Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2016

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Elephant & Castle ( Shropshire Div.1)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
13Dave Hanson2621581527319+20820.2712.278.00
25Gary Whitehall2620677519364+15519.9614.005.96
37Carl Preece2620677492364+12818.9214.004.92
426Paul Smith2415963460365+9519.1715.213.96
527Richard Leah2415963444376+6818.5015.672.83
643Jamie Brookes2314961407394+1317.7017.130.57
747Paul Humphreys1813572340227+11318.8912.616.28
850Martin Young24131154431389+4217.9616.211.75
954Tony Sherratt23131057419397+2218.2217.260.96
1067Connor Whitehall23121152420375+4518.2616.301.96
11109Dawn Gray21101148352322+3016.7615.331.43
12127Mal Wilde159660260263-317.3317.53-0.20
13160John Yeomans2071335340384-4417.0019.20-2.20
14172Chris Stretch55010010551+5421.0010.2010.80
15221Alex Lockett1101002118+321.0018.003.00
16241Steve Jones111109148223-7513.4520.27-6.82
17260Steve Warburton20202842-1414.0021.00-7.00
Fri 1st AprACrescent210211484
Fri 8th AprHCastlefields24215810212
Fri 22nd AprAOSBC229213668
Fri 29th AprHLudlow Castle2291508410
Fri 6th MayABricklayers A2412159311
Fri 13th MayHCraven Arms23816110212
Fri 20th MayAMeole Brace A2372019311
Thu 26th MayHPontesbury A23315510212
Fri 27th MayHBattlefield2391689311
Fri 3rd JunAPrince Hotel A208229575
Fri 17th JunAGeorge216220666
Fri 24th JunHHanwood23415510212
Fri 1st JulHCrescent23714510212
Thu 7th JulHTelepost201183668
Fri 8th JulACastlefields208203577
Fri 15th JulAPontesbury A1572302102
Fri 22nd JulHOSBC2211489311
Fri 29th JulALudlow Castle185231393
Fri 5th AugHBricklayers A2341768410
Fri 12th AugACraven Arms210200577
Fri 19th AugHMeole Brace A24517010212
Fri 26th AugABattlefield205221757
Fri 2nd SepHPrince Hotel A2301799311
Fri 9th SepATelepost206224575
Fri 16th SepHGeorge24311311113
Fri 23rd SepAHanwood175214393
  Played 2657134873189123225
1st Half Results for Elephant & Castle
Hanson Dave262120.2719-2121-920-2121-821-1921-617-2121-1221-321-1621-1421-1121-8
Whitehall Gary262019.9621-1021-2012-2121-821-1821-1021-1921-1521-1118-2121-1721-1921-9
Preece Carl262018.9221-1721-1121-1221-1021-1914-2121-921-921-118-2117-2121-421-16
Smith Paul241519.1720-2117-21 21-921-1714-2121-2021-921-1921-1813-2111-2121-11
Leah Richard241518.5017-2121-421-1421-1921-1521-1421-921-1220-2116-2119-2121-1521-3
Brookes Jamie231417.7013-2115-21  21-1621-1421-1514-2121-1221-1714-2121-521-15
Humphreys Paul181318.8921-621-721-1714-2117-2121-1714-2121-421-521-1321-521-921-9
Sherratt Tony231318.2217-2121-1821-1716-2121-1721-1821-1321-1221-1016-2115-2121-1914-21
Young Martin241317.9611-2121-1121-1421-420-21 21-2021-1421-2021-1821-1813-2121-0
Whitehall Connor231218.26  20-2120-2121-1321-721-179-2118-21 21-2021-1121-14
Gray Dawn211016.76   21-515-2121-221-1621-621-1417-2112-2121-0 
Wilde Mal15917.339-2121-1815-21  21-1817-2121-2012-21    
Yeomans John20717.0020-2121-1118-2111-21     18-2121-2021-2021-18
Stretch Chris5521.0021-1021-721-1321-321-18        
Lockett Alex1121.00             
Jones Steve11113.45  18-21  21-13   10-21  13-21
Warburton Steve2014.00             
2nd Half Results for Elephant & Castle
Hanson Dave262120.2721-1121-1112-2121-621-1221-721-1121-418-2121-1921-2021-421-3
Whitehall Gary262019.9621-518-2118-2121-513-2121-621-721-1721-1421-1120-2121-421-13
Preece Carl262018.9211-2121-621-1021-1821-1221-1312-2121-821-1821-1121-1321-1110-21
Smith Paul241519.1721-621-918-2121-419-2117-2121-1721-916-2121-621-1921-3 
Leah Richard241518.5021-1821-116-21  15-2111-2121-2021-2021-1111-2121-214-21
Brookes Jamie231417.7011-2121-198-2121-16 18-2111-2121-1421-1821-1821-1321-139-21
Humphreys Paul181318.8921-84-2121-1021-1218-21        
Sherratt Tony231318.22   9-217-2121-918-2121-1521-1221-1120-2121-1614-21
Young Martin241317.969-2119-2111-2114-2113-2121-1321-1021-15 17-2115-2121-116-21
Whitehall Connor231218.2612-2120-218-2121-417-2121-1519-2121-1410-2121-1121-1221-615-21
Gray Dawn211016.7621-914-2110-2121-1112-2121-10 17-217-2121-1812-2112-2114-21
Wilde Mal15917.33   21-9 21-19 21-1221-1410-218-2121-1821-9
Yeomans John20717.0014-2113-2118-219-2115-21 21-818-2121-2014-2115-2121-1410-21
Stretch Chris5521.00             
Lockett Alex1121.00    21-18        
Jones Steve11113.4518-2115-216-21  16-2114-21 7-21   10-21
Warburton Steve2014.00    8-21 20-21      

Fri 23rd Sep

PosHanwoodScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Darren Phillips (6ta)2114Dawn Gray
2Eric Mansell2114Richard Leah
3Mark Preece Best Result219Jamie Brookes
4Carl Bowers2110Steve Jones
5Dayle Turner321Dave Hanson Best Result
6Shaun Ashton1321Gary Whitehall
7Martin Sandells921Mal Wilde
8Phil Talbot2114Tony Sherratt
9Anna Preece2110John Yeomans
10Phil J Price2110Carl Preece
11Steve France2115Connor Whitehall
12Mark Shore2116Martin Young
Well done you Ele boys and girls massive achievement.

Fri 16th Sep

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreGeorge
1Richard Leah212Terry Heaton
2Jamie Brookes2113Gary Wilkie
3Dawn Gray1221Ron Crook Best Result
4Paul Smith213Terry Thompson
5Mal Wilde2118Ryan Bond
6John Yeomans2114Dave Hughes
7Dave Hanson214Kevin Francis
8Gary Whitehall214Martin Chesworth
9Connor Whitehall216Mark Price
10Tony Sherratt2116Tom Griffiths
11Carl Preece2111Peter Griffiths
12Martin Young Best Result211Roger Fisher
Great game tonight well played you Ele

Fri 9th Sep

PosTelepostScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Richard Addison2111Richard Leah
2Mick Pritchard2112Dawn Gray
3Lee Barker Best Result218Mal Wilde
4Gary Beaman1921Paul Smith
5Will Tyler1321Jamie Brookes
6Mike Stephens (6ta)2021Dave Hanson
7Keith Wall2120Gary Whitehall
8Shaun Bould2120Tony Sherratt
9Rob Morris1221Connor Whitehall Best Result
10Simon Lewis (6ta)2115John Yeomans
11Hayden Lewis1321Carl Preece
12John Addison (6ta)2115Martin Young

Fri 2nd Sep

PosElephant & CastleScoreScorePrince Hotel A
1Paul Smith Best Result216Darren Powis (6ta)
2Richard Leah2111Claire Barker (6fa)
3Dawn Gray2118Ian Smith (6ta)
4Jamie Brookes2118Nicki Hotchkiss
5Mal Wilde1021Tracy Ryan (6fa) Best Result
6John Yeomans1421Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)
7Dave Hanson2119Conrad Clapham (6fa)
8Tony Sherratt2111Ian Payne (6ta)
9Connor Whitehall2111Will Jones (6fa)
10Gary Whitehall2111Ian Marshall (6fa)
11Carl Preece2111Julie Pearce
12Martin Young1721Geoff Davies (6ta)

Fri 26th Aug

PosBattlefieldScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Andy Jones Best Result217Steve Jones
2Mal Parry2021Richard Leah
3Kevin Perks1821Jamie Brookes
4Keith Owen Best Result217Dawn Gray
5Harold Banks2116Paul Smith
6Harry Ryder (6ta)1421Mal Wilde
7Sam Cartwright (6ta)2118Dave Hanson
8Terry Gray1421Gary Whitehall
9Amy Ryder1821Carl Preece
10Dave Beer2110Connor Whitehall
11Nigel Ryder1221Tony Sherratt Best Result
12Barry Gilder (6ta)2021John Yeomans

Fri 19th Aug

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreMeole Brace A
1Dave Hanson Best Result214Bob Cliffe
2Richard Leah2120Jenny Rogers (6fa)
3Dawn Gray1721Adrian Jennings (6ta) Best Result
4Jamie Brookes2114Ray Jones (6ta)
5Mal Wilde2112Natalie Connor (6fa)
6Paul Smith219Tom Dowling
7Gary Whitehall2117Ian Riddell (6ta)
8Tony Sherratt2115Steven Rogers (6fa)
9Connor Whitehall2114Charlie Wilde (6ta)
10John Yeomans1821Andrew Corfield (6fa)
11Carl Preece218Mark Hinks
12Martin Young2115Dave Ellis

Fri 12th Aug

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Ben James Best Result2111Jamie Brookes
2Terry Lucas2114Steve Jones
3Tony Pryce Best Result2111Richard Leah
4Nathan Baker2119Connor Whitehall
5Derek Bishop821John Yeomans
6Tony Cowdale2118Tony Sherratt
7Bert Morris1721Paul Smith
8Lee Wilding2112Carl Preece
9Ian Bishop1121Dave Hanson
10Ben Foxall1021Martin Young
11Toby Foxall721Gary Whitehall Best Result
12Paul Davies2120Steve Warburton

Fri 5th Aug

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreBricklayers A
1Steve Jones1621Tony Williams (6fa/6ta)
2Richard Leah1521John Dorsett (6fa/6ta) Best Result
3Dawn Gray2110Derek Hill
4Paul Smith1721Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)
5Dave Hanson217Stuart Dorsett
6Tony Sherratt219Mark Sneade
7Jamie Brookes1821Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)
8Mal Wilde2119Neil Jones (6ta)
9Connor Whitehall2115Neil Ashton
10Gary Whitehall Best Result216Dan Williams
11Carl Preece2113Nigel Ferrington (6fa)
12Martin Young2113Perry Evans
Very good result after being 3-1 down. Bricklayers played the green well.

Fri 29th Jul

PosLudlow CastleScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Graham Lane1821Alex Lockett
2Mal Bowen1221Dave Hanson Best Result
3Simon Lane2115John Yeomans
4Neil Crump2117Connor Whitehall
5Carl Bowen2112Dawn Gray
6Nick Beard2118Paul Humphreys
7Dave Wilding218Steve Warburton
8Graham Pritchard Best Result217Tony Sherratt
9Mal Griffiths2113Martin Young
10Tom Harrington1221Carl Preece Best Result
11Matt Lane2119Paul Smith
12Richard Lane2113Gary Whitehall

Fri 22nd Jul

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreOSBC
1Paul Humphreys2112Chris Jones Jnr
2Dawn Gray2111Dave Morgan
3Jamie Brookes2116Jacob Reese
4Paul Smith Best Result214Russell Lea
5Mal Wilde219Andy Pullen
6John Yeomans921Evelyn Jones Best Result
7Dave Hanson216James Mammone (6tb)
8Tony Sherratt921Bob Chandler Best Result
9Connor Whitehall Best Result214Matthew Whittaker
10Gary Whitehall215Rich Jones (6tb)
11Carl Preece2118Kev Farr (6tb)
12Martin Young1421Ian Foster

Fri 15th Jul

PosPontesbury AScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Karl Jones (6fa/ta)218Jamie Brookes
2Tony France (6tb) Best Result216Steve Jones
3Dennis Walton (6fa/6ta)1021Paul Humphreys Best Result
4Gary Middleton (6tb) Best Result216Richard Leah
5Boo Challinor2110Dawn Gray
6Danny Blyth (6fa)2118Paul Smith
7Dan Jones (6fa/ta)2112Dave Hanson
8Tony Dodd2118John Yeomans
9Anthony Price (6fa/ta)2111Martin Young
10Anthony Gray218Connor Whitehall
11Chris Luther2118Gary Whitehall
12Dave Povey (6fa/6ta)1021Carl Preece Best Result

Fri 8th Jul

PosCastlefieldsScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Steve Duckett2118Gary Whitehall
2Daryl Edwards2114Dawn Gray
3Barry Keep2119Martin Young
4Alan Peach2115Steve Jones
5Russell Pugh621Carl Preece Best Result
6Michael Rogers (6tb)1121Dave Hanson
7Russell Tipton (6tb)1921Jamie Brookes
8Gary Walker Best Result214Paul Humphreys
9Mark Walker2113John Yeomans
10Graham Wall921Paul Smith
11Tony Wall (6tb)1121Richard Leah
12Carl Wear (6tb)2120Connor Whitehall

Thu 7th Jul

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreTelepost
1Paul Humphreys218Lee Barker
2Martin Young921Keith Wall Best Result
3Richard Leah2118Richard Addison
4Gary Whitehall Best Result215Dominic Wootton
5Dawn Gray219Rob Morris
6Connor Whitehall1221Hayden Lewis
7Jamie Brookes1121Simon Lewis (6ta)
8John Yeomans1421John Addison (6ta)
9Carl Preece1121Gary Beaman
10Paul Smith216Stuart Long (6ta)
11Steve Jones1821Shaun Bould
12Dave Hanson2111Mick Pritchard

Fri 1st Jul

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreCrescent
1Paul Humphreys219Jason Evans
2Richard Leah213Andrew Gregg
3Carl Preece2116Dan Williams (6ta)
4Steve Jones1321Mark Harris (6ta) Best Result
5Connor Whitehall2114Lee Walmsley (6ta)
6Gary Whitehall219Neil Harris (6ta)
7Paul Smith2111Dave Oliver
8Dave Hanson218Matt Cooke
9Tony Sherratt1421Stuart Greaves
10Jamie Brookes2115Mike Cutler
11John Yeomans2118Scott Bowen
12Martin Young Best Result210Mark Rogers

Fri 24th Jun

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreHanwood
1Paul Humphreys219Phil Price
2Paul Smith1121Carl Bowers Best Result
3Jamie Brookes215Neil Beamond (6ta)
4Richard Leah2115Mark Parsons
5Gary Whitehall2119Jon Lyttle
6Dawn Gray Best Result210Martin Sandells
7Connor Whitehall2111Keith Phillips
8Dave Hanson2111Eric Mansell
9Carl Preece214Phil J Price
10Tony Sherratt2119Darren Phillips (6ta)
11John Yeomans2120Phil Talbot
12Martin Young1321Steve France

Fri 17th Jun

PosGeorgeScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Dave Edwards2117Carl Preece
2Terry Heaton2119Richard Leah
3Gary Wilkie2114Jamie Brookes
4Ron Crook2021Connor Whitehall
5Kevin Francis1721Gary Whitehall
6Terry Thompson521Paul Humphreys Best Result
7Roger Fisher1421Dave Hanson
8Dave Hughes2113Paul Smith
9Peter Griffiths1821Martin Young
10Martin Chesworth Best Result2112Dawn Gray
11John Hughes2021John Yeomans
12Tom Griffiths2115Tony Sherratt
cracking game a lot of good performances on both sides.just got home, against a very good side paul h &dave h closely followed by john y were the away pick.dave hughes may have just got the pick for home side.

Fri 3rd Jun

PosPrince Hotel AScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Mike Hughes Jnr1321Paul Humphreys Best Result
2Claire Barker (6fa)2117Dawn Gray
3Ian Smith (6ta)2110Steve Jones
4Darren Powis (6ta)1821Paul Smith
5Paul Marshall2116Richard Leah
6Conrad Clapham (6fa)2118Gary Whitehall
7Ian Payne (6ta) Best Result218Carl Preece
8Tracy Ryan (6fa)1621Dave Hanson
9Julie Pearce1721Jamie Brookes
10Dave Pugh (6ta)2118John Yeomans
11Ian Marshall (6fa)2116Tony Sherratt
12Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)1821Martin Young

Fri 27th May

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreBattlefield
1Paul Smith2119Amy Ryder
2Paul Humphreys215Dave Beer
3Mal Wilde1221Kevin Perks Best Result
4Richard Leah2021Keith Owen
5Dawn Gray2114Harry Ryder (6ta)
6Gary Whitehall2111Harold Banks
7Dave Hanson Best Result213Steve Wilkes (6ta)
8Jamie Brookes2112Nigel Ryder
9Connor Whitehall1821Mal Parry
10Carl Preece2111Andy Jones
11Tony Sherratt2110Dave Cadwallader
12Martin Young2120Sam Cartwright (6ta)

Thu 26th May

PosElephant & CastleScoreScorePontesbury A
1Paul Humphreys Best Result214Alan Potter (6ta)
2Paul Smith219Karl Jones (6fa/ta)
3Richard Leah2112Dennis Walton (6fa/6ta)
4Jamie Brookes1421Gary Middleton (6tb)
5Dawn Gray216Emlyn Jones
6Mal Wilde2120Dan Jones (6fa/ta)
7Dave Hanson2112Boo Challinor
8Gary Whitehall2115Danny Blyth (6fa)
9Connor Whitehall921Chris Luther Best Result
10Tony Sherratt2112Anthony Price (6fa/ta)
11Martin Young2114Dave Povey (6fa/6ta)
12Carl Preece219Clive Luther

Fri 20th May

PosMeole Brace AScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1John Coxill (6fa)921Richard Leah Best Result
2Tom Dowling2021Paul Smith
3Dave Ellis1921Gary Whitehall
4Natalie Connor (6fa)2117Dave Hanson
5Aiden Hughes1621Dawn Gray
6Derek Jones2021Martin Young
7John Maddox (6ta)1521Jamie Brookes
8Ian Riddell (6ta)2117Mal Wilde
9Jenny Rogers (6fa) Best Result2114Paul Humphreys
10Alan Hughes (6fa)1321Tony Sherratt
11Charlie Wilde (6ta)921Carl Preece Best Result
12Steven Rogers (6fa)1721Connor Whitehall

Fri 13th May

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Paul Humphreys2117Tony Cowdale
2Paul Smith1421Bert Morris Best Result
3Richard Leah2114Terry Lucas
4Jamie Brookes2114Shirley James
5Dawn Gray Best Result212Laurie Jones
6Steve Jones2113Tony Pryce
7Mal Wilde2118Lee Wilding
8Gary Whitehall2110Ian Bishop
9Tony Sherratt2118Paul Davies
10Connor Whitehall217Derek Bishop
11Dave Hanson216Phil Baker
12Carl Preece1421Nathan Baker Best Result

Fri 6th May

PosBricklayers AScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Tony Williams (6fa/6ta)1821Chris Stretch
2Perry Evans Best Result2115Dawn Gray
3Dan Williams1521Richard Leah
4Derek Hill1921Carl Preece
5Neil Ashton1721Paul Smith
6Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)2117Paul Humphreys
7Stuart Dorsett1821Gary Whitehall
8John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)1921Dave Hanson
9Nigel Ferrington (6fa)1321Connor Whitehall Best Result
10Simon Damm1621Jamie Brookes
11Tim Norman (6fa)2120Martin Young
12Mark Sneade1721Tony Sherratt

Fri 29th Apr

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreLudlow Castle
1Chris Stretch Best Result213Colin Lane
2Paul Humphreys1421Graham Lane
3Paul Smith219Neil Crump
4Richard Leah2119Nick Beard
5Carl Preece2110Simon Lane
6Gary Whitehall218Keith Bell
7Dawn Gray215Jordan Bull
8Dave Hanson218Carl Bowen
9Tony Sherratt1621Graham Pritchard
10John Yeomans1121Richard Lane Best Result
11Connor Whitehall2021Mal Griffiths
12Martin Young214Steve Griffiths

Fri 22nd Apr

PosOSBCScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Dan Ashley2118Steve Jones
2Bob Chandler2118John Yeomans
3Kev Farr (6tb)1421Martin Young
4Ian Foster1721Tony Sherratt
5Chris Jones Jnr1321Chris Stretch
6Evelyn Jones1421Richard Leah
7Derek Jones (6tb)2120Connor Whitehall
8Tony Poole2120Dave Hanson
9Gwyn Jones1721Paul Humphreys
10Rich Jones (6tb)1221Carl Preece Best Result
11Andy Pullen Best Result2112Gary Whitehall
12Matthew Whittaker2115Mal Wilde

Fri 8th Apr

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreCastlefields
1Paul Smith1721Steve Duckett
2Richard Leah Best Result214Peter Thomas
3Jamie Brookes1521Daryl Edwards Best Result
4Paul Humphreys217Russell Tipton (6tb)
5Mal Wilde2118Barry Keep
6Dave Hanson219Kevin Walker
7Carl Preece2111Craig Elson
8Chris Stretch217Gary Walker
9Tony Sherratt2118Michael Rogers (6tb)
10Martin Young2111Graham Turner
11John Yeomans2111Carl Wear (6tb)
12Gary Whitehall2120Tony Wall (6tb)

Fri 1st Apr

PosCrescentScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Dan Williams (6ta)2120Paul Smith
2Andrew Gregg2113Jamie Brookes
3Ant Lewis2117Richard Leah
4Steve Birch621Paul Humphreys Best Result
5Jason Evans Best Result219Mal Wilde
6Mark Jenks (6ta)1021Gary Whitehall
7Scott Bowen2119Dave Hanson
8Matt Cooke1021Chris Stretch
9Stuart Greaves2117Tony Sherratt
10Lee Walmsley (6ta)2120John Yeomans
11Dave Oliver2111Martin Young
12Neil Harris (6ta)1721Carl Preece