Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Bicton A (Shropshire Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
12Paul Ashworth (6FA/TA)2423196490256+23420.4210.679.75
230Richard Carr (6FA/TA)2415963445380+6518.5415.832.71
360Andy Jones (6FA/TA)2013765376308+6818.8015.403.40
466Andy Wilson (6FA)24131154433397+3618.0416.541.50
581Becky Brown24121250408424-1617.0017.67-0.67
687Martin Codd (6FA)1411379278196+8219.8614.005.86
7100Nicky Ashworth (6FA)1910953343310+3318.0516.321.74
8120Andy Gale2191243355395-4016.9018.81-1.90
9151Tony Kirkham2271532337411-7415.3218.68-3.36
10152Rob Jones2071335304378-7415.2018.90-3.70
11159Ken Barrow146843249262-1317.7918.71-0.93
12170Kevin Price6518311794+2319.5015.673.83
13172Julie Pearce95456173158+1519.2217.561.67
14175Keith Thomas (6TA)1551033237276-3915.8018.40-2.60
15184Tony Dawson1741324271318-4715.9418.71-2.76
16197Matt Statham73443132140-818.8620.00-1.14
17202Trevor Bowers1731418234341-10713.7620.06-6.29
18206Karen Bennett422506858+1017.0014.502.50
19245Shaun Phillips312334159-1813.6719.67-6.00
20255Dave Price8171394164-7011.7520.50-8.75
Fri 7th AprHPrince Hotel B205200577
Fri 14th AprAMeole Brace V190230484
Fri 21st AprAGreenfields Social188218575
Fri 28th AprHCraven Arms213209668
Fri 5th MayABayston Hill 222200759
Fri 12th MayHFrankwell2371849311
Fri 19th MayAOSBC165230393
Fri 26th MayHUnison2211968410
Fri 2nd JunAOxon Village229200759
Fri 9th JunHCrescent1782432102
Fri 16th JunAWem BC203183759
Fri 23rd JunHBishops Castle2241708410
Fri 30th JunAPontesbury B1782502102
Fri 7th JulAPrince Hotel B207232484
Fri 14th JulHMeole Brace V2181799311
Fri 4th AugHBayston Hill 228188759
Fri 11th AugAFrankwell202220575
Fri 18th AugHOSBC210209759
Fri 25th AugAUnison170224393
Fri 1st SepHOxon Village2321988410
Fri 8th SepACrescent215204759
Wed 13th SepACraven Arms187192575
Fri 15th SepHWem BC2401779311
Fri 22nd SepABishops Castle1602401111
Tue 26th SepHGreenfields Social2391919311
Fri 29th SepHPontesbury B2241588410
  Played 2653855325155157187
1st Half Results for Bicton A
Wem B
Ashworth (6FA/TA) Paul242320.4221-921-1821-1821-321-521-721-1121-1521-14 7-2121-11 
Carr (6FA/TA) Richard241518.548-2118-2121-519-2121-921-1615-2121-1521-2021-1421-621-1116-21
Jones (6FA/TA) Andy201318.8016-2121-2021-911-2121-13 13-2121-1221-12 21-1121-1717-21
Wilson (6FA) Andy241318.0418-2114-2121-1919-2121-1721-78-2115-2120-2113-2121-1121-421-20
Brown Becky 241217.0012-217-219-2110-2116-2121-1521-1221-1621-15 21-1414-2111-21
Codd (6FA) Martin141119.8616-2121-919-21        21-521-20
Ashworth (6FA) Nicky191018.0521-1314-2115-2121-186-2121-9 21-819-21 21-14  
Gale Andy21916.9021-1621-158-2121-18 18-2118-2121-1621-1616-2121-1321-13 
Kirkham Tony22715.3221-810-2121-20  17-2110-214-2121-915-2118-2113-2114-21
Jones Rob20715.2021-714-2112-2120-2121-1813-216-2121-1810-2121-19 21-18 
Barrow Ken14617.79   21-1320-2121-18   18-2115-21  
Price Kevin6519.50   21-17     12-21   
Pearce Julie9519.22             
Thomas (6TA) Keith15515.8010-2118-2112-2121-1416-2121-1321-1821-12 9-2121-914-2114-21
Dawson Tony17415.94 11-218-21 17-2121-1717-2120-2118-2113-215-21  
Statham Matt7318.86            19-21
Bowers Trevor17313.7620-21  8-2121-1621-194-2114-2115-2119-2111-2115-2113-21
Bennett Karen4217.00        21-9  21-720-21
Phillips Shaun3113.67         12-21  8-21
Price Dave8111.75    21-17 11-21  9-21  4-21
2nd Half Results for Bicton A
Wem B
Ashworth (6FA/TA) Paul242320.4221-1721-1121-421-821-1321-721-1621-1021-721-1021-921-321-9
Carr (6FA/TA) Richard241518.5421-1721-2021-12 21-1717-2114-217-2121-921-14 16-2121-6
Jones (6FA/TA) Andy201318.8014-2121-1221-921-11 15-21 21-2021-621-917-21  
Wilson (6FA) Andy241318.0415-2121-721-1313-2121-16 21-1921-514-2121-1311-2121-15 
Brown Becky 241217.0021-1921-1618-21 21-1312-2121-1619-2121-514-2114-2121-1221-19
Codd (6FA) Martin141119.86 21-521-1321-1412-2121-821-321-1821-1821-20   
Ashworth (6FA) Nicky191018.0520-2121-20  17-217-2121-1121-1719-2121-916-21 21-2
Gale Andy21916.90 5-2118-2116-2121-1612-21  8-2118-2120-2121-209-21
Kirkham Tony22715.3221-1113-2121-2016-2121-1511-21 10-21 19-216-2121-1314-21
Jones Rob20715.2019-21 12-217-21 5-2119-21 6-2121-11 14-2121-14
Barrow Ken14617.7916-21  20-21 21-2021-1221-116-21 15-2121-2013-21
Price Kevin6519.50 21-8 21-20       21-1521-13
Pearce Julie9519.22  20-21 21-1418-2121-19 15-2121-1215-2121-1921-10
Thomas (6TA) Keith15515.8015-2111-2113-21          
Dawson Tony17415.9413-21     20-2118-2114-2121-1613-2121-1121-1
Statham Matt7318.86   21-2010-21 21-1821-18   20-2120-21
Bowers Trevor17313.7611-21 21-127-2113-2110-2111-21      
Bennett Karen4217.00          6-21  
Phillips Shaun3113.67 21-17           
Price Dave8111.75   18-2111-21  14-21  6-21  

Fri 29th Sep

PosBicton AScoreScorePontesbury B
1Richard Carr (6fa/ta)216John Potter
2Nicky Ashworth (6fa)212Alan Potter
3Matt Statham2021Emlyn Jones
4Becky Brown2119Terry Jones (6tb)
5Julie Pearce2110Sue Potter
6Rob Jones2114Charlie Hotchkiss (j)
7Ken Barrow1321Neil Edwards
8Tony Dawson Best Result211Kevin Jones (6tb)
9Andy Gale921Clive Luther Best Result
10Tony Kirkham1421Martin Green
11Kevin Price2113Martin Jones
12Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)219Cliff Evans

Tue 26th Sep

PosBicton AScoreScoreGreenfields Social
1Richard Carr (6fa/ta)1621Ian Massey
2Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result213June Massey
3Andy Gale2120John Brown (6ta)
4Matt Statham2021Ian Kilburn (6ta)
5Becky Brown2112Graham Hughes
6Julie Pearce2119Pete Mackay
7Rob Jones1421Mike Badnell Best Result
8Ken Barrow2120Kevin Williams (6ta)
9Tony Dawson2111Rob Jones
10Tony Kirkham2113Roger Jones (6ta)
11Andy Wilson (6fa)2115Chris Jones (6ta)
12Kevin Price2115Jo Wellard

Fri 22nd Sep

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreBicton A
1Paul Wheeler921Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
2Wayne Pugh2111Andy Wilson (6fa)
3Bill Meek2116Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
4Tony Graham2120Andy Gale
5Mark Griffiths2114Becky Brown
6Andrew Evans Best Result216Karen Bennett
7Ian Corfield2115Julie Pearce
8Terry Bufton2115Ken Barrow
9Ron Ellis2117Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
10Mark Evans Best Result216Tony Kirkham
11Josh Dickin2113Tony Dawson
12Doug Morris Best Result216Dave Price

Fri 15th Sep

PosBicton AScoreScoreWem BC
1Nicky Ashworth (6fa) Best Result219Jim Edgerton
2Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2110Anne Speake
3Becky Brown1421Pat Davies Best Result
4Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2114Claire Watkin
5Martin Codd (6fa)2120Gary Pountney
6Tony Dawson2116Tony Oliver
7Andy Gale1821Peter Jenkins
8Rob Jones2111Dave Evanson
9Andy Jones (6fa/ta) Best Result219Janet Bridges
10Tony Kirkham1921Steve Dakin
11Julie Pearce2112Peter Skone
12Andy Wilson (6fa)2113Terry Evanson

Wed 13th Sep

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreBicton A
1Terry Lucas721Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
2Bert Morris2115Julie Pearce
3Edith Huffer218Andy Gale
4Tony Pryce2114Andy Wilson (6fa)
5Lilian Payne2119Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
6Nev Huffer921Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
7Tony Cowdale Best Result216Rob Jones
8Mark Gittens521Becky Brown Best Result
9Phil Baker Best Result216Ken Barrow
10Nathan Baker621Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
11Toby Foxall2114Tony Dawson
12Colin Blent1821Martin Codd (6fa)

Fri 8th Sep

PosCrescentScoreScoreBicton A
1Mark Harris1821Martin Codd (6fa)
2Mark Rogers (6ta)1721Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
3Jason Evans2114Dave Price
4Dave Oliver2021Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
5Neil Harris (6ta)1821Matt Statham
6Scott Bowen (6ta) Best Result217Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
7Craig Bowen521Andy Wilson (6fa) Best Result
8Lee Walmsley (6ta)1021Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
9Mike Cutler2110Tony Kirkham
10John Wycherley2118Tony Dawson
11Dan Laurens1121Ken Barrow
12Andrew Gregg2119Becky Brown

Fri 1st Sep

PosBicton AScoreScoreOxon Village
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2116Roger Lem
2Richard Carr (6fa/ta)1421Emma Shore
3Nicky Ashworth (6fa)2111Paul Murray
4Martin Codd (6fa) Best Result213Colin Jones
5Rob Jones1921Jason Stevens
6Becky Brown2116Ian Williams
7Matt Statham2118Alan Edwards
8Julie Pearce2119Brian Selley
9Ken Barrow2112Sue Storey
10Trevor Bowers1121Andrea Pickering Best Result
11Andy Wilson (6fa)2119Nigel Williams
12Tony Dawson2021Paul Davies

Fri 25th Aug

PosUnisonScoreScoreBicton A
1Clive Jordan Best Result215Rob Jones
2Will Tyler217Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
3Simon Reynolds2110Trevor Bowers
4Stephen Morris2111Tony Kirkham
5Bob Parry2112Andy Gale
6Dave Renwick2112Becky Brown
7Pete Oliver2115Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
8Matthew Parry (j)2117Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
9Les Jones2118Julie Pearce
10Martin Jones2021Ken Barrow
11Phil Tyler821Martin Codd (6fa)
12Bill Moseley721Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
Unlucky for Martin J who did well to recover from 6-14 to 20 across only to lose the final end on his own jack. Good wins for Pete O (from 0-6 down) and Matt P against very good opponents.

Fri 18th Aug

PosBicton AScoreScoreOSBC
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result2113Gwyn Jones
2Nicky Ashworth (6fa)1721Jacob Reese
3Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2117Bob Chandler
4Trevor Bowers1321Andy Pullen
5Dave Price1121John Harris (6tb)
6Andy Gale2116Tony Poole
7Becky Brown Best Result2113Matthew Whittaker (6tb)
8Julie Pearce2114Russell Lea (6tb)
9Tony Kirkham2115Liam Cox
10Matt Statham1021Ian Foster Best Result
11Martin Codd (6fa)1221Rich Jones (6tb)
12Andy Wilson (6fa)2116Derek Jones (6tb)

Fri 11th Aug

PosFrankwellScoreScoreBicton A
1Simon Hayman1421Martin Codd (6fa)
2Brian Bennett821Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
3Mike Haycocks Best Result217Trevor Bowers
4Mal Mitchell2021Matt Statham
5Bob Simpson2116Andy Gale
6Richard Ewels2118Dave Price
7Ollie Ewels Best Result217Rob Jones
8Mark Lloyd2120Ken Barrow
9Jack Haycocks1121Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
10Mel Yates2021Kevin Price
11Andy Doster2113Andy Wilson (6fa)
12Steve Haycocks2116Tony Kirkham

Fri 4th Aug

PosBicton AScoreScoreBayston Hill
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result214Lee Corfield
2Trevor Bowers2112Liz Jones
3Becky Brown1821Martin Cousins
4Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2112Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)
5Martin Codd (6fa)2113Nick Hughes (6ta)
6Andy Gale1821John Hall
7Rob Jones1221Craig Jones Best Result
8Andy Jones (6fa/ta)219Sylvia Morris
9Tony Kirkham2120Alex Evans (6ta)
10Keith Thomas (6ta)1321John Davies
11Andy Wilson (6fa)2113Ray Sant
12Julie Pearce2021Julian Archer
B.Hill played our green very well. Said they were happy with 5 but could have quite easily had 6 but for a great final bowl from TK. Julian proved the better Archer on the night.

Fri 14th Jul

PosBicton AScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Nicky Ashworth (6fa)2120Dave (itchy) Pritchard
2Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2111Eric Webb
3Becky Brown2116Jan Wilkinson
4Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2120Martin Stott (6tv)
5Martin Codd (6fa) Best Result215Mark Davies (6tv)
6Andy Gale521Phil Wilkinson Best Result
7Andy Jones (6fa/ta)2112Peter Phillips
8Tony Kirkham1321Tony Williams
9Shaun Phillips2117Alan Lloyd
10Keith Thomas (6ta)1121Bob Chatham
11Andy Wilson (6fa)217John Crundell (6tv)
12Kevin Price218Geoff Balshaw (6tv)

Fri 7th Jul

PosPrince Hotel BScoreScoreBicton A
1Kelvin Holder (6ta) Best Result2111Trevor Bowers
2Andy Walker (6ta)1721Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
3Sid Bould1721Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
4Tony Parsons2120Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
5Rhys Marshall2113Tony Dawson
6Jenna Marshall2116Ken Barrow
7Tom Stanhope2119Rob Jones
8Peter Thomas1921Becky Brown
9Christie Hughes1121Tony Kirkham Best Result
10Bob Pugh2115Andy Wilson (6fa)
11Elaine Jones2115Keith Thomas (6ta)
12Chris Wilson2114Andy Jones (6fa/ta)

Fri 30th Jun

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBicton A
1Emlyn Jones2021Martin Codd (6fa) Best Result
2Cliff Evans2021Andy Wilson (6fa) Best Result
3Dave Perks2113Trevor Bowers
4Alan Potter2116Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
5Kevin Williams (6tc)2111Becky Brown
6Neil Edwards Best Result214Dave Price
7Charlie Hotchkiss (j)2119Matt Statham
8Terry Jones (6tb)2120Karen Bennett
9Clive Luther2114Tony Kirkham
10Martin Green2114Keith Thomas (6ta)
11Martin Jones2117Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
12Kevin Jones (6tb)218Shaun Phillips

Fri 23rd Jun

PosBicton AScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2111Mark Griffiths
2Karen Bennett217Bill Meek
3Trevor Bowers1521Tony Graham
4Becky Brown1421Andrew Evans
5Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2111Josh Dickin
6Martin Codd (6fa)215Barry Jones
7Andy Gale2113David Pope
8Rob Jones2118Paul Wheeler
9Andy Jones (6fa/ta)2117Doug Morris
10Tony Kirkham1321Mark Evans Best Result
11Keith Thomas (6ta)1421Wayne Pugh
12Andy Wilson (6fa) Best Result214Ian Corfield

Fri 16th Jun

PosWem BCScoreScoreBicton A
1Janet Bridges1421Becky Brown
2Alan Walker2115Ken Barrow
3Peter Jenkins921Keith Thomas (6ta)
4Anne Speake Best Result215Tony Dawson
5Gary Pountney2118Tony Kirkham
6Terry Evanson621Richard Carr (6fa/ta) Best Result
7Tony Oliver1121Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
8Paul Ellison1421Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
9Jim Edgerton1321Andy Gale
10Sam Ellison217Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
11Claire Watkin2111Trevor Bowers
12Dave Evanson1121Andy Wilson (6fa)

Fri 9th Jun

PosBicton AScoreScoreCrescent
1Dave Price921Steve Rogers Best Result
2Trevor Bowers1921Mark Owen
3Kevin Price1221Mike Cutler
4Shaun Phillips1221Lee Walmsley (6ta)
5Keith Thomas (6ta)921Scott Bowen (6ta) Best Result
6Ken Barrow1821Neil Harris (6ta)
7Tony Kirkham1521Dave Oliver
8Rob Jones2119Jason Evans
9Andy Gale1621Andrew Gregg
10Andy Wilson (6fa)1321Mark Rogers (6ta)
11Richard Carr (6fa/ta) Best Result2114Dan Williams (6ta)
12Tony Dawson1321Mark Harris

Fri 2nd Jun

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreBicton A
1Colin Jones1421Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
2Paul Murray2115Trevor Bowers
3Jason Stevens2119Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
4Andrea Pickering2021Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
5Alan Edwards921Karen Bennett Best Result
6Sue Storey1521Becky Brown
7Emma Shore1621Andy Gale
8Ian Williams Best Result2110Rob Jones
9Chris Murray2120Andy Wilson (6fa)
10Brian Selley2118Tony Dawson
11Paul Davies1221Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
12Nigel Williams921Tony Kirkham Best Result

Fri 26th May

PosBicton AScoreScoreUnison
1Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2115Will Tyler
2Nicky Ashworth (6fa) Best Result218Cameron Griffin (j)
3Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2115Simon Reynolds
4Andy Wilson (6fa)1521Brian Meredith
5Trevor Bowers1421Matthew Parry (j)
6Becky Brown2116Bill Moseley
7Andy Gale2116Clive Jordan
8Rob Jones2118Bob Parry
9Tony Kirkham421Phil Tyler Best Result
10Tony Dawson2021Les Jones
11Keith Thomas (6ta)2112Pete Oliver
12Andy Jones (6fa/ta)2112Dave Renwick

Fri 19th May

PosOSBCScoreScoreBicton A
1John Griffiths218Andy Wilson (6fa)
2Jacob Reese2113Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
3Andy Pullen216Rob Jones
4Tony Poole1121Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
5Gwyn Jones2118Andy Gale
6John Harris (6tb)2111Dave Price
7Bob Chandler Best Result214Trevor Bowers
8Evelyn Jones1221Becky Brown
9Matthew Whittaker (6tb)2110Tony Kirkham
10Rich Jones (6tb)2117Tony Dawson
11Derek Jones (6tb)1821Keith Thomas (6ta)
12Ian Foster2115Richard Carr (6fa/ta)

Fri 12th May

PosBicton AScoreScoreFrankwell
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result217Ollie Ewels
2Nicky Ashworth (6fa)219Chris Hose
3Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2116Steve Haycocks
4Rob Jones1321Terry Brooks Best Result
5Andy Gale1821Brian Bennett
6Becky Brown2115Richard Ewels
7Trevor Bowers2119Jack Haycocks
8Tony Kirkham1721Chris Dorsett
9Tony Dawson2117Mike Haycocks
10Andy Wilson (6fa) Best Result217Andy Doster
11Keith Thomas (6ta)2113Simon Hayman
12Ken Barrow2118Mel Yates

Fri 5th May

PosBayston Hill ScoreScoreBicton A
1Jane Archer (6fa/6ta) Best Result216Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
2John Davies521Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
3Ray Sant1821Rob Jones
4Nick Hughes (6ta)2120Ken Barrow
5Mike Young1721Dave Price
6Lee Corfield921Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
7Molly Sullivan1621Trevor Bowers
8Mike Statham2116Becky Brown
9Martin Cousins1721Andy Wilson (6fa)
10Craig Jones1321Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
11Andy Davies2117Tony Dawson
12Alex Evans (6ta)2116Keith Thomas (6ta)

Fri 28th Apr

PosBicton AScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result213Lilian Payne
2Nicky Ashworth (6fa)2118Bert Morris
3Richard Carr (6fa/ta)1921Terry Lucas
4Rob Jones2021Tony Cowdale
5Andy Gale2118Tony Pryce
6Becky Brown1021Alice Baker
7Trevor Bowers821Ian Bishop Best Result
8Ken Barrow2113Laurie Jones
9Kevin Price2117Paul Davies
10Keith Thomas (6ta)2114Nathan Baker
11Andy Wilson (6fa)1921Toby Foxall
12Andy Jones (6fa/ta)1121Phil Baker

Fri 21st Apr

PosGreenfields SocialScoreScoreBicton A
1Nigel Harris (6ta)521Richard Carr (6fa/ta) Best Result
2Mike Badnell1821Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
3Ian Massey2119Martin Codd (6fa)
4Chris Jones (6ta)2115Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
5Pete Mackay Best Result218Andy Gale
6Kevin Williams (6ta)1921Andy Wilson (6fa)
7Rob Jones2112Rob Jones
8John Brown (6ta)219Becky Brown
9Jo Wellard2021Tony Kirkham
10June Massey Best Result218Tony Dawson
11Ian Kilburn (6ta)2112Keith Thomas (6ta)
12Roger Jones (6ta)921Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
Sorry, Becky Ashworth should now read Becky Brown.

Fri 14th Apr

PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreBicton A
1Mark Davies (6tv)921Martin Codd (6fa) Best Result
2Martin Stott (6tv)1821Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)
3Eric Webb2114Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
4Dave (itchy) Pritchard2118Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
5Bob Chatham Best Result217Becky Brown
6Alan Lloyd2114Rob Jones
7Jan Wilkinson2114Andy Wilson (6fa)
8Bob Cliffe1521Andy Gale
9Phil Wilkinson2118Keith Thomas (6ta)
10Mike Jones (6tv)2110Tony Kirkham
11John Crundell (6tv)2021Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
12Tony Williams2111Tony Dawson

Fri 7th Apr

PosBicton AScoreScorePrince Hotel B
1Martin Codd (6fa)1621Neil Lewis
2Nicky Ashworth (6fa)2113Tony Parsons
3Richard Carr (6fa/ta)821Andy Walker (6ta) Best Result
4Andy Wilson (6fa)1821Kelvin Holder (6ta)
5Rob Jones Best Result217Jenna Marshall
6Andy Gale2116Bob Pugh
7Becky Brown1221Kerry Lea
8Trevor Bowers2021Jamie Morgan
9Keith Thomas (6ta)1021Elaine Jones
10Tony Kirkham218Chris Wilson
11Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)219Tom Stanhope
12Andy Jones (6fa/ta)1621Christie Hughes
Good match. Prince played our green well. Stig MoM for PH. TK for Bicton.