Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2016

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Bicton A (Shrewsbury Div. 1 )
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
114Andy Jones 6FA/TA)2115671413301+11219.6714.335.33
220Martin Codd (6FA/TA)1814478355266+8919.7214.784.94
326Paul Ashworth (6FA/TA)2014670359297+6217.9514.853.10
461Keith Thomas23111248427405+2218.5717.610.96
564Richard Carr (6FA/TA)22111150400391+918.1817.770.41
6108Matt Statham2071335300338-3815.0016.90-1.90
7137Dave Price2051525264396-13213.2019.80-6.60
8147Kevin Coles (6TA)1841422242359-11713.4419.94-6.50
9156Kevin Price93633107175-6811.8919.44-7.56
10159Pat Price (6TA)1931616249378-12913.1119.89-6.79
11161Stuart Bennett1631319180321-14111.2520.06-8.81
12189Andy Wilson (6FA)312334655-915.3318.33-3.00
13192Rob Jones312335162-1117.0020.67-3.67
14199Tony Kirkham91811118187-6913.1120.78-7.67
15201Ken Barrow161156201331-13012.5620.69-8.13
16204Tony Oliver10101721-417.0021.00-4.00
17207Karen Bennett (6FA)10101321-813.0021.00-8.00
18208Pat Oliver10101121-1011.0021.00-10.00
Tue 5th AprAOSBC B166198464
Tue 12th AprHMeole Brace A173189373
Tue 19th AprAPrince Hotel A149197464
Tue 26th AprHPontesbury A188164648
Thu 28th AprHHanwood A178174557
Tue 3rd MayABattlefield A159157557
Tue 10th MayHPOWBC C153161555
Tue 17th MayHBricklayers A177179646
Tue 24th MayACastlefields B164172464
Tue 31st MayHPontesbury B195150739
Tue 7th JunABye00000
Tue 14th JunHCrescent A141197282
Tue 21st JunATelepost A145206282
Tue 28th JunAHanwood A109199282
Tue 5th JulHOSBC B172174464
Tue 12th JulAMeole Brace A178134739
Tue 19th JulHPrince Hotel A166155557
Tue 26th JulAPontesbury A106209191
Tue 2nd AugHBattlefield A179167648
Tue 9th AugAPOWBC C138206191
Tue 16th AugABricklayers A147186555
Tue 23rd AugHCastlefields B168161648
Tue 30th AugAPontesbury B141193282
Tue 6th SepHBye00000
Tue 13th SepACrescent A125202191
Tue 20th SepHTelepost A136195191
  Played 243753432594146110
1st Half Results for Bicton A
Jones 6FA/TA) Andy211519.6721-1720-2118-2121-1521-1521-6 21-1321-1121-415-2120-2121-14
Codd (6FA/TA) Martin181419.7220-2121-921-2021-137-21 21-15 21-1321-1121-1421-18 
Ashworth (6FA/TA) Paul201417.95  21-1621-721-1421-521-921-1421-621-921-156-217-21
Thomas Keith231118.5721-1715-2121-1715-2121-915-2110-2120-2116-2121-17 18-2121-17
Carr (6FA/TA) Richard221118.18 21-136-2121-1221-2015-2121-2021-1619-2121-1518-2121-2015-21
Statham Matt20715.0010-21 13-2121-13 21-1221-021-1216-21 6-218-219-21
Price Dave20513.2021-1912-2121-1813-2112-2121-1221-1221-207-21 17-2115-2111-21
Coles (6TA) Kevin18413.4415-2121-20 20-2121-119-2110-21  21-1917-2118-214-21
Price (6TA) Pat19313.1115-2120-21 14-2118-214-2117-2121-206-21 7-21  
Price Kevin9311.89         21-12  3-21
Bennett Stuart16311.2511-2111-218-2121-2020-2121-174-2110-21 20-21 7-21 
Jones Rob3117.00  11-21          
Wilson (6FA) Andy3115.33             
Kirkham Tony9113.1121-1915-219-21 16-21  14-2116-2112-2110-21 5-21
Barrow Ken16112.5611-2117-21   11-217-217-2121-1616-219-2111-2113-21
Oliver Tony1017.00             
Bennett (6FA) Karen1013.00             
Oliver Pat1011.00             
2nd Half Results for Bicton A
Jones 6FA/TA) Andy211519.6712-2121-621-10 21-1221-17 21-921-2013-2121-6
Codd (6FA/TA) Martin181419.7219-2121-1321-1115-2121-16 21-1121-1321-5  
Ashworth (6FA/TA) Paul201417.9521-2021-1321-1112-2112-21 21-2021-1220-218-21 
Thomas Keith231118.5721-521-1321-921-2021-1317-2121-1617-2120-2115-2118-21
Carr (6FA/TA) Richard221118.1821-1221-1018-2110-2121-1413-21 21-820-2115-2120-21
Statham Matt20715.0018-2121-821-911-2121-117-2114-2112-2110-21 19-21
Price Dave20513.2016-2119-21 3-21 14-215-21 3-215-217-21
Coles (6TA) Kevin18413.4411-2110-21 9-2111-219-219-2121-156-21  
Price (6TA) Pat19313.1112-2121-815-212-2113-216-2121-147-21 19-2111-21
Price Kevin9311.89 2-217-21 21-17 8-2121-20 16-218-21
Bennett Stuart16311.2521-11 9-21   6-216-21 2-213-21
Jones Rob3117.00     19-2121-20    
Wilson (6FA) Andy3115.33   16-21    9-2121-13 
Kirkham Tony9113.11           
Barrow Ken16112.56  12-217-2117-2119-21  11-21 12-21
Oliver Tony1017.00          17-21
Bennett (6FA) Karen1013.00     13-21     
Oliver Pat1011.00         11-21 

Tue 20th Sep

PosBicton AScoreScoreTelepost A
1Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2021Mike Stephens (6ta)
2Ken Barrow1221Will Tyler
3Dave Price721Mick Pritchard
4Matt Statham1921Stuart Long (6ta)
5Stuart Bennett321Rob Jones Best Result
6Pat Price (6ta)1121Dominic Wootton
7Kevin Price821John Addison (6ta)
8Tony Oliver1721Dave Mansell (6ta)
9Keith Thomas1821Simon Lewis (6ta)
10Andy Jones 6fa/ta) Best Result216Paul Pritchard

Tue 13th Sep

PosCrescent AScoreScoreBicton A
1Matt Cooke Best Result212Stuart Bennett
2Andrew Gregg215Dave Price
3Mark Harris (6ta)218Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
4Mark Rogers2111Pat Oliver
5Stuart Greaves2113Andy Jones 6fa/ta)
6Dan Williams (6ta)2115Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
7Scott Bowen2115Keith Thomas
8Neil Harris (6ta)2116Kevin Price
9Jason Evans2119Pat Price (6ta)
10Lee Walmsley (6ta)1321Andy Wilson (6fa) Best Result
Not a bad season

Tue 30th Aug

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBicton A
1Barry Challinor2110Matt Statham
2Tony France (6tb)2120Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
3Ken Hayman (6tb)2021Andy Jones 6fa/ta)
4Kevin Jones Best Result213Dave Price
5Martin Jones2120Keith Thomas
6Terry Jones (6tb)521Martin Codd (6fa/ta) Best Result
7Gary Middleton (6tb)216Kevin Coles (6ta)
8John Potter219Andy Wilson (6fa)
9Jason Rowson (6tb)2120Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
10Steve Williams2111Ken Barrow

Tue 23rd Aug

PosBicton AScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Richard Carr (6fa/ta) Best Result218Mike Pugh
2Stuart Bennett621Alan Peach Best Result
3Martin Codd (6fa/ta)2113Michael Rogers (6tb)
4Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2112Mark Walker
5Kevin Coles (6ta)2115Fred Wear
6Kevin Price2120Paul Walker (6tb)
7Matt Statham1221Tony Wall (6tb)
8Pat Price (6ta)721Russell Tipton (6tb)
9Keith Thomas1721Carl Wear (6tb)
10Andy Jones 6fa/ta)219Shaun O Sullivan (6tb)

Tue 16th Aug

PosBricklayers AScoreScoreBicton A
1Tony Williams (6fa/6ta)2021Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
2Dan Williams2114Matt Statham
3Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)219Kevin Coles (6ta)
4Nigel Ferrington (6fa)1121Martin Codd (6fa/ta) Best Result
5Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)2021Rob Jones
6John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)216Stuart Bennett
7Stuart Dorsett218Kevin Price
8Dave Clayton1421Pat Price (6ta)
9Jake Sneade (6ta)1621Keith Thomas
10Tim Norman (6fa) Best Result215Dave Price

Tue 9th Aug

PosPOWBC CScoreScoreBicton A
1Lee Tipton (6tc)2113Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
2Emily Cunningham2119Rob Jones
3Kieran Walker (6tc)219Kevin Coles (6ta)
4Shaun Walker2114Dave Price
5Tim Cliffe (6tc)2113Karen Bennett (6fa)
6Will Roberts217Matt Statham
7Cliff Dickinson (6tc) Best Result216Pat Price (6ta)
8Andy Morgan2119Ken Barrow
9Tony Cunningham2117Keith Thomas
10Matthew Turner (6tc)1721Andy Jones 6fa/ta) Best Result
EXCELLENT POWBC leading the way Big red dog 21-6 snapping at his heals Will Roberts 21-7 to save the blushes for Bicton Andy Jones 21-17. Well played all.

Tue 2nd Aug

PosBicton AScoreScoreBattlefield A
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)1221Jim Evans (6ta)
2Ken Barrow1721Harry Ryder (6ta)
3Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2114Harold Banks
4Martin Codd (6fa/ta)2116Simon Thomas
5Kevin Coles (6ta)1121Steve Wilkes (6ta) Best Result
6Andy Jones 6fa/ta)2112Nigel Ryder
7Kevin Price2117Tony Garmson
8Pat Price (6ta)1321Barry Gilder (6ta)
9Matt Statham Best Result2111Warwick France
10Keith Thomas2113Sam Cartwright (6ta)
Good result for the home team after a poor start. Jim Evans played really well up front for Battlefield. Good fightback from KP in the middle to win. Helped to win the game.

Tue 26th Jul

PosPontesbury AScoreScoreBicton A
1Emlyn Jones219Kevin Coles (6ta)
2Alan Potter (6ta)2111Matt Statham
3Karl Jones (6fa/ta)2112Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
4Dennis Walton (6fa/6ta)213Dave Price
5Dan Jones (6fa/ta)217Ken Barrow
6Boo Challinor2115Martin Codd (6fa/ta)
7Anthony Gray2110Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
8Dave Povey (6fa/6ta)2021Keith Thomas Best Result
9Anthony Price (6fa/ta)2116Andy Wilson (6fa)
10Andy Price Best Result212Pat Price (6ta)

Tue 19th Jul

PosBicton AScoreScorePrince Hotel A
1Matt Statham Best Result219Dave Pugh (6ta)
2Stuart Bennett921Ian Smith (6ta)
3Ken Barrow1221Julie Pearce
4Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2111Darren Powis (6ta)
5Kevin Price721Ian Payne (6ta) Best Result
6Pat Price (6ta)1521Tom Stanhope
7Martin Codd (6fa/ta)2111Kelvin Holder
8Richard Carr (6fa/ta)1821Andy Walker
9Keith Thomas Best Result219Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)
10Andy Jones 6fa/ta)2110Geoff Davies (6ta)

Tue 12th Jul

PosMeole Brace AScoreScoreBicton A
1Ray Jones (6ta)2110Kevin Coles (6ta)
2Dave Kirk821Pat Price (6ta)
3Derek Jones1321Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
4Pete Connor2119Dave Price
5Ian Riddell (6ta) Best Result212Kevin Price
6Martin Jones1321Martin Codd (6fa/ta)
7Mark Hinks1321Keith Thomas
8Phil Tune1021Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
9John Maddox (6ta)621Andy Jones 6fa/ta) Best Result
10John Davies821Matt Statham

Tue 5th Jul

PosBicton AScoreScoreOSBC B
1Martin Codd (6fa/ta)1921Russell Lea
2Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2120John Harris
3Dave Price1621James Mammone (6tb)
4Kevin Coles (6ta)1121Chris Jones Jnr Best Result
5Stuart Bennett2111Dave Morgan
6Pat Price (6ta)1221Rich Jones (6tb)
7Keith Thomas Best Result215Tony Preece (6tb)
8Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2112Matthew Whittaker
9Matt Statham1821Kev Farr (6tb)
10Andy Jones 6fa/ta)1221Derek Jones (6tb)

Tue 28th Jun

PosHanwood AScoreScoreBicton A
1Phil Price2111Dave Price
2Jason Price2113Ken Barrow
3Darren Phillips (6ta)214Kevin Coles (6ta)
4Keith Phillips217Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
5Martin Pover215Tony Kirkham
6Steve Price (6ta)219Matt Statham
7Phil Talbot Best Result213Kevin Price
8James Mansell (6ta)2115Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
9Martin Sandells1421Andy Jones 6fa/ta) Best Result
10Neil Beamond (6ta)1721Keith Thomas

Tue 21st Jun

PosTelepost AScoreScoreBicton A
1Stuart Long (6ta) Best Result216Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
2Rob Jones2118Kevin Coles (6ta)
3Bob Yapp (6ta)218Matt Statham
4John Addison (6ta)1821Martin Codd (6fa/ta) Best Result
5Dave Mansell (6ta)2021Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
6Mick Pritchard217Stuart Bennett
7Dominic Wootton2111Ken Barrow
8Will Tyler2115Dave Price
9Paul Pritchard2120Andy Jones 6fa/ta)
10Simon Lewis (6ta)2118Keith Thomas

Tue 14th Jun

PosBicton AScoreScoreCrescent A
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2115Jason Evans
2Richard Carr (6fa/ta)1821Andrew Gregg
3Martin Codd (6fa/ta) Best Result2114Dan Williams (6ta)
4Kevin Coles (6ta)1721Mark Harris (6ta)
5Andy Jones 6fa/ta)1521Mark Rogers
6Tony Kirkham1021Dave Oliver
7Dave Price1721Lee Walmsley (6ta)
8Pat Price (6ta)721Stuart Greaves
9Matt Statham621Scott Bowen Best Result
10Ken Barrow921Neil Harris (6ta)
Well done to the Crescent lads. They played our green well on another wet night.

Tue 31st May

PosBicton AScoreScorePontesbury B
1Martin Codd (6fa/ta)2111Neil Hyde (6tb)
2Kevin Coles (6ta)2119Jason Rowson (6tb)
3Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2115John Potter
4Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)219Martin Jones
5Kevin Price2112Martin Green
6Stuart Bennett2021Terry Jones (6tb)
7Tony Kirkham1221Norman Heritage Best Result
8Ken Barrow1621Tony France (6tb)
9Keith Thomas2117Tony Dodd
10Andy Jones 6fa/ta) Best Result214Ken Hayman (6tb)

Tue 24th May

PosCastlefields BScoreScoreBicton A
1Steve Duckett2119Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
2Shaun O Sullivan (6tb) Best Result216Pat Price (6ta)
3Michael Rogers (6tb)621Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
4Kevin Walker217Dave Price
5Mark Walker2116Tony Kirkham
6Paul Walker (6tb)2116Matt Statham
7Tony Wall (6tb)1321Martin Codd (6fa/ta)
8Fred Wear1621Ken Barrow
9Carl Wear (6tb)1121Andy Jones 6fa/ta)
10Graham Wall2116Keith Thomas

Tue 17th May

PosBicton AScoreScoreBricklayers A
1Stuart Bennett1021Nigel Ferrington (6fa)
2Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2114Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)
3Dave Price2120John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)
4Matt Statham Best Result2112Stuart Dorsett
5Ken Barrow721Dan Williams Best Result
6Pat Price (6ta)2120Neil Jones (6ta)
7Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2116Dave Clayton
8Tony Kirkham1421Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)
9Keith Thomas2021Tim Norman (6fa)
10Andy Jones 6fa/ta)2113Jake Sneade (6ta)

Tue 10th May

PosBicton AScoreScorePOWBC C
1Martin Codd (6fa/ta)2115Andy Lockley
2Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result219Kieran Walker (6tc)
3Dave Price2112Lee Tipton (6tc)
4Kevin Coles (6ta)1021Emily Cunningham
5Ken Barrow721Tim Cliffe (6tc)
6Stuart Bennett421Andy George (6tc) Best Result
7Pat Price (6ta)1721Matthew Turner (6tc)
8Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2120Cliff Dickinson (6tc)
9Matt Statham210Walk Over
10Keith Thomas1021Tony Cunningham

Tue 3rd May

PosBattlefield AScoreScoreBicton A
1Harold Banks2111Ken Barrow
2Jim Evans (6ta)219Kevin Coles (6ta)
3Dave Wall (6ta)521Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
4Harry Ryder (6ta)1221Dave Price
5Den Williams1221Matt Statham
6Steve Wilkes (6ta)2115Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
7Amy Ryder1721Stuart Bennett
8Nigel Ryder621Andy Jones 6fa/ta)
9Barry Gilder (6ta) Best Result214Pat Price (6ta)
10Sam Cartwright (6ta)2115Keith Thomas
Bicton played a tricky home green very well

Thu 28th Apr

PosBicton AScoreScoreHanwood A
1Martin Codd (6fa/ta)721Ben Talbot Best Result
2Kevin Coles (6ta)2111Darren Phillips (6ta)
3Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2114Phil Price
4Dave Price1221Steve Price (6ta)
5Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2120Martin Pover
6Pat Price (6ta)1821Andy Roberts (6ta)
7Tony Kirkham1621Keith Phillips
8Stuart Bennett2021Dayle Turner
9Andy Jones 6fa/ta)2115Dave Randles (6ta)
10Keith Thomas Best Result219Phil J Price
Close game on yet another freezing cold and wet night. Well done to both teams.

Tue 26th Apr

PosBicton AScoreScorePontesbury A
1Stuart Bennett2120Alan Potter (6ta)
2Martin Codd (6fa/ta)2113Anthony Price (6fa/ta)
3Kevin Coles (6ta)2021Karl Jones (6fa/ta)
4Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result217Emlyn Jones
5Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2112Dan Jones (6fa/ta)
6Andy Jones 6fa/ta)2115Chris Luther
7Dave Price1321Dennis Walton (6fa/6ta) Best Result
8Matt Statham2113Boo Challinor
9Keith Thomas1521Dave Povey (6fa/6ta)
10Pat Price (6ta)1421Anthony Gray
Good result for Bicton played in freezing conditions. Well done to all players.

Tue 19th Apr

PosPrince Hotel AScoreScoreBicton A
1Ian Smith (6ta)1621Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
2Darren Powis (6ta)1821Dave Price
3Jenna Marshall2021Martin Codd (6fa/ta)
4Dave Pugh (6ta)218Stuart Bennett
5Kelvin Holder Best Result216Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
6Julie Pearce2111Rob Jones
7Andy Walker2113Matt Statham
8Ian Payne (6ta)219Tony Kirkham
9Paul Marshall1721Keith Thomas
10Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)2118Andy Jones 6fa/ta)

Tue 12th Apr

PosBicton AScoreScoreMeole Brace A
1Martin Codd (6fa/ta) Best Result219Roger Griffin (6ta)
2Kevin Coles (6ta)2120Bob Cliffe
3Stuart Bennett1121Mark Hinks Best Result
4Ken Barrow1721Ray Jones (6ta)
5Pat Price (6ta)2021Pete Connor
6Dave Price1221Charlie Wilde (6ta)
7Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2113Martin Jones
8Tony Kirkham1521Ian Riddell (6ta)
9Keith Thomas1521Adrian Jennings (6ta)
10Andy Jones 6fa/ta)2021John Maddox (6ta)

Tue 5th Apr

PosOSBC BScoreScoreBicton A
1Chris Jones Snr (6tb)2111Ken Barrow
2Chris Jones Jnr2120Martin Codd (6fa/ta)
3Russell Lea2115Kevin Coles (6ta)
4John Harris2111Stuart Bennett
5Dave Morgan1921Dave Price
6Rich Jones (6tb)2115Pat Price (6ta)
7Matthew Whittaker Best Result2110Matt Statham
8Derek Jones (6tb)1921Tony Kirkham
9Tony Preece (6tb)1721Keith Thomas Best Result
10Kev Farr (6tb)1721Andy Jones 6fa/ta) Best Result