Lancaster & Morecambe District Ladies League 2016

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Team Averages for Slyne With Hest (Division 1)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAgg
19J Johns1210283241144+97
211B Norfolk1610663316234+82
337E Magee96367163138+25
442J McAdam116555203194+9
548A Clegg126650221229-8
664B Garnett84450127143-16
765S Levey104640167184-17
868D Williamson3301006329+34
971S Magee633509297-5
1073E Pye73443108122-14
1177S Maguire83538112154-42
1288Unlisted Player422505669-13
1390Y Leydon6243388103-15
1491R Staveley6243376106-30
1592E Massey6243374108-34
16108M Barnes20201542-27
Wed 13th AprABye00000
Wed 27th AprHGalgate A120145353
Wed 4th MayHBolton Le Sands151123537
Wed 11th MayAHornby111139353
Wed 18th MayASkerton Liberal136116538
Wed 1st JunHLuneside Rosebank165105719
Wed 8th JunHGalgate B131123537
Wed 15th JunAWarton111136262
Wed 22nd JunHCarnforth A148121537
Wed 6th JulHBye00000
Wed 13th JulAGalgate A109160262
Wed 27th JulABolton Le Sands105149262
Wed 3rd AugHHornby149146537
Wed 10th AugHSkerton Liberal166120719
Wed 17th AugALuneside Rosebank156152356
Wed 24th AugAGalgate B154107629
Wed 7th SepHWarton133118537
Wed 14th SepACarnforth A119136353
  Played 1621642096686091
1st Half Results for Slyne With Hest
Johns J121020.0821-1021-721-1721-021-921-1121-121-721-20
Norfolk B161019.7521-1321-1421-1018-2121-1021-1221-911-2121-14
McAdam J11618.4515-2118-21 21-821-1412-21 12-21 
Clegg A12618.4216-2115-21 21-1121-15 18-2121-1914-21
Magee E9618.1112-2121-16 7-2121-19  21-8 
Levey S10416.70   21-1718-2121-121-2120-21 
Garnett B8415.8821-17 8-21  21-1712-21 7-21
Maguire S9414.7812-21 18-2121-17 6-21 21-12 
Williamson D3321.00    21-8    
Pye E7315.43   6-21  12-21 19-21
Magee S6315.33  21-7   11-21 10-21
Massey E7313.572-2121-15  21-98-21   
Leydon Y6214.67  6-21  21-815-21 6-21
Player Unlisted4214.00 21-89-21      
Staveley R6212.67 13-217-21    21-1211-21
Barnes M207.50         
2nd Half Results for Slyne With Hest
Johns J121020.08  21-2019-2112-21  
Norfolk B161019.7521-1218-2119-2120-2121-121-1320-21
McAdam J11618.4520-2121-2021-14 21-1721-16 
Clegg A12618.42 21-2021-1821-2016-2116-21 
Magee E9618.11 21-1621-618-2121-10  
Levey S10416.7021-1115-2121-1820-21  9-21
Garnett B8415.88 21-1621-916-21   
Maguire S9414.785-21  21-20 8-2121-0
Williamson D3321.00  21-1421-7   
Pye E7315.438-2121-11  21-16 21-11
Magee S6315.338-21    21-721-20
Massey E7313.57 11-21   21-011-21
Leydon Y6214.6719-21   21-11  
Player Unlisted4214.00     21-195-21
Staveley R6212.673-21   21-10  
Barnes M207.50     4-2111-21

Wed 14th Sep

PosCarnforth AScoreScoreSlyne With Hest
1M Park2120B Norfolk
2J Jones2021S Magee
3Olive Spavin215Unlisted Player
4S Fisher219S Levey
5P Mcgregor2111M Barnes
6A Brennan1121E Pye
7P Mcfall2111E Massey
8Walk Over021S Maguire

Wed 7th Sep

PosSlyne With HestScoreScoreWarton
1B Norfolk2113B Robinson
2S Magee217M Reid
3J Mcadam2116H Stephenson
4A Clegg1621J Taylor
5Unlisted Player2119S Miles
6M Barnes421Jean Baines
7S Maguire821L Gaulter
8E Massey210Walk Over

Wed 24th Aug

PosGalgate BScoreScoreSlyne With Hest
1J Jones2112J Johns
2M Hodgson121B Norfolk
3S Rossall2116A Clegg
4P Rawsthorne1721J Mcadam
5J Billington1021E Magee
6S Mcguire1121Y Leydon
7M Swallow1621E Pye
8S Quick1021R Staveley

Wed 17th Aug

PosLuneside RosebankScoreScoreSlyne With Hest
1A Tomlinson2119J Johns
2P Satterthwaite2120B Norfolk
3E Shepherd721D Williamson
4E Hewitt2021A Clegg
5D Todd2120S Levey
6S Hayes2118E Magee
7M Herrod2116B Garnett
8C Maudsley2021S Maguire

Wed 10th Aug

PosSlyne With HestScoreScoreSkerton Liberal
1J Johns2120B Burns
2B Norfolk1921C Warren
3D Williamson2114J Rawes
4A Clegg2118V Neville
5S Levey2118I Fox
6J Mcadam2114M Leeming
7E Magee216A Holden
8B Garnett219S Parker

Wed 3rd Aug

PosSlyne With HestScoreScoreHornby
1B Norfolk1821J Lloyd
2S Levey1521S Parkinson
3A Clegg2120D Stackhouse
4J Mcadam2120D Wood
5E Massey1121K Garlick
6E Magee2116E Wood
7B Garnett2116A Rawlinson
8E Pye2111J Hay

Wed 27th Jul

PosBolton Le SandsScoreScoreSlyne With Hest
1P Timms1221B Norfolk
2L Ireland2120J Mcadam
3M Barton218S Magee
4L Guise1121S Levey
5L Patrick215S Maguire
6S Parker213R Staveley
7K Ion2119Y Leydon
8P Forrest218E Pye

Wed 13th Jul

PosGalgate AScoreScoreSlyne With Hest
1J Cowin2021J Johns
2K Mcguire1421B Norfolk
3M Seddon2114A Clegg
4K Robinson2110S Magee
5Pt Fawcett216Y Leydon
6K Woodman2111R Staveley
7K Atkinson217B Garnett
8J Rhodes2119E Pye

Wed 22nd Jun

PosSlyne With HestScoreScoreCarnforth A
1J Johns217P Newall
2B Norfolk1121Olive Spavin
3J Mcadam1221M Park
4A Clegg2119J Cooke
5S Levey2021P Mcgregor
6E Magee218J Jones
7R Staveley2112A Brennan
8S Maguire2112C Etherington

Wed 15th Jun

PosWartonScoreScoreSlyne With Hest
1M Goth121J Johns
2D Hough921B Norfolk
3S Beveridge211S Levey
4C Ainscough2118A Clegg
5H Stephenson2111S Magee
6L Gaulter2115Y Leydon
7M Reid2112B Garnett
8S Miles2112E Pye

Wed 8th Jun

PosSlyne With HestScoreScoreGalgate B
1J Johns2111J Jones
2B Norfolk2112P Rawsthorne
3J Mcadam1221A Jones
4S Levey2112A Billington
5E Massey821M Hodgson
6S Maguire621S Rossall
7B Garnett2117S Quick
8Y Leydon218M Swallow

Wed 1st Jun

PosSlyne With HestScoreScoreLuneside Rosebank
1J Johns219P Satterthwaite
2B Norfolk2110S Hayes
3E Magee2119A Tomlinson
4D Williamson218E Shepherd
5S Levey1821D Todd
6J Mcadam2114P Herrod
7A Clegg2115D Lunt
8E Massey219J Boardman

Wed 18th May

PosSkerton LiberalScoreScoreSlyne With Hest
1C Warren021J Johns
2A Stokes2118B Norfolk
3J Rawes217E Magee
4B Burns216E Pye
5M Leeming821J Mcadam
6V Neville1721S Levey
7S Parker1121A Clegg
8A Holden1721S Maguire

Wed 11th May

PosHornbyScoreScoreSlyne With Hest
1J Lloyd1721J Johns
2S Parkinson1021B Norfolk
3D Wood219Unlisted Player
4J Hay218B Garnett
5F Unsworth216Y Leydon
6B Clarke721S Magee
7E Wood217R Staveley
8A Rawlinson2118S Maguire

Wed 4th May

PosSlyne With HestScoreScoreBolton Le Sands
1J Johns217P Forrest
2B Norfolk2114P Timms
3Unlisted Player218L Patrick
4R Staveley1321S Parker
5A Clegg1521L Ireland
6J Mcadam1821M Barton
7E Magee2116R Davenport
8E Massey2115P Hamer

Wed 27th Apr

PosSlyne With HestScoreScoreGalgate A
1A Clegg1621J Cowin
2J Mcadam1521Pt Fawcett
3J Johns2110M Seddon
4S Maguire1221J Rhodes
5E Massey221K Mcguire
6E Magee1221K Robinson
7B Garnett2117S Gee
8B Norfolk2113K Atkinson