Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2015

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Unison (Shropshire Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
111Dominic Wootton1814478350245+10519.4413.615.83
218Will Tyler1913668361258+10319.0013.585.42
341Scott Moseley1711665324279+4519.0616.412.65
455Les Jones1710759315280+3518.5316.472.06
560Phil Tyler1910953344334+1018.1117.580.53
664Stephen Morris169756285247+3817.8115.442.38
774Simon Reynolds189950318333-1517.6718.50-0.83
876Brian Meredith189950292320-2816.2217.78-1.56
978Clive Jordan2091145328370-4216.4018.50-2.10
1085Tim Jordan178947293313-2017.2418.41-1.18
11106Alan Everall6518312375+4820.5012.508.00
12130Andy George104640149201-5214.9020.10-5.20
13141Cameron Griffin63350105110-517.5018.33-0.83
14151Bob Parry62433102103-117.0017.17-0.17
15152Bill Moseley422507375-218.2518.75-0.50
16162Pete Oliver1421214182282-10013.0020.14-7.14
17186Susan Oliver10101721-417.0021.00-4.00
18200Dan Harris1010721-147.0021.00-14.00
19207Martin Jones30304463-1914.6721.00-6.33
20218John Pritchard30303563-2811.6721.00-9.33
21222Matthew Parry40404984-3512.2521.00-8.75
22224Tom Macklin30302663-378.6721.00-12.33
Fri 17th AprHElephant & Castle212199668
Fri 24th AprACrescent172235393
Fri 1st MayHChurch Club223197759
Fri 8th MayABye00000
Fri 15th MayHWhittington2241768410
Fri 22nd MayAPowbc179221575
Fri 29th MayHGeorge224191759
Fri 5th JunHBishops Castle219202668
Fri 12th JunAPrince Social203194668
Fri 19th JunHReman Sentinel219196759
Fri 26th JunABayston Hill197226484
Fri 3rd JulAElephant & Castle1882472102
Fri 10th JulHCrescent2192168410
Fri 17th JulAChurch Club187215575
Fri 24th JulHBye00000
Fri 31st JulAWhittington185240575
Fri 7th AugHPowbc223197759
Fri 14th AugAGeorge191216484
Fri 21st AugABishops Castle171221484
Fri 28th AugHPrince Social24214910212
Fri 4th SepAReman Sentinel210220666
Fri 11th SepHBayston Hill23418210212
  Played 2041224140120120142
1st Half Results for Unison
Wootton Dominic181419.4412-2121-1721-1321-1421-1421-1621-6 21-1321-712-21
Tyler Will191319.0021-321-2021-621-510-2121-913-2121-1216-2114-21 
Moseley Scott171119.0621-209-2120-2121-121-14 13-2114-2121-9 21-17
Jones Les171018.5321-1418-2118-2121-1612-2121-1321-821-918-2121-19 
Tyler Phil191018.1118-2116-2121-1521-99-2121-9 21-1716-2120-2117-21
Morris Stephen16917.8121-521-913-2121-1813-21 16-2119-2121-11 11-21
Reynolds Simon18917.678-2113-2117-2117-2121-1519-2121-1221-1021-1612-2120-21
Jordan Clive20916.4016-216-2121-1721-1211-2117-2115-2121-1421-207-2115-21
Meredith Brian18916.2214-215-2121-1521-178-2121-1921-1419-2121-1621-1310-21
Jordan Tim17817.2418-2117-2121-11 21-1721-621-188-2117-2115-2117-21
Everall Alan6520.50        21-6  
George Andy10414.90         21-1921-20
Griffin Cameron6317.50  21-1513-2121-1411-2118-21    
Moseley Bill4218.2521-1913-21   21-1418-21    
Parry Bob6217.00       21-6 15-2118-21
Oliver Pete14213.0021-1212-218-2119-2111-2110-2121-1810-215-2113-21 
Oliver Susan1017.00           
Jones Martin3014.67     20-21 7-21 17-21 
Parry Matthew4012.25          16-21
Pritchard John3011.67          10-21
Macklin Tom308.67           
Harris Dan107.00   7-21       
2nd Half Results for Unison
Wootton Dominic181419.4421-1621-17 12-2120-2121-1121-621-921-2
Tyler Will191319.0021-1421-317-2118-2121-821-1321-821-1721-14
Moseley Scott171119.0621-1821-1821-1918-2121-20 21-1219-2121-5
Jones Les171018.53 21-1121-1821-920-217-2121-1612-21 
Tyler Phil191018.1121-1912-2110-2121-821-1716-2121-1321-2021-18
Morris Stephen16917.818-21  21-1821-321-1621-321-1716-21
Reynolds Simon18917.6721-1921-1921-1921-1710-21  13-2121-17
Jordan Clive20916.4013-212-2121-2021-1120-2117-2121-1121-1421-20
Meredith Brian18916.2213-2112-2121-1712-21  21-610-2121-14
Jordan Tim17817.2421-19 17-21 10-216-2121-1821-1721-18
Everall Alan6520.5021-7    21-1321-1418-2121-14
George Andy10414.9021-2019-21 21-165-214-2117-2112-218-21
Griffin Cameron6317.50        21-18
Moseley Bill4218.25         
Parry Bob6217.00 17-2110-2121-13     
Oliver Pete14213.00  13-21 12-2112-2115-21  
Oliver Susan1017.00     17-21   
Jones Martin3014.67         
Parry Matthew4012.25 12-215-2116-21     
Pritchard John3011.6717-218-21       
Macklin Tom308.67  8-21 10-218-21   
Harris Dan107.00         

Fri 11th Sep

PosUnisonScoreScoreBayston Hill
1Dominic Wootton212David Turner
2Scott Moseley215Trevor Pritchard
3Phil Tyler2118Martin Cousins
4Brian Meredith2114John Hall
5Clive Jordan2120Andy Davies
6Tim Jordan2118John Davies
7Andy George821Nick Hughes
8Alan Everall2114Ray Sant
9Simon Reynolds2117Craig Jones
10Cameron Griffin2118Alex Evans
11Will Tyler2114Paul Richards
12Stephen Morris1621Jane Archer

Fri 4th Sep

PosReman SentinelScoreScoreUnison
1Gwyn Jones2110Brian Meredith
2Andy Pullen2021Phil Tyler
3John Harris2112Les Jones
4Dave Pritchard2119Scott Moseley
5Steve Maddocks2118Alan Everall
6John Judson1421Clive Jordan
7Martin Ryan1721Tim Jordan
8Bob Chandler921Dominic Wootton
9Ian Marshall2113Simon Reynolds
10Derek Jones2112Andy George
11John Griffiths1721Stephen Morris
12Ian Foster1721Will Tyler

Fri 28th Aug

PosUnisonScoreScorePrince Social
1Alan Everall2114Sid Bould
2Les Jones2116Bob Pugh
3Andy George1721Neil Lewis
4Stephen Morris213Christie Hughes
5Tim Jordan2118Chris Wilson
6Clive Jordan2111Peter Thomas
7Scott Moseley2112Neil Ashley
8Pete Oliver1521Phil Thomas
9Phil Tyler2113Tony Parsons
10Will Tyler218Elaine Jones
11Brian Meredith216Debbie Bould
12Dominic Wootton216Jamie Morgan

Fri 21st Aug

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreUnison
1Barry Jones2116Phil Tyler
2Andrew Evans218Tom Macklin
3Mark Griffiths217Les Jones
4Mark Evans216Tim Jordan
5Colin Reynolds2117Susan Oliver
6Josh Dickin1121Dominic Wootton
7Bill Meek214Andy George
8Ron Ellis2117Clive Jordan
9Terry Bufton1321Will Tyler
10Paul Wheeler2112Pete Oliver
11Doug Morris1321Alan Everall
12Ian Corfield1621Stephen Morris

Fri 14th Aug

1Ron Crook1721Phil Tyler
2Dave Edwards2110Tim Jordan
3Terry Heaton215Andy George
4Gary Wilkie2110Simon Reynolds
5Terry Thompson2120Dominic Wootton
6Dave Hughes2120Les Jones
7Bryn Williams321Stephen Morris
8Roger Fisher2021Scott Moseley
9Martin Chesworth821Will Tyler
10John Hughes2112Pete Oliver
11Peter Griffiths2110Tom Macklin
12Tom Griffiths2120Clive Jordan
3 2120 wins secured good home win.dave h 17.7down tom g2017 down terry h mvp.good away wins for the tylers and steve m shone in agood match.

Fri 7th Aug

1Stephen Morris2118Tony Cunningham
2Bob Parry2113Fred Micklewright
3Andy George2116Wendy Jones
4Les Jones219John Burton
5Clive Jordan2111George Dourish
6Phil Tyler218Ian Plain
7Simon Reynolds2117Cliff Dickenson
8Matthew Parry1621Ann Parrish
9Brian Meredith1221Dave Redge
10Scott Moseley1821Paul Bishop
11Will Tyler1821Tim Cliffe
12Dominic Wootton1221Emily Cunningham

Fri 31st Jul

1Dougie Briscoe2021Clive Jordan
2Mike Brunt2117Tim Jordan
3Aled Davies2113Pete Oliver
4John Harrison1921Simon Reynolds
5Merv Davies1921Scott Moseley
6Graham Humphreys215Matthew Parry
7Bryn Jones1821Les Jones
8Steve Rowley2117Will Tyler
9Julian Turner2110Phil Tyler
10Brian Whitley2110Bob Parry
11Jacqui Whitley1721Brian Meredith
12Kevin Williams218Tom Macklin

Fri 17th Jul

PosChurch ClubScoreScoreUnison
1Craig Jones212Clive Jordan
2Meurig Davies1921Simon Reynolds
3Craig Lewis1721Dominic Wootton
4Charlie Blain2112Matthew Parry
5Jamie Waugh218John Pritchard
6Brian Williams2112Phil Tyler
7Steve Lewis2112Brian Meredith
8Darren Matthews2119Andy George
9Gareth Williams1821Scott Moseley
10Aaron Roberts321Will Tyler
11Adrian Humphreys2117Bob Parry
12Brian Canlett1121Les Jones

Fri 10th Jul

1Simon Reynolds2119Jason Evans
2Phil Tyler2119Mark Jenks
3Brian Meredith1321Steve Birch
4Stephen Morris821Mark Harris
5John Pritchard1721Neil Harris
6Scott Moseley2118James Austin
7Dominic Wootton2116Dave Oliver
8Andy George2120John Wycherley
9Clive Jordan1321Scott Bowen
10Will Tyler2114Lee Walmsley
11Alan Everall217Mike Cutler
12Tim Jordan2119Stuart Greaves
Brilliant team performance from both Unison and Crescent. Fantastic result for Unison.

Fri 3rd Jul

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreUnison
1Ken Stuart2110John Pritchard
2Paul Smith2110Brian Meredith
3Paul Humphreys2117Phil Tyler
4Steve Jones2120Simon Reynolds
5Dave Hanson2112Dominic Wootton
6Mal Wilde2111Stephen Morris
7Richard Leah2116Matthew Parry
8Andy Sands2021Andy George
9Tony Sherratt2118Bob Parry
10Dawn Morris1721Scott Moseley
11Carl Preece2117Tim Jordan
12Martin Young2115Clive Jordan
good night on and off the green with the unison lads

Fri 26th Jun

PosBayston HillScoreScoreUnison
1Jane Archer2120Phil Tyler
2Alex Evans1321Brian Meredith
3Lionel Morris1921Andy George
4Andy Davies2112Simon Reynolds
5Gill Sant721Dominic Wootton
6John Hall2113Pete Oliver
7Martin Cousins217Clive Jordan
8David Turner2115Bob Parry
9John Davies2115Tim Jordan
10Ray Sant2117Martin Jones
11Pete Nicholls1921Les Jones
12Craig Jones2114Will Tyler

Fri 19th Jun

PosUnisonScoreScoreReman Sentinel
1Phil Tyler1621Gwyn Jones
2Simon Reynolds2116James Mammone
3Brian Meredith2116Bob Chandler
4Dominic Wootton2113Dave Pritchard
5Pete Oliver521Andy Pullen
6Alan Everall216Dan Ashley
7Scott Moseley219John Judson
8Clive Jordan2120Steve Maddocks
9Will Tyler1621Martin Ryan
10Tim Jordan1721Ian Marshall
11Les Jones1821Ian Foster
12Stephen Morris2111John Griffiths

Fri 12th Jun

PosPrince SocialScoreScoreUnison
1Sid Bould2119Brian Meredith
2Neil Lewis1721Phil Tyler
3Phil Thomas2119Stephen Morris
4Tony Parsons217Martin Jones
5Neil Ashley1221Will Tyler
6Rob Ashley621Bob Parry
7Steve Kavanagh1421Clive Jordan
8Peter Thomas2110Pete Oliver
9Christie Hughes1021Simon Reynolds
10Elaine Jones921Les Jones
11Bob Pugh2114Scott Moseley
12Chris Wilson218Tim Jordan

Fri 5th Jun

PosUnisonScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Will Tyler1321Paul Wheeler
2Scott Moseley1321Mark Evans
3Cameron Griffin1821Doug Morris
4Dominic Wootton216Bill Meek
5Tim Jordan2118Wayne Pugh
6Pete Oliver2118Terry Bufton
7Clive Jordan1521Andrew Evans
8Bill Moseley1821Josh Dickin
9Stephen Morris1621Ian Corfield
10Simon Reynolds2112Colin Reynolds
11Les Jones218Mark Griffiths
12Brian Meredith2114Ron Ellis
Well bowled Castle... good three winners on the back.

Fri 29th May

1Simon Reynolds1921Dave Edwards
2Cameron Griffin1121Gary Wilkie
3Martin Jones2021Terry Thompson
4Pete Oliver1021Cara Singleton
5Bill Moseley2114Bryn Williams
6Tim Jordan216Peter Kempster
7Clive Jordan1721Dave Hughes
8Les Jones2113Tom Griffiths
9Will Tyler219Peter Griffiths
10Dominic Wootton2116Roger Fisher
11Phil Tyler219Terry Heaton
12Brian Meredith2119Martin Chesworth

Fri 22nd May

1John Burton218Brian Meredith
2Ian Plain2111Clive Jordan
3Cliff Dickenson219Phil Tyler
4Dave Redge1521Simon Reynolds
5Wendy Jones2113Stephen Morris
6Ivor Sargent1721Tim Jordan
7Emily Cunningham1421Dominic Wootton
8Tony Cunningham2112Les Jones
9Fred Micklewright2111Pete Oliver
10Paul Bishop2110Will Tyler
11Tim Cliffe1421Cameron Griffin
12Ann Parrish1421Scott Moseley
Well bowled Cam, Brilliant performance.

Fri 15th May

1Scott Moseley211Graham Humphreys
2Phil Tyler219E.d. Williams
3Dominic Wootton2114John Hughes
4Dan Harris721Steve Rowley
5Clive Jordan2112Helen Humphreys
6Stephen Morris2118John Harrison
7Pete Oliver1921Dougie Briscoe
8Cameron Griffin1321Aled Davies
9Will Tyler215Eiryls Williams
10Simon Reynolds1721Julian Turner
11Brian Meredith2117Mike Brunt
12Les Jones2116Ben Hampson

Fri 1st May

PosUnisonScoreScoreChurch Club
1Will Tyler216Ian Butler
2Dominic Wootton2113Brian Canlett
3Brian Meredith2115Wendy Humphreys
4Cameron Griffin2115Neil Williams
5Stephen Morris1321Adrian Humphreys
6Clive Jordan2117Craig Jones
7Phil Tyler2115Steve Lewis
8Scott Moseley2021Craig Lewis
9Pete Oliver821Neil Evans
10Simon Reynolds1721Jamie Waugh
11Les Jones1821Phil Laker
12Tim Jordan2111Meurig Davies

Fri 24th Apr

1Scott Bowen2021Will Tyler
2Steve Birch2113Simon Reynolds
3Ant Lewis2117Tim Jordan
4Lee Walmsley2112Pete Oliver
5Stuart Greaves2118Les Jones
6Dan Williams216Clive Jordan
7Mike Cutler2116Phil Tyler
8Jason Evans921Stephen Morris
9John Wycherley1721Dominic Wootton
10James Austin219Scott Moseley
11Mark Harris215Brian Meredith
12Mark Jenks2113Bill Moseley
good game good home win for the crescent boys

Fri 17th Apr

PosUnisonScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Brian Meredith1421Richard Leah
2Dominic Wootton1221Dave Hanson
3Bill Moseley2119Paul Humphreys
4Stephen Morris215Steve Jones
5Clive Jordan1621Graham Humphreys
6Scott Moseley2120Andy Sands
7Phil Tyler1821Tony Sherratt
8Simon Reynolds821Mal Wilde
9Pete Oliver2112Steve Dudson
10Les Jones2114Martin Young
11Will Tyler213Mike Morris
12Tim Jordan1821Carl Preece