Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2016

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Worthen & Brockton ( Shropshire Div. 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
150Phil Hamer2516964462414+4818.4816.561.92
280Phil Rowson2013765367300+6718.3515.003.35
3115Dan Simmons24101442413416-317.2117.33-0.13
4117Tim Worley26101638463489-2617.8118.81-1.00
5143Colin Rigby2481633369454-8515.3818.92-3.54
6163Sue Worley2361726334447-11314.5219.43-4.91
7165Matthew Davies2561924313481-16812.5219.24-6.72
8177Leanne Simmons2151624296385-8914.1018.33-4.24
9198Martyn Main2141719287391-10413.6718.62-4.95
10222Linda Webster93633111177-6612.3319.67-7.33
11224Sharon Main2231914261453-19211.8620.59-8.73
12247Joyce Graves6243387108-2114.5018.00-3.50
13249Roger Smith7252994132-3813.4318.86-5.43
14256Jan Holding2021810224392-16811.2019.60-8.40
15262Roy Washbourne110100216+1521.006.0015.00
16281Trevor Williams312336055+520.0018.331.67
17288Andy Evans211502829-114.0014.50-0.50
18305Lawson Simmons (j)6151760105-4510.0017.50-7.50
19307Ralph Graves101910142202-6014.2020.20-6.00
20310Mary Woolley10191076203-1277.6020.30-12.70
21312Ken Holding221215234441-20710.6420.05-9.41
22325Mike Fisher10101321-813.0021.00-8.00
23332Fred Kynaston1010821-138.0021.00-13.00
24355Kevin Simmons20201542-277.5021.00-13.50
25367Lauren Simmons (j)505051105-5410.2021.00-10.80
Fri 1st AprAPontesbury B1182491111
Fri 15th AprAOxon Village1532452102
Fri 29th AprASevernside209177759
Fri 6th MayHBayston Hill B2271738410
Fri 13th MayAChurch Club1302441111
Fri 20th MayHMonkmoor2141578410
Wed 25th MayHCorbet Arms209197668
Fri 27th MayAWem USC1302471111
Fri 3rd JunHOxon178218575
Fri 10th JunABagley122238393
Wed 15th JunAGreenfields Social1602482102
Fri 17th JunHBicton B221207668
Fri 24th JunABye00000
Wed 29th JunASevernside St Julians169231575
Fri 1st JulHPontesbury B170221393
Fri 8th JulACorbet Arms1342520120
Fri 15th JulHOxon Village1352520120
Wed 20th JulHBricklayers B1632520120
Fri 22nd JulABricklayers B1462452102
Fri 29th JulHSevernside206187668
Fri 5th AugABayston Hill B188191484
Fri 12th AugHChurch Club172219484
Fri 19th AugAMonkmoor167237393
Wed 24th AugHSevernside St Julians190226393
Fri 26th AugHWem USC173237393
Fri 2nd SepAOxon1352442102
Fri 9th SepHBagley214214576
Wed 14th SepHGreenfields Social179218575
Fri 16th SepABicton B1772432102
Fri 23rd SepHBye00000
  Played 284789626997239110
1st Half Results for Worthen & Brockton
Wem U
Hamer Phil251618.48 16-2121-1121-88-2121-1921-920-2121-1921-1621-1921-1721-1921-97-21
Rowson Phil201318.3521-1821-1521-321-1111-21 21-17   15-2121-1621-1010-2114-21
Worley Tim261017.8115-2114-2120-2121-13 21-1821-105-2118-2121-1721-1920-2117-2119-2118-21
Simmons Dan241017.2118-21 21-1921-614-2115-2121-1210-2121-13 12-2121-7  9-21
Rigby Colin24815.3815-2117-2119-2121-1221-1321-13 21-1613-211-21 11-2121-1921-107-21
Worley Sue23614.526-2111-2121-716-21 21-917-2113-2121-1810-216-2117-2121-1812-214-21
Davies Matthew25612.524-213-2121-721-136-219-2121-1715-2111-2110-214-2110-215-2117-21 
Simmons Leanne21514.101-2121-205-2121-14   11-2121-611-2118-21 11-21 14-21
Main Martyn21413.678-2115-21 10-2113-2121-017-2116-219-2121-16  12-21  
Webster Linda9312.33 3-2121-17 7-21   9-21  21-18 9-2113-21
Main Sharon22311.862-218-21 14-2113-218-218-218-216-213-21  21-1810-215-21
Graves Joyce6214.50          16-2121-10   
Smith Roger7213.4317-2113-21 21-124-2114-21  21-154-21     
Holding Jan20211.20    10-21 3-216-21 3-2114-2120-2110-218-2120-21
Washbourne Roy1121.00      21-6        
Williams Trevor3120.00   19-21         21-13 
Graves Ralph10114.20      18-21   11-2121-13 19-2110-21
Evans Andy2114.007-21 21-8            
Holding Ken22110.64  5-21 17-2121-020-214-21 15-219-2117-215-213-2113-21
Simmons (j) Lawson6110.00     21-0         
Woolley Mary1017.60  13-21 6-2121-14 1-217-212-21  4-21  
Fisher Mike1013.00          13-21    
Simmons (j) Lauren5010.20               
Kynaston Fred108.00               
Simmons Kevin207.504-2111-21             
2nd Half Results for Worthen & Brockton
Wem U
Hamer Phil251618.48 18-217-2121-1221-1021-921-1912-2121-13 19-2121-1619-21
Rowson Phil201318.35   21-321-1 20-2118-216-2121-2021-1221-1021-17
Worley Tim261017.8118-2117-2121-1921-1421-1021-1310-2121-2010-21 15-2120-2117-21
Simmons Dan241017.2113-2118-2117-2121-1117-2121-109-2121-1720-2121-1416-2121-1315-21
Rigby Colin24815.3812-2119-2114-2121-176-2111-2120-21 14-21 21-188-2114-21
Worley Sue23614.5218-21 3-2115-2114-2121-1921-19   19-2116-2111-21
Davies Matthew25612.523-2119-2115-21 16-21 11-218-2121-199-2121-821-1812-21
Simmons Leanne21514.1015-2116-2110-21  19-214-2121-019-2112-2121-98-2117-21
Main Martyn21413.6719-215-2121-1620-2121-213-215-2114-215-2111-2111-21  
Webster Linda9312.337-21           21-16
Main Sharon22311.868-2118-2111-2119-21 16-2117-2117-2121-167-2121-20  
Graves Joyce6214.50    14-212-21   13-21 21-14 
Smith Roger7213.43             
Holding Jan20211.203-2114-219-2121-412-2111-2121-1017-216-217-219-21  
Washbourne Roy1121.00             
Williams Trevor3120.00       20-21     
Graves Ralph10114.20    11-2113-21  17-2111-21 11-21 
Evans Andy2114.00             
Holding Ken22110.646-213-2115-217-2114-213-218-219-2113-217-2120-21  
Simmons (j) Lawson6110.00 8-21 5-21     8-21 8-2110-21
Woolley Mary1017.6013-21 3-21         6-21
Fisher Mike1013.00             
Simmons (j) Lauren5010.20   14-21   12-21 8-21 3-2114-21
Kynaston Fred108.00 8-21           
Simmons Kevin207.50             

Fri 16th Sep

PosBicton BScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Stuart Bennett2111Sue Worley
2Roy Washbrook2114Colin Rigby
3Diane Washbrook2117Tim Worley
4Sue Pearson2119Phil Hamer
5Sandra Darlington2110Lawson Simmons (j)
6Ken Darlington2114Lauren Simmons (j)
7Wendy Price1721Phil Rowson
8Paul A Evans2115Dan Simmons
9Simon Brown1621Linda Webster Best Result
10Pat Oliver Best Result216Mary Woolley
11Kevin Price2117Leanne Simmons
12Tony Oliver2112Matthew Davies

Wed 14th Sep

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreGreenfields Social
1Phil Hamer2116Mike Badnell
2Joyce Graves2114Chris Jones (6ta)
3Lauren Simmons (j)321Ian Kilburn (6ta) Best Result
4Ralph Graves1121Rob Jones
5Sue Worley1621John Brown (6ta)
6Lawson Simmons (j)821James Fernie
7Matthew Davies2118Kevin Williams (6ta)
8Leanne Simmons821Pete Mackay
9Colin Rigby821Roger Jones (6ta)
10Tim Worley2021Ian Massey
11Phil Rowson Best Result2110June Massey
12Dan Simmons2113Jo Wellard

Fri 9th Sep

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreBagley
1Leanne Simmons219Jackie Sung
2Jan Holding921John Farmer Best Result
3Sue Worley1921Colin Clayton (6ta)
4Ken Holding2021Mark Spencer
5Martyn Main1121Andy Barnes
6Colin Rigby2118Marg Barnes
7Matthew Davies Best Result218Laurence Earl
8Sharon Main2120John Griffiths
9Tim Worley1521Paul Peatroy (6ta)
10Phil Rowson2112John Lovett (6ta)
11Phil Hamer1921Andy Sutherland (6ta)
12Dan Simmons1621Darren Williams
Apologies for late results. Fantastic match of bowls some very good games, played in a good friendly atmosphere. Thank you to the green keepers at worthen the green was brilliant!

Fri 2nd Sep

PosOxonScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Emmet Mckinley (j)219Matthew Davies
2Pete Ellis Best Result217Ken Holding
3Paul Williams218Lawson Simmons (j)
4Andy Clorley1421Dan Simmons Best Result
5Terry Clorley2113Joyce Graves
6Paul Thomas218Lauren Simmons (j)
7Martin Mckinley2111Martyn Main
8Ted Manders Best Result217Jan Holding
9Matt Morris2111Ralph Graves
10Tony Manders2021Phil Rowson
11Dickie Dodd2112Leanne Simmons
12Danny Powell Best Result217Sharon Main

Fri 26th Aug

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreWem USC
1Phil Hamer Best Result2113Mo Corley
2Dan Simmons2021Terry Piggott
3Martyn Main521John Bushill Best Result
4Matthew Davies2119Dale Thomas
5Sharon Main2116Kelly Mcminn
6Jan Holding621Phil Bryan
7Leanne Simmons1921Jason Bebb
8Ken Holding1321Robert Pawlowski
9Ralph Graves1721Harry Thomas
10Phil Rowson621Barrie Thomas
11Colin Rigby1421Jim Edgerton
12Tim Worley1021Mark Williams

Wed 24th Aug

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreSevernside St Julians
1Phil Hamer1221Chris Kershaw
2Dan Simmons Best Result2117Mark Lanning
3Sharon Main1721Keith Potter
4Martyn Main1421Ian Jones
5Ken Holding921Cynthia Hedley
6Jan Holding1721Roland Leigh
7Trevor Williams2021Ted Rogers
8Lauren Simmons (j)1221Alan Tudor
9Matthew Davies821Ernie Shea Best Result
10Phil Rowson1821Stuart Rhodes
11Tim Worley2120Andrew Rhodes
12Leanne Simmons210Walk Over

Fri 19th Aug

PosMonkmoorScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Colin Hayes215Martyn Main
2Ricky Cooke219Dan Simmons
3Mick Fiest1921Phil Hamer
4Andy Cooke2120Phil Rowson
5Joan Uncles Best Result214Leanne Simmons
6Richard Lee2117Sharon Main
7Colin Bell1921Sue Worley
8John Uncles1021Jan Holding Best Result
9Natty Lee2120Colin Rigby
10Steve Bramall2111Matthew Davies
11Scott Lane218Ken Holding
12Chris Thomas2110Tim Worley

Fri 12th Aug

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreChurch Club
1Dan Simmons2110Steve Turner
2Phil Hamer Best Result219Glenys Jones
3Martyn Main1321Roy Jones
4Jan Holding1121Merv Weaver
5Joyce Graves221Roger Candlin Best Result
6Ralph Graves1321Dave Smith
7Sharon Main1621Emrys Jones
8Leanne Simmons1921Paul Smith
9Sue Worley2119Neil Williams
10Ken Holding321John Roberts
11Colin Rigby1121Karl Adams
12Tim Worley2113Brian Canlett
sorry dan had to put result on good crack as ever thanks for the hospitality see you next season B luck for remaining games regards steve & gang

Fri 5th Aug

PosBayston Hill BScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Christine Taylor Best Result216Colin Rigby
2Terry Barlow221Martyn Main
3Norman Clements1021Phil Hamer
4Carol Clements2117Dan Simmons
5Julian Archer2114Joyce Graves
6Jean Barlow2111Ralph Graves
7Joan Gregory2112Jan Holding
8Dave Jones1021Tim Worley
9Ted Clarke121Phil Rowson Best Result
10Bob Preece2116Matthew Davies
11Norman Price2114Sue Worley
12Royston Wilcock2114Ken Holding

Fri 29th Jul

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreSevernside
1Phil Hamer2112Sarah Radford
2Dan Simmons2111Pat Hart
3Sue Worley1521John Parry
4Martyn Main2021Felicity Kershaw
5Lauren Simmons (j)1421Doreen Jones
6Sharon Main1921Eileen Farr
7Jan Holding214John Holmwood
8Lawson Simmons (j)521Sue Eaton Best Result
9Ken Holding721Les Lewis
10Colin Rigby2117David Eaton
11Phil Rowson Best Result213John Fannin
12Tim Worley2114Neil Radford
Well done to young Lauren for getting 14 on her 1st team debut :) Severnside bowled the green really well and deserved their 6 Weinberg Also thanks to Ken for preparing the green which ran absolutely fantastic!

Fri 22nd Jul

PosBricklayers BScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Scott Newland2117Dan Simmons
2Gary Jones Best Result213Sue Worley
3Dan Price217Phil Hamer
4Martin Davison1621Martyn Main Best Result
5Jordan Bannister2111Sharon Main
6Oliver Crane Best Result213Mary Woolley
7Luke Suter219Jan Holding
8Ben Atter2115Ken Holding
9Dean Suter2114Colin Rigby
10Adam Sneade2115Matthew Davies
11David Webb2110Leanne Simmons
12Neil Crane1921Tim Worley

Wed 20th Jul

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreBricklayers B
1Ken Holding321Martin Davison Best Result
2Dan Simmons1821Perry Evans
3Phil Hamer1821Gary Jones
4Martyn Main521Neil Ashton
5Fred Kynaston821Alex Herbert
6Jan Holding1421David Webb
7Sharon Main1821Neil Crane
8Lawson Simmons (j)821Adam Sneade
9Leanne Simmons1621Dean Suter
10Colin Rigby Best Result1921Nigel Thomas
11Matthew Davies Best Result1921Luke Suter
12Tim Worley1721Simon Damm

Fri 15th Jul

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreOxon Village
1Ken Holding621Norman Barkley
2Dan Simmons1321Alan Edwards
3Martyn Main Best Result1921Sue Storey
4Jan Holding321Emma Shore Best Result
5Sue Worley1821Mike Davies
6Sharon Main821Jason Stevens
7Linda Webster721Chris Murray
8Mary Woolley1321Andrea Pickering
9Matthew Davies321Brian Selley Best Result
10Leanne Simmons1521Paul Murray
11Colin Rigby1221Paul Davies
12Tim Worley1821Nigel Williams
Extremely disappointing night for worthen. Well bowled oxon village. Bowled very well.

Fri 8th Jul

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Mike Wood2114Phil Rowson
2Marion Stevens217Phil Hamer
3Peter Sherry215Sharon Main
4Steve Edwards219Dan Simmons
5Mary Woodcock2113Linda Webster
6Gill Blakeley Best Result214Sue Worley
7Sylvia Burton2113Ken Holding
8Dave Evans2120Jan Holding Best Result
9Brian Burton2110Ralph Graves
10Paul Caswell217Colin Rigby
11Eddie Roderick2118Tim Worley
12Dave Hyde2114Leanne Simmons
Game played in a good spirit, it was Corbets night but Worthen and Brockton played very well.

Fri 1st Jul

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScorePontesbury B
1Ken Holding321Jason Rowson (6tb) Best Result
2Jan Holding821Dave Perks
3Ralph Graves1921John Potter
4Colin Rigby2110Barry Lawrence
5Sue Worley1221Stuart Morris (6tc)
6Sharon Main1021Charlie Hotchkiss (j)
7Linda Webster921Terry Wainwright (6tc)
8Trevor Williams2113Ben Middleton (j)
9Matthew Davies1721Kevin Williams (6tc)
10Phil Hamer Best Result219Martin Jones
11Phil Rowson1021Martin Green
12Tim Worley1921Clive Luther

Wed 29th Jun

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Ian Jones2110Jan Holding
2Mark Parry215Ken Holding
3Mark Lanning1921Phil Hamer
4Keith Potter2112Martyn Main
5Paddy Grace1821Sue Worley
6George Powell2111Leanne Simmons
7Ted Rogers1821Sharon Main
8Andrew Rhodes Best Result214Mary Woolley
9Roland Leigh1921Colin Rigby
10Chris Kershaw2117Tim Worley
11Stuart Rhodes215Matthew Davies
12Ernie Shea1021Phil Rowson Best Result

Fri 17th Jun

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreBicton B
1Phil Hamer2117Wendy Price
2Dan Simmons Best Result217Veronica Bland
3Joyce Graves2110Sandra Darlington
4Phil Rowson2116Dave Price
5Sue Worley1721Pat Neale
6Ralph Graves2113Mary Jones
7Jan Holding2021George Bland
8Linda Webster2118Roly Oliver
9Ken Holding1721Ken Darlington
10Colin Rigby1121Ken Barrow
11Matthew Davies1021Pat Oliver Best Result
12Tim Worley2021Dave Brown

Wed 15th Jun

PosGreenfields SocialScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Kevin Williams (6ta)1921Phil Hamer Best Result
2Chris Jones (6ta)2115Phil Rowson
3Mike Badnell2112Dan Simmons
4Ian Massey2113Mike Fisher
5Rob Jones2111Ralph Graves
6Pete Mackay Best Result214Matthew Davies
7June Massey216Sue Worley
8James Fernie1921Tim Worley Best Result
9Roger Jones (6ta)2116Joyce Graves
10Neil Harris219Ken Holding
11Sharon Jones2114Jan Holding
12Jo Wellard2118Leanne Simmons

Fri 10th Jun

PosBagleyScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1John Farmer213Jan Holding
2Colin Clayton (6ta)213Sharon Main
3Darren Williams2110Sue Worley
4Paul Peatroy (6ta)212Mary Woolley
5Jackie Sung1621Martyn Main Best Result
6Dave Paterson2111Leanne Simmons
7Marg Barnes Best Result211Colin Rigby
8Reg Sayer1621Phil Hamer Best Result
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)214Roger Smith
10John Lovett (6ta)2110Matthew Davies
11Laurence Earl1721Tim Worley
12Andy Barnes2115Ken Holding

Fri 3rd Jun

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreOxon
1Martyn Main921Clive Harrington
2Sharon Main621Martin Mckinley Best Result
3Mary Woolley721Tony Manders
4Linda Webster921Dave Jones
5Sue Worley2118Terry Clorley
6Phil Hamer2119Emmet Mckinley (j)
7Leanne Simmons Best Result216Ted Manders
8Colin Rigby1321Paul Williams
9Matthew Davies1121Danny Powell
10Tim Worley1821Andy Owens
11Roger Smith2115Matt Morris
12Dan Simmons2113Dickie Dodd

Fri 27th May

PosWem USCScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Carl Pawlowski2115Matthew Davies
2Mo Corley216Jan Holding
3Phil Bryan218Sharon Main
4Jim Edgerton2111Leanne Simmons
5Terry Piggott2116Martyn Main
6Jake Bailey1621Colin Rigby Best Result
7Robert Pawlowski2110Dan Simmons
8Dale Thomas Best Result211Mary Woolley
9Mark Williams2113Sue Worley
10Barrie Thomas215Tim Worley
11Harry Thomas2120Phil Hamer
12Stuurt Bailey214Ken Holding

Wed 25th May

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Jan Holding321Terry Evans Best Result
2Martyn Main1721Brian Burton
3Sharon Main821Steve Edwards
4Sue Worley1721Dave Hyde
5Phil Hamer219Mary Woodcock
6Matthew Davies2117Gill Blakeley
7Ken Holding2021Doreen Meese
8Roy Washbourne Best Result216Tony Meese
9Ralph Graves1821Sylvia Burton
10Tim Worley2110Dave Evans
11Phil Rowson2117Eddie Roderick
12Dan Simmons2112Graham Lewis

Fri 20th May

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreMonkmoor
1Phil Hamer2119Ali Brown
2Martyn Main210Walk Over
3Colin Rigby2113Joan Uncles
4Ken Holding210Walk Over
5Sharon Main821Mick Fiest Best Result
6Mary Woolley2114John Uncles
7Sue Worley Best Result219Colin Prinn
8Lawson Simmons (j)210Walk Over
9Matthew Davies921Natty Lee
10Tim Worley2118Steve Bramall
11Roger Smith1421Colin Hayes
12Dan Simmons1521Scott Lane

Fri 13th May

PosChurch ClubScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Bronwyn Jones2113Sharon Main
2Neil Williams2113Martyn Main
3Glenys Jones218Phil Hamer
4Mel Jones1321Colin Rigby Best Result
5Emrys Jones2117Ken Holding
6Roger Candlin216Mary Woolley
7Roy Jones217Linda Webster
8John Roberts2110Jan Holding
9Brian Canlett Best Result214Roger Smith
10Pete Adams216Matthew Davies
11Steve Lewis2114Dan Simmons
12Steve Turner2111Phil Rowson

Fri 6th May

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreBayston Hill B
1Phil Hamer218Ted Clarke
2Martyn Main1021Carol Clements Best Result
3Colin Rigby2112Jean Barlow
4Matthew Davies2113Marion Jones
5Sharon Main1421Julian Archer
6Sue Worley1621Norman Clements
7Leanne Simmons2114Norman Price
8Trevor Williams1921Julie Clarke
9Phil Rowson2111Tim Thomas
10Tim Worley2113Dave Jones
11Roger Smith2112Joan Gregory
12Dan Simmons Best Result216Bob Preece

Fri 29th Apr

PosSevernsideScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Terry Sambrook2119Colin Rigby
2Sheila Berne721Matthew Davies
3Sarah Radford1121Phil Hamer
4Felicity Kershaw Best Result215Leanne Simmons
5Doreen Jones721Sue Worley
6John Holmwood1721Linda Webster
7Sue Eaton2113Mary Woolley
8Pat Hart Best Result215Ken Holding
9Neil Radford321Phil Rowson Best Result
10David Eaton2120Tim Worley
11John Parry821Andy Evans
12Les Lewis1921Dan Simmons

Fri 15th Apr

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Paul Murray2116Phil Hamer
2Emma Shore Best Result213Matthew Davies
3Phil Ashcroft2115Martyn Main
4Mal Isaac2117Colin Rigby
5Alan Edwards Best Result213Linda Webster
6Chris Murray218Sharon Main
7Andrea Pickering2111Sue Worley
8Paul Davies1521Phil Rowson Best Result
9Sue Storey2114Tim Worley
10Jason Stevens2111Kevin Simmons
11Brian Selley2113Roger Smith
12Nigel Williams2021Leanne Simmons

Fri 1st Apr

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Adam Morris (6tc)218Martyn Main
2Dave Perks214Matthew Davies
3Barry Challinor Best Result211Leanne Simmons
4Emlyn Jones212Sharon Main
5Sandra Evans216Sue Worley
6Terry Wainwright (6tc)2115Tim Worley
7Terry Jones (6tb)1821Phil Rowson Best Result
8John Potter2115Colin Rigby
9Martin Jones217Andy Evans
10Martin Green214Kevin Simmons
11Clive Luther2117Roger Smith
12Kevin Williams (6tc)2118Dan Simmons