Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Unison (Shropshire Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
116Will Tyler2417771448354+9418.6714.753.92
232Les Jones2315865419368+5118.2216.002.22
336Phil Tyler25151060457426+3118.2817.041.24
464Brian Meredith24131154416378+3817.3315.751.58
567Dave Renwick24131154410379+3117.0815.791.29
678Simon Reynolds24121250435416+1918.1317.330.79
788Stephen Morris1211192250182+6820.8315.175.67
8110Matthew Parry (j)26101638405478-7315.5818.38-2.81
9114Bill Moseley2191243356354+216.9516.860.10
10117Clive Jordan2591636443459-1617.7218.36-0.64
11150Cameron Griffin (j)1971237308347-3916.2118.26-2.05
12179Bob Parry1951426285372-8715.0019.58-4.58
13181Pete Oliver2251723303431-12813.7719.59-5.82
14218Martin Jones1521313241302-6116.0720.13-4.07
15237Vi Wynne211503034-415.0017.00-2.00
16258Mike A Hughes10101721-417.0021.00-4.00
17265John Pritchard10101121-1011.0021.00-10.00
18271Susan Oliver20202842-1414.0021.00-7.00
19274Will Nankivell1010621-156.0021.00-15.00
20283Alan Everall20202042-2210.0021.00-11.00
Fri 7th AprHBishops Castle187208575
Fri 14th AprAPrince Hotel B195233393
Fri 21st AprHWem BC230179759
Fri 28th AprAOxon Village193218666
Fri 5th MayHPontesbury B2371649311
Fri 12th MayACrescent190237393
Fri 19th MayHMeole Brace V220212668
Fri 26th MayABicton A196221484
Fri 2nd JunHGreenfields Social2261689311
Fri 9th JunACraven Arms1422481111
Fri 16th JunHBayston Hill 223204668
Fri 23rd JunAOSBC195241393
Fri 30th JunHFrankwell2211769311
Fri 7th JulABishops Castle165236484
Fri 14th JulHPrince Hotel B223186759
Fri 28th JulHOxon Village2151769311
Fri 4th AugAPontesbury B176210484
Fri 11th AugHCrescent206232484
Fri 18th AugAMeole Brace V198243484
Fri 25th AugHBicton A2241709311
Wed 30th AugAWem BC208203759
Fri 1st SepAGreenfields Social188239393
Fri 8th SepHCraven Arms2321928410
Fri 15th SepABayston Hill 208200668
Fri 22nd SepHOSBC226201668
Fri 29th SepAFrankwell1642302102
  Played 2652885427144168170
1st Half Results for Unison
Wem B
Tyler Will241718.67  21-521-1321-1521-2021-1215-2121-1815-2121-1821-1921-1
Tyler Phil251518.2812-2117-2114-2121-1618-2111-2121-1521-421-75-2121-1221-1921-17
Jones Les231518.2221-1521-1221-1321-1921-9 20-2121-2021-20 20-2121-1421-12
Meredith Brian241317.3321-1818-2121-321-1321-314-2121-1221-1521-1113-2111-2112-2121-15
Renwick Dave241317.0821-721-1921-1410-21  21-1212-2121-612-2119-218-2121-4
Reynolds Simon241218.1321-520-2116-2121-1621-1121-1721-1815-21 11-2121-2017-2111-21
Morris Stephen121120.83     21-11   21-17 19-2121-14
Parry (j) Matthew261015.588-2121-1321-169-2121-620-2121-1721-1421-1014-2111-2112-2116-21
Jordan Clive25917.729-2118-2121-1319-2116-2119-2116-2116-2121-128-2121-620-2121-18
Moseley Bill21916.9510-216-2121-1021-1521-810-2118-2116-2118-2111-2119-2120-2121-19
Griffin (j) Cameron19716.2116-2115-2120-21 21-129-2116-218-2121-110-2121-78-2121-13
Parry Bob19515.0017-2115-2120-216-2121-2010-2111-2118-2121-1019-2117-21 5-21
Oliver Pete22513.7710-217-2113-2113-2121-1715-2113-2112-2110-2113-2121-1516-21 
Jones Martin15216.0721-1616-21 10-2114-2119-21       
Wynne Vi2115.00        9-21    
Hughes Mike A1017.00             
Oliver Susan2014.00             
Pritchard John1011.00             
Everall Alan2010.00             
Nankivell Will106.00             
2nd Half Results for Unison
Wem B
Tyler Will241718.6721-1321-1421-1511-2114-2121-1821-721-113-2121-1118-2121-75-21
Tyler Phil251518.2821-2021-1421-1621-920-2121-208-21 21-2021-1121-1619-2118-21
Jones Les231518.225-2121-521-24-2115-2121-2021-1821-1013-21 21-1113-2114-21
Meredith Brian241317.3314-2121-921-1413-2119-2118-21 9-212-2121-1421-1221-8 
Renwick Dave241317.086-2117-2121-1321-1321-1511-2121-1211-2120-2121-1311-2121-1721-3
Reynolds Simon241218.1321-1521-1521-1721-421-1620-2121-108-2117-21 19-2120-219-21
Morris Stephen121120.8321-20 21-10   21-1121-17 21-1821-821-1821-17
Parry (j) Matthew261015.5810-2113-218-216-2121-1617-2121-1721-2017-2119-214-2121-1311-21
Jordan Clive25917.7213-2117-2115-2120-2121-1714-2121-521-1621-1721-19 15-2119-21
Moseley Bill21916.9512-2121-421-13 20-21 7-21  21-721-1421-12 
Griffin (j) Cameron19716.21 21-20 13-21 21-17  19-2121-1520-2117-21 
Parry Bob19515.003-2112-21 21-16  21-1221-2014-2113-21   
Oliver Pete22513.77  3-2110-219-2111-2121-1521-1421-1312-21 16-2115-21
Jones Martin15216.0718-2117-2121-1315-2119-2112-2120-2119-2110-21 10-21  
Wynne Vi2115.00          21-13  
Hughes Mike A1017.00            17-21
Oliver Susan2014.00         20-21  8-21
Pritchard John1011.00     11-21       
Everall Alan2010.00       14-21    6-21
Nankivell Will106.00    6-21        

Fri 29th Sep

1Mal Mitchell219Simon Reynolds
2Brian Bennett321Dave Renwick Best Result
3Bob Simpson2114Les Jones
4Steve Haycocks Best Result215Will Tyler
5Ollie Ewels216Alan Everall
6Richard Ewels2119Clive Jordan
7Chris Dorsett2117Mike A Hughes
8Mel Yates218Susan Oliver
9Mike Haycocks1721Stephen Morris
10Andy Doster2111Matthew Parry (j)
11Jesse James2115Pete Oliver
12Simon Hayman2118Phil Tyler

Fri 22nd Sep

1Will Tyler Best Result217Liam Cox
2Brian Meredith218Bob Chandler
3Bill Moseley2112Trish Jones
4Matthew Parry (j)2113Derek Jones (6tb)
5Dave Renwick2117Martin Francis
6Stephen Morris2118Andy Pullen
7Simon Reynolds2021John Griffiths
8Phil Tyler1921Matthew Whittaker (6tb)
9Cameron Griffin (j)1721John Harris (6tb)
10Pete Oliver1621Ian Foster
11Clive Jordan1521Russell Lea (6tb)
12Les Jones1321Rich Jones (6tb) Best Result
Both teams were happy with the outcome of this match so everyone went home happy! Good luck OSBC on your return to the first division next season.

Fri 15th Sep

PosBayston Hill ScoreScoreUnison
1Craig Jones2111Dave Renwick
2John Davies2118Will Tyler
3Nick Hughes (6ta)1221Brian Meredith
4Andrew Morton2119Simon Reynolds
5John Hall1421Bill Moseley
6Mike Statham Best Result214Matthew Parry (j)
7Ray Sant1121Les Jones
8Molly Sullivan1321Vi Wynne
9Lee Corfield2120Cameron Griffin (j)
10Andy Davies1621Phil Tyler
11Alex Evans (6ta)2110Martin Jones
12Martin Cousins821Stephen Morris Best Result

Fri 8th Sep

PosUnisonScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Will Tyler2111Lilian Payne
2Brian Meredith2114Tony Cowdale
3Dave Renwick2113Bert Morris
4Bill Moseley Best Result217Nathan Baker
5Matthew Parry (j)1921Terry Lucas
6Clive Jordan2119Ben Foxall
7Susan Oliver2021Alice Baker
8Phil Tyler2111Laurie Jones
9Bob Parry1321Toby Foxall
10Stephen Morris2118Phil Baker
11Pete Oliver1221Colin Blent Best Result
12Cameron Griffin (j)2115Tony Pryce

Fri 1st Sep

PosGreenfields SocialScoreScoreUnison
1John Brown (6ta) Best Result212Brian Meredith
2June Massey2117Simon Reynolds
3Ian Massey2117Matthew Parry (j)
4Chris Jones (6ta)2113Will Tyler
5Mike Badnell2113Les Jones
6Pete Mackay2119Cameron Griffin (j)
7Roger Jones (6ta)2120Dave Renwick
8Ian Kilburn (6ta)2110Martin Jones
9Kevin Williams (6ta)1721Clive Jordan
10Jo Wellard2114Bob Parry
11Nigel Harris (6ta)2021Phil Tyler
12Rob Jones1321Pete Oliver Best Result

Wed 30th Aug

PosWem BCScoreScoreUnison
1Claire Watkin121Will Tyler Best Result
2Tony Oliver2111Dave Renwick
3Anne Speake Best Result218Simon Reynolds
4Jim Edgerton219Brian Meredith
5Terry Evanson2021Matthew Parry (j)
6Pat Davies2114Alan Everall
7Alan Walker1021Les Jones
8Dave Evanson1621Clive Jordan
9Peter Skone2021Bob Parry
10Peter Jenkins1421Pete Oliver
11Janet Bridges2119Martin Jones
12Gary Pountney1721Stephen Morris

Fri 25th Aug

PosUnisonScoreScoreBicton A
1Clive Jordan Best Result215Rob Jones
2Will Tyler217Nicky Ashworth (6fa)
3Simon Reynolds2110Trevor Bowers
4Stephen Morris2111Tony Kirkham
5Bob Parry2112Andy Gale
6Dave Renwick2112Becky Brown
7Pete Oliver2115Andy Jones (6fa/ta)
8Matthew Parry (j)2117Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
9Les Jones2118Julie Pearce
10Martin Jones2021Ken Barrow
11Phil Tyler821Martin Codd (6fa)
12Bill Moseley721Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
Unlucky for Martin J who did well to recover from 6-14 to 20 across only to lose the final end on his own jack. Good wins for Pete O (from 0-6 down) and Matt P against very good opponents.

Fri 18th Aug

PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreUnison
1Bob Cliffe Best Result2111Pete Oliver
2John Crundell (6tv)1721Cameron Griffin (j) Best Result
3Mark Davies (6tv)2120Simon Reynolds
4Mike Jones (6tv)2021Phil Tyler
5Alan Lloyd2021Les Jones
6Peter Phillips Best Result2111Dave Renwick
7Dave (itchy) Pritchard2118Brian Meredith
8Martin Stott (6tv)1821Will Tyler
9Eric Webb Best Result2111John Pritchard
10Jan Wilkinson2114Clive Jordan
11Phil Wilkinson2117Matthew Parry (j)
12Tony Williams2112Martin Jones

Fri 11th Aug

1Dave Renwick Best Result2115John Wycherley
2Matthew Parry (j)2116Matt Cooke
3Simon Reynolds2116Lee Walmsley (6ta)
4Clive Jordan2117Craig Bowen
5Bill Moseley2021Scott Bowen (6ta)
6Phil Tyler2021Mike Cutler
7Brian Meredith1921Dan Williams (6ta)
8Martin Jones1921Neil Harris (6ta)
9Les Jones1521Dave Oliver
10Will Tyler1421Mark Harris
11Pete Oliver921Mark Jenks (6ta)
12Will Nankivell621Mark Owen Best Result
No shame in losing a home match to the Champions elect but Unison can consider themselves a little unlucky in having two 19 and two 20 losers. Well played Crescent - you're far too good for this division.

Fri 4th Aug

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreUnison
1Alan Potter2113Cameron Griffin (j)
2Cliff Evans2111Will Tyler
3John Potter421Simon Reynolds Best Result
4Emlyn Jones2113Brian Meredith
5Kevin Jones (6tb)216Matthew Parry (j)
6Adam Morris (6tc)921Phil Tyler
7Sue Potter1621Bob Parry
8Kevin Williams (6tc)2120Clive Jordan
9Neil Edwards2115Martin Jones
10Terry Jones (6tb)2110Pete Oliver
11Stuart Morris (6tc)1321Dave Renwick
12Martin Jones Best Result214Les Jones

Fri 28th Jul

PosUnisonScoreScoreOxon Village
1Les Jones Best Result212Chris Murray
2Stephen Morris2110Ian Williams
3Bill Moseley2113Paul Murray
4Dave Renwick2113Andrea Pickering
5Martin Jones2113Mike Davies
6Brian Meredith2114Mick Murray
7Will Tyler2115Colin Jones
8Phil Tyler2116Alan Edwards
9Simon Reynolds2117Roger Lem
10Clive Jordan1521Brian Selley
11Matthew Parry (j)821Sue Storey
12Pete Oliver321Paul Davies Best Result
First 4 games went in Unison's favour with Brian Meredith staging a great recovery to run out from 2-14 down. A downpour halted the middle four games for about 30 minutes before play resumed on a heavy though playable green.

Fri 14th Jul

PosUnisonScoreScorePrince Hotel B
1Bill Moseley Best Result214Dan Wilson
2Les Jones215Chris Wilson
3Brian Meredith219Peter Thomas
4Will Tyler2114Tony Parsons
5Phil Tyler2114Christie Hughes
6Simon Reynolds2115Bob Pugh
7Cameron Griffin (j)2120Sid Bould
8Dave Renwick1721Andy Walker (6ta)
9Martin Jones1721Tom Stanhope
10Clive Jordan1721Elaine Jones
11Matthew Parry (j)1321Kerry Lea
12Bob Parry1221Rhys Marshall Best Result
Good recovery by Prince to gain 5 points from 4-0 down. Luckily for Unison the aggregate was never under threat after their splendid start.

Fri 7th Jul

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreUnison
1Josh Dickin1521Simon Reynolds
2Mark Evans Best Result213Bob Parry
3Mark Griffiths2118Martin Jones
4Andrew Evans2110Matthew Parry (j)
5Ian Corfield2113Clive Jordan
6Terry Bufton2021Stephen Morris
7Tony Graham215Les Jones
8Bill Meek2114Brian Meredith
9Doug Morris2021Phil Tyler
10Paul Wheeler216Dave Renwick
11Wayne Pugh1321Will Tyler Best Result
12Ron Ellis2112Bill Moseley

Fri 30th Jun

1Will Tyler Best Result211Brian Bennett
2Dave Renwick214Jack Haycocks
3Les Jones2112Mark Lloyd
4Cameron Griffin (j)2113Simon Hayman
5Stephen Morris2114Andy Doster
6Brian Meredith2115Haydon Jenkinson
7Phil Tyler2117Mike Haycocks
8Clive Jordan2118Ollie Ewels
9Bill Moseley2119Mal Mitchell
10Matthew Parry (j)1621Bob Simpson
11Simon Reynolds1121Steve Haycocks
12Bob Parry521Jesse James Best Result
A damp heavy green does not usually bode well for Unison so this proved to be a very useful result. Solid single figure wins for Will Tyler, Dave Renwick and Jesse James and Bob Simpson ran out from 12-16.

Fri 23rd Jun

1John Griffiths2120Bill Moseley
2Jacob Reese1921Will Tyler
3Bob Chandler Best Result218Cameron Griffin (j)
4Andy Pullen2117Simon Reynolds
5Tony Poole2112Brian Meredith
6John Harris (6tb)2112Matthew Parry (j)
7Russell Lea (6tb)2120Clive Jordan
8Evelyn Jones1421Les Jones Best Result
9Matthew Whittaker (6tb)2116Pete Oliver
10Rich Jones (6tb)2119Stephen Morris
11Derek Jones (6tb)1921Phil Tyler
12Ian Foster Best Result218Dave Renwick

Fri 16th Jun

PosUnisonScoreScoreBayston Hill
1Clive Jordan Best Result216Trevor Pritchard (6ta)
2Cameron Griffin (j)217John Davies
3Phil Tyler2112Rosie Scotland
4Pete Oliver2115Lee Corfield
5Will Tyler2118Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)
6Simon Reynolds2120Nick Hughes (6ta)
7Les Jones2021Craig Jones
8Dave Renwick1921John Hall
9Bill Moseley1921Martin Cousins
10Bob Parry1721Mike Statham
11Matthew Parry (j)1121Molly Sullivan Best Result
12Brian Meredith1121Ruth Richards Best Result
Six precious away points ensured that Bayston Hill maintained their mid season momentum after last week's first home win leaving Unison very disappointed on the night

Fri 9th Jun

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreUnison
1Tony Cowdale2115Will Tyler
2Laurie Jones2111Simon Reynolds
3Alice Baker2113Brian Meredith
4Bernard Southern2119Bob Parry
5Ian Bishop2111Bill Moseley
6Lilian Payne218Clive Jordan
7Paul Davies2114Matthew Parry (j)
8Nathan Baker Best Result210Cameron Griffin (j)
9Tony Pryce2113Pete Oliver
10Toby Foxall1721Stephen Morris Best Result
11Phil Baker2112Dave Renwick
12Colin Blent215Phil Tyler

Fri 2nd Jun

PosUnisonScoreScoreGreenfields Social
1Dave Renwick Best Result216Ian Massey
2Phil Tyler217James Fernie
3Matthew Parry (j)2110Jo Wellard
4Bob Parry2110June Massey
5Cameron Griffin (j)2111Chris Jones (6ta)
6Brian Meredith2111Mike Badnell
7Clive Jordan2112Roger Jones (6ta)
8Will Tyler2118Rob Jones
9Les Jones2120Kevin Williams (6ta)
10Bill Moseley1821Pete Mackay
11Pete Oliver1021Ian Kilburn (6ta)
12Vi Wynne921John Brown (6ta) Best Result
Wet nights often prove to be difficult for Unison on their home green but this, for once, was an exception to the rule. Luckily for Unison they edged the 3 closely contested games 2-1.

Fri 26th May

PosBicton AScoreScoreUnison
1Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2115Will Tyler
2Nicky Ashworth (6fa) Best Result218Cameron Griffin (j)
3Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)2115Simon Reynolds
4Andy Wilson (6fa)1521Brian Meredith
5Trevor Bowers1421Matthew Parry (j)
6Becky Brown2116Bill Moseley
7Andy Gale2116Clive Jordan
8Rob Jones2118Bob Parry
9Tony Kirkham421Phil Tyler Best Result
10Tony Dawson2021Les Jones
11Keith Thomas (6ta)2112Pete Oliver
12Andy Jones (6fa/ta)2112Dave Renwick

Fri 19th May

PosUnisonScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Will Tyler Best Result2112Eric Webb
2Brian Meredith Best Result2112Phil Wilkinson
3Dave Renwick Best Result2112John Crundell (6tv)
4Phil Tyler2115Mike Jones (6tv)
5Matthew Parry (j)2117Bob Chatham
6Simon Reynolds2118Mark Davies (6tv)
7Les Jones2021Alan Lloyd
8Bill Moseley1821Dave (itchy) Pritchard
9Cameron Griffin (j)1621John Maddox
10Clive Jordan1621Jan Wilkinson
11Pete Oliver1321Martin Stott (6tv)
12Bob Parry1121Bob Cliffe Best Result
A closely contested match with everyone achieving double figures saw Unison lead 3-1 and +16. Meole then turned the match on its head by winning all four middle games to lead 5-3 and +3. Unison redressed the balance at the back by 3 games to 1 to win by 8

Fri 12th May

1Mark Harris Best Result219Cameron Griffin (j)
2Dan Williams (6ta)1721Simon Reynolds
3Dave Oliver2111Phil Tyler
4Mark Rogers (6ta)2021Will Tyler
5Mark Jenks (6ta)2110Bill Moseley
6Jason Evans2119Clive Jordan
7Steve Rogers2114Brian Meredith
8Neil Harris (6ta)2110Bob Parry
9Matt Cooke1121Stephen Morris Best Result
10Lee Walmsley (6ta)2119Martin Jones
11Andrew Gregg2120Matthew Parry (j)
12Scott Bowen (6ta)2115Pete Oliver

Fri 5th May

PosUnisonScoreScorePontesbury B
1Brian Meredith Best Result213John Potter
2Matthew Parry (j)216Martin Jones
3Bill Moseley218Terry Jones (6tb)
4Les Jones219Charlie Hotchkiss (j)
5Simon Reynolds2111Cliff Evans
6Cameron Griffin (j)2112Dave Perks
7Will Tyler2115Emlyn Jones
8Pete Oliver2117Martin Green
9Bob Parry2120Clive Luther
10Phil Tyler1821Adam Morris (6tc)
11Clive Jordan1621Neil Edwards
12Martin Jones1421Kevin Williams (6tc) Best Result
The deceptively quick green played a major part in this useful home win for Unison. Three tightly contested games at the back fell in Unison's favour 2-1.

Fri 28th Apr

PosOxon VillageScoreScoreUnison
1Paul Murray1621Simon Reynolds
2Roger Lem2110Dave Renwick
3Ian Williams1321Brian Meredith Best Result
4Emma Shore1321Will Tyler Best Result
5Alan Edwards219Matthew Parry (j)
6Colin Jones2110Martin Jones
7Andrea Pickering1921Les Jones
8Chris Murray2119Clive Jordan
9Nigel Williams1521Bill Moseley
10Sue Storey1621Phil Tyler
11Brian Selley Best Result216Bob Parry
12Paul Davies2113Pete Oliver

Fri 21st Apr

PosUnisonScoreScoreWem BC
1Brian Meredith Best Result213Dave Evanson
2Will Tyler215Tony Oliver
3Bill Moseley2110Peter Skone
4Les Jones2113Alan Walker
5Clive Jordan2113Terry Evanson
6Dave Renwick2114Pat Davies
7Matthew Parry (j)2116Jim Edgerton
8Cameron Griffin (j)2021Anne Speake
9Bob Parry2021Gary Pountney
10Simon Reynolds1621Paul Johnson
11Phil Tyler1421Paul Ellison
12Pete Oliver1321Terry Orahilly Best Result

Fri 14th Apr

PosPrince Hotel BScoreScoreUnison
1Kelvin Holder (6ta)2118Brian Meredith
2Andy Walker (6ta)2120Simon Reynolds
3Kerry Lea1921Dave Renwick
4Tony Parsons2115Cameron Griffin (j)
5Debbie Bould1321Matthew Parry (j)
6Neil Lewis Best Result216Bill Moseley
7Jenna Marshall2118Clive Jordan
8Jamie Morgan2116Martin Jones
9Christie Hughes1221Les Jones Best Result
10Bob Pugh2115Bob Parry
11Tom Stanhope217Pete Oliver
12Chris Wilson2117Phil Tyler

Fri 7th Apr

PosUnisonScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Simon Reynolds Best Result215Wayne Pugh
2Dave Renwick217Ron Ellis
3Les Jones2115Bill Meek
4Martin Jones2116Josh Dickin
5Brian Meredith2118Tony Graham
6Bob Parry1721Mark Evans
7Cameron Griffin (j)1621Ian Corfield
8Phil Tyler1221Doug Morris
9Bill Moseley1021Paul Wheeler
10Pete Oliver1021Terry Bufton
11Clive Jordan921Andrew Evans
12Matthew Parry (j)821Barry Jones Best Result
Following Unison's season defining away win at Bishops Castle at the end of last season the visitors took full revenge with an opening night win to get their season off to a splendid start, Well done Bishops Castle.