Summit Garage Bowling Lea 2016

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Team Averages for Ye Olde Knowle (Division 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
117James Kernick1410471253213+4018.0715.212.86
219Kevin Mytton1810856337299+3818.7216.612.11
337Jim Whitehead158753264257+717.6017.130.47
444David Green157847267266+117.8017.730.07
557Ken Faulkner116555181169+1216.4515.361.09
666Jodie Faulkner126650181198-1715.0816.50-1.42
770Susanne Green156940218261-4314.5317.40-2.87
873Joanne Onions1661038217320-10313.5620.00-6.44
977Paul Bates135838205238-3315.7718.31-2.54
1092Steven Blight2201004221+2121.0010.5010.50
1196Henry Green422506367-415.7516.75-1.00
12101Chris Boddey1101002110+1121.0010.0011.00
13107Christine Faulkner1101002119+221.0019.002.00
14118Peter Smith6151767121-5411.1720.17-9.00
15123Alan Whitehouse10101321-813.0021.00-8.00
Mon 11th AprAKings Norton94161171
Mon 18th AprHKings Norton162125628
Mon 25th AprHChadsmoor B146129446
Mon 9th MayAChadsmoor B115153262
Mon 16th MayAShort Heath Libs100159171
Mon 23rd MayHShort Heath Libs156128537
Mon 6th JunANetherseal80168080
Mon 13th JunHNetherseal154109628
Mon 20th JunAHeath Hayes145157444
Mon 27th JunHHeath Hayes146122537
Mon 4th JulASir John Bayley125148353
Mon 11th JulHSir John Bayley168808010
Mon 18th JulAThe Rag96167171
Mon 25th JulHThe Rag1681338010
Mon 1st AugAWoodfield B85161171
Mon 8th AugHWoodfield B167108719
Mon 15th AugALangley94165262
Mon 22nd AugHLangley149107719
  Played 1823502480717389
1st Half Results for Ye Olde Knowle
Mytton Kevin181018.7221-1421-1014-2117-2120-2121-1719-2121-1418-21
Kernick James141018.07    21-1221-146-2121-721-18
Whitehead Jim15817.608-2121-1021-1713-21  11-2121-819-21
Green David15717.8020-2121-1618-2121-1116-2121-1813-21 11-21
Faulkner Ken11616.4513-2121-1521-5 11-2120-21 21-13 
Faulkner Jodie12615.083-2121-1621-68-217-2121-718-21 21-17
Green Susanne15614.538-2119-2117-2118-214-2121-9   
Onions Joanne16613.5612-2117-2121-1721-165-2118-215-21 13-21
Bates Paul13515.77   11-2116-2113-215-2121-1521-19
Blight Steven2221.00         
Green Henry4215.75         
Faulkner Christine1121.00        21-19
Boddey Chris1121.00       21-10 
Smith Peter6111.179-2121-1613-216-21  3-2115-21 
Whitehouse Alan1013.00       13-21 
2nd Half Results for Ye Olde Knowle
Sir J
Sir J
The R
The R
Mytton Kevin181018.7218-2121-721-1012-2121-1921-1421-89-2121-18
Kernick James141018.0721-715-2121-420-2121-162-2121-1221-2021-19
Whitehead Jim15817.6021-1916-2121-921-2021-815-21 14-2121-19
Green David15717.8015-2121-1821-810-2121-1517-2121-12  
Faulkner Ken11616.458-2121-1821-6   21-73-21 
Faulkner Jodie12615.08   9-2121-19  10-2121-7
Green Susanne15614.5321-75-2121-145-2121-1810-2121-106-2121-14
Onions Joanne16613.5621-187-2121-209-2121-193-2121-20 2-21
Bates Paul13515.7721-819-2121-910-2121-196-2120-21  
Blight Steven2221.00       21-1921-2
Green Henry4215.75     11-2121-1810-2121-7
Faulkner Christine1121.00         
Boddey Chris1121.00         
Smith Peter6111.17         
Whitehouse Alan1013.00         

Mon 22nd Aug

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreLangley
1James Kernick2119Mario Caserio
2Jodie Faulkner217Karen Rolls
3Susanne Green2114Matt Beaman
4Kevin Mytton2118David Bell
5Steven Blight(MVP)212David Buttery
6Joanne Onions221Sarah Beaman(MVP)
7Henry Green217Paul Rolls
8Jim Whitehead2119Mark Nemedi

Mon 15th Aug

PosLangleyScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Matt Beaman2110Jodie Faulkner
2Sarah Beaman2114Jim Whitehead
3David Buttery(MVP)213Ken Faulkner
4Mario Caserio216Susanne Green
5Katy Lang1921Steven Blight
6Mark Nemedi2021James Kernick(MVP)
7Karen Rolls219Kevin Mytton
8Paul Rolls2110Henry Green

Mon 8th Aug

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreWoodfield B
1Kevin Mytton218Dan Wilson
2David Green2112Harry Spruce
3Henry Green2118Ian Rea
4Susanne Green2110Nick Howells
5James Kernick2112Lee Bevin
6Joanne Onions(MVP)2120Bill Bowater
7Ken Faulkner217Jordan Picken
8Paul Bates2021Claire Pugh(MVP)

Mon 1st Aug

PosWoodfield BScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Lee Bevin2111Henry Green
2Bill Bowater216Paul Bates
3Bob Ferguson1421Kevin Mytton(MVP)
4Jordan Picken(MVP)212James Kernick
5Claire Pugh2115Jim Whitehead
6Harry Spruce2117David Green
7Rob Stewart213Joanne Onions
8Dan Wilson2110Susanne Green

Mon 25th Jul

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreThe Rag
1Susanne Green2118Jak Loker
2Paul Bates2119Ken Ashcroft
3Jim Whitehead(MVP)218Kevin Loker
4Joanne Onions2119Terry Pitt
5David Green2115Richard Pitt
6Kevin Mytton2119Lee Allen
7Jodie Faulkner2119Dave Aldritt
8James Kernick2116Dave Pitt(MVP)

Mon 18th Jul

PosThe RagScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Dave Aldritt215Susanne Green
2Lee Allen219Jodie Faulkner
3Ken Ashcroft2021Jim Whitehead
4Michael Benniston2110David Green
5Kevin Loker(MVP)2120James Kernick(MVP)
6Dave Pitt2110Paul Bates
7Terry Pitt2112Kevin Mytton
8Richard Pitt219Joanne Onions

Mon 11th Jul

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreSir John Bayley
1Jim Whitehead(MVP)219Dave Wall
2Paul Bates219Peter Millington
3David Green218Unlisted Player
4Joanne Onions2120Craig Baugh(MVP)
5Susanne Green2114John Potter
6Kevin Mytton2110Unlisted Player
7James Kernick214Ben Hudson
8Ken Faulkner216Michael Cooper

Mon 4th Jul

PosSir John BayleyScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Craig Baugh215Susanne Green
2Michael Cooper721Kevin Mytton
3Ben Hudson1821David Green
4Will Plant1821Ken Faulkner(MVP)
5John Potter(MVP)2115James Kernick
6Paul Reeves217Joanne Onions
7Tom Roden2116Jim Whitehead
8Dave Wall2119Paul Bates

Mon 27th Jun

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreHeath Hayes
1Jim Whitehead2119Tony Statham
2Paul Bates(MVP)218Nigel Egan
3David Green1521David Hayward
4Susanne Green217Darren Gittings
5Kevin Mytton1821Fred Statham
6Joanne Onions2118Mac Gittings
7James Kernick217Colin Hayward
8Ken Faulkner821Anton Ashford(MVP)

Mon 20th Jun

PosHeath HayesScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1David Hayward1821James Kernick(MVP)
2Fred Statham1721Jodie Faulkner
3Mac Gittings2118Kevin Mytton
4Glyn Owen(MVP)2111David Green
5Colin Hayward1921Christine Faulkner
6Darren Gittings2113Joanne Onions
7Nigel Egan1921Paul Bates
8Anton Ashford2119Jim Whitehead

Mon 13th Jun

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreNetherseal
1Chris Boddey(MVP)2110David Brennan
2James Kernick217Robert Redfern
3Alan Whitehouse1321Darren Staley(MVP)
4Kevin Mytton2114Elliott Labouré
5Paul Bates2115Richard Staley
6Ken Faulkner2113Ian Woodward
7Peter Smith1521Matthew Milsom
8Jim Whitehead218Matthew Farmer

Mon 6th Jun

PosNethersealScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Ian Woodward215Joanne Onions
2Daniel Petcher2113David Green
3James Southern2118Jodie Faulkner(MVP)
4Richard Staley215Paul Bates
5Roger Meadows213Peter Smith
6Matthew Farmer2111Jim Whitehead
7David Brennan(MVP)216James Kernick
8Martin Hicks2119Kevin Mytton

Mon 23rd May

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreShort Heath Libs
1Paul Bates1321Gary Bateman
2Kevin Mytton2117Andy Fellows
3Jodie Faulkner(MVP)217Jason Williams
4Susanne Green219Des Parsons
5James Kernick2114Aimee Allcock
6Joanne Onions1821Terry Evans
7Ken Faulkner2021Tony Rhodes(MVP)
8David Green2118Craig Barker

Mon 16th May

PosShort Heath LibsScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Tim Allen2111Ken Faulkner
2Craig Barker214Susanne Green
3Gary Bateman215Joanne Onions
4Tony Rhodes217Jodie Faulkner
5Jason Williams2116Paul Bates
6Aimee Allcock(MVP)2116David Green
7Andy Fellows2120Kevin Mytton
8Mark Fergusson1221James Kernick(MVP)

Mon 9th May

PosChadsmoor BScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Mark Garbett2113Jim Whitehead
2Eric Breeze2118Susanne Green
3Derek Moore216Peter Smith
4Dave Sproston1621Joanne Onions
5Mark Fowler1121David Green(MVP)
6Alf Preece(MVP)218Jodie Faulkner
7Peter Bird2117Kevin Mytton
8Allan Parsons2111Paul Bates

Mon 25th Apr

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreChadsmoor B
1Ken Faulkner215Alf Preece
2Jodie Faulkner(MVP)216Peter Bird
3Joanne Onions2117Gary Parsons
4Peter Smith1321Mark Fowler(MVP)
5Kevin Mytton1421Eric Breeze
6Susanne Green1721Allan Parsons
7David Green1821Mark Garbett
8Jim Whitehead2117Derek Moore

Mon 18th Apr

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreKings Norton
1David Green2116Craig Taylor
2Jodie Faulkner2116Paul Baller
3Peter Smith(MVP)2116Abby Easthope
4Susanne Green1921Chris Baker
5Joanne Onions1721Ian Hickey
6Kevin Mytton2110Daniel Baller
7Jim Whitehead2110Scott Taylorr
8Ken Faulkner2115Adam Easthope(MVP)

Mon 11th Apr

PosKings NortonScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Daniel Baller219Peter Smith
2Chris Baker218Jim Whitehead
3Abby Easthope218Susanne Green
4Adam Easthope2112Joanne Onions
5Ian Hickey2113Ken Faulkner
6Craig Taylor2120David Green(MVP)
7Paul Baller(MVP)213Jodie Faulkner
8Scott Taylorr1421Kevin Mytton