The Dudley & District Bowling League 2015

Thursday League

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Team Averages for Kingswinford Cons A (Thursday 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
112Tom Jones2014670359241+11817.9512.055.90
219Steve Baggott2013765357325+3217.8516.251.60
322Dave Pritchett1812667327298+2918.1716.561.61
427Karl Griffiths1711665319271+4818.7615.942.82
534Geoff Tolley1710759302256+4617.7615.062.71
638Dave Roden1910953310322-1216.3216.95-0.63
768John Wakeman146843215257-4215.3618.36-3.00
879Chris Taylor541809886+1219.6017.202.40
985Steve Tibbetts1741324254325-7114.9419.12-4.18
1088Steve Raybould431757849+2919.5012.257.25
11118Tony Cook1101002118+321.0018.003.00
12122John Hill211502937-814.5018.50-4.00
13126Greg Pearson312333756-1912.3318.67-6.33
14156Mick Baggott30303363-3011.0021.00-10.00
Thu 9th AprHHilly House B13596537
Thu 16th AprAHilly House B152120629
Thu 23rd AprHGornal & Sedgley151125628
Thu 30th AprAGornal & Sedgley85168080
Thu 7th MayHCoseley Tavern A158105628
Thu 14th MayACoseley Tavern A105160171
Thu 21st MayHNetherton Cons154106628
Thu 28th MayANetherton Cons143144444
Thu 4th JunHSedgley Ex-servicemans142108537
Thu 11th JunASedgley Ex-servicemans149117629
Thu 18th JunHRomsley A1681118010
Thu 25th JunARomsley A125143444
Thu 2nd JulHCradley Heath Libs B142112628
Thu 9th JulACradley Heath Libs B149131538
Thu 16th JulHSomers A1681078010
Thu 23rd JulASomers A119149262
Thu 30th JulHWoodfield142137446
Thu 6th AugAWoodfield93149262
Thu 13th AugABye00000
Thu 20th AugHBye00000
Thu 27th AugAHarborne112163171
Thu 3rd SepHHarborne147153535
  Played 20273926049070117
1st Half Results for Kingswinford Cons A
Jones Tom201417.9521-321-108-2113-2121-421-1321-221-921-421-1621-6
Baggott Steve201317.8521-421-1121-48-2115-216-2116-2121-2021-1321-1221-20
Pritchett Dave181218.17 21-821-1513-2121-1515-2121-1721-2021-921-821-19
Griffiths Karl171118.76 21-1921-2015-2121-1017-2121-921-1121-821-1521-17
Tolley Geoff171017.76 21-1021-62-2121-612-2121-515-2121-1121-1021-11
Roden Dave191016.321-2110-2121-2014-2121-1018-2121-1417-21 8-2121-10
Wakeman John14615.3621-021-2021-1811-2121-1813-2112-21 13-21  
Taylor Chris5419.60          21-18
Tibbetts Steve17414.9419-2116-2117-219-2117-213-2121-1715-21 15-21 
Raybould Steve4319.5021-8       15-21 21-10
Cook Tony1121.0021-18          
Hill John2114.50           
Pearson Greg3112.33       12-21 21-14 
Baggott Mick3011.0010-21       9-21  
2nd Half Results for Kingswinford Cons A
Jones Tom201417.9513-2121-1021-1321-521-821-125-2112-2114-21
Baggott Steve201317.8521-1212-2121-2021-1021-1521-179-2118-2121-20
Pritchett Dave181218.1721-1721-1116-2121-1513-2111-217-21 21-18
Griffiths Karl171118.769-21 21-921-1710-2120-2121-1017-21 
Tolley Geoff171017.7612-21 21-1721-1720-2121-1611-21 20-21
Roden Dave191016.3221-1721-1921-921-1214-2121-814-214-2121-14
Wakeman John14615.367-21   10-217-2121-1316-2121-20
Taylor Chris5419.6021-1321-1614-2121-18     
Tibbetts Steve17414.94 21-414-2121-1310-2120-215-2110-2121-18
Raybould Steve4319.50 21-10       
Cook Tony1121.00         
Hill John2114.50       21-168-21
Pearson Greg3112.33 4-21       
Baggott Mick3011.00       14-21 

Thu 3rd Sep

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreHarborne
1Dave Pritchett2118Kevin Campbell
2Dave Roden2114Tony Carter
3Steve Tibbetts2118James Wallace
4Tom Jones1421Mike Stringfellow
5John Hill821Trevor Pearson
6Steve Baggott2120Jenny Mason
7John Wakeman2120Bob Mason
8Geoff Tolley2021John Hulbert

Thu 27th Aug

PosHarborneScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Mike Stringfellow2114Mick Baggott
2Tony Hughes2110Steve Tibbetts
3Tony Carter214Dave Roden
4Jenny Mason2112Tom Jones
5Bob Mason1621John Hill
6Kevin Campbell2118Steve Baggott
7James Wallace2117Karl Griffiths
8John Hulbert2116John Wakeman

Thu 6th Aug

PosWoodfieldScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Lyndon Hazelhurst215Tom Jones
2Nick Howells217Dave Pritchett
3Nick Wyre215Steve Tibbetts
4Joe Dicken2114Dave Roden
5Claire Pugh219Steve Baggott
6Ian Rea1021Karl Griffiths
7Robert Ferguson2111Geoff Tolley
8Harry Spruce1321John Wakeman

Thu 30th Jul

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreWoodfield
1Dave Pritchett1121Nick Wyre
2Dave Roden218Joe Dicken
3Steve Tibbetts2021Lyndon Hazelhurst
4Tom Jones2112Dave Goddard
5Steve Baggott2117Robert Ferguson
6Karl Griffiths2021Nick Howells
7Geoff Tolley2116Harry Spruce
8John Wakeman721Claire Pugh

Thu 23rd Jul

PosSomers AScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Phil Baker2113Dave Pritchett
2Ian Parry2114Dave Roden
3Andrew Mills2110Steve Tibbetts
4Becky Simonds821Tom Jones
5John Phillips1521Steve Baggott
6John Cracknell2110Karl Griffiths
7Martin Perkins2110John Wakeman
8Adam Hartwell2120Geoff Tolley

Thu 16th Jul

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreSomers A
1Dave Pritchett2115Adam Hartwell
2Dave Roden2112Phil Baker
3Steve Tibbetts2113John Charles
4Tom Jones215Dave Pugh
5Steve Baggott2110Becky Simonds
6Geoff Tolley2117Darren Mallin
7Chris Taylor2118John Cracknell
8Karl Griffiths2117Ian Parry

Thu 9th Jul

PosCradley Heath Libs BScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1David Wheatley2116Dave Pritchett
2Geoff Saunders921Dave Roden
3Dave Godsall2114Chris Taylor
4Ian Withey1321Tom Jones
5Mary Saunders2021Steve Baggott
6Karen Jordan1721Geoff Tolley
7Joan Walker2114Steve Tibbetts
8Arthur Crook921Karl Griffiths

Thu 2nd Jul

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs B
1Dave Pritchett2111Geoff Saunders
2Steve Tibbetts214Richard Brookes
3Dave Roden2119David Wheatley
4Steve Raybould2110Mary Saunders
5Chris Taylor2116Karen Jordan
6Tom Jones2110Joan Walker
7Steve Baggott1221Ian Withey
8Greg Pearson421Arthur Crook

Thu 25th Jun

PosRomsley AScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Barry Gilbert1721Dave Pritchett
2Dave Andrews1721Dave Roden
3Margaret Lawton1321Chris Taylor
4Maurice Priestman2113Tom Jones
5Ray Labrum217John Wakeman
6Colin Roberts1221Steve Baggott
7Graham Walker2112Geoff Tolley
8Ian Lewis219Karl Griffiths

Thu 18th Jun

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreRomsley A
1Dave Pritchett2119Dave Andrews
2Dave Roden2110Ray Labrum
3Chris Taylor2118Maurice Priestman
4Tom Jones216Liz Cooper
5Steve Raybould2110Colin Roberts
6Steve Baggott2120Graham Walker
7Geoff Tolley2111Ian Lewis
8Karl Griffiths2117Barry Gilbert

Thu 11th Jun

PosSedgley Ex-servicemansScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Joe Collins821Dave Pritchett
2Bill Harris218Dave Roden
3Darren Pritchard2115Steve Tibbetts
4Paul Collins1621Tom Jones
5Paul Nicholls1221Steve Baggott
6Amanda Nicholls1021Geoff Tolley
7Eddie Wright1421Greg Pearson
8Tony Bowater1521Karl Griffiths

Thu 4th Jun

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreSedgley Ex-servicemans
1Dave Pritchett219Tony Bowater
2Steve Raybould1521Alan Broadley
3Mick Baggott921Bill Harris
4Tom Jones214Amanda Nicholls
5Steve Baggott2113Joe Collins
6Geoff Tolley2111Paul Nicholls
7Karl Griffiths218Eddie Wright
8John Wakeman1321Darren Pritchard

Thu 28th May

PosNetherton ConsScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Mark Darby2021Dave Pritchett
2Colin Beech2117Dave Roden
3Ginny Harbach2115Steve Tibbetts
4Barry Oakley921Tom Jones
5Ann Hill2115Geoff Tolley
6Mag Hulme2021Steve Baggott
7Kath Rubery1121Karl Griffiths
8Peter Hulme2112Greg Pearson

Thu 21st May

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreNetherton Cons
1Dave Pritchett2117Colin Beech
2Dave Roden2114Mag Hulme
3Steve Tibbetts2117Ann Hill
4Tom Jones212Barry Oakley
5Geoff Tolley215Ginny Harbach
6Steve Baggott1621Kath Rubery
7Karl Griffiths219Mark Darby
8John Wakeman1221Peter Hulme

Thu 14th May

PosCoseley Tavern AScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Ron Smith216Steve Baggott
2Don Shotten1321Tom Jones
3Andy Flavell213Steve Tibbetts
4Peter Darby2118Dave Roden
5Mick Hill2115Dave Pritchett
6John Mateer2112Geoff Tolley
7Keith Price2113John Wakeman
8John Hickman2117Karl Griffiths

Thu 7th May

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreCoseley Tavern A
1Dave Pritchett2115Ron Smith
2Dave Roden2110Don Shotten
3Steve Tibbetts1721Andy Flavell
4Tom Jones214Mick Hill
5Steve Baggott1521John Mateer
6Geoff Tolley216Mel Phillips
7Karl Griffiths2110John Hickman
8John Wakeman2118Keith Price

Thu 30th Apr

PosGornal & SedgleyScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Paul Wakefield2113Dave Pritchett
2Mick Stevens2114Dave Roden
3Les Durden219Steve Tibbetts
4Paul Terton2113Tom Jones
5Stuart Franklin212Geoff Tolley
6Martin Beddows218Steve Baggott
7Roy Nicholls2115Karl Griffiths
8John Hill2111John Wakeman

Thu 23rd Apr

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreGornal & Sedgley
1Dave Pritchett2115Les Durden
2Karl Griffiths2120Terry Slater
3Dave Roden2120Mick Stevens
4Tom Jones821John Hill
5Steve Tibbetts1721Paul Wakefield
6Steve Baggott214Roy Nicholls
7Geoff Tolley216Gary Timmins
8John Wakeman2118Stuart Franklin

Thu 16th Apr

PosHilly House BScoreScoreKingswinford Cons A
1Llewellyn Hodge2110Dave Roden
2Geoffrey Phillip Lacon821Dave Pritchett
3Keith Rowbottom2116Steve Tibbetts
4Roger Jones1021Tom Jones
5Margaret Copeland1021Geoff Tolley
6Mick Stevens1121Steve Baggott
7Tony Buffery1921Karl Griffiths
8Brian Williams2021John Wakeman

Thu 9th Apr

PosKingswinford Cons AScoreScoreHilly House B
1Steve Raybould218Roger Jones
2Dave Roden121Martin Pitt
3Mick Baggott1021Keith Rowbottom
4Tony Cook2118Margaret Copeland
5Tom Jones213Eric Clarke
6Steve Tibbetts1921Mick Stevens
7Steve Baggott214Andrew Lacon
8John Wakeman210Linda Jones