The Dudley & District Bowling League 2015

Thursday League

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Team Averages for Cradley Heath Libs A (Thursday 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
11Liam King2220291459310+14920.8614.096.77
26Wayne Berry1715288348241+10720.4714.186.29
327Iain Wheatley1912763332312+2017.4716.421.05
429Alan Price1711665316271+4518.5915.942.65
532Tony Ford1911858338323+1517.7917.000.79
640Martin Bicknell1810856312298+1417.3316.560.78
756Paul Edwards178947292262+3017.1815.411.76
857Barry Hardwick178947286272+1416.8216.000.82
982David Whitehouse1661038243296-5315.1918.50-3.31
1086Bob Jones135838229244-1517.6218.77-1.15
11161Arthur Crook10101121-1011.0021.00-10.00
Thu 9th AprAPheasant141140447
Thu 16th AprHPheasant153126628
Thu 23rd AprADudley Dell B147142447
Thu 30th AprHDudley Dell B153100628
Thu 7th MayACoseley Athletic A146124538
Thu 14th MayHCoseley Athletic A168768010
Thu 21st MayACoombs Wood B142135447
Thu 28th MayHCoombs Wood B166118719
Thu 4th JunAWoodman M.p.146145538
Thu 11th JunHWoodman M.p.161111628
Thu 18th JunHCradley Sports Cg148132537
Thu 25th JunACradley Sports Cg124152535
Thu 2nd JulHLangley A157100719
Thu 9th JulALangley A131159444
Thu 16th JulHM&b Portland Road A155114537
Thu 23rd JulAM&b Portland Road A114157262
Thu 30th JulHOld Cross A157120628
Thu 6th AugAOld Cross A98168080
Thu 13th AugHTall Boats A153101719
Thu 20th AugATall Boats A129149353
Thu 27th AugAGlasscutters A132145353
Thu 3rd SepHGlasscutters A145136446
  Played 223166285010670143
1st Half Results for Cradley Heath Libs A
King Liam222020.8621-1921-1821-1921-321-1321-521-821-1921-1821-721-18
Berry Wayne171520.4714-21  21-1221-1021-1921-1521-1721-1621-021-11
Wheatley Iain191217.4715-2121-1721-1321-821-2021-813-2121-1921-1517-2117-21
Price Alan171118.5921-1821-1116-21  21-221-10  21-1621-10
Ford Tony191117.7921-1014-2112-21 11-21  21-1421-2021-2021-13
Bicknell Martin181017.33 21-1121-189-21 21-1121-1821-1121-1321-1717-21
Edwards Paul17817.188-2113-21 18-2121-8  21-516-2121-99-21
Hardwick Barry17816.8221-921-1220-2121-921-1021-315-2119-21  21-17
Whitehouse David16615.1920-2121-1521-821-1520-2121-1811-2121-126-21  
Jones Bob13517.62  15-2121-1110-2121-1019-21 19-2118-21 
Crook Arthur1011.00           
2nd Half Results for Cradley Heath Libs A
M&b P
M&b P
Old C
Old C
King Liam222020.8621-1921-1421-2021-1019-2121-1020-2121-1821-1021-721-13
Berry Wayne171520.4721-1921-1821-1719-21   21-1321-1521-1321-4
Wheatley Iain191217.47 21-121-1821-86-21  21-186-216-2121-20
Price Alan171118.5921-1721-148-21 13-2121-1820-2121-1021-1915-2113-21
Ford Tony191117.7921-2021-621-2021-1321-1117-2110-2121-820-2114-219-21
Bicknell Martin181017.336-21 13-2119-2121-2021-1015-2121-15-2118-21 
Edwards Paul17817.1821-1421-816-2121-5 21-127-2121-1217-21 20-21
Hardwick Barry17816.823-21  21-1515-2121-85-216-21 16-2119-21
Whitehouse David16615.1910-2121-1810-2112-218-2114-216-21    
Jones Bob13517.62 10-21   21-2015-21 18-2121-2021-15
Crook Arthur1011.00    11-21      

Thu 3rd Sep

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreGlasscutters A
1Liam King2113Graham James
2Barry Hardwick1921Dan Davies
3Bob Jones2115Lynn Morgan
4Alan Price1321William Bowater
5Paul Edwards2021Kevin Bibb
6Tony Ford921John Harris
7Iain Wheatley2120Graham Davies
8Wayne Berry214Lee Smith

Thu 27th Aug

PosGlasscutters AScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Lee Smith2021Bob Jones
2Dan Davies2115Alan Price
3Davey Matthews1321Wayne Berry
4Lynn Morgan216Iain Wheatley
5Kevin Bibb2114Tony Ford
6Graham Davies2116Barry Hardwick
7Antony Hewitt721Liam King
8Graham James2118Martin Bicknell

Thu 20th Aug

PosTall Boats AScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Dave Hill2120Tony Ford
2Jamie Whitehead2118Bob Jones
3Bill Slater2117Paul Edwards
4George Pearshouse1521Wayne Berry
5Nigel Pestridge215Martin Bicknell
6Blake Devonport1021Liam King
7Len Marks216Iain Wheatley
8John Watton1921Alan Price

Thu 13th Aug

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreTall Boats A
1Wayne Berry2113Bill Slater
2Liam King2118Dave Hill
3Barry Hardwick621George Pearshouse
4Paul Edwards2112Nigel Pestridge
5Iain Wheatley2118Blake Devonport
6Martin Bicknell211Len Marks
7Tony Ford218John Watton
8Alan Price2110Adrian Ford

Thu 6th Aug

PosOld Cross AScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Julie Carpenter2115Bob Jones
2Scott Deakin215Barry Hardwick
3Tim Ross2120Alan Price
4John Croft2120Liam King
5Graham Cooper216David Whitehouse
6Lorraine Deakin2110Tony Ford
7Chris Clewer2115Martin Bicknell
8Peter Bell217Paul Edwards

Thu 30th Jul

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreOld Cross A
1Tony Ford1721Adam Deakin
2Alan Price2118Peter Bell
3Barry Hardwick218Julie Carpenter
4David Whitehouse1421Dave Conway
5Martin Bicknell2110Tim Ross
6Liam King2110Chris Clewer
7Paul Edwards2112Bob Unitt
8Bob Jones2120Graham Cooper

Thu 23rd Jul

PosM&b Portland Road AScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Peter Sankey2119Liam King
2Dave Sankey2115Barry Hardwick
3Cliff Tebbett216Iain Wheatley
4Paul Rolls2113Alan Price
5Alan Shingleton2021Martin Bicknell
6Ian Sherwood1121Tony Ford
7Karen Rolls218David Whitehouse
8James Dugmore2111Arthur Crook

Thu 16th Jul

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreM&b Portland Road A
1Paul Edwards215Ian Sherwood
2Barry Hardwick2115Richard Sherwood
3Iain Wheatley218Karen Rolls
4Liam King2110Peter Sankey
5Martin Bicknell1921Cliff Tebbett
6David Whitehouse1221Gary Sherwood
7Tony Ford2113Dave Sankey
8Wayne Berry1921Paul Rolls

Thu 9th Jul

PosLangley AScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Mario Caserio218Alan Price
2Peter Rose2021Liam King
3Sarah Jones2113Martin Bicknell
4Richard Jones2116Paul Edwards
5Dave Bell1821Iain Wheatley
6Alan Barnsley2110David Whitehouse
7Kevin Roberts2021Tony Ford
8Malcolm Bradley1721Wayne Berry

Thu 2nd Jul

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreLangley A
1David Whitehouse2118Mario Caserio
2Liam King2114Darren Dancer
3Paul Edwards218Roy Bentley
4Bob Jones1021Kevin Roberts
5Iain Wheatley211Phil Bate
6Alan Price2114Alan Barnsley
7Tony Ford216Richard Jones
8Wayne Berry2118Malcolm Bradley

Thu 25th Jun

PosCradley Sports CgScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Mandy Pagett1721Alan Price
2Bob Garratt1421Paul Edwards
3Gavin Skidmore216Martin Bicknell
4Dave Pearsall1921Wayne Berry
5Simon Totten1921Liam King
6Cian Danter2021Tony Ford
7Andy Poole2110David Whitehouse
8Kay Coulthard213Barry Hardwick

Thu 18th Jun

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreCradley Sports Cg
1Liam King2118Dave Pearsall
2Paul Edwards921Gavin Skidmore
3Martin Bicknell1721Simon Totten
4Iain Wheatley1721Mandy Pagett
5Barry Hardwick2117Bob Garratt
6Tony Ford2113Kay Coulthard
7Alan Price2110Cian Danter
8Wayne Berry2111Andy Poole

Thu 11th Jun

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreWoodman M.p.
1Martin Bicknell2117Grant Cooper
2Liam King217Barry Faulkner
3Paul Edwards219Gavin Wyatt
4Iain Wheatley1721Rob Jennings
5Tony Ford2120Gary B Cooper
6Alan Price2116Phil Atkins
7Bob Jones1821Dave Hassett
8Wayne Berry210Gary A Cooper

Thu 4th Jun

PosWoodman M.p.ScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Phil Atkins1321Martin Bicknell
2Gavin Wyatt1821Liam King
3Barry Faulkner2119Bob Jones
4Peter Hayne1521Iain Wheatley
5Grant Cooper2116Paul Edwards
6Gary A Cooper1621Wayne Berry
7Gary B Cooper216David Whitehouse
8Brian Wyatt2021Tony Ford

Thu 28th May

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreCoombs Wood B
1Liam King2119Simon Dale
2Barry Hardwick1921Paul Jones
3David Whitehouse2112Trevor Cox
4Paul Edwards215Melvyn Adams
5Iain Wheatley2119David Barker
6Martin Bicknell2111Joan Taylor
7Tony Ford2114Mick Walker
8Wayne Berry2117Ian Pardoe

Thu 21st May

PosCoombs Wood BScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Trevor Cox2115Barry Hardwick
2John Jones2111David Whitehouse
3Paul Jones2113Iain Wheatley
4David Barker821Liam King
5Mark Herbert1521Wayne Berry
6Mick Walker2119Bob Jones
7Melvyn Adams1021Alan Price
8Mark Rowley1821Martin Bicknell

Thu 14th May

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreCoseley Athletic A
1Iain Wheatley218Barry Healey
2Barry Hardwick213Tony Clifford-sheldon
3David Whitehouse2118Des Smith
4Liam King215George Share
5Bob Jones2110Craig Copson
6Martin Bicknell2111Bryn Jones
7Alan Price212Keith Chadbourn
8Wayne Berry2119Neil Mcgrath

Thu 7th May

PosCoseley Athletic AScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Carl Jenkins2021Iain Wheatley
2Barry Healey1321Liam King
3Des Smith2111Tony Ford
4Keith Chadbourn1021Wayne Berry
5Craig Copson821Paul Edwards
6Bryn Jones1021Barry Hardwick
7Neil Mcgrath2110Bob Jones
8George Share2120David Whitehouse

Thu 30th Apr

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScoreDudley Dell B
1Barry Hardwick219Dennis Hope
2Liam King213Eric Shaw
3Iain Wheatley218Brenda Fletcher
4David Whitehouse2115Ron Jones
5Bob Jones2111Mark Shaw
6Wayne Berry2112Ray Cox
7Paul Edwards1821Perry Gordon
8Martin Bicknell921Sarah Fletcher

Thu 23rd Apr

PosDudley Dell BScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Eric Shaw2120Barry Hardwick
2Geoff Willetts821David Whitehouse
3Vic Clarke1921Liam King
4Dennis Hope2115Bob Jones
5Ron Jones2116Alan Price
6Sarah Fletcher2112Tony Ford
7Mark Shaw1321Iain Wheatley
8Graeme Underhill1821Martin Bicknell

Thu 16th Apr

PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreScorePheasant
1Barry Hardwick2112Tony Abbey
2Liam King2118Mick Cooke
3David Whitehouse2115Rob Thacker
4Martin Bicknell2111Wendy Hemming
5Iain Wheatley2117Neil Essex
6Alan Price2111Tom Russell
7Paul Edwards1321Darren Hamblett
8Tony Ford1421Allan Hemming

Thu 9th Apr

PosPheasantScoreScoreCradley Heath Libs A
1Tony Abbey2120David Whitehouse
2Mick Cooke921Barry Hardwick
3Rob Thacker2115Iain Wheatley
4Tom Russell1921Liam King
5Wendy Hemming1821Alan Price
6Neil Essex2114Wayne Berry
7Darren Hamblett1021Tony Ford
8Allan Hemming218Paul Edwards