Summit Garage Bowling League 2018

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Team Averages for King George V (Premier League)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
13Tom Pritchard1813572361271+9020.0615.065.00
216Andy Gibbs1611569285264+2117.8116.501.31
317Jason Galvin1811761320308+1217.7817.110.67
453Neil Harrell1881044287340-5315.9418.89-2.94
557Paul Ward157847270278-818.0018.53-0.53
666Chris Bergin1661038253299-4615.8118.69-2.88
776Paul Lamb94544174171+319.3319.000.33
8102Brian Wilkes413256880-1217.0020.00-3.00
9104Ian Hickey514208497-1316.8019.40-2.60
10106Mike Pritchard71614115134-1916.4319.14-2.71
11111Simon Fisher91811124187-6313.7820.78-7.00
12120Gary Pritchard10101421-714.0021.00-7.00
13123Frank Leek Jnr10101221-912.0021.00-9.00
14127Martin Batty1010821-138.0021.00-13.00
15139Paul Knight606092126-3415.3321.00-5.67
Mon 16th AprASt Georges136157353
Mon 23rd AprHSt Georges146138537
Mon 30th AprHMoor Lane A152130537
Mon 14th MayAMoor Lane A111157171
Mon 21st MayHThe George137144444
Mon 4th JunAThe George100159171
Mon 11th JunADudley Dell95168080
Mon 18th JunHDudley Dell159124628
Mon 25th JunHGreville Arms130151353
Mon 2nd JulAGreville Arms134149353
Mon 9th JulHWest Brom FSC161145537
Mon 16th JulAWest Brom FSC150146448
Mon 23rd JulHWillenhall Nordley A158120628
Mon 30th JulAWillenhall Nordley A123142353
Mon 6th AugHTanworth In Arden154134537
Mon 13th AugATanworth In Arden143158262
Mon 20th AugHM&b Cheslyn Hay162133719
Mon 3rd SepAM&b Cheslyn Hay116163171
  Played 1824672618648082
1st Half Results for King George V
PlayerPlWonAvgSt Ge
St Ge
The G
The G
Pritchard Tom181320.0618-2121-1921-918-2121-1121-1216-2121-621-20
Gibbs Andy161117.8121-1621-621-20 21-1212-217-2121-1621-17
Galvin Jason181117.7821-1621-2021-621-1016-2113-2113-2121-1413-21
Harrell Neil18815.9421-2012-2110-218-2111-2117-217-2121-1712-21
Ward Paul15718.0019-2121-1321-1318-2121-177-2110-21 14-21
Bergin Chris16615.8114-2121-1717-218-2116-219-2116-2121-169-21
Lamb Paul9419.33    21-20  20-2121-9
Wilkes Brian4117.00         
Hickey Ian5116.80     8-2119-2121-13 
Pritchard Mike7116.4316-21  12-21    19-21
Fisher Simon9113.786-2115-2121-1918-21 13-217-2113-21 
Knight Paul6015.33  20-21 10-21    
Pritchard Gary1014.00 14-21       
Jnr Frank Leek1012.00         
Batty Martin108.00   8-21     
2nd Half Results for King George V
M&b C
M&b C
Pritchard Tom181320.0621-1521-1621-921-1116-2121-1521-1321-1020-21
Gibbs Andy161117.8111-2121-1821-1721-1517-2121-10 21-127-21
Galvin Jason181117.7814-2121-1621-1821-1821-921-1613-2121-187-21
Harrell Neil18815.9421-1016-2121-1821-148-2121-1221-1921-2018-21
Ward Paul15718.0021-1921-1320-2117-21 21-1818-2121-17 
Bergin Chris16615.81 21-1911-2121-1221-911-2116-21 21-16
Lamb Paul9419.3313-21 19-21 21-1920-2118-2121-18 
Wilkes Brian4117.00     18-2118-2121-1711-21
Hickey Ian5116.8016-2120-21       
Pritchard Mike7116.4317-21  21-810-21   20-21
Fisher Simon9113.78  16-2115-21     
Knight Paul6015.33 20-21  9-21 18-2115-21 
Pritchard Gary1014.00         
Jnr Frank Leek1012.00        12-21
Batty Martin108.00         

Mon 3rd Sep

PosM&b Cheslyn HayScoreScoreKing George V
1Neil Bromley2111Brian Wilkes
2David East(MVP) Best Result217Jason Galvin
3Reece Farr2112Frank Leek Jnr
4Aaron Tapper Best Result217Andy Gibbs
5Chris Ward2120Tom Pritchard
6Gordon Hawkins2118Neil Harrell
7Jack Hill2120Mike Pritchard
8Steve Davis1621Chris Bergin(MVP) Best Result

Mon 20th Aug

PosKing George VScoreScoreM&b Cheslyn Hay
1Neil Harrell2120Reece Farr
2Tom Pritchard Best Result2110Jack Hill
3Paul Knight1521Aaron Tapper(MVP) Best Result
4Paul Lamb2118Chris Ward
5Andy Gibbs2112David East
6Paul Ward2117Steve Davis
7Brian Wilkes2117Gordon Hawkins
8Jason Galvin(MVP)2118Neil Bromley

Mon 13th Aug

PosTanworth In ArdenScoreScoreKing George V
1Barry Maskell Jnr2118Paul Lamb
2Dave Wolverson1921Neil Harrell
3Simon Dreher1321Tom Pritchard(MVP) Best Result
4Matt Higgins2118Paul Knight
5Dave Clarke(MVP)2118Paul Ward
6Willie Jeynes2118Brian Wilkes
7Neil Clarke2116Chris Bergin
8Stuart Bishop Best Result2113Jason Galvin

Mon 6th Aug

PosKing George VScoreScoreTanworth In Arden
1Tom Pritchard2115Stuart Bishop
2Brian Wilkes1821Neil Clarke
3Paul Lamb2021Matt Higgins
4Neil Harrell2112Willie Jeynes
5Chris Bergin1121Simon Dreher(MVP) Best Result
6Paul Ward2118Dave Wolverson
7Andy Gibbs(MVP) Best Result2110Barry Maskell Jnr
8Jason Galvin2116Dave Clarke

Mon 30th Jul

PosWillenhall Nordley AScoreScoreKing George V
1Ross Edwards921Jason Galvin Best Result
2Kevin Hocknull2117Andy Gibbs
3Paul Evans2110Mike Pritchard
4Scott Simpson2116Tom Pritchard
5Mark Picknell921Chris Bergin(MVP) Best Result
6Dan Bodley219Paul Knight
7David Semper1921Paul Lamb
8Ant Bracken(MVP) Best Result218Neil Harrell

Mon 23rd Jul

PosKing George VScoreScoreWillenhall Nordley A
1Mike Pritchard(MVP) Best Result218Ant Bracken
2Jason Galvin2118Kevin Hocknull
3Simon Fisher1521David Semper Best Result
4Chris Bergin2112Ross Edwards
5Andy Gibbs2115Mark Picknell
6Paul Ward1721Paul Evans(MVP)
7Neil Harrell2114Scott Simpson
8Tom Pritchard2111Dan Bodley

Mon 16th Jul

PosWest Brom FSCScoreScoreKing George V
1Rachel Bennett(MVP) Best Result2111Chris Bergin
2Rob Carter1821Neil Harrell(MVP)
3Matt Hocknull2116Simon Fisher
4Kevin Hickman2120Paul Ward
5Liam Hickman1721Andy Gibbs
6Andy Saunders2119Paul Lamb
7Jason Cooke921Tom Pritchard Best Result
8Chris Watts1821Jason Galvin

Mon 9th Jul

PosKing George VScoreScoreWest Brom FSC
1Ian Hickey2021Rachel Bennett
2Jason Galvin2116Jason Cooke
3Paul Ward Best Result2113Andy Saunders
4Tom Pritchard(MVP)2116Matt Hocknull
5Andy Gibbs2118Chris Watts
6Chris Bergin2119Nick Brookes
7Paul Knight2021Rob Carter(MVP)
8Neil Harrell1621Kevin Hickman Best Result

Mon 2nd Jul

PosGreville ArmsScoreScoreKing George V
1Darren Plenderleith1521Tom Pritchard
2Steve Darling1021Neil Harrell(MVP) Best Result
3Chris Halford Best Result2111Andy Gibbs
4Ashley Bracken2113Paul Lamb
5Steve Wallace1921Paul Ward
6Andrew Nuttall2117Mike Pritchard
7Josh Hale2116Ian Hickey
8Darren Round(MVP)2114Jason Galvin

Mon 25th Jun

PosKing George VScoreScoreGreville Arms
1Paul Lamb(MVP) Best Result219Steve Wallace
2Tom Pritchard2120Peter Dunkley
3Mike Pritchard1921Andrew Nuttall
4Chris Bergin921Josh Hale Best Result
5Jason Galvin1321Ross Dunkley
6Paul Ward1421Darren Plenderleith
7Andy Gibbs2117Steve Darling
8Neil Harrell1221Carl Fielding(MVP)

Mon 18th Jun

PosKing George VScoreScoreDudley Dell
1Chris Bergin2116Martin Aston
2Paul Lamb2021Simon Homer(MVP)
3Simon Fisher1321Jason Westwood Best Result
4Andy Gibbs2116Nathan Dawes
5Ian Hickey2113Nick Gritton
6Neil Harrell(MVP)2117Jamie Wyer
7Tom Pritchard Best Result216Paul Beechey
8Jason Galvin2114Steve Shaw

Mon 11th Jun

PosDudley DellScoreScoreKing George V
1Craig Cartwright2116Tom Pritchard
2Nathan Dawes(MVP) Best Result217Simon Fisher
3Simon Homer Best Result217Neil Harrell
4Steve Shaw2119Ian Hickey(MVP) Best Result
5Jason Westwood2110Paul Ward
6Peter Withey2113Jason Galvin
7Jamie Wyer Best Result217Andy Gibbs
8Nick Wyer2116Chris Bergin

Mon 4th Jun

PosThe GeorgeScoreScoreKing George V
1Elliot Mcguinness2117Neil Harrell
2Mick Mcguinness2113Jason Galvin
3Ryan Prosser Best Result217Paul Ward
4Phil Clinton218Ian Hickey
5Russell Prosser1221Tom Pritchard(MVP) Best Result
6Jacob Dancer(MVP)2113Simon Fisher
7Greg Smith219Chris Bergin
8Marc Wilson2112Andy Gibbs

Mon 21st May

PosKing George VScoreScoreThe George
1Jason Galvin1621Elliot Mcguinness
2Andy Gibbs2112Jamie Dunn
3Paul Knight1021Greg Smith Best Result
4Paul Ward2117Paul Hemming
5Tom Pritchard(MVP) Best Result2111Russell Prosser
6Chris Bergin1621Phil Clinton
7Neil Harrell1121Ryan Prosser
8Paul Lamb2120Marc Wilson(MVP)

Mon 14th May

PosMoor Lane AScoreScoreKing George V
1Bob Hickman(MVP) Best Result218Chris Bergin
2Adam Patrick2118Paul Ward
3Simon Trentham2118Tom Pritchard
4Ashley Hickman2112Mike Pritchard
5Lee Woodfield1021Jason Galvin(MVP) Best Result
6Jack Whitehead2118Simon Fisher
7Paul Patrick Best Result218Martin Batty
8Kirk Stevens Best Result218Neil Harrell

Mon 30th Apr

PosKing George VScoreScoreMoor Lane A
1Chris Bergin1721Kirk Stevens(MVP)
2Simon Fisher2119Bob Hickman
3Jason Galvin Best Result216Ashley Hickman
4Andy Gibbs2120Paul Patrick
5Neil Harrell1021Jack Whitehead Best Result
6Tom Pritchard(MVP)219Adam Patrick
7Paul Ward2113Simon Trentham
8Paul Knight2021Lee Woodfield

Mon 23rd Apr

PosKing George VScoreScoreSt Georges
1Chris Bergin2117Tony Rhodes
2Simon Fisher1521Nigel Evans(MVP)
3Jason Galvin2120Ian Gaut
4Andy Gibbs(MVP) Best Result216Carl Hazlehurst
5Neil Harrell1221Lewis Scott Best Result
6Tom Pritchard2119Colin Beaman
7Gary Pritchard1421Clay Flattley
8Paul Ward2113Peter Grimston

Mon 16th Apr

PosSt GeorgesScoreScoreKing George V
1Carl Hazlehurst2119Paul Ward
2Nigel Evans2116Mike Pritchard
3Clay Flattley2021Neil Harrell(MVP)
4Ian Gaut1621Jason Galvin Best Result
5Peter Grimston2114Chris Bergin
6Colin Beaman2118Tom Pritchard
7Dave King1621Andy Gibbs Best Result
8Lewis Scott(MVP) Best Result216Simon Fisher