Northfield & District Bowling League 2016

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Team Averages for Ye Olde Knowle (Division Three)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
17David Haigh1614288319200+11919.9412.507.44
211Denise Lucas1712571315232+8318.5313.654.88
316Dave Lucas1611569287223+6417.9413.944.00
431Val Coleman147750246226+2017.5716.141.43
537Stephen Smith1810856307293+1417.0616.280.78
644Grenville Millington178947295293+217.3517.240.12
749Tony Gillespie145936241253-1217.2118.07-0.86
891Peter Holsey431758357+2620.7514.256.50
996Mary Brewin110100213+1821.003.0018.00
1097Duncan Simpson6426711497+1719.0016.172.83
11105Geoff Hunt1101002112+921.0012.009.00
12106Tony Burdett321675648+818.6716.002.67
13124Jean Holsey84450138142-417.2517.75-0.50
14135David Stallard10101021-1110.0021.00-11.00
15155Dolores Burdett81713123147-2415.3818.38-3.00
16156Cynthia Taylor20201842-249.0021.00-12.00
17166Anne Hill104640152188-3615.2018.80-3.60
18169John Hill40403184-537.7521.00-13.25
Sun 3rd AprHRomsley Hunnington A139120537
Sun 17th AprAAlcester139130538
Sun 24th AprHWeoley Castle A143120537
Sun 1st MayAHockley Heath138146353
Sun 8th MayHKings Norton145111628
Sun 15th MayACentral Edgbaston A132130356
Sun 22nd MayHYardley Wood Social16287628
Sun 29th MayABlack Horse A130140353
Sun 5th JunHRoyal Austin BL B163140628
Sun 19th JunHBye00000
Sun 26th JunAWCWMC B95158262
Sun 3rd JulARomsley Hunnington A140137356
Sun 17th JulHAlcester160109628
Sun 24th JulAWeoley Castle A153141447
Sun 31st JulHHockley Heath155106719
Sun 7th AugAKings Norton122151353
Sun 21st AugHCentral Edgbaston A14694628
Sun 28th AugAYardley Wood Social121144353
Sun 4th SepHBlack Horse A150100628
Sun 11th SepARoyal Austin BL B91168080
Sun 18th SepABye00000
Sun 25th SepHWCWMC B153129537
  Played 20277725618773119
1st Half Results for Ye Olde Knowle
Haigh David161419.9421-1521-16 18-2121-921-721-021-1221-187-2121-13
Lucas Denise171218.53 21-1021-1321-17 9-2121-1421-821-17 21-8
Lucas Dave161117.94 21-1221-15  21-321-814-2121-17 21-11
Smith Stephen181017.0615-218-2121-9 21-721-1521-411-2121-1915-21 
Millington Grenville17817.3521-1415-2118-2112-2121-720-2121-1721-1521-1711-2112-21
Coleman Val14717.57 21-1221-12 6-2119-2116-21 20-215-21 
Gillespie Tony14517.21  7-21 21-1517-2121-214-2117-2121-2020-21
Simpson Duncan6419.0021-1421-1721-810-2121-16 20-21    
Holsey Jean8417.25       10-21 21-1217-21
Hill Anne10415.2021-1111-2113-21    18-21 9-2112-21
Holsey Peter4320.75        21-10  
Burdett Tony3218.67   21-1221-15      
Hunt Geoff1121.00   21-12       
Brewin Mary1121.0021-3          
Burdett Dolores8115.3815-21  18-2113-21     16-21
Stallard David1010.00           
Taylor Cynthia209.00           
Hill John407.754-21  17-21 4-21   6-21 
2nd Half Results for Ye Olde Knowle
Haigh David161419.94 21-1421-1621-1021-18 21-6 21-4
Lucas Denise171218.5321-118-218-2121-1621-89-2121-419-2121-11
Lucas Dave161117.9418-2121-721-168-2121-214-2121-112-2121-16
Smith Stephen181017.0616-2114-2121-421-2021-1221-1721-184-2114-21
Millington Grenville17817.3521-1718-2121-137-21  21-414-21 
Coleman Val14717.5721-521-2021-7 21-1221-11 19-2114-21
Gillespie Tony14517.2121-819-2121-19  19-2116-217-21 
Simpson Duncan6419.00         
Holsey Jean8417.2521-20 21-1020-21   7-2121-16
Hill Anne10415.2021-1621-16   5-21  21-19
Holsey Peter4320.75     21-1121-15 20-21
Burdett Tony3218.67   14-21     
Hunt Geoff1121.00         
Brewin Mary1121.00         
Burdett Dolores8115.38   10-2121-011-21 19-21 
Stallard David1010.00    10-21    
Taylor Cynthia209.00    10-21 8-21  
Hill John407.75         

Sun 25th Sep

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreWCWMC B
1Stephen Smith1421Sonia Williams
2Dave Lucas2116Paul Nugent
3Peter Holsey2021Di Ross
4David Haigh214Dan Fournier
5Denise Lucas2111Liz Goodhead
6Jean Holsey2116Ron Heath
7Val Coleman1421Clive Heath
8Anne Hill2119Steve Bartlett

Sun 11th Sep

PosRoyal Austin BL BScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Martin Breakers2114Grenville Millington
2Fred Adey217Tony Gillespie
3George Jagger2119Val Coleman
4Ray Hughes212Dave Lucas
5Olive Tear2119Denise Lucas
6Gary Humphries214Stephen Smith
7Simon Sumner217Jean Holsey
8Ray Deakin2119Dolores Burdett

Sun 4th Sep

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreBlack Horse A
1David Haigh216Tony Gray
2Denise Lucas214Derek Shortland
3Peter Holsey2115Mick Okeefe
4Stephen Smith2118Julie Southern
5Cynthia Taylor821Ray Barnett
6Tony Gillespie1621Jacqui Barnett
7Dave Lucas2111Christopher Room
8Grenville Millington214Stuart Southern

Sun 28th Aug

PosYardley Wood SocialScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Chris Moore219Denise Lucas
2Peter Sidwell2114Dave Lucas
3David Lowe1121Peter Holsey
4Karen Mckenzie2119Tony Gillespie
5Karen Penrose215Anne Hill
6Mick Underwood1121Val Coleman
7Frank Jones2111Dolores Burdett
8Tony Cullen1721Stephen Smith

Sun 21st Aug

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreCentral Edgbaston A
1Stephen Smith2112Bob Rice
2Val Coleman2112Bill Platt
3David Haigh2118Terry Wilkinson
4Dave Lucas212Jeff Watts
5Denise Lucas218Jenny Lowe
6Dolores Burdett210Abigail Logan
7Cynthia Taylor1021Melissa Bennett
8David Stallard1021John Roden

Sun 7th Aug

PosKings NortonScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Dan Baller2120Jean Holsey
2Michael Tierney2114Tony Burdett
3Barbara Summers2021Stephen Smith
4Audrey Ramsden1021David Haigh
5Ian Wheeler1621Denise Lucas
6Paul Baller217Grenville Millington
7Richard Walker218Dave Lucas
8Chloe Morris2110Dolores Burdett

Sun 31st Jul

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreHockley Heath
1Stephen Smith214Barry Morby
2Tony Gillespie2119Jack Simpson
3Val Coleman217Gary Carter
4Dave Lucas2116Gemma Sparks
5Grenville Millington2113Roger Daniel
6Jean Holsey2110Jeff Cahill
7Denise Lucas821Gavin Sparks
8David Haigh2116Tom Sankey

Sun 24th Jul

PosWeoley Castle AScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Steve Turner721Dave Lucas
2Mike West2118Denise Lucas
3Alan Blore1421David Haigh
4Dave Cross2119Tony Gillespie
5Alan Harris1621Anne Hill
6Steve Valente2021Val Coleman
7Chis Mulvey2118Grenville Millington
8Joan Williams2114Stephen Smith

Sun 17th Jul

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreAlcester
1Denise Lucas211Jean Sherrington
2Dave Lucas1821Ken Harvey
3Val Coleman215Helen Mcdermott
4Tony Gillespie218Trish Barry
5Stephen Smith1621John Alderson
6Anne Hill2116Jean Bannister
7Jean Holsey2120Renny Bannister
8Grenville Millington2117David Hovell

Sun 3rd Jul

PosRomsley Hunnington AScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Margaret Hunter2112Anne Hill
2Paul Sparrow1121Dave Lucas
3Dave Andrews821Denise Lucas
4Sue Wakeman1321David Haigh
5James Harris2117Jean Holsey
6Barry Gilbert2116Dolores Burdett
7Lynn Draper2112Grenville Millington
8Ian Lewis2120Tony Gillespie

Sun 26th Jun

PosWCWMC BScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Robert Hopwood2021Tony Gillespie
2Len Betts219Anne Hill
3Steve Bartlett215Val Coleman
4Di Ross217David Haigh
5Mick Caffrey2115Stephen Smith
6Clive Heath216John Hill
7Ron Heath1221Jean Holsey
8Sonia Williams2111Grenville Millington

Sun 5th Jun

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreRoyal Austin BL B
1Dave Lucas2117George Jagger
2Stephen Smith2119Martin Breakers
3Grenville Millington2117Ray Deakin
4David Haigh2118Simon Sumner
5Denise Lucas2117Gary Clayton
6Val Coleman2021Gary Humphries
7Tony Gillespie1721Fred Adey
8Peter Holsey2110Ray Hughes

Sun 29th May

PosBlack Horse AScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Mick Okeefe821Denise Lucas
2Brian Shipway2111Stephen Smith
3Stan Smith2118Anne Hill
4Stuart Southern2110Jean Holsey
5Julie Southern1521Grenville Millington
6Ray Barnett2114Tony Gillespie
7Jacqui Barnett1221David Haigh
8Derek Shortland2114Dave Lucas

Sun 22nd May

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreYardley Wood Social
1Denise Lucas2114Karen Mckenzie
2Tony Gillespie212Steve Curtis
3Grenville Millington2117Mick Underwood
4Duncan Simpson2021Peter Sidwell
5Val Coleman1621Alan Mckenzie
6David Haigh210David Lowe
7Stephen Smith214Frank Jones
8Dave Lucas218Tony Kelly

Sun 15th May

PosCentral Edgbaston AScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Jim Cooke2119Val Coleman
2Melissa Bennett219Denise Lucas
3Jenny Lowe721David Haigh
4John Roden2120Grenville Millington
5Bob Rice1521Stephen Smith
6Michael Jennings321Dave Lucas
7Rita Bennett214John Hill
8Bill Platt2117Tony Gillespie

Sun 8th May

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreKings Norton
1Tony Burdett2115Daniel Higgins
2Grenville Millington217Margaret Leake
3Tony Gillespie2115Paul Baller
4Dolores Burdett1321Mitchell Millard
5Duncan Simpson2116Ian Wheeler
6Stephen Smith217Nev Carter
7David Haigh219Chloe Morris
8Val Coleman621Michael Tierney

Sun 1st May

PosHockley HeathScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1Jason Robinson1221Geoff Hunt
2Samantha Carter1721Denise Lucas
3Gary Carter2118Dolores Burdett
4Mick Reece2112Grenville Millington
5Kath Neale2117John Hill
6Barry Morby1221Tony Burdett
7Lorrie Sparks2110Duncan Simpson
8Ben Lennon2118David Haigh

Sun 24th Apr

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreWeoley Castle A
1Anne Hill1321Joan Williams
2Tony Gillespie721Chis Mulvey
3Dave Lucas2115Darren Sparkes
4Duncan Simpson218Mike West
5Denise Lucas2113Steve Turner
6Stephen Smith219Alan Harris
7Grenville Millington1821Alan Blore
8Val Coleman2112Vernon Rowlands

Sun 17th Apr

PosAlcesterScoreScoreYe Olde Knowle
1David Hovell1221Dave Lucas
2Renny Bannister1721Duncan Simpson
3Jean Bannister1221Val Coleman
4Ken Harvey218Stephen Smith
5Trish Barry1621David Haigh
6Helen Mcdermott2115Grenville Millington
7Jean Sherrington2111Anne Hill
8Rick Horton1021Denise Lucas

Sun 3rd Apr

PosYe Olde KnowleScoreScoreRomsley Hunnington A
1Mary Brewin213Ann Pinson
2Grenville Millington2114James Harris
3Dolores Burdett1521Dave Andrews
4Anne Hill2111Michael Plant
5John Hill421Ian Lewis
6Duncan Simpson2114Barry Gilbert
7Stephen Smith1521Sue Wakeman
8David Haigh2115Lynn Draper