Coventry Saturday Bowling League 2017

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Team Averages for Atherstone Cons B (Division 4)
12Rob Thompson168794332156+17620.759.7511.0037
217Jenny Spencer136477256177+7919.6913.626.0824
320Lee Sweet94510018959+13021.006.5614.4423
423Dave Such115482215111+10419.5510.099.4522
524Ian Gould125475231149+8219.2512.426.8322
627Rob Ebblewhite106390200101+9920.0010.109.9021
728Sheila Challen156360271194+7718.0712.935.1321
832Jean Ashby127275225178+4718.7514.833.9220
936Paul Everitt155353238244-615.8716.27-0.4019
1038Carole Randle113464202175+2718.3615.912.4518
1140Paul Cheshire123458209196+1317.4216.331.0818
1241Karl Everitt133454234228+618.0017.540.4618
1361Mark Rowley95167180128+5220.0014.225.7813
1463Thomas Lee82363152109+4319.0013.635.3813
1597Nigel Walker73157113124-1116.1417.71-1.579
16120Dale Such2021004210+3221.005.0016.006
17122Charlotte Biddle302676234+2820.6711.339.336
18125Peter Jones2111004222+2021.0011.0010.005
19150Rose Rhodes201504041-120.0020.50-0.503
20159Rob Horton110100211+2021.001.0020.002
21160Carl Wilkins110100216+1521.006.0015.002
22162Paul Challen110100219+1221.009.0012.002
23163Paul Dennis1101002114+721.0014.007.002
24177Colin Bambrook20003242-1016.0021.00-5.000
25189Geoff Barnett20002242-2011.0021.00-10.000
Sat 8th AprHStandard B24410711113
Sat 15th AprABye00000
Sat 22nd AprHKenilworth B2261568410
Sat 29th AprABedworth Ex-service B2361488411
Sat 6th MayHBedworth B C C2331389311
Sat 13th MayABell Green174208575
Sat 20th MayHStoke Coventry B229194759
Sat 27th MayABye00000
Sat 10th JunHBye00000
Sat 17th JunAOld Coventrians2121817510
Sat 24th JunHGriff & Coton B24615510212
Sat 1st JulAStandard B2191789312
Sat 15th JulHBye00000
Sat 22nd JulAKenilworth B22611210213
Sat 5th AugHBedworth Ex-service B24815310212
Sat 12th AugABedworth B C C191223484
Sat 19th AugHBell Green23213210212
Sat 2nd SepAStoke Coventry B183180669
Sat 9th SepHBye00000
Sat 16th SepABye00000
Sat 23rd SepHOld Coventrians24312311113
Sat 30th SepAGriff & Coton B2291829312
  Played 163571257013458168
1st Half Results for Atherstone Cons B
Old C
Thompson Rob161520.7521-521-1521-421-221-1121-1221-1121-1321-1021-721-2
Spencer Jenny131019.6921-1221-10 21-78-2118-2120-21 21-621-221-11
Sweet Lee9921.0021-7   21-121-621-521-3 21-3 
Ebblewhite Rob10920.0021-021-421-321-021-1721-13     
Such Dave11919.5521-13 21-1621-220-2121-8   21-2 
Gould Ian12919.25 21-218-2121-7 21-1621-6  21-1321-11
Ashby Jean12918.7521-721-1919-219-21 21-20 21-128-21 21-17
Challen Sheila15918.0721-1321-421-421-9 20-218-2116-2121-621-521-11
Everitt Paul15815.8721-621-521-317-2121-1721-143-2121-1621-1611-2121-20
Randle Carole11718.36 13-21 18-2121-15 21-13 21-1921-1921-4
Everitt Karl13718.00 18-2121-2021-1916-2115-2121-1121-1621-155-2119-21
Cheshire Paul12717.4213-2121-1321-11  16-2121-19 21-2021-921-4
Rowley Mark9620.0021-9 18-21   17-2121-10 21-721-13
Lee Thomas8519.0021-13 21-321-1117-2113-2117-21 21-13  
Walker Nigel7416.14 8-21 21-18  21-1121-148-21 21-18
Such Dale2221.00           
Jones Peter2221.00           
Biddle Charlotte3220.67       20-2121-1021-3 
Wilkins Carl1121.00       21-6   
Challen Paul1121.00       21-9   
Horton Rob1121.0021-1          
Dennis Paul1121.00       21-14   
Rhodes Rose 2120.00          19-21
Bambrook Colin2016.00 19-2113-21        
Barnett Geoff2011.00    8-21   14-21  
Over Walk200.00    0-21      
2nd Half Results for Atherstone Cons B
Old C
Thompson Rob161520.7517-2121-1021-1021-1021-13
Spencer Jenny131019.6921-1621-1821-1321-19 
Sweet Lee9921.00  21-1621-221-16
Ebblewhite Rob10920.00 21-011-2121-1221-20
Such Dave11919.5521-1621-721-221-36-21
Gould Ian12919.2521-1313-2111-2121-1021-8
Ashby Jean12918.7521-1021-3 21-721-20
Challen Sheila15918.0711-2121-118-2121-519-21
Everitt Paul15815.879-219-216-21 15-21
Randle Carole11718.3614-2121-1010-2121-0 
Everitt Karl13718.0014-2121-10  21-11
Cheshire Paul12717.4210-2121-1511-2112-21 
Rowley Mark9620.0019-2121-6 21-20 
Lee Thomas8519.00  21-6  
Walker Nigel7416.1413-21    
Such Dale2221.00  21-7 21-3
Jones Peter2221.00   21-1421-8
Biddle Charlotte3220.67     
Wilkins Carl1121.00     
Challen Paul1121.00     
Horton Rob1121.00     
Dennis Paul1121.00     
Rhodes Rose 2120.00    21-20
Bambrook Colin2016.00     
Barnett Geoff2011.00     
Over Walk200.00     

Sat 30th Sep

PosGriff & Coton BScoreScoreAtherstone Cons B
1Steve Hudson1621Lee Sweet
2Tessa Norton2021Rob Ebblewhite
3Don Richardson1121Karl Everitt
4Malcolm Norton Best Result216Dave Such
5Norma Goring1321Rob Thompson
6Jean Brown2115Paul Everitt
7Carol Vivian2021Jean Ashby
8Tony Sturdy821Ian Gould
9Harold Richardson821Peter Jones
10Trixie Leech2119Sheila Challen
11Ron Wright2021Rose Rhodes
12Brenda Viney321Dale Such Best Result

Sat 23rd Sep

PosAtherstone Cons BScoreScoreOld Coventrians
1Rob Thompson2110Bernard Keogh
2Mark Rowley2120Beryl Keogh
3Lee Sweet Best Result212Karen Walmsley
4Paul Cheshire1221Brian Walmsley Best Result
5Peter Jones2114Pam Harrison
6Jean Ashby217Christine Jones
7Rob Ebblewhite2112Emilie Jones
8Jenny Spencer2119Chris Reeve
9Ian Gould2110Tracy Howe
10Sheila Challen215Tony Walsh
11Dave Such213Lisa Reeve
12Carole Randle210Walk Over

Sat 2nd Sep

PosStoke Coventry BScoreScoreAtherstone Cons B
1Liam Byrne1621Lee Sweet
2Doreen Carren218Sheila Challen
3Ryan Cross1021Rob Thompson
4Finlay Roche221Dave Such Best Result
5Beryl Dowdy1321Jenny Spencer
6Shirley Reid621Thomas Lee
7Debbie Cross2111Rob Ebblewhite
8Alan Greer721Dale Such
9Annie Pithers2110Carole Randle
10Dennis Horbury Best Result216Paul Everitt
11Mark Roche2111Paul Cheshire
12Dean Atkinson2111Ian Gould
Game was postponed due to inclement wearher. ^ last week and 6 tonight!! Well done Atherstone Cons!!!

Sat 19th Aug

PosAtherstone Cons BScoreScoreBell Green
1Dave Such217Colin Spare
2Paul Cheshire2115Jake Sawyer
3Jean Ashby213Ryan Sawyer
4Rob Thompson2110Jim Lennon
5Carole Randle2110Gary Simpson
6Karl Everitt2110Craig Garton
7Sheila Challen2111Dave Little
8Mark Rowley216Max Bennett
9Jenny Spencer2118Terry Gomm
10Paul Everitt921Arthur Young Best Result
11Ian Gould1321Dorian Young
12Rob Ebblewhite Best Result210Bill Cole

Sat 12th Aug

PosBedworth B C CScoreScoreAtherstone Cons B
1Sheelagh Charles1621Dave Such
2Gill Dobbs2113Nigel Walker
3Christine Clifford1021Jean Ashby Best Result
4Mick Parks2110Paul Cheshire
5Lauren Lynn1621Jenny Spencer
6Ena Pearce2114Carole Randle
7Brian Newby2119Mark Rowley
8Mick Barr2114Karl Everitt
9Paul Goode2111Sheila Challen
10Dave Pearce1321Ian Gould
11Bill Hancox Best Result219Paul Everitt
12Ann Townsend2117Rob Thompson

Sat 5th Aug

PosAtherstone Cons BScoreScoreBedworth Ex-service B
1Paul Cheshire214Peter Marchi
2Jean Ashby2117Joe Cramp
3Ian Gould2111Alan Watkins
4Mark Rowley2113Betty Watkins
5Carole Randle214John Millerchip
6Jenny Spencer2111Pam Jackson
7Paul Everitt2120Lydia Cooper
8Rose Rhodes1921Alan Phillimore Best Result
9Sheila Challen2111Rita Pratt
10Karl Everitt1921Kath Hobday Best Result
11Rob Thompson Best Result212Charles Evans
12Nigel Walker2118Linda Casey

Sat 22nd Jul

PosKenilworth BScoreScoreAtherstone Cons B
1Mary Holmes321Lee Sweet
2Pat Newton221Dave Such Best Result
3Ann Ford921Paul Cheshire
4Janet Willis2111Paul Everitt
5Sue Jones721Mark Rowley
6Sue Dullard221Jenny Spencer Best Result
7John Ford1921Carole Randle
8Arthur Newton321Charlotte Biddle
9Ann Rose521Sheila Challen
10Ann Rogers Best Result215Karl Everitt
11Stephen Holmes1321Ian Gould
12Frank Dexter721Rob Thompson

Sat 1st Jul

PosStandard BScoreScoreAtherstone Cons B
1Pauline Pattison Best Result218Jean Ashby
2Vera Baber2021Paul Cheshire
3Mary Holland1621Paul Everitt
4Marion Adams1321Thomas Lee
5Sandra Wilcox1921Carole Randle
6Eric Avery1021Charlotte Biddle
7June Oag621Jenny Spencer Best Result
8John Griffiths621Sheila Challen Best Result
9Peter Holland1521Karl Everitt
10Jim Deasy2114Geoff Barnett
11Barry L Weston1021Rob Thompson
12Barry Quirke Best Result218Nigel Walker

Sat 24th Jun

PosAtherstone Cons BScoreScoreGriff & Coton B
1Mark Rowley2110Carol Vivian
2Lee Sweet Best Result213Reg Brown
3Paul Dennis2114Tony Sturdy
4Jean Ashby2112Cyril Wilkinson
5Charlotte Biddle2021Trixie Leech
6Paul Everitt2116Jean Brown
7Paul Challen219Paul Wetton
8Nigel Walker2114Tessa Norton
9Sheila Challen1621Malcolm Norton Best Result
10Karl Everitt2116Don Richardson
11Carl Wilkins216Ron Wright
12Rob Thompson2113Steve Hudson

Sat 17th Jun

PosOld CoventriansScoreScoreAtherstone Cons B
1Brian Walmsley1921Paul Cheshire
2Pam Harrison521Lee Sweet Best Result
3Christine Jones621Ian Gould
4Bernard Keogh2117Mark Rowley
5Chloe Howe1321Carole Randle
6Chris Reeve Best Result213Paul Everitt
7Tony Walsh1121Nigel Walker
8John Holman2120Jenny Spencer
9Tracy Howe218Sheila Challen
10Beryl Keogh1121Karl Everitt
11Sue Toye2117Thomas Lee
12Lisa Reeve1121Rob Thompson

Sat 20th May

PosAtherstone Cons BScoreScoreStoke Coventry B
1Lee Sweet Best Result216Ronan Allen
2Paul Everitt2114Beryl Dowdy
3Dave Such218Doreen Carren
4Ian Gould2116Debbie Cross
5Jean Ashby2120Finlay Roche
6Thomas Lee1321Rob Allen Best Result
7Jenny Spencer1821Peter Cross
8Rob Ebblewhite2113Emma Allen
9Sheila Challen2021Annie Pithers
10Paul Cheshire1621Shirley Reid
11Karl Everitt1521Alan Greer
12Rob Thompson2112Mark Roche

Sat 13th May

PosBell GreenScoreScoreAtherstone Cons B
1Jake Sawyer121Lee Sweet Best Result
2Craig Garton1721Paul Everitt
3Jim Lennon Best Result218Geoff Barnett
4Bill Cole Best Result218Jenny Spencer
5Ryan Sawyer1721Rob Ebblewhite
6Max Bennett1521Carole Randle
7Angela Jones2117Thomas Lee
8Dave Little2116Karl Everitt
9Dorian Young2120Dave Such
10Terry Gomm1121Rob Thompson
11Arthur Young210Walk Over
12Nathan Smith210Walk Over

Sat 6th May

PosAtherstone Cons BScoreScoreBedworth B C C
1Dave Such212Dave Pearce
2Paul Everitt1721Ena Pearce
3Jean Ashby921Bill Hancox Best Result
4Jenny Spencer217Sheelagh Charles
5Sheila Challen219Christine Clifford
6Thomas Lee2111Lauren Lynn
7Carole Randle1821Lachan Pollock
8Nigel Walker2118Brian Newby
9Ian Gould217Mick Parks
10Rob Thompson212Mick Barr
11Rob Ebblewhite Best Result210John Clifford
12Karl Everitt2119Larry Leeson

Sat 29th Apr

PosBedworth Ex-service BScoreScoreAtherstone Cons B
1Peter Marchi2119Jean Ashby
2Charles Evans2118Ian Gould
3Linda Casey321Paul Everitt Best Result
4Dave Tucker421Rob Thompson
5John Millerchip421Sheila Challen
6Alan Phillimore2118Mark Rowley
7Pauline Petty321Rob Ebblewhite Best Result
8Kath Hobday1121Paul Cheshire
9Pam Jackson2021Karl Everitt
10Alan Watkins Best Result2113Colin Bambrook
11Rita Pratt321Thomas Lee Best Result
12Lydia Cooper1621Dave Such

Sat 22nd Apr

PosAtherstone Cons BScoreScoreKenilworth B
1Jean Ashby2119Arthur Newton
2Rob Ebblewhite214Sue Dullard
3Paul Everitt215Sue Jones
4Paul Cheshire2113Pat Newton
5Sheila Challen214Ann Rogers
6Ian Gould Best Result212Ann Ford
7Carole Randle1321Janet Willis
8Nigel Walker821Chris Machin Best Result
9Jenny Spencer2110Marge Beaumont
10Colin Bambrook1921Bernard Conry
11Karl Everitt1821John Ford
12Rob Thompson2115Stephen Holmes

Sat 8th Apr

PosAtherstone Cons BScoreScoreStandard B
1Jean Ashby217Sandra Wilcox
2Lee Sweet217Barry L Weston
3Dave Such2113June Oag
4Rob Ebblewhite210Walk Over
5Jenny Spencer2112Peter Holland
6Paul Cheshire1321Jim Deasy Best Result
7Sheila Challen2113Barry Quirke
8Mark Rowley219John Griffiths
9Rob Thompson215Pauline Pattison
10Rob Horton Best Result211Vera Baber
11Paul Everitt216Mary Holland
12Thomas Lee2113Marion Adams