Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2015

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Oxon ( Shropshire Div. 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
15Danny Powell1915479375254+12119.7413.376.37
29Martin Mckinley1914574362272+9019.0514.324.74
332Paul Williams2011955348331+1717.4016.550.85
448Tony Manders1810856302306-416.7817.00-0.22
559Clive Harrington179853290298-817.0617.53-0.47
671Terry Clorley2081240342355-1317.1017.75-0.65
775Paul Thomas1981142298341-4315.6817.95-2.26
890Ted Manders167944257288-3116.0618.00-1.94
9121Ken Davies135838210232-2216.1517.85-1.69
10128Andy Owens1651131231307-7614.4419.19-4.75
11130Andy Corley1551033210290-8014.0019.33-5.33
12141Matt Morris1541127201270-6913.4018.00-4.60
13147Roger Haydon431758050+3020.0012.507.50
14149Angie Griffiths431757961+1819.7515.254.50
15178Jack Jones6243362112-5010.3318.67-8.33
16196Ron Edwards211503434017.0017.000.00
17202Dickie Dodd413257177-617.7519.25-1.50
18213Emmet Mckinley (j)81713104165-6113.0020.63-7.63
19221Clive Brown10101021-1110.0021.00-11.00
20224Paul Herring1010621-156.0021.00-15.00
21236Lol Evans30301563-485.0021.00-16.00
Fri 17th AprAOxon Village206214666
Fri 24th AprHBye00000
Fri 1st MayAMeole Village186229484
Fri 8th MayHBicton202200577
Fri 15th MayAFrankwell1492342102
Fri 22nd MayHWem Bc216193759
Fri 29th MayAWem Usc195217575
Fri 12th JunHHadnall2231839311
Fri 19th JunASevernside St Julians185226484
Wed 24th JunABurway1362471111
Fri 26th JunHReman Services220218759
Fri 3rd JulHOxon Village2121788410
Fri 10th JulABye00000
Fri 17th JulHMeole Village2251809311
Fri 24th JulABicton1542342102
Fri 31st JulHFrankwell23616210212
Fri 7th AugAWem Bc179215575
Fri 14th AugHWem Usc205181759
Fri 21st AugHBurway206206758
Fri 28th AugAHadnall1652352102
Fri 4th SepHSevernside St Julians2241779311
Fri 11th SepAReman Services163219393
  Played 2038874148112128131
1st Half Results for Oxon
Wem B
Wem U
Powell Danny191519.7421-821-1117-2116-2121-1221-1321-1421-821-1621-1921-8
Mckinley Martin191419.0521-1410-2121-221-821-16 21-421-157-2121-2021-12
Williams Paul201117.4014-2121-1321-1414-2112-2121-1721-1712-2112-2120-2115-21
Manders Tony181016.7821-1718-219-2121-16 17-2121-169-2114-217-2121-14
Harrington Clive17917.06  20-219-2121-1216-21 21-1814-2121-1521-10
Clorley Terry20817.1021-1717-2115-2116-2120-2115-2121-1215-2113-2121-1321-17
Thomas Paul19815.6821-1915-2121-910-2121-917-2113-2121-17 21-1911-21
Manders Ted16716.0618-2121-1721-1712-2121-59-2121-20 17-2111-2121-7
Davies Ken13516.1513-2121-2012-21 21-208-21 17-2114-21  
Owens Andy16514.4414-2112-21 3-21 21-1921-168-2116-2116-2121-12
Corley Andy15514.00  21-115-215-2121-1416-2112-216-2119-21 
Morris Matt15413.405-217-2114-219-2113-21 21-812-21  13-21
Haydon Roger4320.00 17-21   21-7   21-13 
Griffiths Angie4319.7516-21     21-13   21-14
Jones Jack6210.33    21-148-21  2-2121-145-21
Dodd Dickie4117.75    19-21  16-21   
Edwards Ron2117.0021-13          
Mckinley (j) Emmet 8113.00   13-21       
Brown Clive1010.00  10-21        
Herring Paul106.00 6-21         
Evans Lol305.00      5-21 0-21  
2nd Half Results for Oxon
Wem B
Wem U
Powell Danny191519.7421-1121-721-1721-67-21 20-2121-521-15
Mckinley Martin191419.0521-1416-2121-1021-2021-1221-1920-2121-115-21
Williams Paul201117.4021-2021-1721-1111-2121-621-77-2121-1321-7
Manders Tony181016.7821-88-21 21-1421-1721-1410-2121-1421-8
Harrington Clive17917.0613-214-2121-1821-1712-2121-1821-1021-1213-21
Clorley Terry20817.1021-1014-2121-414-2116-2121-1521-1512-217-21
Thomas Paul19815.689-2118-2121-1415-2121-613-213-2121-176-21
Manders Ted16716.0621-1515-218-216-2121-1814-21   
Davies Ken13516.1521-6  21-1121-716-2115-2110-21 
Owens Andy16514.4414-2112-2121-1913-2121-107-21  11-21
Corley Andy15514.0021-19  9-2110-2121-1916-2121-177-21
Morris Matt15413.40 6-2121-5 13-2121-99-2121-1716-21
Haydon Roger4320.00  21-9      
Griffiths Angie4319.75  21-13      
Jones Jack6210.33 5-21       
Dodd Dickie4117.7521-14       15-21
Edwards Ron2117.00       13-21 
Mckinley (j) Emmet 8113.00 14-2118-216-21 9-2113-2121-1810-21
Brown Clive1010.00         
Herring Paul106.00         
Evans Lol305.00      10-21  

Fri 11th Sep

PosReman ServicesScoreScoreOxon
1Bryan Bates216Paul Thomas
2Les Lacourse721Paul Williams
3Mike Young2113Clive Harrington
4Dan Jones821Tony Manders
5Sam Hill2110Emmet Mckinley (j)
6Bryan Jenkins217Terry Clorley
7Margaret Lacourse1521Danny Powell
8Graham Hughes2115Martin Mckinley
9Herbie Bowden217Andy Corley
10Mark Hill2115Dickie Dodd
11Phil Davies2111Andy Owens
12Nev Griffiths2116Matt Morris

Fri 4th Sep

PosOxonScoreScoreSevernside St Julians
1Ron Edwards1321Ian Jones
2Paul Williams2113Mark Lanning
3Ken Davies1021Mark Parry
4Clive Harrington2112Paddy Grace
5Terry Clorley1221Russell Brown
6Emmet Mckinley (j)2118Peter Leigh
7Paul Thomas2117Alan Tudor
8Martin Mckinley211Keith Potter
9Tony Manders2114Roland Leigh
10Matt Morris2117Ted Rogers
11Andy Corley2117Ernie Shea
12Danny Powell215Stuart Rhodes

Fri 28th Aug

1Peter Sargeant213Paul Thomas
2Kerry Dance2110Lol Evans
3Graham Snelson2115Ken Davies
4Gerry Fitzpatrick217Paul Williams
5Lynn Bebb1521Terry Clorley
6John Thomas2120Martin Mckinley
7James Weaver2113Emmet Mckinley (j)
8Mike Pemberton1021Clive Harrington
9Bob Sharpe2110Tony Manders
10Chris Elsbury219Matt Morris
11Ernie Garrett2116Andy Corley
12Mike Thomas2120Danny Powell

Fri 21st Aug

1Paul Williams217Jack Bufton
2Clive Harrington2118Gerry Haynes
3Ken Davies1621Steve Dovey
4Andy Corley2119Simon Parsonage
5Terry Clorley2115Steve Burmingham
6Emmet Mckinley (j)921Vivian Cooper
7Ted Manders1421Emily Moseley
8Paul Thomas1321Harry Parsonage
9Matt Morris219Liam Dovey
10Andy Owens721Eric Williams
11Martin Mckinley2119Mike Weston
12Tony Manders2114Terry Angell

Fri 14th Aug

PosOxonScoreScoreWem Usc
1Ken Davies217Carl Pawlowski
2Tony Manders2117Christopher Lee
3Clive Harrington1221Mike Fielder
4Andy Corley1021Ian Dowley
5Ted Manders2118Jason Bebb
6Paul Thomas216Bob Palowski
7Terry Clorley1621Terry Piggot
8Martin Mckinley2112Phil Bryan
9Matt Morris1321Colleen Harding
10Danny Powell721Nathan Pawlowski
11Paul Williams216Jake Bailey
12Andy Owens2110Harry Thomas

Fri 7th Aug

PosWem BcScoreScoreOxon
1Gary Pountney219Andy Corley
2Anthony Williams2111Paul Williams
3John Blower2113Andy Owens
4Tony Oliver621Danny Powell
5Terry Evanson1121Ken Davies
6Alan Walker216Emmet Mckinley (j)
7Anne Speake1421Tony Manders
8Guy Tipton2115Paul Thomas
9Pat Davies216Ted Manders
10Paul Ellison2114Terry Clorley
11Claire Watkin1721Clive Harrington
12Peter Skone2021Martin Mckinley

Fri 31st Jul

1Roger Haydon219Chris Dorsett
2Clive Harrington2118Angharad Jones
3Emmet Mckinley (j)1821Paul Ashton
4Paul Williams2111Chris Knight
5Angie Griffiths2113Mike Flanigan
6Ted Manders821Brian Bennett
7Terry Clorley214Mark Lloyd
8Paul Thomas2114Alan Gwilliams
9Matt Morris215Jesse James
10Danny Powell2117Mel Yates
11Martin Mckinley2110Ollie Ewels
12Andy Owens2119Chris Hose

Fri 24th Jul

1Richard Carr2114Emmet Mckinley (j)
2Rob Jones215Jack Jones
3Stuart Bennett214Clive Harrington
4Becky Ashworth2118Paul Thomas
5Keith Thomas2114Terry Clorley
6Karen Bennett2116Martin Mckinley
7Trevor Bowers721Danny Powell
8Ken Barrow2115Ted Manders
9Andy Jones216Matt Morris
10Tony Dawson1721Paul Williams
11Paul Ashworth2112Andy Owens
12Andy Wilson218Tony Manders

Fri 17th Jul

PosOxonScoreScoreMeole Village
1Tony Manders218Mark Davies
2Ken Davies216Phil Wilkinson
3Andy Corley2119Alex Nisbet
4Paul Williams2120John Maddox
5Clive Harrington1321Alan Lloyd
6Paul Thomas921Peter Phillips
7Ted Manders2115Barry Bailey
8Terry Clorley2110Jan Wilkinson
9Dickie Dodd2114Geoff Balshaw
10Andy Owens1421Mike Jones
11Martin Mckinley2114Tony Williams
12Danny Powell2111John Crundell
the old guard showed the young ones how its done Ken Davies 21-6 and Tony Manders 21-8 at the start

Fri 3rd Jul

PosOxonScoreScoreOxon Village
1Clive Harrington2110Mick Murray
2Paul Thomas1121Phil Ashcroft
3Paul Williams1521Wayne Fuller
4Jack Jones521Alan Edwards
5Terry Clorley2117Paul Murray
6Ted Manders217Sue Storey
7Angie Griffiths2114Dave Ashfield
8Martin Mckinley2112Norman Barkley
9Andy Owens2112Tina Armstrong
10Danny Powell218Chris Murray
11Matt Morris1321Jason Stevens
12Tony Manders2114Paul Davies

Fri 26th Jun

PosOxonScoreScoreReman Services
1Jack Jones2114Graham Hughes
2Roger Haydon2113Len Turford
3Clive Harrington2115Dan Jones
4Andy Corley1921Bryan Bates
5Ted Manders1121Bob Chatham
6Paul Thomas2119Mike Young
7Terry Clorley2113Margaret Lacourse
8Martin Mckinley2120Sam Hill
9Andy Owens1621Sue Hill
10Paul Williams2021Nev Griffiths
11Danny Powell2119Phil Davies
12Tony Manders721Mark Hill
very close match well played reman they played the green very well the match was in the balance until the last few ends of the last game on the green

Wed 24th Jun

1Jack Bufton2112Paul Williams
2Steve Dovey210Lol Evans
3Gerry Haynes2114Ken Davies
4Lewis Rogers2114Clive Harrington
5Harry Parsonage2117Ted Manders
6Tom Moseley212Jack Jones
7Liam Dovey2114Tony Manders
8Mike Weston2113Terry Clorley
9Tony Partridge216Andy Corley
10Mike Mansell2116Andy Owens
11Dan Addis217Martin Mckinley
12Terry Angell1621Danny Powell

Fri 19th Jun

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreScoreOxon
1Ian Jones2112Matt Morris
2Mark Lanning2117Ken Davies
3Mark Parry2112Andy Corley
4Russell Brown1821Clive Harrington
5Paddy Grace1521Martin Mckinley
6George Powell1721Paul Thomas
7Peter Leigh2112Paul Williams
8Alan Tudor2115Terry Clorley
9Roland Leigh2116Dickie Dodd
10Chris Kershaw821Danny Powell
11Ernie Shea219Tony Manders
12Stuart Rhodes218Andy Owens
A good game played in a good spirit. Best for the Saints were Stuart Rhodes and Ernie Shea with 21-8 and 21-9 respectively. Best for the visitors were Dan Powell with 21-8 and Martin Mckinley 21-15.

Fri 12th Jun

1Paul Williams2117Bob Sharpe
2Paul Thomas1321Peter Sargeant
3Angie Griffiths2113Graham Snelson
4Andy Corley1621Kerry Dance
5Martin Mckinley214James Weaver
6Terry Clorley2112John Ford
7Tony Manders2116Gerry Fitzpatrick
8Ted Manders2120Steve Dance
9Matt Morris218Chris Elsbury
10Lol Evans521Mike Pemberton
11Danny Powell2114Brian Bebb
12Andy Owens2116Ernie Garrett

Fri 29th May

PosWem UscScoreScoreOxon
1Christopher Lee218Jack Jones
2Peter Edwards721Roger Haydon
3Jacob Reese219Ted Manders
4Mike Fielder218Ken Davies
5Terry Piggot2117Paul Thomas
6Kay Lightfoot1421Andy Corley
7Colleen Harding2115Terry Clorley
8Mo Corley2116Clive Harrington
9Harry Thomas2117Tony Manders
10Tracy Wraight1321Danny Powell
11Jake Bailey1721Paul Williams
12Bob Palowski1921Andy Owens

Fri 22nd May

PosOxonScoreScoreWem Bc
1Andy Corley521Claire Watkin
2Clive Harrington2112Alan Walker
3Paul Williams1221Gary Wall
4Ken Davies2120Pat Davies
5Paul Thomas219Peter Skone
6Ted Manders215Terry Evanson
7Jack Jones2114Steve Dakin
8Terry Clorley2021Guy Tipton
9Dickie Dodd1921Paul Ellison
10Matt Morris1321Gary Pountney
11Martin Mckinley2116Tony Oliver
12Danny Powell2112John Blower

Fri 15th May

1Chris Dorsett219Clive Harrington
2Steve Haycocks2114Paul Williams
3James Ashton215Andy Corley
4Angharad Jones2113Emmet Mckinley (j)
5Simon Hayman821Martin Mckinley
6Richard Ewels2110Paul Thomas
7Rob Ball2116Terry Clorley
8Chris Hose219Matt Morris
9Ollie Ewels2112Ted Manders
10Jesse James1621Tony Manders
11Mike Haycocks213Andy Owens
12Andy Doster2116Danny Powell

Fri 8th May

1Matt Morris1421Paul Ashworth
2Paul Williams2114Stuart Bennett
3Clive Harrington2021Nicky Ashworth
4Ken Davies1221Richard Carr
5Andy Corley2111Becky Ashworth
6Terry Clorley1521Trevor Bowers
7Paul Thomas219Ken Barrow
8Martin Mckinley212Tony Dawson
9Clive Brown1021Keith Thomas
10Ted Manders2117Karen Bennett
11Tony Manders921Andy Jones
12Danny Powell1721Andy Wilson

Fri 1st May

PosMeole VillageScoreScoreOxon
1Sandra Crundell2115Paul Thomas
2Tony Williams2112Andy Owens
3Phil Wilkinson1121Danny Powell
4Alan Lloyd2118Tony Manders
5Mike Jones1321Paul Williams
6Geoff Balshaw1721Ted Manders
7John Crundell217Matt Morris
8Mark Davies2117Roger Haydon
9Martin Stott2110Martin Mckinley
10Alex Nisbet2021Ken Davies
11Jan Wilkinson2117Terry Clorley
12Peter Phillips216Paul Herring

Fri 17th Apr

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreOxon
1Andrea Pickering2113Ken Davies
2Paul Murray1321Ron Edwards
3Paul Davies2116Angie Griffiths
4Wayne Fuller2114Paul Williams
5Alan Edwards1721Terry Clorley
6Chris Murray1921Paul Thomas
7Norman Barkley1421Martin Mckinley
8Sue Storey2118Ted Manders
9Colin Jones215Matt Morris
10Nigel Williams821Danny Powell
11Brian Selley1721Tony Manders
12Jason Stevens2114Andy Owens