Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for St Julians (Shrewsbury Div. 1 )
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
116Stuart Rhodes2013765361294+6718.0514.703.35
258Mark Lanning1881044299282+1716.6115.670.94
369Paul Brown1881044274336-6215.2218.67-3.44
474Mark Parry137654241224+1718.5417.231.31
589Ernie Shea2061430317368-5115.8518.40-2.55
6101Andrew Reynolds1551033237291-5415.8019.40-3.60
7105Roland Leigh1951426284380-9614.9520.00-5.05
8123George Powell83538133146-1316.6318.25-1.63
9130Ian Jones1631319206319-11312.8819.94-7.06
10144Russell Brown1321115192271-7914.7720.85-6.08
11157Chris Kershaw141137174289-11512.4320.64-8.21
12158Martin Peleszok151147176308-13211.7320.53-8.80
13168Keith Potter20201742-258.5021.00-12.50
14169Andrew Rhodes30303463-2911.3321.00-9.67
15174Paddy Grace606058126-689.6721.00-11.33
Tue 18th AprHBye00000
Tue 25th AprAOSBC B159172464
Tue 2nd MayAPontesbury A952100100
Tue 9th MayHHanwood A161177555
Tue 16th MayATelepost A138207191
Tue 23rd MayHCrescent A166183464
Tue 30th MayAAbbey A172138648
Tue 6th JunHMeole Brace A174188464
Tue 13th JunACastlefields B124208191
Tue 20th JunHOxon Village172167557
Tue 27th JunAPrince Hotel A112201282
Tue 4th JulABye00000
Tue 11th JulHOSBC B162182373
Tue 18th JulHPontesbury A151199282
Tue 25th JulAHanwood A119202191
Tue 1st AugHTelepost A149170555
Tue 8th AugACrescent A117191282
Tue 15th AugHAbbey A138186282
Tue 22nd AugAMeole Brace A165188464
Tue 29th AugHCastlefields B170202282
Tue 5th SepAOxon Village192182648
Tue 12th SepHPrince Hotel A167186373
  Played 20300337396213868
1st Half Results for St Julians
Rhodes Stuart201318.0521-73-2121-117-2121-1021-021-1321-1921-820-2113-21
Lanning Mark18816.61 7-2121-819-2121-1413-2121-1215-2121-79-2121-3
Brown Paul18815.2216-213-219-21 21-2021-188-216-2112-2112-2121-12
Parry Mark13718.5421-617-2121-1421-1821-1321-1421-1717-2118-2121-1618-21
Shea Ernie20615.8519-2115-2110-2119-2117-2121-014-2111-2121-89-2115-21
Reynolds Andrew15515.8021-1914-2121-1910-2118-216-2120-217-2121-2021-1713-21
Leigh Roland19514.95 6-2114-2117-2115-2119-2121-2012-2121-196-2120-21
Powell George8316.63           
Jones Ian16312.887-21 21-2019-219-2121-614-2115-219-217-21 
Brown Russell13214.77 12-2110-218-2112-21   17-216-2121-20
Kershaw Chris14112.4315-2117-2113-2110-2111-2121-1616-218-2111-211-21 
Peleszok Martin15111.7321-141-21 8-21 8-2118-2112-21  15-21
Rhodes Andrew3011.33           
Grace Paddy609.673-21         5-21
Potter Keith208.5015-21          
2nd Half Results for St Julians
Rhodes Stuart201318.0518-2121-1321-721-179-2121-1318-2121-1421-15
Lanning Mark18816.6114-218-2121-119-2121-519-21 18-2121-12
Brown Paul18815.2218-215-2121-18 21-1317-2121-1421-1921-12
Parry Mark13718.5410-2114-21       
Shea Ernie20615.855-2112-2121-1217-2115-2121-1421-2021-2013-21
Reynolds Andrew15515.8017-2120-217-2121-6     
Leigh Roland19514.9521-136-2121-171-2118-2121-178-2118-2119-21
Powell George8316.6321-18 10-2111-2111-2121-1818-2121-520-21
Jones Ian16312.8811-2111-214-21 9-2110-21 21-2018-21
Brown Russell13214.77 16-2117-2119-2115-21 18-2121-20 
Kershaw Chris14112.43     13-2114-2115-219-21
Peleszok Martin15111.73 6-216-2116-215-2115-2117-2115-2113-21
Rhodes Andrew3011.33   0-2114-21 20-21  
Grace Paddy609.6716-21    7-2115-21 12-21
Potter Keith208.50   2-21     

Tue 12th Sep

PosSt JuliansScoreScorePrince Hotel A
1George Powell2021Ian Smith (6ta)
2Martin Peleszok1321Ian Payne (6ta)
3Chris Kershaw921Chris Jones Best Result
4Roland Leigh1921Darren Powis
5Paddy Grace1221Andy Walker (6ta)
6Paul Brown Best Result2112Nigel Ferrington
7Mark Lanning Best Result2112Dave Pugh (6ta)
8Stuart Rhodes2115Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)
9Ernie Shea1321Claire Barker (6fa)
10Ian Jones1821Kelvin Holder (6ta)

Tue 5th Sep

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreSt Julians
1Jason Stevens2118Mark Lanning
2Roger Lem Best Result2115Chris Kershaw
3Phil Ashcroft2118Roland Leigh
4Matt Dundass521George Powell Best Result
5Mal Isaac Best Result2115Martin Peleszok
6Ken Sant1921Paul Brown
7Brian Selley2021Russell Brown
8Mike Davies2021Ian Jones
9Nigel Williams1421Stuart Rhodes
10Paul Davies2021Ernie Shea
The Village Bogey team Doe's it again Stops us winning the league last season & Relegates us this season

Tue 29th Aug

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Roland Leigh821Kevin Walker (6tb) Best Result
2Chris Kershaw1421Paul Walker
3George Powell1821Steve Walker (6tb)
4Paul Brown Best Result2114Mark Walker
5Andrew Rhodes2021Russell Tipton
6Russell Brown1821Carl Wear (6tb)
7Paddy Grace1521Russell Pugh
8Martin Peleszok1721Steve Duckett
9Ernie Shea2120Graham Wall (6tb)
10Stuart Rhodes1821Alan Peach (6tb)

Tue 22nd Aug

PosMeole Brace AScoreScoreSt Julians
1Martin Jones (6ta)2119Mark Lanning
2Adrian Jennings (6ta)1721Roland Leigh
3Martin Middleton (6fa)2113Chris Kershaw
4Tom Jones2117Paul Brown
5John Davies1821George Powell
6Derek Jones2110Ian Jones
7Mark Hinks (6ta) Best Result217Paddy Grace
8Terry Jones (6ta)2115Martin Peleszok
9Phil Tune (6ta)1321Stuart Rhodes Best Result
10George Balshaw1421Ernie Shea

Tue 15th Aug

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreAbbey A
1Mark Lanning Best Result215Stuart Dorsett
2Roland Leigh1821Tony Williams (6ta)
3Ian Jones921Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)
4Paul Brown2113Jake Sneade (6ta)
5Russell Brown1521Tim Norman
6George Powell1121John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)
7Andrew Rhodes1421Dave Clayton
8Martin Peleszok521Steve Peach Best Result
9Ernie Shea1521Adam Sneade
10Stuart Rhodes921Neil Jones (6ta)

Tue 8th Aug

PosCrescent AScoreScoreSt Julians
1Andrew Gregg212Keith Potter
2Mark Harris219Mark Lanning
3Dan Williams (6ta)2111George Powell
4Dave Oliver211Roland Leigh
5Neil Harris (6ta) Best Result210Andrew Rhodes
6Steve Rogers2119Russell Brown
7Lee Walmsley (6ta)2116Martin Peleszok
8Craig Bowen621Andrew Reynolds Best Result
9Scott Bowen (6ta)1721Stuart Rhodes
10Jason Evans2117Ernie Shea

Tue 1st Aug

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreTelepost A
1Roland Leigh2117Bob Yapp (6ta)
2Mark Lanning2111Stuart Long (6ta)
3Paul Brown2118Mike Stephens (6ta)
4Ian Jones421Mick Pritchard Best Result
5George Powell1021Dan Williams
6Russell Brown1721Rob Jones
7Martin Peleszok621John Addison (6ta)
8Andrew Reynolds721Dave Mansell (6ta)
9Ernie Shea2112Paul Pritchard
10Stuart Rhodes Best Result217Hayden Lewis

Tue 25th Jul

PosHanwood AScoreScoreSt Julians
1Phil Price (6ta)216Roland Leigh
2Jon Mansell218Mark Lanning
3Keith Phillips (6ta)2111Ian Jones
4Darren Phillips (6ta)2114Mark Parry
5Neil Beamond2116Russell Brown
6Dayle Turner216Martin Peleszok
7Jason Rowson (6ta) Best Result215Paul Brown
8Jason Price2120Andrew Reynolds
9Eric Mansell2112Ernie Shea
10Andy Roberts1321Stuart Rhodes Best Result

Tue 18th Jul

PosSt JuliansScoreScorePontesbury A
1Roland Leigh Best Result2113Boo Challinor
2Mark Lanning1421Steve Williams
3Paul Brown1821Chris Luther (6fa)
4Mark Parry1021Karl Jones (6fa/ta)
5Ian Jones1121Dennis Walton (6ta)
6Andrew Reynolds1721Andy Price (6ta)
7George Powell2118Dan Jones (6fa/ta)
8Paddy Grace1621Anthony Gray (6fa)
9Stuart Rhodes1821Anthony Price (6fa/ta)
10Ernie Shea521Dave Povey (6ta) Best Result

Tue 11th Jul

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreOSBC B
1Roland Leigh2021Rich Jones (6tb)
2Mark Parry1821Gwyn Jones
3Paul Brown2112Tony Poole
4Mark Lanning Best Result213Liam Cox
5Paddy Grace521Russell Lea (6tb) Best Result
6Andrew Reynolds1321Matthew Whittaker (6tb)
7Russell Brown2120Derek Jones (6tb)
8Martin Peleszok1521Matthew Beck
9Stuart Rhodes1321John Harris (6tb)
10Ernie Shea1521Kev Farr (6tb)

Tue 27th Jun

PosPrince Hotel AScoreScoreSt Julians
1Ian Smith (6ta)1721Andrew Reynolds
2Darren Powis1621Mark Parry Best Result
3Chris Jones216Roland Leigh
4Dave Pugh (6ta)219Mark Lanning
5Kelvin Holder (6ta) Best Result211Chris Kershaw
6Nigel Ferrington217Ian Jones
7Jack Dale216Russell Brown
8Ian Payne (6ta)2112Paul Brown
9Geoff Davies219Ernie Shea
10Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)2120Stuart Rhodes

Tue 20th Jun

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreOxon Village
1Roland Leigh2119Mal Isaac
2Mark Parry1821Ken Sant
3Mark Lanning Best Result217Mike Davies
4Ian Jones921Alan Edwards Best Result
5Chris Kershaw1121Sue Storey
6Russell Brown1721Roger Lem
7Paul Brown1221Brian Selley
8Andrew Reynolds2120Nigel Williams
9Ernie Shea218Matt Dundass
10Stuart Rhodes218Paul Davies

Tue 13th Jun

PosCastlefields BScoreScoreSt Julians
1Shaun O''sullivan1921Stuart Rhodes Best Result
2Alan Peach (6tb)2117Mark Parry
3Michael Rogers Best Result216Paul Brown
4Russell Tipton217Andrew Reynolds
5Mark Walker218Chris Kershaw
6Paul Walker2112Roland Leigh
7Kevin Walker (6tb)2115Mark Lanning
8Steve Walker (6tb)2112Martin Peleszok
9Tony Wall (6tb)2111Ernie Shea
10Carl Wear (6tb)2115Ian Jones

Tue 6th Jun

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreMeole Brace A
1Mark Parry2117Martin Jones (6ta)
2Mark Lanning Best Result2112Tom Jones
3Roland Leigh2120Paul Richards
4Chris Kershaw1621Roger Griffin
5Andrew Reynolds2021George Balshaw
6Paul Brown821Derek Jones Best Result
7Martin Peleszok1821John Davies
8Ian Jones1421Pete Connor
9Ernie Shea1421Adrian Jennings (6ta)
10Stuart Rhodes2113Mark Hinks (6ta)

Tue 30th May

PosAbbey AScoreScoreSt Julians
1Mark Sneade1621Chris Kershaw
2Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)2113Mark Lanning
3John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)1421Mark Parry
4Adam Sneade2119Roland Leigh
5Dave Clayton1821Paul Brown
6Mike Jones621Ian Jones Best Result
7Neil Jones (6ta) Best Result216Andrew Reynolds
8Tim Norman218Martin Peleszok
9Walk Over021Ernie Shea
10Walk Over021Stuart Rhodes

Tue 23rd May

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreCrescent A
1Mark Parry2113Mark Jenks (6ta)
2Mark Lanning2114Mark Rogers (6ta)
3Roland Leigh1521Mark Harris
4Chris Kershaw1121Dan Williams (6ta)
5Andrew Reynolds1821Neil Harris (6ta)
6Ian Jones921Dave Oliver Best Result
7Russell Brown1221Craig Bowen
8Paul Brown2120Steve Rogers
9Ernie Shea1721Mark Owen
10Stuart Rhodes Best Result2110Scott Bowen (6ta)

Tue 16th May

PosTelepost AScoreScoreSt Julians
1Paul Pritchard1821Mark Parry Best Result
2Phil Whatmough2119Mark Lanning
3Dan Williams2117Roland Leigh
4James Mammone2110Chris Kershaw
5Bob Yapp (6ta)218Martin Peleszok
6Rob Jones2110Andrew Reynolds
7Dominic Wootton218Russell Brown
8Mick Pritchard2119Ian Jones
9Hayden Lewis Best Result217Stuart Rhodes
10Simon Lewis (6ta)2119Ernie Shea
Flattering result to be fair. Well played St Julians

Tue 9th May

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreHanwood A
1Roland Leigh1421Jon Mansell
2Mark Lanning Best Result218Phil Price (6ta)
3Mark Parry2114Darren Phillips (6ta)
4Chris Kershaw1321Neil Beamond
5Andrew Reynolds2119Eric Mansell
6Russell Brown1021Keith Phillips (6ta)
7Paul Brown921Andy Roberts Best Result
8Ian Jones2120Jason Rowson (6ta)
9Ernie Shea1021Steve Price (6ta)
10Stuart Rhodes2111Jason Price

Tue 2nd May

PosPontesbury AScoreScoreSt Julians
1Anthony Price (6fa/ta)2117Chris Kershaw Best Result
2Tony France216Roland Leigh
3Alan Potter2117Mark Parry Best Result
4Anthony Gray (6fa)217Mark Lanning
5Dennis Walton (6ta)2114Andrew Reynolds
6Dan Jones (6fa/ta)2112Russell Brown
7Rob Jones Best Result211Martin Peleszok
8Chris Luther (6fa)213Paul Brown
9Andy Price (6ta)2115Ernie Shea
10Dave Povey (6ta)213Stuart Rhodes

Tue 25th Apr

PosOSBC BScoreScoreSt Julians
1Tony Poole2115Chris Kershaw
2Liam Cox2115Keith Potter
3Russell Lea (6tb)621Mark Parry Best Result
4Rich Jones (6tb)217Ian Jones
5Audrey Cox1421Martin Peleszok
6Matthew Whittaker (6tb)2116Paul Brown
7Matthew Beck1921Andrew Reynolds
8Andy Pullen Best Result213Paddy Grace
9Derek Jones (6tb)2119Ernie Shea
10Kev Farr (6tb)721Stuart Rhodes