Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2015

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Corbet Arms (Shrewsbury Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
119John Lumsden2517868458394+6418.3215.762.56
221Paul Caswell26161062482378+10418.5414.544.00
339Mike Wood25151060443401+4217.7216.041.68
449Nick Marshall25141156443417+2617.7216.681.04
560Eddie Roderick26131350457442+1517.5817.000.58
663Steve Edwards22121055364374-1016.5517.00-0.45
7100Eric Pitchford2291341370381-1116.8217.32-0.50
8166Gill Blakeley2532212360513-15314.4020.52-6.12
9168Mike Gater321675942+1719.6714.005.67
10179Mary Woodcock1321115182259-7714.0019.92-5.92
11187Dave Hyde211503124+715.5012.003.50
12188Marion Stevens1101002115+621.0015.006.00
13207Carol Jones211205239435-19611.3820.71-9.33
14213Graham Lewis10101721-417.0021.00-4.00
15215Graham Davies10101621-516.0021.00-5.00
16235Margaret Foster30301763-465.6721.00-15.33
17239Tom Edwards190190224399-17511.7921.00-9.21
Tue 7th AprAReman Sentinel139177464
Tue 14th AprHOxon Village161163555
Tue 21st AprAMeole Village137204191
Tue 28th AprHBicton 178175557
Tue 5th MayABricklayers A146207282
Tue 12th MayHCastlefields B180177648
Tue 19th MayAPrince Social162186373
Tue 26th MayHCrescent B178158557
Tue 2nd JunAOxon184175557
Tue 9th JunHBricklayers B184139648
Tue 16th JunABattlefield B164191373
Tue 23rd JunHReman Services172168466
Tue 30th JunACastlefields C136188373
Tue 7th JulHReman Sentinel165129648
Tue 14th JulAOxon Village131201282
Tue 21st JulHMeole Village199134739
Tue 28th JulABicton 133194282
Tue 4th AugHBricklayers A160169646
Tue 11th AugACastlefields B135206191
Tue 18th AugHPrince Social192159739
Tue 25th AugACrescent B146203282
Tue 1st SepHOxon161177555
Tue 8th SepABricklayers B132205191
Tue 15th SepHBattlefield B191158739
Tue 22nd SepAReman Services133201282
Tue 29th SepHCastlefields C184135648
  Played 2641834579106154128
1st Half Results for Corbet Arms
Lumsden John251718.3221-1521-108-2121-1121-1921-1919-2121-921-1121-1021-15 21-17
Caswell Paul261618.5421-1021-417-2117-2115-2121-1121-1321-521-1921-1121-1321-1021-11
Wood Mike251517.7221-1021-812-2121-1917-2121-1314-2121-1721-1121-1117-2121-66-21
Marshall Nick251417.7213-2115-2121-1521-1621-2016-219-2121-1218-2116-21 21-815-21
Roderick Eddie261317.5821-1621-2013-2114-2113-2121-1221-179-2121-1221-414-2121-1821-13
Edwards Steve221216.552-21 10-2121-417-2121-20 14-2119-2121-1021-1617-217-21
Pitchford Eric22916.8211-2121-1619-2112-2118-2117-2121-921-1021-1721-918-2115-219-21
Blakeley Gill25314.4010-2114-2115-2118-214-2121-1814-2120-2117-2117-2114-2113-2115-21
Gater Mike3219.67             
Woodcock Mary13214.0011-2110-21 21-2012-21 13-21   12-2120-21 
Stevens Marion1121.00             
Hyde Dave2115.50             
Jones Carol21111.38 5-2110-2112-21 4-2113-2120-219-216-218-217-2113-21
Lewis Graham1017.00      17-21      
Davies Graham1016.00             
Edwards Tom19011.798-2112-2112-21 8-2117-21 10-2116-2119-2118-2116-218-21
Foster Margaret305.67             
2nd Half Results for Corbet Arms
Lumsden John251718.3221-39-2120-2112-2121-1521-1721-1914-2121-209-2121-1310-2121-3
Caswell Paul261618.5419-216-2121-1417-2121-72-2121-619-2121-915-2121-1619-2121-9
Wood Mike251517.7221-1221-1721-79-2121-1517-21 11-2112-2113-2121-1721-1721-11
Marshall Nick251417.7221-620-2121-116-2121-1715-2121-1421-1521-156-2121-1721-1621-4
Roderick Eddie261317.588-2115-2121-910-2121-1418-2121-1316-2117-2120-2121-817-2121-13
Edwards Steve221216.5521-221-1621-1321-1112-21 21-2021-20 21-1621-166-218-21
Pitchford Eric22916.8221-712-2121-1421-157-2115-21  17-2111-21  21-11
Blakeley Gill25314.4010-213-2117-2120-2121-1715-2121-168-216-21 10-2119-2118-21
Gater Mike3219.67     17-2121-8 21-13    
Woodcock Mary13214.00   13-21 9-21 13-21 11-2121-8 16-21
Stevens Marion1121.00        21-15    
Hyde Dave2115.50  21-3        10-21 
Jones Carol21111.3821-156-21  7-216-2117-2115-21 20-2119-215-2116-21
Lewis Graham1017.00             
Davies Graham1016.00      16-21      
Edwards Tom19011.792-2118-2115-214-218-21 12-21  6-2115-21  
Foster Margaret305.67       8-214-21  5-21 

Tue 29th Sep

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Mike Wood2111Ade Clarke
2Eric Pitchford2111Rob Grocott
3John Lumsden213Peter Ashley
4Nick Marshall214David Burroughs
5Gill Blakeley1821Mark Walker
6Mary Woodcock1621Phil Mcewan
7Steve Edwards821Paul Walker
8Carol Jones1621Paul Jarvis
9Paul Caswell219Shaun O Sullivan
10Eddie Roderick2113Ally Roberts

Tue 22nd Sep

PosReman ServicesScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Mark Hill2110John Lumsden
2Bryan Bates1621Nick Marshall
3Dave Nicholls2110Dave Hyde
4Mike Young1721Mike Wood
5Bob Chatham216Steve Edwards
6Phil Davies215Margaret Foster
7Graham Hughes215Carol Jones
8Stewart Jones2119Paul Caswell
9Chris Partridge2119Gill Blakeley
10Paul Binnersley2117Eddie Roderick

Tue 15th Sep

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Mike Wood2117Alan Cadwallader
2John Lumsden2113Eugene Wenger
3Nick Marshall2117Roger Whitfield
4Gill Blakeley1021Dave Pritchard
5Carol Jones1921Dave Cadwallader
6Steve Edwards2116Pete Drury
7Mary Woodcock218Stacey Wenger
8Tom Edwards1521Lynne Jennings
9Paul Caswell2116Ray Bourne
10Eddie Roderick218Nobby Johnston
Really enjoyable evening, lovely team to play.

Tue 8th Sep

PosBricklayers BScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Perry Evans219John Lumsden
2Neil Ashton216Nick Marshall
3Stephen Jennings2111Eric Pitchford
4Derek Hill2113Mike Wood
5Nigel Thomas1621Steve Edwards
6Jake Wynn2120Carol Jones
7Barry Davies2111Mary Woodcock
8Tom Everall216Tom Edwards
9Simon Damm2120Eddie Roderick
10Sean Lane2115Paul Caswell

Tue 1st Sep

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreOxon
1Mike Wood1221Paul Williams
2Mike Gater2113Jack Jones
3Marion Stevens2115Ken Davies
4Nick Marshall2115Roger Haydon
5John Lumsden2120Paul Thomas
6Eric Pitchford1721Terry Clorley
7Gill Blakeley621Tony Manders
8Margaret Foster421Martin Mckinley
9Paul Caswell219Danny Powell
10Eddie Roderick1721Andy Owens

Tue 25th Aug

PosCrescent BScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Andy Maycock2111Mike Wood
2Brian Richards218Gill Blakeley
3Kevin Barratt1521Nick Marshall
4Dave Rowe2021Steve Edwards
5Simon Hepworth218Margaret Foster
6Paul Turford2113Mary Woodcock
7Daz Hunting2115Carol Jones
8Mike Greaves2114John Lumsden
9Alan Hotchkiss2119Paul Caswell
10John Wycherley2116Eddie Roderick

Tue 18th Aug

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScorePrince Social
1Mike Gater218Tony Parsons
2Graham Davies1621Ken Sant
3John Lumsden2119Brian Marshall
4Nick Marshall2114Ian Macmillan
5Carol Jones1721Katie Barnes-smith
6Gill Blakeley2116Neil Ashley
7Steve Edwards2120Rob Ashley
8Tom Edwards1221Rhys Marshall
9Paul Caswell216Bob Pugh
10Eddie Roderick2113Chris Wilson

Tue 11th Aug

PosCastlefields BScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Chris Kelly2117Mike Wood
2George Marston2118Eddie Roderick
3Steve Peach2115Nick Marshall
4Mike Pugh2117Mike Gater
5Mark Rogers2115Eric Pitchford
6Michael Rogers2115Gill Blakeley
7Neil Thomas1721John Lumsden
8Peter Thomas216Carol Jones
9Russell Tipton219Mary Woodcock
10Carl Wear212Paul Caswell

Tue 4th Aug

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreBricklayers A
1Mike Wood2115Graham Jones
2Nick Marshall2117John Dorsett
3Eric Pitchford721Dan Williams
4John Lumsden2115Nigel Ferrington
5Carol Jones721Neil Jones
6Tom Edwards821Stuart Dorsett
7Steve Edwards1221Dave Clayton
8Gill Blakeley2117Greg Jones
9Paul Caswell217Jake Sneade
10Eddie Roderick2114Graham Dorricot

Tue 28th Jul

PosBicton ScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Stuart Bennett219Mike Wood
2Andy Jones216Nick Marshall
3Kevin Coles1521Eric Pitchford
4Paul Ashworth2112John Lumsden
5Matt Statham2113Mary Woodcock
6Pat Price1121Steve Edwards
7Dave Price2120Gill Blakeley
8Richard Carr214Tom Edwards
9Keith Thomas2110Eddie Roderick
10Kevin Price2117Paul Caswell

Tue 21st Jul

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreMeole Village
1Dave Hyde213John Cooper
2Mike Wood217Mark Davies
3Nick Marshall2111Dave Perks
4John Lumsden2021Phil Wilkinson
5Gill Blakeley1721Jan Wilkinson
6Eric Pitchford2114Geoff Balshaw
7Steve Edwards2113Martin Stott
8Tom Edwards1521Barry Bailey
9Paul Caswell2114Scott Gibson
10Eddie Roderick219John Crundell

Tue 14th Jul

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Wayne Fuller1721Mike Wood
2Roger Lem219John Lumsden
3Alan Edwards2112Eric Pitchford
4Colin Jones2120Nick Marshall
5Mal Issaac216Carol Jones
6Paul Davies1621Steve Edwards
7Sue Storey213Gill Blakeley
8Nigel Williams2118Tom Edwards
9Jason Stevens216Paul Caswell
10Brian Selley2115Eddie Roderick

Tue 7th Jul

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreReman Sentinel
1Mike Wood2112Reg Reece
2John Lumsden213Dave Southerton
3Nick Marshall216Matt Beck (j)
4Eric Pitchford217Linda Gale
5Carol Jones2115John Harris
6Gill Blakeley1021Neil Owen
7Tom Edwards221John Griffiths
8Steve Edwards212Martin Ryan
9Paul Caswell1921Derek Jones
10Eddie Roderick821Andy Pullen
There was too much foul language being used on and around the green.

Tue 30th Jun

PosCastlefields CScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Ade Clarke2115Nick Marshall
2Rob Grocott1121Paul Caswell
3Paul Jarvis217Steve Edwards
4Phil Mcewan218Tom Edwards
5Shaun O Sullivan1321Eddie Roderick
6Ally Roberts2113Carol Jones
7Tim Roberts219Eric Pitchford
8Mark Walker1721John Lumsden
9Paul Walker216Mike Wood
10Jamie Walker2115Gill Blakeley

Tue 23rd Jun

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreReman Services
1Mike Wood216Stewart Jones
2Nick Marshall218Chris Partridge
3Eric Pitchford1521Bryan Bates
4Steve Edwards1721Dave Nicholls
5Carol Jones721Phil Davies
6Mary Woodcock2021Mark Hill
7Tom Edwards1621Bob Chatham
8Gill Blakeley1321Mike Young
9Paul Caswell2110Graham Hughes
10Eddie Roderick2118Paul Binnersley

Tue 16th Jun

PosBattlefield BScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Roger Whitfield1521John Lumsden
2Dave Pritchard2118Eric Pitchford
3Alan Cadwallader218Carol Jones
4Eugene Wenger1621Steve Edwards
5Steve Drury2112Mary Woodcock
6Stacey Wenger2118Tom Edwards
7Pete Drury2114Gill Blakeley
8Ray Bourne2117Mike Wood
9Dave Cadwallader1321Paul Caswell
10Nobby Johnston2114Eddie Roderick

Tue 9th Jun

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreBricklayers B
1Mike Wood2111Stephen Jennings
2John Lumsden2110Oliver Crane
3Nick Marshall1621Neil Ashton
4Eric Pitchford219Derek Hill
5Carol Jones621Nigel Thomas
6Gill Blakeley1721Adam James
7Tom Edwards1921Tom Everall
8Steve Edwards2110Luke Suter
9Paul Caswell2111Perry Evans
10Eddie Roderick214Simon Damm

Tue 2nd Jun

PosOxonScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Paul Williams1121John Lumsden
2Roger Haydon2119Steve Edwards
3Ken Davies2118Nick Marshall
4Lol Evans1721Eric Pitchford
5Tony Manders1121Mike Wood
6Jack Jones219Carol Jones
7Martin Mckinley2117Gill Blakeley
8Paul Thomas2116Tom Edwards
9Danny Powell1921Paul Caswell
10Andy Owens1221Eddie Roderick

Tue 26th May

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreCrescent B
1Mike Wood2117Phil Greaves
2Nick Marshall2112Andy Maycock
3John Lumsden219Brian Richards
4Eric Pitchford2110John Wycherley
5Carol Jones2021Paul Turford
6Gill Blakeley2021Daz Hunting
7Steve Edwards1421Mike Greaves
8Tom Edwards1021Simon Hepworth
9Paul Caswell215Graham Hughes
10Eddie Roderick921Dave Rowe

Tue 19th May

PosPrince SocialScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Rob Ashley2113Carol Jones
2Ken Sant2119John Lumsden
3Tony Parsons219Nick Marshall
4Arne Dale Jensen921Eric Pitchford
5Steve Kavanagh1321Paul Caswell
6Neil Ashley2114Mike Wood
7Rhys Marshall2113Mary Woodcock
8Elaine Jones2114Gill Blakeley
9Chris Wilson1721Eddie Roderick
10Bob Pugh2117Graham Lewis
Corbet came and bowled it well, good win for young Rhys Marshall

Tue 12th May

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Mike Wood2113Mike Pugh
2Nick Marshall1621Neil Thomas
3John Lumsden2119Michael Rogers
4Eric Pitchford1721Russell Tipton
5Carol Jones421Mark Rogers
6Tom Edwards1721Chris Kelly
7Gill Blakeley2118Fred Wear
8Steve Edwards2120Carl Wear
9Paul Caswell2111George Marston
10Eddie Roderick2112Tony Wall

Tue 5th May

PosBricklayers AScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Graham Jones1921John Lumsden
2Greg Jones2117Steve Edwards
3John Dorsett2021Nick Marshall
4Nigel Ferrington2118Eric Pitchford
5Stuart Dorsett2115Paul Caswell
6Graham Dorricot2112Mary Woodcock
7Dave Clayton214Gill Blakeley
8Neil Jones2117Mike Wood
9Jake Sneade2113Eddie Roderick
10Tim Norman218Tom Edwards

Tue 28th Apr

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreBicton 
1Mike Wood2119Dave Price
2Eric Pitchford1221Paul Ashworth
3Nick Marshall2116Kevin Coles
4John Lumsden2111Stuart Bennett
5Carol Jones1221Richard Carr
6Mary Woodcock2120Matt Statham
7Steve Edwards214Pat Price
8Gill Blakeley1821Ivan Overton
9Eddie Roderick1421Kevin Price
10Paul Caswell1721Keith Thomas

Tue 21st Apr

PosMeole VillageScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1John Maddox2119Eric Pitchford
2Mark Davies1521Nick Marshall
3Mike Jones2112Mike Wood
4Martin Stott2110Steve Edwards
5Barry Bailey2117Paul Caswell
6Geoff Balshaw2115Gill Blakeley
7Tudor Bevan2110Carol Jones
8Dave Perks2112Tom Edwards
9John Crundell218John Lumsden
10Scott Gibson2113Eddie Roderick

Tue 14th Apr

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreOxon Village
1Mike Wood218Wayne Fuller
2Nick Marshall1521Mike Davies
3John Lumsden2110Colin Jones
4Eric Pitchford2116Phil Ashcroft
5Carol Jones521Paul Davies
6Tom Edwards1221Brian Selley
7Gill Blakeley1421Sue Storey
8Mary Woodcock1021Alan Edwards
9Paul Caswell214Nigel Williams
10Eddie Roderick2120Jason Stevens

Tue 7th Apr

PosReman SentinelScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Dave Pritchard2113Nick Marshall
2James Mammone2111Eric Pitchford
3Martin Ryan1521John Lumsden
4Linda Gale1021Mike Wood
5Matt Beck (j)218Tom Edwards
6John Harris212Steve Edwards
7John Griffiths2111Mary Woodcock
8Reg Reece2110Gill Blakeley
9Terry Jones1021Paul Caswell
10Dave Southerton1621Eddie Roderick