Coventry & District Thursday Bowling League 2018

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Team Averages for Walsgrave C (Division 4)
117Steve Harris83488166105+6120.7513.137.6318
226Michael Styles143343218247-2915.5717.64-2.0715
328Adrian Newbury134246204243-3915.6918.69-3.0014
441Martin Dobson84163153123+3019.1315.383.7511
544Dylan Burdett Mnr134138199243-4415.3118.69-3.3811
647Tim Harrison112236185196-1116.8217.82-1.0010
748Rob Randle92244123161-3813.6717.89-4.2210
853Richard Burdett Mnr412757852+2619.5013.006.508
965Barry Mcmahon530609371+2218.6014.204.406
1091Gary Nicholson1101002112+921.0012.009.002
11100Joe Kerrigan5102082104-2216.4020.80-4.402
12106Craig Dobson10001921-219.0021.00-2.000
13121Charlie Stuart2000942-334.5021.00-16.500
14122Rob Shaw30002963-349.6721.00-11.330
15123Bob Edwards30002763-369.0021.00-12.000
16124Ged Green12000168252-8414.0021.00-7.000
Mon 9th AprHBedworth BC C152139446
Thu 19th AprAAlbany A90168080
Mon 23rd AprHBye00000
Thu 3rd MayALime Tree B113157262
Mon 7th MayHBye00000
Thu 17th MayABedworth Ex-service137133447
Mon 21st MayHStoke Coventry B126142444
Tue 29th MayAPotters Green B124136444
Thu 14th JunAWeddington115152262
Tue 19th JunABedworth BC C127148353
Mon 2nd JulHAlbany A160125628
Thu 12th JulABye00000
Mon 16th JulHLime Tree B104151262
Thu 9th AugABye00000
Mon 13th AugHBedworth Ex-service157118628
Thu 23rd AugAStoke Coventry B102151262
Mon 27th AugHPotters Green B124141262
Mon 3rd SepHWeddington143137446
  Played 1417741998456756
1st Half Results for Walsgrave C
Harris Steve 8720.75  21-1821-1021-1321-219-2121-1721-12
Newbury Adrian13615.6921-1911-218-2121-1116-218-2115-2121-14 
Styles Michael14615.5721-414-2110-2121-1221-1821-1921-143-2116-21
Dobson Martin8519.1321-14 17-2118-21    21-17
Burdett Mnr Dylan13515.3121-1813-21 21-1614-219-215-2112-2121-18
Harrison Tim11416.82  15-2115-218-2121-1718-2119-2121-11
Randle Rob9413.67 12-2113-214-2121-1521-143-2121-1221-15
Burdett Mnr Richard4319.50  21-13   21-12  
Mcmahon Barry5318.60        21-10
Nicholson Gary1121.00    21-12    
Kerrigan Joe5116.4016-2119-21       
Dobson Craig1019.0019-21        
Green Ged12014.0019-216-218-2116-21 13-2113-2120-2118-21
Shaw Rob309.67 9-21   10-21 10-21 
Edwards Bob309.0014-216-21       
Stuart Charlie204.50    4-21    
2nd Half Results for Walsgrave C
Harris Steve 8720.75 21-12   
Newbury Adrian13615.6921-1921-178-2112-2121-16
Styles Michael14615.5713-2121-129-2116-2111-21
Dobson Martin8519.13 21-1321-1013-2121-6
Burdett Mnr Dylan13515.3114-2121-168-2121-719-21
Harrison Tim11416.82 21-621-1513-2113-21
Randle Rob9413.677-21    
Burdett Mnr Richard4319.5021-6  15-21 
Mcmahon Barry5318.60 17-2113-2121-821-11
Nicholson Gary1121.00     
Kerrigan Joe5116.40  13-2113-2121-20
Dobson Craig1019.00     
Green Ged12014.0016-2114-219-21 16-21
Shaw Rob309.67     
Edwards Bob309.007-21    
Stuart Charlie204.505-21    

Mon 3rd Sep

PosWalsgrave CScoreScoreWeddington
1Dylan Burdett Mnr1921Terry Ford
2Barry Mcmahon2111Barry Bazeley
3Michael Styles1121Mark Rowley
4Martin Dobson216Barry Stringer
5Joe Kerrigan2120Shaun Mcdonald
6Adrian Newbury2116Bernard Warrington
7Ged Green1621Peter Bown
8Tim Harrison1321Matthew Gibbon

Mon 27th Aug

PosWalsgrave CScoreScorePotters Green B
1Dylan Burdett Mnr217Joshua Blakey
2Martin Dobson1321Craig Cleaver
3Richard Burdett Mnr1521Paul Brown
4Michael Styles1621Mark Cameron
5Joe Kerrigan1321Christian Morey
6Barry Mcmahon218Martin Hayter
7Tim Harrison1321Leon Blakey
8Adrian Newbury1221Kieran Alldrick

Thu 23rd Aug

PosStoke Coventry BScoreScoreWalsgrave C
1Pete Adams218Dylan Burdett Mnr
2David Glasock2113Barry Mcmahon
3Bob Wale1021Martin Dobson
4Pete Atkinson2113Joe Kerrigan
5Jim Clarkson1521Tim Harrison
6Keith Perry219Michael Styles
7Brian Sproul218Adrian Newbury
8Alistair Davidson219Ged Green

Mon 13th Aug

PosWalsgrave CScoreScoreBedworth Ex-service
1Michael Styles2112Josh Day
2Martin Dobson2113Charles Evans
3Dylan Burdett Mnr2116John Millerchip
4Steve Harris2112Stuart Gibbs
5Barry Mcmahon1721Gary Terry
6Tim Harrison216Steve Harbon
7Adrian Newbury2117Brian Johnson
8Ged Green1421Mick Proctor

Mon 16th Jul

PosWalsgrave CScoreScoreLime Tree B
1Rob Randle721Roger Frankton
2Michael Styles1321Doug Smith
3Richard Burdett Mnr216 Colin Fitzer
4Bob Edwards721John Davidson
5Charlie Stuart521Rich Burdett Jnr
6Ged Green1621Bradley Neale
7Adrian Newbury2119Ralph Heeley
8Dylan Burdett Mnr1421Neil Keenan

Mon 2nd Jul

PosWalsgrave CScoreScoreAlbany A
1Martin Dobson2117Steve Hine
2Dylan Burdett Mnr2118Paul Kelly
3Michael Styles1621Alan Checklin
4Steve Harris2112Danny Harrington
5Rob Randle2115Robert Elliot
6Barry Mcmahon2110Howard Tucker
7Ged Green1821Tom Collins
8Tim Harrison2111Trevor Salter

Tue 19th Jun

PosBedworth BC CScoreScoreWalsgrave C
1Luke Blackmore213Michael Styles
2Mick Barr1721Steve Harris
3Michael Slater2112Dylan Burdett Mnr
4John Reilly2119Tim Harrison
5Robert Ashley1221Rob Randle
6John Clifford1421Adrian Newbury
7Paul Blackshaw2120Ged Green
8Larry Leeson2110Rob Shaw

Thu 14th Jun

PosWeddingtonScoreScoreWalsgrave C
1Adrian Ford215Dylan Burdett Mnr
2Paul Gibbon1421Michael Styles
3Terry Ford2113Ged Green
4Barry Stringer2119Steve Harris
5Shaun Mcdonald1221Richard Burdett Mnr
6Barry Bazeley2118Tim Harrison
7Richard Berger2115Adrian Newbury
8Bernard Warrington213Rob Randle

Tue 29th May

PosPotters Green BScoreScoreWalsgrave C
1Joshua Blakey221Steve Harris
2Frank Peach2110Rob Shaw
3John Mc Bride Jnr1921Michael Styles
4Craig Cleaver1721Tim Harrison
5Paul Brown1421Rob Randle
6Leon Blakey219Dylan Burdett Mnr
7Gordon Wright218Adrian Newbury
8Mark Cameron2113Ged Green

Mon 21st May

PosWalsgrave CScoreScoreStoke Coventry B
1Michael Styles2118Pete Atkinson
2Gary Nicholson2112Tom Power
3Steve Harris2113Alan Greer
4Dylan Burdett Mnr1421Pete Mcniece
5Rob Randle2115David Glasock
6Charlie Stuart421Claude Reid
7Adrian Newbury1621Tony Bradley
8Tim Harrison821Alistair Davidson
Well done to Claude, helped Charlie Stuart in only his second game. Talked him through what shots to play, Charlie only 9, so it was great he could bowl against a top man like Claude.

Thu 17th May

PosBedworth Ex-serviceScoreScoreWalsgrave C
1Gary Terry1221Michael Styles
2Charles Evans214Rob Randle
3Stuart Gibbs2115Tim Harrison
4Mick Proctor2118Martin Dobson
5Josh Day1121Adrian Newbury
6Steve Harbon1021Steve Harris
7Brian Johnson1621Dylan Burdett Mnr
8John Wakelin2116Ged Green

Thu 3rd May

PosLime Tree BScoreScoreWalsgrave C
1Lewis Wildman1821Steve Harris
2Bradley Neale1321Richard Burdett Mnr
3Anthony Stachurski2110Michael Styles
4Ralph Heeley2117Martin Dobson
5 Colin Fitzer2113Rob Randle
6John Davidson218Adrian Newbury
7Doug Smith2115Tim Harrison
8Neil Keenan218Ged Green

Thu 19th Apr

PosAlbany AScoreScoreWalsgrave C
1Steve Hine2113Dylan Burdett Mnr
2David Chater2112Rob Randle
3Trevor Salter2114Michael Styles
4Danny Harrington216Bob Edwards
5Robert Elliot2119Joe Kerrigan
6Paul Kelly216Ged Green
7Tom Collins2111Adrian Newbury
8Alan Checklin219Rob Shaw

Mon 9th Apr

PosWalsgrave CScoreScoreBedworth BC C
1Joe Kerrigan1621Luke Blackmore
2Ged Green1921Michael Slater
3Bob Edwards1421Paul Blackshaw
4Dylan Burdett Mnr2118John Clifford
5Michael Styles214Edward Vallis
6Martin Dobson2114John Reilly
7Adrian Newbury2119Mick Barr
8Craig Dobson1921Larry Leeson