Summit Garage Bowling Lea 2016

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Team Averages for King George V (Premier League)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
119Tom Pritchard1610663304240+6419.0015.004.00
221Ross Dunkley1710759312258+5418.3515.183.18
324Josh Hale1410471248221+2717.7115.791.93
431Jason Galvin179853305279+2617.9416.411.53
532Phil Clinton189950341321+2018.9417.831.11
641Russell Prosser168850290279+1118.1317.440.69
744Ryan Prosser158753267268-117.8017.87-0.07
861Paul Lamb6518311380+3318.8313.335.50
970Chris Bergin1651131262283-2116.3817.69-1.31
1084Ben Harris431757265+718.0016.251.75
11105Paul Ward211503730+718.5015.003.50
12115Simon Fisher10102021-120.0021.00-1.00
13120Andy Gibbs20203542-717.5021.00-3.50
Mon 11th AprAChadsmoor A131146262
Mon 18th AprHChadsmoor A144124537
Mon 25th AprACastlefields136136446
Mon 9th MayHCastlefields139129446
Mon 16th MayAWindmill155130539
Mon 23rd MayHWindmill157109719
Mon 6th JunAGreville Arms151135448
Mon 13th JunHGreville Arms158109537
Mon 20th JunHWillenhall Nordley A151103628
Mon 27th JunAWillenhall Nordley A130162262
Mon 4th JulHSt Georges163155628
Mon 11th JulASt Georges132159262
Mon 18th JulHWest Brom FSC146106537
Mon 25th JulAWest Brom FSC145160353
Mon 1st AugHM&b Cheslyn Hay168968010
Mon 8th AugAM&b Cheslyn Hay147150444
Mon 15th AugHThe George149112537
Mon 22nd AugAThe George104166171
  Played 18260623877866106
1st Half Results for King George V
Pritchard Tom161019.0021-1418-2121-1321-521-1121-1721-1019-2121-4
Dunkley Ross171018.3521-621-1315-218-2121-1221-616-2121-915-21
Hale Josh141017.71    21-1021-721-1820-2121-13
Clinton Phil18918.9420-2121-1115-2118-2119-2121-1621-1621-1021-15
Galvin Jason17917.9415-2112-2121-1619-21 21-1115-2121-921-12
Prosser Russell16818.139-2121-1821-1121-1715-2121-1421-714-2121-7
Prosser Ryan15817.8018-2121-77-2110-2121-2021-1720-2121-12 
Lamb Paul6518.83        21-10
Bergin Chris16516.3818-219-2115-2121-321-1410-2116-2121-610-21
Harris Ben4318.009-2121-1221-1221-20     
Ward Paul2118.50    16-21    
Fisher Simon1020.00         
Gibbs Andy2017.50         
2nd Half Results for King George V
St Ge
St Ge
M&b C
M&b C
The G
The G
Pritchard Tom161019.00 21-2011-2121-1719-21 14-2121-313-21
Dunkley Ross171018.3519-2121-1811-2121-7 21-1121-1521-1418-21
Hale Josh141017.717-2121-1821-1421-98-2121-1721-1621-153-21
Clinton Phil18918.9415-2121-2016-2120-2121-1821-1613-2121-1016-21
Galvin Jason17917.9421-1921-2020-2121-517-2121-421-1511-217-21
Prosser Russell16818.1320-2121-1719-2112-21 21-2019-2114-21 
Prosser Ryan15817.8016-2119-2121-199-2121-1721-10  21-19
Lamb Paul6518.8321-17  21-5  21-2021-78-21
Bergin Chris16516.3811-2118-2113-21 21-2021-9 19-2118-21
Harris Ben4318.00         
Ward Paul2118.50     21-9   
Fisher Simon1020.00    20-21    
Gibbs Andy2017.50    18-21 17-21  

Mon 22nd Aug

PosThe GeorgeScoreScoreKing George V
1Marc Wilson217Jason Galvin
2Paddy Mcguinness1921Ryan Prosser(MVP)
3Mick Mcguinness2118Chris Bergin
4Elliot Mcguinness(MVP)213Josh Hale
5Paul Hemming2116Phil Clinton
6Steve Dicken2118Ross Dunkley
7Pete Davenport2113Tom Pritchard
8Mark Street218Paul Lamb

Mon 15th Aug

PosKing George VScoreScoreThe George
1Chris Bergin1921Marc Wilson
2Phil Clinton2110Martin Mcguinness
3Ross Dunkley2114Paul Hemming
4Jason Galvin1121Elliot Mcguinness
5Josh Hale2115Mark Street
6Paul Lamb217Pete Davenport
7Tom Pritchard(MVP)213Jacob Dancer
8Russell Prosser1421Paddy Mcguinness(MVP)

Mon 8th Aug

PosM&b Cheslyn HayScoreScoreKing George V
1Aaron Tapper1521Ross Dunkley(MVP)
2Ben Mellor1621Josh Hale
3Jack Hill2119Russell Prosser
4Lee Hulse1521Jason Galvin
5Chris Ward2117Andy Gibbs
6Gordon Hawkins(MVP)2113Phil Clinton
7David East2114Tom Pritchard
8Justin Pegram2021Paul Lamb

Mon 1st Aug

PosKing George VScoreScoreM&b Cheslyn Hay
1Russell Prosser2120Martin Huxley
2Jason Galvin214Jack Hill
3Ryan Prosser2110Aaron Tapper
4Paul Ward219Ben Mellor
5Chris Bergin219Lee Hulse
6Phil Clinton2116Steve Davis
7Ross Dunkley(MVP)2111Chris Ward
8Josh Hale2117David East(MVP)

Mon 25th Jul

PosWest Brom FSCScoreScoreKing George V
1Ant Aldridge1721Ryan Prosser
2Alan Bentley2021Chris Bergin
3Rob Carter(MVP)2119Tom Pritchard
4Matt Hocknull1821Phil Clinton(MVP)
5Wayne Phillips2120Simon Fisher
6Andy Saunders2117Jason Galvin
7Greg Smith218Josh Hale
8Chris Watts2118Andy Gibbs

Mon 18th Jul

PosKing George VScoreScoreWest Brom FSC
1Phil Clinton2021Matt Hocknull(MVP)
2Ross Dunkley217Rob Carter
3Jason Galvin215Wayne Phillips
4Josh Hale219Richard Dandy
5Paul Lamb215Chris Watts
6Tom Pritchard(MVP)2117Alan Bentley
7Ryan Prosser921Greg Smith
8Russell Prosser1221Andy Saunders

Mon 11th Jul

PosSt GeorgesScoreScoreKing George V
1Glyn Picknell2119Russell Prosser
2Rob Roden1921Ryan Prosser
3Colin Beaman2111Tom Pritchard
4Peter Grimston1421Josh Hale(MVP)
5Michael Wainwright2111Ross Dunkley
6Nigel Evans2113Chris Bergin
7Ian Gaut2120Jason Galvin
8Lewis Scott(MVP)2116Phil Clinton

Mon 4th Jul

PosKing George VScoreScoreSt Georges
1Chris Bergin1821Peter Grimston
2Phil Clinton2120Alan Palin
3Ross Dunkley2118Michael Wainwright
4Jason Galvin2120Lewis Scott
5Josh Hale2118Nigel Evans
6Tom Pritchard(MVP)2120Colin Beaman
7Russell Prosser2117Glyn Picknell
8Ryan Prosser1921Ian Gaut(MVP)

Mon 27th Jun

PosWillenhall Nordley AScoreScoreKing George V
1Kevin Hocknull1921Jason Galvin
2Scott Simpson(MVP)2111Chris Bergin
3Ant Bracken2120Russell Prosser
4Paul Evans217Josh Hale
5Richard Bate2115Phil Clinton
6Mark Jones1721Paul Lamb(MVP)
7Ross Edwards2116Ryan Prosser
8David Semper2119Ross Dunkley

Mon 20th Jun

PosKing George VScoreScoreWillenhall Nordley A
1Chris Bergin1021Ross Edwards(MVP)
2Phil Clinton2115David Semper
3Ross Dunkley1521Scott Simpson
4Jason Galvin2112Ant Bracken
5Josh Hale2113Mark Jones
6Paul Lamb(MVP)2110Paul Evans
7Tom Pritchard214Mark Hall
8Russell Prosser217Kevin Hocknull

Mon 13th Jun

PosKing George VScoreScoreGreville Arms
1Jason Galvin219Dunkley Peter
2Chris Bergin(MVP)216Steve Darling
3Ross Dunkley219Chris Halford
4Josh Hale2021Carl Fielding(MVP)
5Russell Prosser1421Dennis Herbert
6Tom Pritchard1921Steve Wallace
7Phil Clinton2110Andrew Nuttall
8Ryan Prosser2112Ashley Bracken

Mon 6th Jun

PosGreville ArmsScoreScoreKing George V
1Darren Plenderleith1021Tom Pritchard
2Steve Wallace2116Ross Dunkley
3Dunkley Peter1821Josh Hale
4Ashley Bracken2116Chris Bergin
5Steve Darling721Russell Prosser
6Chris Halford1621Phil Clinton
7Carl Fielding2115Jason Galvin
8Gareth Herbert(MVP)2120Ryan Prosser(MVP)

Mon 23rd May

PosKing George VScoreScoreWindmill
1Chris Bergin1021Glyn Storer(MVP)
2Phil Clinton2116Dave Chester
3Ross Dunkley216Mick Bardsley
4Jason Galvin2111Darrell Handley
5Josh Hale217Phil Chester
6Tom Pritchard(MVP)2117Kevin Handley
7Russell Prosser2114Derek Storer
8Ryan Prosser2117Steve Chapman

Mon 16th May

PosWindmillScoreScoreKing George V
1Glyn Storer2115Russell Prosser
2Dave Chester(MVP)2119Phil Clinton
3Phil Chester1021Josh Hale(MVP)
4Kevin Handley2116Paul Ward
5Derek Storer1421Chris Bergin
6Vic Gray1221Ross Dunkley
7Steve Chapman2021Ryan Prosser
8Mick Bardsley1121Tom Pritchard

Mon 9th May

PosKing George VScoreScoreCastlefields
1Chris Bergin(MVP)213Mark Taylor
2Phil Clinton1821Paul Williams(MVP)
3Ross Dunkley821Keith Walton
4Jason Galvin1921Clay Flattley
5Ben Harris2120Callum Wraight
6Tom Pritchard215Steve Walker
7Russell Prosser2117David Lloyd
8Ryan Prosser1021Rich Goddard

Mon 25th Apr

PosCastlefieldsScoreScoreKing George V
1Clay Flattley1621Jason Galvin
2Keith Walton2115Phil Clinton
3Callum Wraight(MVP)217Ryan Prosser
4Mark Taylor1121Russell Prosser
5Andy Duckett2115Chris Bergin
6Paul Williams2115Ross Dunkley
7Glyn Herbert1321Tom Pritchard(MVP)
8Rich Goddard1221Ben Harris

Mon 18th Apr

PosKing George VScoreScoreChadsmoor A
1Chris Bergin921Matt Fellows
2Phil Clinton(MVP)2111Lynn Pritchatt
3Ross Dunkley2113Scott Harries
4Jason Galvin1221Kevin Keary(MVP)
5Ben Harris2112Peter Cookson
6Tom Pritchard1821Dave Rhodes
7Ryan Prosser217Cliff Johnson
8Russell Prosser2118Mick Ledwidge

Mon 11th Apr

PosChadsmoor AScoreScoreKing George V
1Cliff Johnson2118Chris Bergin
2Matt Fellows2118Ryan Prosser
3Kevin Keary219Ben Harris
4Mick Ledwidge621Ross Dunkley(MVP)
5Stuart Edwards2120Phil Clinton
6Lynn Pritchatt(MVP)2115Jason Galvin
7Dave Rhodes1421Tom Pritchard
8Scott Harries219Russell Prosser