Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Bayston Hill A (Shrewsbury Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
115Jane Archer (6FA/6TA)1514193313178+13520.8711.879.00
242John Davies1811761308297+1117.1116.500.61
353Martin Cousins1710759295267+2817.3515.711.65
474Mike Statham129375206193+1317.1716.081.08
597Alex Evans (6TA)2271532323417-9414.6818.95-4.27
6100Andy Davies146843240243-317.1417.36-0.21
7104Gwyn Jones (6TA)1761135262325-6315.4119.12-3.71
8110Ruth Richards135838228236-817.5418.15-0.62
9119Molly Sullivan6426710298+417.0016.330.67
10125Lionel Morris (6TA)1941521288350-6215.1618.42-3.26
11130John Hall3301006329+3421.009.6711.33
12141Nick Hughes (6TA)1831517274347-7315.2219.28-4.06
13143Mike Young123925166243-7713.8320.25-6.42
14153Trevor Pritchard (6TA)82625125161-3615.6320.13-4.50
15166Lee Corfield211502933-414.5016.50-2.00
16176Dave Kibbler6151771121-5011.8320.17-8.33
17178Sylvia Morris7161477142-6511.0020.29-9.29
18181Ray Sant10101821-318.0021.00-3.00
19187Norman Price1010621-156.0021.00-15.00
20189Joan Gregory1010421-174.0021.00-17.00
21192Julian Archer20201642-268.0021.00-13.00
22202Liz Jones606037126-896.1721.00-14.83
Tue 18th AprAGreenfields Social A138203191
Tue 25th AprHMeole Brace V156180464
Tue 2nd MayAAlbert Road BC132198282
Tue 9th MayHBattlefield A130181373
Tue 16th MayAPontesbury B119205282
Tue 23rd MayABicton A161184464
Tue 30th MayHAbbey B162181464
Tue 6th JunABattlefield B145179555
Tue 13th JunHCorbet Arms159164464
Tue 20th JunAUnison 171176555
Tue 27th JunHPrince Hotel B184150648
Tue 4th JulHGreenfields Social A181159557
Tue 11th JulAMeole Brace V104195373
Tue 18th JulHAlbert Road BC180179466
Tue 25th JulABattlefield A132200282
Tue 1st AugHPontesbury B175144648
Tue 8th AugHBicton A154183373
Tue 15th AugAAbbey B187159648
Tue 22nd AugHBattlefield B1921568210
Tue 29th AugACorbet Arms148204373
Tue 5th SepHUnison 182147739
Tue 12th SepAPrince Hotel B159184373
  Played 223451391190130104
1st Half Results for Bayston Hill A
Archer (6FA/6TA) Jane151420.87 21-621-1521-12 21-921-1021-821-921-1021-15
Davies John181117.1110-2121-17 21-15   4-2121-1221-2021-3
Cousins Martin171017.3521-14 15-21 14-2117-2121-921-1915-219-2121-12
Statham Mike12917.172-2111-21   4-21     
Evans (6TA) Alex22714.684-2121-165-217-216-2121-1720-2112-2121-1521-1910-21
Davies Andy14617.149-2113-21  21-19  21-1421-220-2120-21
Jones (6TA) Gwyn17615.4120-2121-158-2116-216-21 6-21 11-21 21-16
Richards Ruth13517.5419-21 18-21 18-21 21-1721-177-2121-521-12
Sullivan Molly6417.00   7-21  11-21    
Morris (6TA) Lionel19415.1620-21 4-2121-76-2116-2115-218-21 14-2121-8
Hall John3321.00           
Hughes (6TA) Nick18315.2217-2120-2120-2110-21 10-2115-2121-1615-2112-2111-21
Young Mike12313.83  21-15 11-2113-2121-195-2119-2111-2117-21
Pritchard (6TA) Trevor8215.6316-2115-21 16-2121-1817-2111-21 8-2121-17 
Corfield Lee2114.50           
Kibbler Dave6111.83 8-21   21-16     
Morris Sylvia7111.00  12-2110-218-2121-16     
Sant Ray1018.00           
Archer Julian208.00  8-21 8-21      
Jones Liz606.17 5-21 1-21   11-21   
Price Norman106.00           
Gregory Joan104.00           
2nd Half Results for Bayston Hill A
Archer (6FA/6TA) Jane151420.87 21-1721-12 21-1121-1619-21   21-7
Davies John181117.1121-182-2120-2116-2121-1821-521-1421-1112-2121-1713-21
Cousins Martin171017.3521-7  21-1521-55-2121-821-1121-2010-21 
Statham Mike12917.1721-1221-11 21-1721-1121-1521-1921-1621-18 21-11
Evans (6TA) Alex22714.6821-126-2120-2117-2113-2119-2112-2121-1613-2121-712-21
Davies Andy14617.1410-21 21-208-21  21-621-1417-21 17-21
Jones (6TA) Gwyn17615.4117-21 19-2111-2121-83-21 21-1821-1921-1819-21
Richards Ruth13517.5418-21   11-21  21-17 14-2118-21
Sullivan Molly6417.00  21-10 21-7 21-20   21-19
Morris (6TA) Lionel19415.1619-218-21 18-2115-2118-2110-2121-1116-2121-917-21
Hall John3321.00  21-11   21-8  21-10 
Hughes (6TA) Nick18315.2221-510-21 10-21 17-2120-2115-219-2121-11 
Young Mike12313.8312-2121-2010-215-21       
Pritchard (6TA) Trevor8215.63           
Corfield Lee2114.50        8-2121-12 
Kibbler Dave6111.83 5-2116-21 10-2111-21     
Morris Sylvia7111.00  11-215-21    10-21  
Sant Ray1018.00     18-21     
Archer Julian208.00           
Jones Liz606.17       9-21 11-210-21
Price Norman106.00 6-21         
Gregory Joan104.00 4-21         

Tue 12th Sep

PosPrince Hotel BScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Tony Parsons2118Ruth Richards
2Neil Lewis2113John Davies
3Neil Ashley2119Gwyn Jones (6ta)
4Elaine Jones2112Alex Evans (6ta)
5Craig Breeze721Jane Archer (6fa/6ta) Best Result
6Molly Harris1121Mike Statham
7Rhys Marshall Best Result210Liz Jones
8Rob Ashley2117Lionel Morris (6ta)
9Bob Pugh2117Andy Davies
10Tom Stanhope1921Molly Sullivan

Tue 5th Sep

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreUnison
1Gwyn Jones (6ta)2118Simon Reynolds
2Alex Evans (6ta) Best Result217Matthew Parry (j)
3John Davies2117Alan Everall
4Ruth Richards1421Will Tyler
5Liz Jones1121Pete Oliver
6Lee Corfield2112Vi Wynne
7John Hall2110Susan Oliver
8Lionel Morris (6ta)219John Pritchard
9Martin Cousins1021Stephen Morris Best Result
10Nick Hughes (6ta)2111Cameron Griffin (j)
The green @ Bayston Hill in superb condition run well after raining most of the day

Tue 29th Aug

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Mike Wood219Nick Hughes (6ta)
2Eric Pitchford1821Mike Statham Best Result
3Darren Rhoades2113Alex Evans (6ta)
4Peter Sherry1921Gwyn Jones (6ta)
5Paul Caswell Best Result218Lee Corfield
6Dave Evans2116Lionel Morris (6ta)
7Steve Edwards2112John Davies
8John Lumsden2110Sylvia Morris
9Arthur Morris2117Andy Davies
10Graham Lewis2021Martin Cousins

Tue 22nd Aug

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Alex Evans (6ta)2116Dave Pritchard
2Ruth Richards2117Bob Bishop
3John Davies Best Result2111Lynne Jennings
4Nick Hughes (6ta)1521Stacey Wenger
5Liz Jones921Pete Drury Best Result
6Gwyn Jones (6ta)2118Dave Cadwallader
7Mike Statham2116Ray Bourne
8Lionel Morris (6ta) Best Result2111Alan Cadwallader
9Martin Cousins Best Result2111Dave Southerton
10Andy Davies2114Nobby Johnston

Tue 15th Aug

PosAbbey BScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Derek Hill (6fa)2112Alex Evans (6ta)
2Barry Davies821John Hall
3Steve Richardson821Martin Cousins
4David Webb1921Mike Statham
5Luke Suter621Andy Davies Best Result
6Neil Ashton (6fa)2119Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)
7Stephen Jennings Best Result2110Lionel Morris (6ta)
8Nigel Thomas1421John Davies
9Simon Damm2021Molly Sullivan
10Perry Evans (6fa)2120Nick Hughes (6ta)
Well done bayston hill

Tue 8th Aug

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreBicton A
1Ray Sant1821Kevin Coles (6ta)
2Dave Kibbler1121Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
3Alex Evans (6ta)1921Keith Thomas (6ta)
4John Davies Best Result215Pat Price
5Mike Statham2115Andy Wilson (6fa)
6Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)2116Ken Barrow
7Nick Hughes (6ta)1721Kevin Price
8Martin Cousins521Martin Codd (6fa)
9Lionel Morris (6ta)1821Dave Price
10Gwyn Jones (6ta)321Andy Jones (6fa/ta) Best Result

Tue 1st Aug

PosBayston Hill AScoreScorePontesbury B
1Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)2111Peter Williams (6tb)
2Dave Kibbler1021Cliff Evans Best Result
3Alex Evans (6ta)1321Brian Williams
4Lionel Morris (6ta)1521Emlyn Jones
5Mike Statham2111Ken Hayman (6tb)
6John Davies2118Kevin Jones (6tb)
7Ruth Richards1121Terry Jones (6tb)
8Martin Cousins Best Result215Neil Hyde (6tb)
9Gwyn Jones (6ta)218John Lumley (6tb)
10Molly Sullivan217Martin Jones

Tue 25th Jul

PosBattlefield AScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Harry Ryder (6ta)2118Lionel Morris (6ta)
2Nigel Ryder1721Mike Statham
3Dave Wall (6ta)2117Alex Evans (6ta)
4Tony Garmson2111Gwyn Jones (6ta)
5Steve Wilkes (6ta) Best Result215Sylvia Morris
6Amy Ryder Best Result215Mike Young
7Tim Cliffe1521Martin Cousins Best Result
8Jim Evans (6ta)2116John Davies
9Sam Cartwright (6ta)2110Nick Hughes (6ta)
10Mal Parry218Andy Davies

Tue 18th Jul

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreAlbert Road BC
1Gwyn Jones (6ta)1921Mark Hill
2Dave Kibbler1621Phil Davies
3Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)2112Graham Hughes
4Alex Evans (6ta)2021Bryan Bates
5Sylvia Morris1121Dave Turner
6John Davies2021Russell Turner
7John Hall2111Reg Reece
8Molly Sullivan Best Result2110Sue Hill
9Mike Young1021Paul Binnersley Best Result
10Andy Davies2120Chris Partridge
Andy Davies wins after been 10-17 down some close games a draw a fair result

Tue 11th Jul

PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1John Cooper (6tv)216Alex Evans (6ta)
2Mark Davies (6tv) Best Result212John Davies
3Dave Perks215Dave Kibbler
4Martin Stott (6tv)214Joan Gregory
5Jan Wilkinson1121Mike Statham Best Result
6Geoff Balshaw (6tv)2021Mike Young
7Scott Gibson218Lionel Morris (6ta)
8Bob Chatham216Norman Price
9John Crundell (6tv)1721Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)
10Phil Wilkinson2110Nick Hughes (6ta)

Tue 4th Jul

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreGreenfields Social A
1John Davies2118Ian Massey
2Ruth Richards1821Rob Jones
3Alex Evans (6ta)2112Mike Badnell
4Nick Hughes (6ta) Best Result215Chris Jones (6ta)
5Lionel Morris (6ta)1921Colin Jones
6Mike Young1221June Massey
7Mike Statham2112Nigel Harris (6ta)
8Gwyn Jones (6ta)1721Kevin Williams (6ta)
9Martin Cousins217Roger Jones (6ta)
10Andy Davies1021John Watkins Best Result

Tue 27th Jun

PosBayston Hill AScoreScorePrince Hotel B
1Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)2115Kerry Lea
2Gwyn Jones (6ta)2116Craig Breeze
3John Davies Best Result213Tom Stanhope
4Ruth Richards2112Ian Macmillan
5Mike Young1721Bob Pugh
6Lionel Morris (6ta)218Steve Kavanagh
7Nick Hughes (6ta)1121Neil Lewis
8Alex Evans (6ta)1021Tony Parsons Best Result
9Andy Davies2021Jenna Marshall
10Martin Cousins2112Rhys Marshall

Tue 20th Jun

PosUnison ScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Will Tyler2112Nick Hughes (6ta)
2Cameron Griffin (j)1921Alex Evans (6ta)
3Bill Moseley1721Trevor Pritchard (6ta)
4Mike A Hughes521Ruth Richards Best Result
5Matthew Parry (j)2111Mike Young
6Susan Oliver2114Lionel Morris (6ta)
7Alan Everall2021John Davies
8Pete Oliver1021Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)
9Simon Reynolds2120Andy Davies
10Stephen Morris Best Result219Martin Cousins

Tue 13th Jun

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)219Eric Pitchford
2Gwyn Jones (6ta)1121Peter Sherry
3Nick Hughes (6ta)1521Paul Caswell
4Alex Evans (6ta)2115Darren Rhoades
5Trevor Pritchard (6ta)821Steve Edwards
6John Davies2112John Lumsden
7Ruth Richards721Dave Evans Best Result
8Mike Young1921Mike Wood
9Martin Cousins1521Graham Lewis
10Andy Davies Best Result212Richard Owen
The heavy green suited the away team

Tue 6th Jun

PosBattlefield BScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Dave Pritchard2112Alex Evans (6ta)
2Dave Southerton821Jane Archer (6fa/6ta) Best Result
3Peter Thomas1621Nick Hughes (6ta)
4Lynne Jennings2111Liz Jones
5Bob Bishop215Mike Young
6Nobby Johnston1721Ruth Richards
7Stacey Wenger218Lionel Morris (6ta)
8Ray Bourne Best Result214John Davies
9Simon Thomas1921Martin Cousins
10Dave Cadwallader1421Andy Davies

Tue 30th May

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreAbbey B
1Nick Hughes (6ta)1521Gary Jones
2Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)2110Derek Hill (6fa)
3Gwyn Jones (6ta)621Neil Ashton (6fa) Best Result
4Alex Evans (6ta)2021Stephen Jennings
5Ruth Richards2117Nigel Thomas
6Trevor Pritchard (6ta)1121David Webb
7Mike Young2119Steve Richardson
8Martin Cousins Best Result219Barry Davies
9Molly Sullivan1121Perry Evans (6fa)
10Lionel Morris (6ta)1521Simon Damm

Tue 23rd May

PosBicton AScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2110Nick Hughes (6ta)
2Andy Wilson (6fa)2113Mike Young
3Kevin Coles (6ta)921Jane Archer (6fa/6ta) Best Result
4Richard Carr (6fa/ta) Best Result214Mike Statham
5Ken Barrow1721Alex Evans (6ta)
6Kevin Price2117Trevor Pritchard (6ta)
7Pat Price1621Sylvia Morris
8Dave Price1621Dave Kibbler
9Keith Thomas (6ta)2116Lionel Morris (6ta)
10Andy Jones (6fa/ta)2117Martin Cousins

Tue 16th May

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Emlyn Jones Best Result216Gwyn Jones (6ta)
2Peter Williams (6tb)2111Mike Young
3Boo Challinor Best Result216Alex Evans (6ta)
4Neil Hyde (6tb)2118Ruth Richards
5Brian Williams2114Martin Cousins
6John Lumley (6tb)218Julian Archer
7Ken Hayman (6tb)1821Trevor Pritchard (6ta) Best Result
8Terry Jones (6tb)218Sylvia Morris
9Kevin Jones (6tb) Best Result216Lionel Morris (6ta)
10Martin Jones1921Andy Davies

Tue 9th May

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreBattlefield A
1Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)2112Jim Evans (6ta)
2John Davies2115Dave Wall (6ta)
3Gwyn Jones (6ta)1621Harry Ryder (6ta)
4Nick Hughes (6ta)1021Warwick France
5Liz Jones121Steve Wilkes (6ta) Best Result
6Sylvia Morris1021Den Williams
7Alex Evans (6ta)721Harold Banks
8Trevor Pritchard (6ta)1621Amy Ryder
9Lionel Morris (6ta) Best Result217Tony Garmson
10Molly Sullivan721Sam Cartwright (6ta)

Tue 2nd May

PosAlbert Road BCScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Sue Hill2118Ruth Richards
2Dave Nicholls2120Nick Hughes (6ta)
3Russell Turner Best Result214Lionel Morris (6ta)
4Mark Hill218Julian Archer
5Dave Turner2115Martin Cousins
6Stewart Jones1521Mike Young Best Result
7Bryan Bates218Gwyn Jones (6ta)
8Phil Davies1521Jane Archer (6fa/6ta) Best Result
9Reg Reece2112Sylvia Morris
10Paul Binnersley215Alex Evans (6ta)

Tue 25th Apr

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Jane Archer (6fa/6ta) Best Result216Martin Stott (6tv)
2Dave Kibbler821John Cooper (6tv)
3Nick Hughes (6ta)2021Mark Davies (6tv)
4John Davies2117Dave Perks
5Liz Jones521Scott Gibson Best Result
6Gwyn Jones (6ta)2115Ian Boden
7Trevor Pritchard (6ta)1521Mike Jones (6tv)
8Alex Evans (6ta)2116Geoff Balshaw (6tv)
9Andy Davies1321John Crundell (6tv)
10Mike Statham1121Bob Chatham

Tue 18th Apr

PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Chris Jones (6ta)2110John Davies
2Ian Massey Best Result212Mike Statham
3Mike Badnell2117Nick Hughes (6ta)
4Nigel Harris (6ta)2119Ruth Richards
5Rob Jones1421Martin Cousins Best Result
6June Massey2120Lionel Morris (6ta)
7John Brown (6ta)2120Gwyn Jones (6ta)
8Kevin Williams (6ta)2116Trevor Pritchard (6ta)
9Roger Jones (6ta)214Alex Evans (6ta)
10John Watkins219Andy Davies