The Dudley & District Bowling League 2015

Thursday League

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Team Averages for Gate Cg A (Thursday 1)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
124Simon Clinton2112957403362+4119.1917.241.95
247Terry Meddings22101245342378-3615.5517.18-1.64
349Phil Clinton119282222161+6120.1814.645.55
450Pete Williams139469248205+4319.0815.773.31
554Andy Whitehouse2191243344376-3216.3817.90-1.52
658Gary Shaw168850278277+117.3817.310.06
780Ernie Heath156940226261-3515.0717.40-2.33
891Steve Davies1651131247290-4315.4418.13-2.69
992Gary Penniket1651131245309-6415.3119.31-4.00
10132Gemma Davies1321115210263-5316.1520.23-4.08
11139John Williams1101002111+1021.0011.0010.00
12162Ray Thomas101910144204-6014.4020.40-6.00
13168Keith Davies10101421-714.0021.00-7.00
Thu 9th AprARoyal Oak A90168080
Thu 16th AprHRoyal Oak A150158444
Thu 23rd AprHBeeches147123537
Thu 30th AprABeeches121166171
Thu 7th MayHWhite Horse16795719
Thu 14th MayAWhite Horse140144353
Thu 21st MayHGeorge B162116719
Thu 28th MayAGeorge B133138262
Thu 4th JunHDudley Dell A145142355
Thu 11th JunADudley Dell A98156171
Thu 18th JunHRoyal Oak B155127446
Thu 25th JunARoyal Oak B121134444
Thu 2nd JulHWest Brom F.s.c. A147133446
Thu 9th JulAWest Brom F.s.c. A113148353
Thu 16th JulHHilly House A157125628
Thu 23rd JulAHilly House A145156444
Thu 30th JulHCoombs Wood A154125537
Thu 6th AugACoombs Wood A77166171
Thu 13th AugHGeorge A141129537
Thu 20th AugAGeorge A97157171
Thu 27th AugHWillenhall Nordley Libs157157445
Thu 3rd SepAWillenhall Nordley Libs127155353
  Played 2229443118779996
1st Half Results for Gate Cg A
Clinton Simon211219.1917-2117-2121-1615-2121-2019-2121-1820-2120-2121-921-4
Meddings Terry221015.559-2121-2021-615-2121-1314-2121-821-921-79-2118-21
Clinton Phil11920.18  21-12 21-621-721-15 21-1813-21 
Williams Pete13919.0811-21  21-1921-3 21-2011-2119-21 21-15
Whitehouse Andy21916.385-2121-1519-2113-2121-1011-2121-99-2121-12 14-21
Shaw Gary16817.3813-2120-21  21-1321-1721-1321-3 19-2121-13
Heath Ernie15615.07  21-67-21 20-21 19-21 8-2121-11
Davies Steve16515.4417-2121-1914-21 21-9 15-2113-2120-21  
Penniket Gary16515.310-2121-2021-2013-2120-2113-2121-12 10-212-2119-21
Davies Gemma13216.1518-2118-219-2120-21    13-219-21 
Williams John1121.00           
Thomas Ray10114.40 11-21 17-21 21-15 19-21 17-2120-21
Davies Keith1014.00           
2nd Half Results for Gate Cg A
Clinton Simon211219.1921-921-1511-2121-1721-2020-21 21-712-2121-1921-19
Meddings Terry221015.552-2121-1815-2121-1521-2015-216-2121-105-2117-217-21
Clinton Phil11920.18 20-21 21-12 21-15 21-16 21-18 
Williams Pete13919.08 18-2121-1021-10 21-1521-19 21-10  
Whitehouse Andy21916.3821-1621-521-2011-2119-2121-1710-2116-2112-2121-2016-21
Shaw Gary16817.3821-1915-215-2120-2121-2021-119-219-21   
Heath Ernie15615.0721-610-2110-21 4-21 5-2121-1317-2121-1621-20
Davies Steve16515.449-2121-119-2121-1619-2121-42-21 5-2119-21 
Penniket Gary16515.31  21-1321-1319-21 16-2111-21 17-21 
Davies Gemma13216.1513-21   21-1214-21 21-2017-2120-2117-21
Williams John1121.00          21-11
Thomas Ray10114.4013-21     8-21 8-21 10-21
Davies Keith1014.00          14-21

Thu 3rd Sep

PosWillenhall Nordley LibsScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Dan Bodley2021Ernie Heath
2Mark Hall1121John Williams
3Kirk Stevens1921Simon Clinton
4Ross Edwards2114Keith Davies
5Steve Bodley2116Andy Whitehouse
6Bill Pitt2117Gemma Davies
7Mark Clayton2110Ray Thomas
8Kevin Hocknull217Terry Meddings

Thu 27th Aug

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreWillenhall Nordley Libs
1Simon Clinton2119Ross Edwards
2Ernie Heath2116Ian Whitehouse
3Phil Clinton2118Mark Hall
4Andy Whitehouse2120Kevin Hocknull
5Gemma Davies2021Dan Bodley
6Steve Davies1921Mark Picknell
7Terry Meddings1721Ian Charles
8Gary Penniket1721Richard Bate

Thu 20th Aug

PosGeorge AScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Stewart Meddings1021Pete Williams
2Mark Street215Steve Davies
3Steve Pawlowski218Ray Thomas
4Marc Wilson2112Simon Clinton
5Eric Winstone2112Andy Whitehouse
6Luke Fagan2117Gemma Davies
7Steve Fagan215Terry Meddings
8Neil Hopwood2117Ernie Heath

Thu 13th Aug

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreGeorge A
1Phil Clinton2116Eric Winstone
2Andy Whitehouse1621Stewart Meddings
3Ernie Heath2113Steve Pawlowski
4Gary Penniket1121Ivan Smout
5Gary Shaw921Mark Street
6Simon Clinton217Neil Hopwood
7Gemma Davies2120Luke Fagan
8Terry Meddings2110Marc Wilson

Thu 6th Aug

PosCoombs Wood AScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Gary Hardeman212Steve Davies
2Mark Brownhill2116Gary Penniket
3Rob Carter215Ernie Heath
4Gary Moreton1921Pete Williams
5Jamie Elliott219Gary Shaw
6Ian Carr2110Andy Whitehouse
7Jacob Dancer218Ray Thomas
8Kevin Birch216Terry Meddings

Thu 30th Jul

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreCoombs Wood A
1Andy Whitehouse2117Gary Moreton
2Steve Davies214Jamie Elliott
3Simon Clinton2021Gary Hardeman
4Phil Clinton2115Kevin Birch
5Pete Williams2115Jacob Dancer
6Gemma Davies1421Rob Carter
7Terry Meddings1521Mark Brownhill
8Gary Shaw2111Bob Wallace

Thu 23rd Jul

PosHilly House AScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Mick Hickman2021Gary Shaw
2Brian Williams2119Steve Davies
3Peter Bate2021Simon Clinton
4Richard Bate2119Gary Penniket
5Nick Lampitt1221Gemma Davies
6Steve Lampitt214Ernie Heath
7Lee Maslin2021Terry Meddings
8Barrie Sadler2119Andy Whitehouse

Thu 16th Jul

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreHilly House A
1Simon Clinton2117Julie Bullock
2Gary Penniket2113Richard Bate
3Terry Meddings2115Nick Lampitt
4Steve Davies2116Keith Rowbottom
5Pete Williams2110Mick Hickman
6Andy Whitehouse1121Peter Bate
7Phil Clinton2112Richard Bullock
8Gary Shaw2021Lee Maslin

Thu 9th Jul

PosWest Brom F.s.c. AScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Mike Hill2110Ernie Heath
2Alan Cooke219Steve Davies
3Stuart Watts2111Simon Clinton
4Richard Dandy215Gary Shaw
5Jason Cooke1021Pete Williams
6Adam Watts1321Gary Penniket
7Mike Cooke2021Andy Whitehouse
8Chris Watts2115Terry Meddings

Thu 2nd Jul

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreWest Brom F.s.c. A
1Phil Clinton2021Andy Saunders
2Gary Shaw1521Mike Cooke
3Pete Williams1821Jason Cooke
4Ernie Heath1021Chris Watts
5Simon Clinton2115Greg Smith
6Steve Davies2111Adam Watts
7Andy Whitehouse215Richard Dandy
8Terry Meddings2118Brian Evans

Thu 25th Jun

PosRoyal Oak BScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Ben Panter921Simon Clinton
2Rob Recardo2113Ray Thomas
3Steve Ashfield2113Gemma Davies
4Louis Jones621Ernie Heath
5Neil Dallaway1921Gary Shaw
6Andrew Laidlaw219Steve Davies
7Ken Jones1621Andy Whitehouse
8David Scriven212Terry Meddings

Thu 18th Jun

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreRoyal Oak B
1Gary Penniket1921Rob Recardo
2Ray Thomas2021Maggie Paling
3Andy Whitehouse1421Steve Ashfield
4Terry Meddings1821Dave Waldron
5Simon Clinton214Andy Pountney
6Gary Shaw2113Ben Panter
7Pete Williams2115Neil Dallaway
8Ernie Heath2111Ken Jones

Thu 11th Jun

PosDudley Dell AScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Mick Brown2117Ray Thomas
2Simon Homer212Gary Penniket
3Jason Westwood921Simon Clinton
4Martin Aston2119Gary Shaw
5Craig Skidmore218Ernie Heath
6Peter Withey219Gemma Davies
7Jamie Wyer2113Phil Clinton
8Nick Gritton219Terry Meddings

Thu 4th Jun

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreDudley Dell A
1Pete Williams1921Peter Withey
2Andy Whitehouse2112Mick Brown
3Simon Clinton2021Martin Aston
4Gary Penniket1021Nathan Dawes
5Steve Davies2021Craig Skidmore
6Gemma Davies1321Simon Homer
7Terry Meddings217Jason Westwood
8Phil Clinton2118Nick Gritton

Thu 28th May

PosGeorge BScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Darren Wood219Andy Whitehouse
2Liam Hickman321Gary Shaw
3Lee Dicken2120Simon Clinton
4Luke Fagan2111Pete Williams
5Fred Richards2113Steve Davies
6Robert Hopwood2119Ray Thomas
7Janet Pratley2119Ernie Heath
8Will Freeman921Terry Meddings

Thu 21st May

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreGeorge B
1Andy Whitehouse219Janet Pratley
2Terry Meddings218Liam Hickman
3Gary Penniket2112Luke Fagan
4Phil Clinton2115Will Freeman
5Simon Clinton2118Darren Wood
6Gary Shaw2113Robert Hopwood
7Pete Williams2120Lee Dicken
8Steve Davies1521Fred Richards

Thu 14th May

PosWhite HorseScoreScoreGate Cg A
1John Nock721Phil Clinton
2Tony Hutton1521Ray Thomas
3Craig Cartwright2114Terry Meddings
4Craig Simpson2119Simon Clinton
5James Hutton2120Ernie Heath
6Barry Marsh1721Gary Shaw
7Martin Simpson2113Gary Penniket
8Wayne Fellows2111Andy Whitehouse

Thu 7th May

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreWhite Horse
1Andy Whitehouse2110Steve Batham
2Terry Meddings2113Wayne Fellows
3Pete Williams213Craig Cartwright
4Phil Clinton216James Hutton
5Steve Davies219Tony Hutton
6Gary Shaw2113Barry Marsh
7Simon Clinton2120Craig Simpson
8Gary Penniket2021Martin Simpson

Thu 30th Apr

PosBeechesScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Carl Fisher217Ernie Heath
2Chris Heath2120Gemma Davies
3Ashley Heath2117Ray Thomas
4Ian Head2115Simon Clinton
5David Smith1921Pete Williams
6Alan Cole2113Gary Penniket
7Lee Woodfield2115Terry Meddings
8John Higgins2113Andy Whitehouse

Thu 23rd Apr

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreBeeches
1Steve Davies1421David Smith
2Phil Clinton2112John Higgins
3Gemma Davies921Chris Heath
4Andy Whitehouse1921Carl Fisher
5Simon Clinton2116Ashley Heath
6Ernie Heath216Ian Head
7Gary Penniket2120Alan Cole
8Terry Meddings216Lee Woodfield

Thu 16th Apr

PosGate Cg AScoreScoreRoyal Oak A
1Simon Clinton1721Mark Rose
2Gary Penniket2120Simon Wilcox
3Terry Meddings2120Martin Perks
4Gemma Davies1821Jamie Broadhead
5Steve Davies2119Dane Hopwood
6Andy Whitehouse2115Adam Hopwood
7Ray Thomas1121Mark Atkins
8Gary Shaw2021Chris Lambert

Thu 9th Apr

PosRoyal Oak AScoreScoreGate Cg A
1Jamie Broadhead2118Gemma Davies
2Dane Hopwood2117Simon Clinton
3Chris Lambert2113Gary Shaw
4Mark Rose210Gary Penniket
5Adam Hopwood219Terry Meddings
6Simon Wilcox215Andy Whitehouse
7Mark Atkins2117Steve Davies
8Martin Perks2111Pete Williams