21  

Thu 3rd Sep

PosDudley Sports BScoreScoreKingswinford Cons B
1Audrey Southwick216Marion Burford
2George Tranter218Joan Grove
3David Chater217Veronica Adams
4Linda Smith1721Frank Colley
5Margaret Southwick2119Lyn White
6Paul Millard1921Peter Conroy
7Roy Stephenson2117Hazel Hill
8Daphne Moss1721Gary Snade

Thu 27th Aug

PosKingswinford Cons BScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Sylvia Roden1521Daphne Moss
2Joan Grove2114Audrey Southwick
3Frank Colley2114Paul Millard
4Gary Snade1821Roy Stephenson
5Veronica Adams1121Linda Smith
6Lyn White2113Margaret Southwick
7Peter Conroy621David Chater
8Hazel Hill221George Tranter

Thu 20th Aug

PosDudley Sports BScoreScoreGlasscutters B
1Margaret Southwick2113Dave Evans
2Roy Stephenson1121Michelle Matthews
3Paul Millard2111Pat Dobson
4Linda Smith821Ashley Morey
5Daphne Moss1821Jackie Morey
6George Tranter1421Jessica Matthews
7Ray Burrows721James Brookes
8Chris Carroll1921Scott Evans

Thu 13th Aug

PosGlasscutters BScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Dave Evans821Linda Smith
2James Brookes216Audrey Southwick
3Pat Dobson2118Paul Millard
4Scott Evans218Margaret Southwick
5Sam Gritton621Daphne Moss
6Jackie Morey521Roy Stephenson
7Michelle Matthews216George Tranter
8Ashley Morey2120Chris Carroll

Thu 6th Aug

PosDudley Sports BScoreScorePensnett Social B
1Linda Smith1221Peter Tolley
2Brian Smith1521Anthony Capewell
3Paul Millard2116Geoff Price
4Margaret Southwick2112John Mairs
5Roy Stephenson1421Vicky Hill
6Daphne Moss1121Dave Jones
7Chris Carroll219Brian Jones
8George Tranter2110John Nicholls

Thu 30th Jul

PosPensnett Social BScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Dave Jones2120Brian Smith
2Stan Coomby2115Linda Smith
3Vicky Hill2111Paul Millard
4Geoff Price2021David Chater
5Dennis Mccarroll2117Daphne Moss
6Brian Jones2119Roy Stephenson
7Dave Nixon2021George Tranter
8John Nicholls1721Chris Carroll

Thu 9th Jul

PosDudley Sports BScoreScoreThimblemill Rec
1Brian Smith216Colin Brain
2Linda Smith218Olga Meredith
3Paul Millard216Steph Millership
4Margaret Southwick1821Jane Staphnill
5Roy Stephenson1521Tony Westwood
6Daphne Moss1321Bonnie Griffith
7Colin Pritchard219Sue Hayward
8George Tranter2112Carole Mason

Thu 2nd Jul

PosThimblemill RecScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Jane Staphnill1421Linda Smith
2Tony Westwood2116Brian Smith
3Olga Meredith321Paul Millard
4Marlene Hill1821Margaret Southwick
5Bonnie Griffith219Daphne Moss
6Carole Mason2112Roy Stephenson
7Sue Hayward2117George Tranter
8Ron Blackwood213Colin Pritchard

Thu 25th Jun

PosDudley Sports BScoreScoreWest Brom F.s.c. B
1Brian Smith1821Maureen Palmer
2Linda Smith2120Joyce Walker
3Paul Millard2115Sonia Gilbert
4Margaret Southwick2119Ron Bird
5Roy Stephenson2021Margaret Quinton
6Colin Pritchard2115Mandy Wood
7Daphne Moss2118Dot Box
8George Tranter2114Ryan Hocknull

Thu 18th Jun

PosWest Brom F.s.c. BScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Maureen Palmer1321Linda Smith
2Sonia Gilbert1421Brian Smith
3Ron Bird2115Roy Stephenson
4Mandy Wood219Margaret Southwick
5Margaret Quinton2120Paul Millard
6Dot Box2110Daphne Moss
7Ryan Hocknull1321George Tranter
8Tammy Ashcroft521Colin Pritchard

Thu 11th Jun

PosDudley Sports BScoreScoreLangley B
1Brian Smith2112Eifryn Roberts
2Linda Smith1221Fred Austin
3Margaret Southwick218Philip Pettit
4Ray Bryant1621Alan Myatt
5Colin Pritchard2021Jill Biddle
6Daphne Moss2115Kris Norgrove
7Paul Millard1521Tom Banks
8George Tranter1321Dave Andrews

Thu 4th Jun

PosLangley BScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Kris Norgrove2119Linda Smith
2Jill Biddle2117Brian Smith
3Eifryn Roberts1621Ron Blythe
4Dave Andrews2110Margaret Southwick
5Fred Austin2120Daphne Moss
6Alan Myatt216Paul Millard
7Rosemarie Leonard1321George Tranter
8Tom Banks2111Colin Pritchard

Thu 28th May

PosDudley Sports BScoreScoreM & B Portland Rd B
1Brian Smith2111Roger Cutler
2Linda Smith2116Michael Gillespie
3Margaret Southwick2021Maureen Guest
4Roy Stephenson2021Alan Guest
5Paul Millard721Colin Hooper
6Daphne Moss2112Gerald Ware
7Colin Pritchard215George Shorter
8George Tranter2117Kevin Ward

Thu 21st May

PosM & B Portland Rd BScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Alan Guest1821Linda Smith
2Maureen Guest2111Ron Blythe
3Tony Poulter1521Brian Smith
4Michael Gillespie1621Margaret Southwick
5Colin Hooper1921George Tranter
6Lloyd Burgher1121Roy Stephenson
7Gerald Ware2120Paul Millard
8Eric Moore218Colin Pritchard

Thu 14th May

PosDudley Sports BScoreScorePensnett Social A
1Colin Pritchard214Marie Monaghan
2Linda Smith2118Bill Cotterill
3Margaret Southwick2119Keith Winchurch
4Brian Smith1721Tom Keys
5Daphne Moss1021Norman Carter
6Roy Stephenson1721Kevin Matthews
7George Tranter1021Dennis Rydes
8Paul Millard1921Bill Quigley

Thu 7th May

PosPensnett Social AScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Marie Monaghan1121Daphne Moss
2Tom Keys215Margaret Southwick
3Dennis Rydes218Brian Smith
4Norman Carter2117Linda Smith
5Bill Quigley2118Roy Stephenson
6Bill Cotterill2118Paul Millard
7Kevin Matthews218Colin Pritchard
8Keith Winchurch2115George Tranter

Thu 30th Apr

PosDudley Sports BScoreScoreSwindon
1Linda Smith1221Kevin Hurst
2Margaret Southwick2116Allan Roberts
3Roy Stephenson2118John Biddle
4Brian Smith2113John Hathaway
5Daphne Moss218Ray Wood
6George Tranter2110Margaret Hathaway
7Colin Pritchard217Susan Haynes
8Paul Millard2112Barry Haynes

Thu 23rd Apr

PosSwindonScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1Irene Burch2117George Tranter
2Allan Roberts821Ron Blythe
3John Hathaway219Margaret Southwick
4Kevin Hurst2120Linda Smith
5Alan Langford521Daphne Moss
6Margaret Hathaway1321Roy Stephenson
7John Biddle2111Colin Pritchard
8Ray Wood2112Paul Millard

Thu 16th Apr

PosCoseley Athletic BScoreScoreDudley Sports B
1John Hiley2115Daphne Moss
2Josh Cooper1821Margaret Southwick
3Eileen Ralph1821Ron Blythe
4Sylvia Gee1021Linda Smith
5Tony Summers2113George Tranter
6Phil Cooper219Colin Pritchard
7Keith Evans217Paul Millard
8Christine Bailey2120Roy Stephenson

Thu 9th Apr

PosDudley Sports BScoreScoreCoseley Athletic B
1George Tranter2120John Bailey
2Ron Blythe219Eileen Ralph
3Margaret Southwick219Josh Cooper
4Linda Smith2117Tony Summers
5Ray Bryant216Sylvia Gee
6Daphne Moss1921Phil Cooper
7Colin Pritchard2110Christine Bailey
8Paul Millard2119Keith Evans