Coventry Saturday Bowling League 2018

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Team Averages for Foleshill Gas (Division 1)
111Anton Davis188572360221+13920.0012.287.7231
215Chris Dunne177571324236+8819.0613.885.1829
317Dean Nicholls187567337282+5518.7215.673.0629
444Tom Power152653262276-1417.4718.40-0.9322
551Danny Peach82588159105+5419.8813.136.7519
658Jay Sahan146257264213+5118.8615.213.6418
760Dave Bull159060265246+1917.6716.401.2718
873John Collins154347255282-2717.0018.80-1.8017
976Tom Burgess135254208210-216.0016.15-0.1516
1086Ron Beard143343228261-3316.2918.64-2.3615
11101Martin Evans93256162157+518.0017.440.5612
12123Steve Curzons104040162170-816.2017.00-0.808
13140Dave Sahan8112599153-5412.3819.13-6.755
14142Chris Doughty2201004225+1721.0012.508.504
15145Barry Smale92022121159-3813.4417.67-4.224
16153Lee Gilder9011184183-999.3320.33-11.003
17166Gwyn Richards310333962-2313.0020.67-7.672
18167Keith Collins510206795-2813.4019.00-5.602
19185Steve Gallacher10001021-1110.0021.00-11.000
20190Tom Cope1000721-147.0021.00-14.000
21197Nick Hall1000221-192.0021.00-19.000
22202Craig Nicholls30003263-3110.6721.00-10.330
23203David Haley30002463-398.0021.00-13.000
24205Craig Haley40003284-528.0021.00-13.000
Sat 14th AprANewdigate A190210575
Sat 21st AprHBedworth B C A2141568410
Sat 28th AprAAtherstone Cons A185218575
Sat 5th MayHBulkington A207213666
Sat 12th MayHDunlop A24118911113
Sat 19th MayAAttleborough Sports A193227393
Sat 26th MayHCoundon A222189759
Sat 9th JunAHaunchwood A161237393
Sat 16th JunHStoke Coventry A2241369311
Sat 23rd JunHNewdigate A23517510212
Sat 30th JunABedworth B C A149223393
Sat 14th JulHAtherstone Cons A194210575
Sat 21st JulABulkington A204219666
Sat 11th AugADunlop A173209484
Sat 18th AugHAttleborough Sports A183194575
Sat 1st SepACoundon A159220484
Sat 8th SepHHaunchwood A190206666
Sat 15th SepAStoke Coventry A2211997510
  Played 1835453630107109120
1st Half Results for Foleshill Gas
Davis Anton181320.0019-2121-521-1921-921-915-2118-2121-1321-6
Dunne Chris 171219.0621-921-516-2121-1521-1921-421-715-2121-7
Nicholls Dean181218.7221-1221-1821-1421-1321-1813-2115-218-2121-9
Bull Dave15917.67 21-1110-2121-1921-1718-2121-14 21-9
Sahan Jay14818.86 21-1314-21 21-1317-2121-1414-2121-8
Power Tom15817.47  21-1920-2110-2121-2021-156-2117-21
Peach Danny8719.8821-2012-2121-6 21-19 21-11  
Collins John15717.0016-2121-917-2111-2121-1620-2113-2121-199-21
Burgess Tom13716.0010-2121-1 15-2121-1112-2121-1021-1621-10
Beard Ron14616.2913-21 21-1315-2121-2021-1414-214-2121-16
Evans Martin9518.00 21-10  21-1314-21  9-21
Curzons Steve10416.2011-2117-21  21-137-21 17-2121-6
Doughty Chris2221.00      21-13  
Smale Barry9213.44  8-21  14-21 15-2121-2
Sahan Dave8212.3821-7 9-2115-21   12-21 
Collins Keith 5113.40   21-11     
Richards Gwyn3113.00   21-20     
Gilder Lee919.3321-1512-216-215-21     
Nicholls Craig3010.6710-21     15-21  
Gallacher Steve 1010.00         
Haley Craig408.006-215-21       
Haley David 308.00         
Cope Tom107.00       7-21 
Hall Nick102.00         
Over Walk100.00         
2nd Half Results for Foleshill Gas
Davis Anton181320.0021-316-2121-1019-2121-621-821-1121-721-10
Dunne Chris 171219.06 8-2117-2121-816-2121-1321-1221-2021-12
Nicholls Dean181218.7221-821-1419-2121-1912-2121-1218-2121-421-15
Bull Dave15917.6721-1110-2121-1914-2112-2121-612-2121-14 
Sahan Jay14818.8621-1621-620-2121-915-2121-8 16-21 
Power Tom15817.4721-1521-1410-2121-1913-2118-2121-15 21-12
Peach Danny8719.88    21-5 21-14 21-9
Collins John15717.0021-175-21  21-1517-21 21-2021-18
Burgess Tom13716.0021-1711-219-2121-19   4-21 
Beard Ron14616.298-21 12-21 21-1519-21 21-1517-21
Evans Martin9518.0021-13  21-19  16-2118-2121-18
Curzons Steve10416.2021-139-2121-1217-21     
Doughty Chris2221.00  21-12      
Smale Barry9213.4417-21 21-10 10-2111-21 4-21 
Sahan Dave8212.3821-2010-21 6-21 5-21   
Collins Keith 5113.40 10-21 14-21  10-2112-21 
Richards Gwyn3113.00     8-2110-21  
Gilder Lee919.33  2-218-217-21 4-21 19-21
Nicholls Craig3010.67 7-21       
Gallacher Steve 1010.00        10-21
Haley Craig408.00       10-2111-21
Haley David 308.00    4-21 3-21 17-21
Cope Tom107.00         
Hall Nick102.00      2-21  
Over Walk100.00     0-21   

Sat 15th Sep

PosStoke Coventry AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Rob Allen1821John Collins
2Aly Davidson1521Dean Nicholls
3Peter Cross Best Result2110Steve Gallacher
4Annie Pithers2111Craig Haley
5Brian Sproul2117Ron Beard
6Ted Yates1821Martin Evans
7Wendy Poole2117David Haley
8Pete Adams1221Tom Power
9Alan Greer2119Lee Gilder
10Maggie Barnes1221Chris Dunne
11Pete Mcniece921Danny Peach Best Result
12Tony Bradley1021Anton Davis

Sat 8th Sep

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreHaunchwood A
1Chris Dunne2120Alan Belcher
2Dave Bull2114Dave Lee
3Dean Nicholls Best Result214Stuart Harrie
4Barry Smale421Phil Perry Best Result
5John Collins2120Shaun Morris
6Martin Evans1821Jack Chapman
7Tom Burgess421Matt Aspin Best Result
8Ron Beard2115Ian Quaid
9Keith Collins1221Darren Tring
10Craig Haley1021Andy Parker
11Jay Sahan1621Noel Bates
12Anton Davis217Colin Richards

Sat 1st Sep

PosCoundon AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Joe Callan2110Gwyn Richards
2George Ward213David Haley
3Kerry Mcgranaghan1221Chris Dunne
4Jackie Burdett2118Dean Nicholls
5Carol Blakey2110Keith Collins
6Jennie Adams Best Result212Nick Hall
7Julie Hallam2116Martin Evans
8Dave Morgan1521Tom Power
9Paul Howes214Lee Gilder
10Eddie Mcilwaine1421Danny Peach
11Gary Miles1121Anton Davis Best Result
12Dennis White2112Dave Bull
Well done to Foleshill Gas for recruiting new players to fulfill this fixture. Not the easiest green for your first game, I hope it does not put them off.

Sat 18th Aug

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreAttleborough Sports A
1Tom Power1821Danny Edkins
2Dave Sahan521Kevin Neale Best Result
3Dean Nicholls2112Terry Price
4Ron Beard1921Annette Wyles
5Walk Over021Jason Colledge
6Dave Bull Best Result216Lorna Perry
7Anton Davis218Keith Perry
8Chris Dunne2113Dave Neale
9Gwyn Richards821Natty Tonks
10John Collins1721Dave Thompson
11Barry Smale1121Michael Warrington
12Jay Sahan218Chris Richardson

Sat 11th Aug

PosDunlop AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Russ Malin2110Barry Smale
2Tony Shoesmith2116Chris Dunne
3Bob Pattison2115Jay Sahan
4Bob Young1521John Collins
5Phil Welland2113Tom Power
6Chris Welland2112Dave Bull
7Wendy Smart1521Ron Beard
8Chris Davies521Danny Peach Best Result
9Steve Roberts2112Dean Nicholls
10Amy Evans Best Result214David Haley
11Alyson Evans217Lee Gilder
12Gary Smith621Anton Davis

Sat 21st Jul

PosBulkington AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Rick Reynolds2114Dave Bull
2John Tomlinson1921Martin Evans
3Rob Cole1921Tom Burgess
4Leigh Camwell821Chris Dunne Best Result
5Vicki Buckley2114Keith Collins
6Dennis Hodgetts Best Result216Dave Sahan
7David Harvey218Lee Gilder
8Mark Gisbourne1921Tom Power
9John Mantle1921Dean Nicholls
10Keith Bassett2117Steve Curzons
11Gary Odonnell921Jay Sahan
12Martyn Golby2119Anton Davis

Sat 14th Jul

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreAtherstone Cons A
1Tom Burgess921Carl Wilkins
2Tom Power1021Liam Dennis
3Ron Beard1221Chris Barsby
4Dean Nicholls1921Chris Challen
5Barry Smale Best Result2110Paul Challen
6Chris Dunne1721Gary Burrows
7Jay Sahan2021John Hatzer
8Steve Curzons2112Maurice Barsby
9Chris Doughty2112Paul Dennis
10Dave Bull2119Peter Jones
11Lee Gilder221Jorden Baddeley Best Result
12Anton Davis Best Result2110Dale Such

Sat 30th Jun

PosBedworth B C AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Ken Westlake2110Keith Collins
2Peter Roseblade621Jay Sahan Best Result
3Rolly Pratt2116Anton Davis
4Gary Hoolihan2111Tom Burgess
5Steve Berry218Chris Dunne
6Tony Aubury219Steve Curzons
7Clive Lamb2110Dave Sahan
8Pete Sylvester1421Tom Power
9Richard Smart217Craig Nicholls
10Kirk Kitlinski1421Dean Nicholls
11Roger Taylor Best Result215John Collins
12Mark Blackmore2110Dave Bull

Sat 23rd Jun

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreNewdigate A
1Dean Nicholls218Ken Clarke
2Dave Bull2111Dave Barkhouse
3Tom Power2115Sue Bennett
4Ron Beard821Keith Masters Best Result
5Dave Sahan2120Tom Arthurs
6Martin Evans2113Mandy Masters
7John Collins2117Chris Bennett
8Barry Smale1721Richard Masters
9Tom Burgess2117Pat Moore
10Anton Davis Best Result213Gary Carter
11Steve Curzons2113Jim Robertson
12Jay Sahan2116Stuart Gilchrist

Sat 16th Jun

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreStoke Coventry A
1Tom Burgess2110Eve Murphy
2Dean Nicholls219Peter Cross
3Chris Dunne217Alan Greer
4Tom Power1721Rob Allen
5Martin Evans921Pete Adams Best Result
6Barry Smale Best Result212Brian Sproul
7Dave Bull219Pete Mcniece
8John Collins921Tony Bradley Best Result
9Ron Beard2116Annie Pithers
10Steve Curzons216Bob Wale
11Jay Sahan218Chris Pearson
12Anton Davis216Ted Yates

Sat 9th Jun

PosHaunchwood AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Phil Perry Best Result214Ron Beard
2Andy Parker1321Anton Davis Best Result
3Shane Day218Dean Nicholls
4Alan Belcher1621Tom Burgess
5Shaun Morris2114Jay Sahan
6Simon Stevenson216Tom Power
7Stuart Harrie2115Barry Smale
8Ian Quaid1921John Collins
9Matt Aspin217Tom Cope
10Noel Bates2115Chris Dunne
11Colin Richards2112Dave Sahan
12Steve Read2117Steve Curzons

Sat 26th May

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreCoundon A
1Chris Dunne Best Result217George Ward
2Dean Nicholls1521Les Haylor
3Tom Power2115Ami Ward
4Craig Nicholls1521Paul Howes
5Dave Bull2114Carol Blakey
6Ron Beard1421Dave Morgan
7John Collins1321Julie Hallam Best Result
8Chris Doughty2113Eddie Mcilwaine
9Tom Burgess2110Jennie Adams
10Danny Peach2111Dennis White
11Jay Sahan2114Jackie Burdett
12Anton Davis1821Kerry Mcgranaghan

Sat 19th May

PosAttleborough Sports AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Pat Neale421Chris Dunne Best Result
2Lorna Perry2113Dean Nicholls
3Dave Thompson2021Tom Power
4Natty Tonks2114Barry Smale
5Steve Dawson2118Dave Bull
6Annette Wyles2120John Collins
7Keith Perry1421Ron Beard
8Dave Neale2114Martin Evans
9Stuart Perry2112Tom Burgess
10Chris Richardson2117Jay Sahan
11Danny Edkins Best Result217Steve Curzons
12Michael Warrington2115Anton Davis

Sat 12th May

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreDunlop A
1Tom Burgess2111Bob Young
2John Collins2116Tony Shoesmith
3Dean Nicholls2118Bob Pattison
4Tom Power1021Alyson Evans Best Result
5Dave Bull2117Chris Davies
6Martin Evans2113Debbie Welland
7Ron Beard2120Wendy Smart
8Chris Dunne2119Amy Evans
9Steve Curzons2113Phil Welland
10Jay Sahan2113Gary Smith
11Danny Peach2119Chris Welland
12Anton Davis Best Result219Steve Donovon

Sat 5th May

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreBulkington A
1Dean Nicholls2113Martyn Golby
2Dave Sahan1521Tom Cole
3Lee Gilder521Elizabeth Buckley Best Result
4Chris Dunne2115Nigel Bridge
5John Collins1121David Harvey
6Keith Collins2111Dennis Hodgetts
7Gwyn Richards2120Vicki Buckley
8Ron Beard1521Gary Odonnell
9Dave Bull2119Mark Gisbourne
10Tom Power2021John Mantle
11Anton Davis Best Result219Keith Bassett
12Tom Burgess1521Leigh Camwell

Sat 28th Apr

PosAtherstone Cons AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Liam Dennis2116Chris Dunne
2Chris Barsby2110Dave Bull
3Ben Percival Best Result216Lee Gilder
4Rob Horton218Barry Smale
5Paul Challen1921Tom Power
6Thomas Lee1321Ron Beard
7Chris Challen219Dave Sahan
8Maurice Barsby2117John Collins
9Dave Ensor1421Dean Nicholls
10Paul Dennis2114Jay Sahan
11John Hatzer1921Anton Davis
12Jorden Baddeley621Danny Peach Best Result

Sat 21st Apr

PosFoleshill GasScoreScoreBedworth B C A
1Dave Bull2111Rolly Pratt
2Chris Dunne215Clive Lamb
3Lee Gilder1221Peter Roseblade
4Tom Burgess Best Result211Gary Hoolihan
5Martin Evans2110Ken Westlake
6John Collins219Pete Sylvester
7Craig Haley521Steve Berry Best Result
8Dean Nicholls2118Richard Smart
9Steve Curzons1721Tony Aubury
10Jay Sahan2113Roger Taylor
11Anton Davis215Mark Blackmore
12Danny Peach1221Kirk Kitlinski

Sat 14th Apr

PosNewdigate AScoreScoreFoleshill Gas
1Keith Masters2110Craig Nicholls
2Dave Barkhouse2110Tom Burgess
3Gary Carter921Chris Dunne
4Stuart Gilchrist Best Result216Craig Haley
5Don Kidd2116John Collins
6Sue Bennett1521Lee Gilder
7Mandy Masters721Dave Sahan Best Result
8Jean Northall2113Ron Beard
9Jim Robertson2111Steve Curzons
10Pat Moore1221Dean Nicholls
11Richard Masters2119Anton Davis
12Chris Bennett2021Danny Peach