Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Bicton B ( Shropshire Div. 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
134Pat Oliver1911858346281+6518.2114.793.42
263Wendy Price179853278263+1516.3515.470.88
3105Roy Washbrook1961332299338-3915.7417.79-2.05
4118Diane Washbrook1951426262363-10113.7919.11-5.32
5123Shaun Phillips84450124135-1115.5016.88-1.38
6130Pat Neale1641225220323-10313.7520.19-6.44
7131Mary Jones1641225195315-12012.1919.69-7.50
8141Ken Barrow93633130178-4814.4419.78-5.33
9147Sandra Darlington1431121151269-11810.7919.21-8.43
10156Dave Price422507777019.2519.250.00
11161Roger Oldacre422507179-817.7519.75-2.00
12169George Bland82625114155-4114.2519.38-5.13
13170Mike Bradder1321115193257-6414.8519.77-4.92
14173Barbara Barkley112918117227-11010.6420.64-10.00
15178Dave Sands211503121+1015.5010.505.00
16185Karen Bennett1101002116+521.0016.005.00
17192Paul Idris Evans211502933-414.5016.50-2.00
18195Paul A Evans211503439-517.0019.50-2.50
19199Sue Pearson312334960-1116.3320.00-3.67
20207Norman Barkley141137212287-7515.1420.50-5.36
21209Ken Darlington201195227414-18711.3520.70-9.35
22218Pat Price10101721-417.0021.00-4.00
23219Roly Oliver10101721-417.0021.00-4.00
24224Kevin Price10101421-714.0021.00-7.00
25228Ron Wainwright10101221-912.0021.00-9.00
26235Val Roberts1010921-129.0021.00-12.00
27241Wendy Wainwright1010321-183.0021.00-18.00
28251Billy Jones40404784-3711.7521.00-9.25
29259Veronica Bland909080189-1098.8921.00-12.11
Fri 21st AprHWorthen & Brockton2311779311
Fri 28th AprAAbbey B1312461111
Fri 5th MayHBagley194217666
Fri 12th MayABye00000
Fri 19th MayHSevernside St Julians166211484
Fri 26th MayAOxon1472302102
Fri 2nd JunHWem USC1792212102
Fri 9th JunAChurch Club1682391111
Fri 16th JunHAlbert Road BC158221575
Fri 23rd JunABurway1172511111
Fri 30th JunHHadnall182229393
Fri 7th JulHBurway1632491111
Fri 14th JulAHadnall1562362102
Fri 21st JulAWorthen & Brockton204192759
Fri 28th JulHAbbey B184240393
Fri 4th AugABagley1222421111
Fri 11th AugHBye00000
Fri 18th AugASevernside St Julians181222484
Fri 25th AugHOxon179210575
Fri 1st SepAWem USC1712372102
Fri 8th SepHChurch Club171238393
Fri 15th SepAAlbert Road BC175221484
  Played 20337945296617470
1st Half Results for Bicton B
Wem U
Oliver Pat191118.2121-818-2121-1421-1221-1321-720-2121-716-2121-1718-21
Price Wendy17916.3521-7 21-721-158-216-2115-2121-148-218-21 
Washbrook Roy19615.7421-1515-2114-210-2115-2116-21 9-2116-2121-620-21
Washbrook Diane19513.7921-1421-1521-1511-2121-717-21 9-219-2117-217-21
Phillips Shaun8415.50  21-18 8-2121-4    11-21
Neale Pat16413.7516-21 12-2115-2115-2116-217-2121-1611-219-21 
Jones Mary16412.1921-205-2121-200-216-2114-2121-8 9-21 17-21
Barrow Ken9314.44    7-21   7-2121-17 
Darlington Sandra14310.7921-510-2121-1721-1613-216-216-217-211-2112-2110-21
Price Dave4219.25        21-20  
Oldacre Roger4217.75      19-2121-19   
Bradder Mike13214.85  11-2118-2111-2112-21    13-21
Bland George8214.2521-139-21   20-21 5-218-21 16-21
Barkley Barbara11210.64 11-21     21-18 5-217-21
Bennett Karen1121.00           
Evans Paul A2117.0021-18  13-21       
Pearson Sue3116.33        11-21 21-18
Sands Dave2115.50   21-0  10-21    
Barkley Norman14115.1421-1415-2116-21  17-2112-2118-21 19-217-21
Evans Paul Idris2114.50      8-21    
Darlington Ken20111.3514-215-217-2113-2118-2113-2117-212-210-2116-2116-21
Price Pat1017.00           
Oliver Roly1017.00      17-21    
Price Kevin1014.00         14-21 
Wainwright Ron1012.00 12-21         
Jones Billy4011.75      16-21    
Roberts Val109.00           
Bland Veronica908.8912-217-218-2112-214-21  3-21 19-21 
Wainwright Wendy103.00 3-21         
2nd Half Results for Bicton B
Wem U
Oliver Pat191118.21 21-819-2121-116-2121-69-219-2121-10
Price Wendy17916.3519-2121-921-11 17-2121-1121-78-2121-14
Washbrook Roy19615.7421-1021-1218-2111-2121-710-2117-2112-2121-15
Washbrook Diane19513.7915-2121-187-2111-2114-2110-2119-216-215-21
Phillips Shaun8415.50     7-2114-2121-1521-14
Neale Pat16413.759-21 21-2011-2121-1621-19 7-218-21
Jones Mary16412.19 10-217-214-21 21-157-2118-2114-21
Barrow Ken9314.4411-2114-2121-2019-2121-15   9-21
Darlington Sandra14310.7913-217-21 3-21     
Price Dave4219.25 21-1516-21     19-21
Oldacre Roger4217.75      10-2121-18 
Bradder Mike13214.8521-1621-1018-216-2119-2113-2113-21 17-21
Bland George8214.2514-21   21-16    
Barkley Barbara11210.6415-217-219-212-2110-219-2121-20  
Bennett Karen1121.00       21-16 
Evans Paul A2117.00         
Pearson Sue3116.33       17-21 
Sands Dave2115.50         
Barkley Norman14115.147-2119-21 12-2113-2116-2120-21  
Evans Paul Idris2114.50     21-12   
Darlington Ken20111.356-2121-1517-2113-218-219-2111-2119-212-21
Price Pat1017.00        17-21
Oliver Roly1017.00         
Price Kevin1014.00         
Wainwright Ron1012.00         
Jones Billy4011.75    10-21 9-2112-21 
Roberts Val109.00   9-21     
Bland Veronica908.895-21 10-21      
Wainwright Wendy103.00         

Fri 15th Sep

PosAlbert Road BCScoreScoreBicton B
1Margaret Lacourse1021Pat Oliver Best Result
2Len Turford1421Wendy Price
3Bryan Bates218Pat Neale
4Martin Ryan2117Mike Bradder
5Sue Hill215Diane Washbrook
6Reg Reece Best Result212Ken Darlington
7Graham Hughes1521Roy Washbrook
8Terry Jones2114Mary Jones
9Mark Hill1421Shaun Phillips
10John Judson2117Pat Price
11Paul Binnersley2119Dave Price
12Bryan Jenkins219Ken Barrow

Fri 8th Sep

PosBicton BScoreScoreChurch Club
1Wendy Price821Glenys Jones
2Pat Neale721Roger Candlin
3Mary Jones1821Adrian Jones
4Sue Pearson1721Steve Lewis
5Roy Washbrook1221Brian Canlett
6Diane Washbrook621Dave Smith Best Result
7Ken Darlington1921Emrys Jones
8Billy Jones1221John Roberts
9Karen Bennett2116Steve Turner
10Roger Oldacre2118Paul Smith
11Pat Oliver921Ron Crook
12Shaun Phillips Best Result2115Pete Adams

Fri 1st Sep

PosWem USCScoreScoreBicton B
1Colleen Harding2120Norman Barkley
2Barrie Thomas721Wendy Price Best Result
3Mo Corley Best Result217Mary Jones
4Terry Piggott2113Mike Bradder
5Ken Johnson2111Ken Darlington
6Robert Pawlowski2117Roy Washbrook
7Paul Bryan2119Diane Washbrook
8Lucy Middleton2021Barbara Barkley
9Harry Thomas2114Shaun Phillips
10Ian Tinsley2110Roger Oldacre
11Ant Williams219Pat Oliver
12Phil Bryan219Billy Jones

Fri 25th Aug

PosBicton BScoreScoreOxon
1Pat Neale2119Pete Nicholls
2Wendy Price2111Clive Brown
3Mike Bradder1321Tony Manders
4Paul Idris Evans2112Ken Davies
5Barbara Barkley921Martin Mckinley
6Mary Jones2115John Morris
7Roy Washbrook1021Clive Harrington
8Ken Darlington921Rob Mitton
9Diane Washbrook1021Dickie Dodd
10Pat Oliver Best Result216Andy Owens
11Norman Barkley1621Matt Morris
12Shaun Phillips721Danny Powell Best Result

Fri 18th Aug

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreScoreBicton B
1Ian Jones1621George Bland
2Mark Lanning2117Wendy Price
3Keith Potter2119Mike Bradder
4Chris Kershaw2110Barbara Barkley
5Neil Radford721Roy Washbrook Best Result
6Ben Turner1621Pat Neale
7Alan Tudor2114Diane Washbrook
8Peter Leigh218Ken Darlington
9Mark Parry2110Billy Jones
10Roland Leigh Best Result216Pat Oliver
11Ernie Shea1521Ken Barrow
12Stuart Rhodes2113Norman Barkley

Fri 4th Aug

PosBagleyScoreScoreBicton B
1Darren Williams214Mary Jones
2Reg Sayer219Val Roberts
3Mark Spencer (6ta)216Mike Bradder
4Marg Barnes Best Result212Barbara Barkley
5Louise Rooke2113Ken Darlington
6John Farmer (6ta)213Sandra Darlington
7John Lovett (6ta)2111Roy Washbrook
8Andy Sutherland (6ta)2119Ken Barrow
9Paul Peatroy (6ta)2112Norman Barkley
10Stuart Reynolds2111Pat Neale
11David Scutts1121Pat Oliver Best Result
12Andy Barnes2111Diane Washbrook

Fri 28th Jul

PosBicton BScoreScoreAbbey B
1Mike Bradder1821Gary Jones
2Mary Jones721Scott Newland Best Result
3Veronica Bland1021Steve Peach
4Barbara Barkley921Tom Hughes
5Pat Neale2120Adam James
6Wendy Price Best Result2111Steve Mackett
7Roy Washbrook1821Luke Suter
8Diane Washbrook721Dan Price Best Result
9Pat Oliver1921David Webb
10Dave Price1621Oliver Crane
11Ken Darlington1721Ben Atter
12Ken Barrow2120Dean Suter
Heavy rain stopped game on friday.Played out remainder on wednesday 16th.Dry conditions helped our middle and back bowlers.

Fri 21st Jul

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreBicton B
1Dave Perry1521Ken Darlington
2Tim Worley2110Mary Jones
3Matthew Davies Best Result217Barbara Barkley
4Jan Holding1021Mike Bradder
5Kevin Simmons Best Result217Sandra Darlington
6Linda Webster921Wendy Price
7Ken Holding1221Roy Washbrook
8Sue Worley1821Diane Washbrook
9Colin Rigby1521Dave Price
10Adam Elmore821Pat Oliver Best Result
11Phil Rowson2119Norman Barkley
12Phil Hamer2114Ken Barrow

Fri 14th Jul

PosHadnallScoreScoreBicton B
1Peter Sargant2114George Bland
2James Weaver2115Barbara Barkley
3John Ford219Pat Neale
4Jon Lyttle216Ken Darlington
5Gerry Fitzpatrick Best Result215Veronica Bland
6Tim Childs2113Sandra Darlington
7Ian Bowser1021Roy Washbrook Best Result
8Will Childs1621Mike Bradder
9Bob Sharpe2119Wendy Price
10Ernie Garrett2111Ken Barrow
11Kerry Dance2115Diane Washbrook
12Chris Elsbury217Norman Barkley

Fri 7th Jul

PosBicton BScoreScoreBurway
1Mary Jones1721Cheryl Lloyd
2George Bland1621Camilla Parsonage
3Mike Bradder1321Steve Dovey
4Barbara Barkley721Anthony Rogers Best Result
5Sandra Darlington1021Jack Bufton
6Diane Washbrook721Vivian Cooper Best Result
7Roy Washbrook2021Steve Burmingham
8Ken Darlington1621Jack Parsonage
9Sue Pearson Best Result2118George Cooper
10Pat Oliver1821Terry Angell
11Norman Barkley721Tom Moseley Best Result
12Shaun Phillips1121Emily Moseley

Fri 30th Jun

PosBicton BScoreScoreHadnall
1Veronica Bland1921Jon Lyttle
2Wendy Price821Gerry Fitzpatrick
3Ken Darlington1621Kerry Dance
4Barbara Barkley521Peter Sargant Best Result
5Pat Neale921John Ford
6Sandra Darlington1221Bob Sharpe
7Roy Washbrook Best Result216Tim Childs
8Diane Washbrook1721Ian Bowser
9Norman Barkley1921Ernie Garrett
10Pat Oliver2117James Weaver
11Ken Barrow2117Mike Pemberton
12Kevin Price1421Chris Elsbury

Fri 23rd Jun

PosBurwayScoreScoreBicton B
1Harry Parsonage218George Bland
2Camilla Parsonage218Wendy Price
3Anthony Rogers211Sandra Darlington
4George Cooper2116Roy Washbrook
5Vivian Cooper2111Pat Neale
6Steve Dovey219Mary Jones
7Steve Burmingham219Diane Washbrook
8Cheryl Lloyd2021Dave Price Best Result
9Jack Bufton2111Sue Pearson
10Terry Angell Best Result210Ken Darlington
11Tom Moseley2116Pat Oliver
12Liam Dovey217Ken Barrow

Fri 16th Jun

PosBicton BScoreScoreAlbert Road BC
1George Bland521Bryan Bates
2Veronica Bland321Mark Hill
3Barbara Barkley2118Terry Jones
4Wendy Price2114Margaret Lacourse
5Pat Neale2116John Grenville
6Sandra Darlington721Graham Hughes
7Roy Washbrook921Chris Edwards
8Diane Washbrook921Sam Hill
9Roger Oldacre2119Paul Binnersley
10Ken Darlington221Nev Griffiths Best Result
11Pat Oliver Best Result217Dave Turner
12Norman Barkley1821Russell Turner

Fri 9th Jun

PosChurch ClubScoreScoreBicton B
1Ron Crook218Paul Idris Evans
2Roy Jones2110Dave Sands
3Glenys Jones217Pat Neale
4Roger Candlin2119Roger Oldacre
5Emrys Jones2116Billy Jones
6Jason Mckusker821Mary Jones Best Result
7Paul Smith2117Roly Oliver
8Brian Canlett Best Result216Sandra Darlington
9Adrian Jones2115Wendy Price
10Steve Lewis2120Pat Oliver
11John Roberts2117Ken Darlington
12Dave Smith2112Norman Barkley

Fri 2nd Jun

PosBicton BScoreScoreWem USC
1Wendy Price621Colleen Harding Best Result
2Mary Jones1421Mo Corley
3Mike Bradder1221Barrie Thomas
4Sandra Darlington621Robert Pawlowski Best Result
5Pat Neale1621Jason Bebb
6Diane Washbrook1721Nathan Pawlowski
7Roy Washbrook1621Tracey Harding
8Ken Darlington1321Terry Piggott
9George Bland2021Ian Tinsley
10Pat Oliver217Ant Williams
11Norman Barkley1721Phil Bryan
12Shaun Phillips Best Result214Harry Thomas

Fri 26th May

PosOxonScoreScoreBicton B
1Paul Thomas Best Result214Veronica Bland
2Clive Harrington216Mary Jones
3Tony Manders1321Pat Oliver
4Pete Nicholls2111Mike Bradder
5Emmet Mckinley (j)2113Sandra Darlington
6Martin Mckinley2115Pat Neale
7Rob Mitton218Wendy Price
8Ken Davies2115Roy Washbrook
9Dickie Dodd2118Ken Darlington
10Danny Powell217Ken Barrow
11Matt Morris218Shaun Phillips
12John Morris721Diane Washbrook Best Result

Fri 19th May

PosBicton BScoreScoreSevernside St Julians
1Pat Oliver Best Result2112Mark Parry
2Paul A Evans1321George Powell
3Mary Jones021Andrew Reynolds Best Result
4Mike Bradder1821Mark Lanning
5Pat Neale1521Ian Jones
6Sandra Darlington2116Ben Turner
7Wendy Price2115Cynthia Hedley
8Diane Washbrook1121Cliff Redshaw
9Roy Washbrook021Stuart Rhodes Best Result
10Dave Sands210Walk Over
11Veronica Bland1221Chris Kershaw
12Ken Darlington1321Ernie Shea

Fri 5th May

PosBicton BScoreScoreBagley
1Wendy Price Best Result217Sandra Griffiths
2Pat Oliver2114Darren Williams
3Pat Neale1221John Farmer (6ta)
4Mary Jones2120Reg Sayer
5Roy Washbrook1421Marg Barnes
6Veronica Bland821Stuart Reynolds
7Sandra Darlington2117David Scutts
8Diane Washbrook2115Louise Rooke
9Ken Darlington721Dave Paterson Best Result
10Shaun Phillips2118Andy Barnes
11Mike Bradder1121John Lovett (6ta)
12Norman Barkley1621Andy Sutherland (6ta)

Fri 28th Apr

PosAbbey BScoreScoreBicton B
1Gary Jones215Mary Jones
2Carl Jones2118Pat Oliver
3Luke Suter217Veronica Bland
4Scott Newland219George Bland
5Seb Yapp1521Diane Washbrook Best Result
6Micky Bramall2110Sandra Darlington
7Steve Lambert Best Result213Wendy Wainwright
8Ben Atter2111Barbara Barkley
9Oliver Crane2115Norman Barkley
10Neil Crane2112Ron Wainwright
11David Webb215Ken Darlington
12Dean Suter2115Roy Washbrook

Fri 21st Apr

PosBicton BScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Pat Oliver218Adam Elmore
2Veronica Bland1221Sue Worley Best Result
3George Bland2113Phil Hamer
4Paul A Evans2118Jan Holding
5Sandra Darlington Best Result215Ben Worley
6Diane Washbrook2114Mary Woolley
7Pat Neale1621Dave Perry
8Wendy Price217Ken Holding
9Ken Darlington1421Roy Washbourne
10Roy Washbrook2115Matthew Davies
11Norman Barkley2114Colin Rigby
12Mary Jones2120Tim Worley