The Dudley & District Bowling League 2015

Thursday League

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Team Averages for Pheasant (Thursday 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
110Tony Abbey1914574375271+10419.7414.265.47
220Allan Hemming2113862400341+5919.0516.242.81
330Darren Hamblett21111052354316+3816.8615.051.81
438Wendy Hemming1710759295265+3017.3515.591.76
549Rob Thacker189950315321-617.5017.83-0.33
679Jeff Hildreth146843230242-1216.4317.29-0.86
788Tom Russell1651131274296-2217.1318.50-1.38
890Jon Saunders145936213247-3415.2117.64-2.43
9115Mick Cooke83538121141-2015.1317.63-2.50
10118Neil Essex1531220234288-5415.6019.20-3.60
11126Adrian Tudor321675444+1018.0014.673.33
12133Mac Saunders82625124139-1515.5017.38-1.88
13139Eddie Lowe110100215+1621.005.0016.00
14141Steve Davenport1101002112+921.0012.009.00
Thu 9th AprHCradley Heath Libs A140141444
Thu 16th AprACradley Heath Libs A126153262
Thu 23rd AprHM&b Portland Road A155125537
Thu 30th AprAM&b Portland Road A119159262
Thu 7th MayHOld Cross A149113628
Thu 14th MayAOld Cross A116165171
Thu 21st MayHCradley Sports Cg136122537
Thu 28th MayACradley Sports Cg106168080
Thu 4th JunHTall Boats A16790719
Thu 11th JunATall Boats A145126629
Thu 18th JunAGlasscutters A137148262
Thu 25th JunHGlasscutters A147139537
Thu 2nd JulADudley Dell B123149353
Thu 9th JulHDudley Dell B162101628
Thu 16th JulACoseley Athletic A145129356
Thu 23rd JulHCoseley Athletic A168838010
Thu 30th JulAWoodman M.p.112153353
Thu 6th AugHWoodman M.p.140130446
Thu 13th AugACoombs Wood B110153171
Thu 20th AugHCoombs Wood B15399719
Thu 27th AugHLangley A153123446
Thu 3rd SepALangley A122159171
  Played 22303129288591111
1st Half Results for Pheasant
M&b P
M&b P
Old C
Old C
Abbey Tony191419.7421-2012-2121-1721-1321-13 21-916-2121-921-1816-21
Hemming Allan211319.0521-821-1410-2111-2116-2121-1821-1013-2121-721-1520-21
Hamblett Darren211116.8610-2121-1321-415-217-2116-216-2118-2121-721-1221-14
Hemming Wendy171017.3518-2111-2121-158-2121-1916-2121-18 21-9  
Thacker Rob18917.5021-1515-2120-2121-2021-15 17-2112-21 21-921-8
Hildreth Jeff14616.43       7-2121-138-2117-21
Russell Tom16517.1319-2111-2121-1320-2121-1013-2121-1012-2120-2121-1315-21
Saunders Jon14515.21     13-21 13-2121-1421-17 
Essex Neil15315.6021-1417-2120-2119-2121-316-218-21  11-2115-21
Cooke Mick8315.139-2118-2121-134-2121-1112-2121-1215-21   
Tudor Adrian3218.00        21-10 12-21
Saunders Mac8215.50     9-21     
Lowe Eddie1121.00           
Davenport Steve1121.00           
2nd Half Results for Pheasant
Abbey Tony191419.7417-2121-1321-821-1021-821-1621-820-2121-4  
Hemming Allan211319.0521-1021-1721-618-2121-1921-18 20-2121-1421-1719-21
Hamblett Darren211116.8621-14 21-1014-2121-911-2121-1221-66-2121-520-21
Hemming Wendy171017.3510-21 21-1821-121-621-14 8-2121-621-1214-21
Thacker Rob18917.5021-2013-21 16-2121-129-2121-144-2121-1920-21 
Hildreth Jeff14616.43 19-2121-1321-1321-1310-2121-1213-2121-1016-2114-21
Russell Tom16517.1321-199-2119-21   11-21   20-21
Saunders Jon14515.21 21-1417-2115-2121-73-2117-218-2121-613-219-21
Essex Neil15315.6015-2110-21    15-21 21-1920-215-21
Cooke Mick8315.13           
Tudor Adrian3218.0021-13          
Saunders Mac8215.50 9-2121-419-2121-916-2113-2116-21   
Lowe Eddie1121.00         21-5 
Davenport Steve1121.00          21-12

Thu 3rd Sep

PosLangley AScoreScorePheasant
1Stanley Jones219Jon Saunders
2Dave Bell2120Tom Russell
3Sarah Jones2114Jeff Hildreth
4Mario Caserio2114Wendy Hemming
5Kevin Roberts2119Allan Hemming
6Matt Beaman215Neil Essex
7Richard Jones2120Darren Hamblett
8Malcolm Bradley1221Steve Davenport

Thu 27th Aug

PosPheasantScoreScoreLangley A
1Allan Hemming2117Philip Jones
2Rob Thacker2021Darren Dancer
3Jeff Hildreth1621Mario Caserio
4Eddie Lowe215Richard Jones
5Neil Essex2021Dave Bell
6Wendy Hemming2112Malcolm Bradley
7Darren Hamblett215Kevin Roberts
8Jon Saunders1321Stanley Jones

Thu 20th Aug

PosPheasantScoreScoreCoombs Wood B
1Neil Essex2119Paul Jones
2Allan Hemming2114Ian Pardoe
3Darren Hamblett621Mick Walker
4Wendy Hemming216Trevor Cox
5Jon Saunders216Melvyn Adams
6Tony Abbey214Mark Herbert
7Jeff Hildreth2110John Jones
8Rob Thacker2119Mark Rowley

Thu 13th Aug

PosCoombs Wood BScoreScorePheasant
1Trevor Cox2113Jeff Hildreth
2Paul Jones218Jon Saunders
3David Barker2120Tony Abbey
4Mark Rowley2116Mac Saunders
5Mark Herbert214Rob Thacker
6Mick Walker621Darren Hamblett
7Ian Pardoe2120Allan Hemming
8Melvyn Adams218Wendy Hemming

Thu 6th Aug

PosPheasantScoreScoreWoodman M.p.
1Jeff Hildreth2112Barry Faulkner
2Tony Abbey218Tony Russell
3Mac Saunders1321Grant Cooper
4Jon Saunders1721Peter Hayne
5Neil Essex1521Gavin Wyatt
6Darren Hamblett2112Phil Atkins
7Rob Thacker2114Gary B Cooper
8Tom Russell1121Jamie Wyatt

Thu 30th Jul

PosWoodman M.p.ScoreScorePheasant
1Barry Faulkner2110Jeff Hildreth
2Tony Russell1621Tony Abbey
3Grant Cooper213Jon Saunders
4Alan Wells2116Mac Saunders
5Gavin Wyatt219Rob Thacker
6Gary B Cooper2111Darren Hamblett
7Phil Atkins1821Allan Hemming
8Gary A Cooper1421Wendy Hemming

Thu 23rd Jul

PosPheasantScoreScoreCoseley Athletic A
1Jeff Hildreth2113Craig Copson
2Tony Abbey218Bryn Jones
3Jon Saunders217Carl Jenkins
4Mac Saunders219Tina Gee
5Wendy Hemming216Barry Healey
6Darren Hamblett219Nigel Freeman
7Allan Hemming2119Simon Davies
8Rob Thacker2112Keith Chadbourn

Thu 16th Jul

PosCoseley Athletic AScoreScorePheasant
1Carl Jenkins2119Mac Saunders
2Keith Chadbourn1021Tony Abbey
3Neil Mcgrath2114Darren Hamblett
4Simon Davies2116Rob Thacker
5Nigel Freeman2115Jon Saunders
6Craig Copson1321Jeff Hildreth
7Barry Healey2118Allan Hemming
8Bryn Jones121Wendy Hemming

Thu 9th Jul

PosPheasantScoreScoreDudley Dell B
1Jon Saunders1721Eric Shaw
2Tony Abbey218Ray Cox
3Jeff Hildreth2113Dave Bone
4Wendy Hemming2118Sarah Fletcher
5Mac Saunders214Graeme Underhill
6Darren Hamblett2110Perry Gordon
7Allan Hemming216Ron Jones
8Tom Russell1921Brenda Fletcher

Thu 2nd Jul

PosDudley Dell BScoreScorePheasant
1Brenda Fletcher219Tom Russell
2Dennis Hope1321Tony Abbey
3Eric Shaw1421Jon Saunders
4Vic Clarke2119Jeff Hildreth
5Mark Shaw219Mac Saunders
6Dave Bone2110Neil Essex
7Graeme Underhill2113Rob Thacker
8Sarah Fletcher1721Allan Hemming

Thu 25th Jun

PosPheasantScoreScoreGlasscutters A
1Tom Russell2119Lynn Morgan
2Tony Abbey1721William Bowater
3Rob Thacker2120Jonathan Brookes
4Neil Essex1521Lee Bevin
5Wendy Hemming1021Graham James
6Darren Hamblett2114Kevin Bibb
7Allan Hemming2110Lee Smith
8Adrian Tudor2113Dan Davies

Thu 18th Jun

PosGlasscutters AScoreScorePheasant
1Dan Davies2115Tom Russell
2Lee Bevin2116Tony Abbey
3Kevin Bibb2115Neil Essex
4Graham Davies2117Jeff Hildreth
5William Bowater821Rob Thacker
6Lynn Morgan1421Darren Hamblett
7Lee Smith2120Allan Hemming
8Graham James2112Adrian Tudor

Thu 11th Jun

PosTall Boats AScoreScorePheasant
1George Pearshouse218Jeff Hildreth
2Len Marks1821Tony Abbey
3Bill Slater1721Jon Saunders
4Bob Rudge921Rob Thacker
5Luke Devonport2111Neil Essex
6Tony Sault1221Darren Hamblett
7John Watton1521Allan Hemming
8Dave Hill1321Tom Russell

Thu 4th Jun

PosPheasantScoreScoreTall Boats A
1Adrian Tudor2110George Pearshouse
2Tony Abbey219Bob Rudge
3Jeff Hildreth2113Bill Slater
4Jon Saunders2114Tony Sault
5Wendy Hemming219John Watton
6Darren Hamblett217Chris Parsons
7Allan Hemming217Luke Devonport
8Tom Russell2021Dave Hill

Thu 28th May

PosCradley Sports CgScoreScorePheasant
1Simon Totten2112Rob Thacker
2Gavin Skidmore2118Darren Hamblett
3Kay Coulthard2113Allan Hemming
4Andy Poole2112Tom Russell
5Bob Garratt2116Tony Abbey
6Cian Danter2115Mick Cooke
7Dave Pearsall217Jeff Hildreth
8Mandy Pagett2113Jon Saunders

Thu 21st May

PosPheasantScoreScoreCradley Sports Cg
1Tony Abbey219Mandy Pagett
2Rob Thacker1721Simon Totten
3Mick Cooke2112Bob Garratt
4Darren Hamblett621Dave Pearsall
5Allan Hemming2110Gavin Skidmore
6Neil Essex821Andy Poole
7Tom Russell2110Kay Coulthard
8Wendy Hemming2118John Danter

Thu 14th May

PosOld Cross AScoreScorePheasant
1Chris Clewer2113Tom Russell
2Peter Bell2116Darren Hamblett
3Graham Cooper2113Jon Saunders
4Dave Conway219Mac Saunders
5Bob Unitt2116Wendy Hemming
6Karen Green2116Neil Essex
7Tim Ross1821Allan Hemming
8John Croft2112Mick Cooke

Thu 7th May

PosPheasantScoreScoreOld Cross A
1Tony Abbey2113Graham Cooper
2Mick Cooke2111Karen Green
3Rob Thacker2115Bob Unitt
4Neil Essex213Alec Connor
5Wendy Hemming2119Dave Conway
6Tom Russell2110Tim Ross
7Darren Hamblett721Chris Clewer
8Allan Hemming1621Peter Bell

Thu 30th Apr

PosM&b Portland Road AScoreScorePheasant
1Peter Sankey1321Tony Abbey
2Gary Sherwood214Mick Cooke
3Martin Dugmore2021Rob Thacker
4Richard Sherwood2119Neil Essex
5Cliff Tebbett218Wendy Hemming
6Andrew Dugmore2120Tom Russell
7Dave Sankey2115Darren Hamblett
8James Dugmore2111Allan Hemming

Thu 23rd Apr

PosPheasantScoreScoreM&b Portland Road A
1Tony Abbey2117Dave Sankey
2Mick Cooke2113Martin Dugmore
3Rob Thacker2021Andrew Dugmore
4Neil Essex2021Peter Sankey
5Wendy Hemming2115Dave Southall
6Tom Russell2113Cliff Tebbett
7Darren Hamblett214Gary Sherwood
8Allan Hemming1021Richard Sherwood

Thu 16th Apr

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScorePheasant
1Barry Hardwick2112Tony Abbey
2Liam King2118Mick Cooke
3David Whitehouse2115Rob Thacker
4Martin Bicknell2111Wendy Hemming
5Iain Wheatley2117Neil Essex
6Alan Price2111Tom Russell
7Paul Edwards1321Darren Hamblett
8Tony Ford1421Allan Hemming

Thu 9th Apr

PosPheasantScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Tony Abbey2120David Whitehouse
2Mick Cooke921Barry Hardwick
3Rob Thacker2115Iain Wheatley
4Tom Russell1921Liam King
5Wendy Hemming1821Alan Price
6Neil Essex2114Wayne Berry
7Darren Hamblett1021Tony Ford
8Allan Hemming218Paul Edwards