Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2016

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Hanwood ( Shropshire Div.1)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
125Steve France1915479376271+10519.7914.265.53
233Phil Talbot2315865437386+5119.0016.782.22
351Darren Phillips (6TA)25131252432399+3317.2815.961.32
466Carl Bowers2112957385336+4918.3316.002.33
572Phil J Price2012860357342+1517.8517.100.75
673Jon Mansell2112957357347+1017.0016.520.48
786Phil Price22111150394365+2917.9116.591.32
892Rob Jones22111150385379+617.5017.230.27
9100Eric Mansell26111542396447-5115.2317.19-1.96
10128Mark Preece189950310317-717.2217.61-0.39
11153Dave Payne107370195177+1819.5017.701.80
12156Keith Phillips1771041274304-3016.1217.88-1.76
13180Ben Talbot6426711888+3019.6714.675.00
14191Martin Sandells2341917297444-14712.9119.30-6.39
15199Anna Preece7344393118-2513.2916.86-3.57
16217Tony Hotchkiss1101002113+821.0013.008.00
17223Mark Shore312335558-318.3319.33-1.00
18226Andy Roberts (6TA)211503339-616.5019.50-3.00
19229Steve Price (6TA)312334862-1416.0020.67-4.67
20239James Mansell (6TA)91811124177-5313.7819.67-5.89
21247Mark Parsons10101521-615.0021.00-6.00
22249Martin Pover20203442-817.0021.00-4.00
23254Jon Lyttle40407484-1018.5021.00-2.50
24262Shaun Ashton20202842-1414.0021.00-7.00
25277Dayle Turner20201342-296.5021.00-14.50
26278Neil Beamond (6TA)30302463-398.0021.00-13.00
Fri 1st AprHOSBC23917710212
Fri 8th AprAPontesbury A201219575
Fri 15th AprHBricklayers A225182759
Tue 19th AprALudlow Castle150242393
Fri 29th AprHCraven Arms23515510212
Fri 6th MayABattlefield188229484
Fri 13th MayHCrescent2262008410
Fri 20th MayAPrince Hotel A1862501111
Fri 27th MayHMeole Brace A2431739311
Fri 3rd JunATelepost1862472102
Fri 10th JunHGeorge2331439311
Fri 17th JunHCastlefields2362198410
Fri 24th JunAElephant & Castle1552342102
Fri 1st JulAOSBC159230393
Fri 8th JulHPontesbury A24616311113
Fri 15th JulABricklayers A1612422102
Fri 22nd JulHLudlow Castle204205666
Fri 29th JulACraven Arms188215575
Fri 5th AugHBattlefield24916410212
Fri 12th AugACrescent202230484
Fri 19th AugHPrince Hotel A2301629311
Fri 26th AugAMeole Brace A208233393
Fri 2nd SepHTelepost200192759
Fri 9th SepAGeorge156233393
Fri 16th SepACastlefields1552491111
Fri 23rd SepHElephant & Castle2141759311
  Played 2652755363151161175
1st Half Results for Hanwood
France Steve191519.7921-1718-2121-10   21-1813-21 21-2021-621-1321-13
Talbot Phil231519.0021-1221-1821-1115-2121-1021-1421-1621-1921-1217-2121-1017-2120-21
Phillips (6TA) Darren251317.2821-1910-2121-117-2121-111-2121-1013-2121-716-2120-2121-2019-21
Bowers Carl211218.3321-1921-14 18-21 21-2021-12 21-1919-2116-2121-1021-11
Price Phil J201217.8521-1221-1318-21 21-1911-2121-17 21-1217-218-2121-204-21
Mansell Jon211217.0015-2121-1021-185-2121-1012-21 12-2121-47-2121-1521-20 
Price Phil221117.9121-1321-1719-216-21 21-1321-920-2116-2115-21 13-219-21
Jones Rob221117.5021-85-2121-621-19  21-1911-2120-2110-2121-821-13 
Mansell Eric261115.2321-720-2121-156-2121-166-2113-2117-2121-46-2121-1721-1911-21
Preece Mark18917.22    21-1016-21 14-2121-1418-2121-721-20 
Payne Dave10719.5021-1712-2116-21 21-1421-1421-1520-2121-1921-17   
Phillips Keith17716.12  12-219-2121-615-21    21-818-2111-21
Talbot Ben6419.6721-1117-2121-621-2021-917-21       
Sandells Martin23412.91  13-2121-1414-2116-2115-2113-2121-1919-2121-0 0-21
Preece Anna7313.29             
Hotchkiss Tony1121.00             
Shore Mark3118.33        18-21    
Roberts (6TA) Andy2116.50    21-18 12-21      
Price (6TA) Steve3116.00 14-21           
Mansell (6TA) James 9113.7814-21  10-2111-21  17-21  21-920-21 
Lyttle Jon4018.50       15-21    19-21
Pover Martin2017.00      18-21      
Parsons Mark1015.00            15-21
Ashton Shaun2014.00             
Beamond (6TA) Neil308.00   11-21        5-21
Turner Dayle206.50             
2nd Half Results for Hanwood
France Steve191519.7921-1421-5 21-821-8 18-2121-7 21-1512-2121-1821-15
Talbot Phil231519.00 21-1517-2111-2121-1621-1517-2121-20  21-168-2121-14
Phillips (6TA) Darren251317.28 21-1510-2121-1016-2121-821-1621-615-2121-1013-219-2121-14
Bowers Carl211218.338-2121-1121-12  21-412-2121-520-2119-218-2113-2121-10
Price Phil J201217.85 21-1718-2121-1521-1321-6  18-2111-2121-20 21-10
Mansell Jon211217.0021-1521-2020-2121-921-12 21-1321-12 14-213-2117-21 
Price Phil221117.9121-1221-1713-2120-2118-2121-1114-2121-1021-1021-1421-8  
Jones Rob221117.5014-2121-921-2018-218-2119-2121-1821-1717-2121-1112-2120-21 
Mansell Eric261115.238-2121-315-219-218-2121-1521-1512-2115-2121-710-219-2121-14
Preece Mark18917.229-2121-1710-2121-1815-21 15-2121-1412-2121-19 12-2121-9
Payne Dave10719.50        21-18    
Phillips Keith17716.1212-2121-135-2121-1921-1921-1815-2114-2116-2121-11   
Talbot Ben6419.67             
Sandells Martin23412.9110-2115-214-2112-212-2121-1215-2115-2116-215-2110-2110-219-21
Preece Anna7313.293-21      21-821-164-2110-2113-2121-10
Hotchkiss Tony1121.00     21-13       
Shore Mark3118.33    16-21       21-16
Roberts (6TA) Andy2116.50             
Price (6TA) Steve3116.00     21-20     13-21 
Mansell (6TA) James 9113.7812-21 7-21   12-21      
Lyttle Jon4018.5020-21    20-21       
Pover Martin2017.00        16-21    
Parsons Mark1015.00             
Ashton Shaun2014.00          15-21 13-21
Beamond (6TA) Neil308.00   8-21         
Turner Dayle206.50           10-213-21

Fri 23rd Sep

PosHanwoodScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Darren Phillips (6ta)2114Dawn Gray
2Eric Mansell2114Richard Leah
3Mark Preece Best Result219Jamie Brookes
4Carl Bowers2110Steve Jones
5Dayle Turner321Dave Hanson Best Result
6Shaun Ashton1321Gary Whitehall
7Martin Sandells921Mal Wilde
8Phil Talbot2114Tony Sherratt
9Anna Preece2110John Yeomans
10Phil J Price2110Carl Preece
11Steve France2115Connor Whitehall
12Mark Shore2116Martin Young
Well done you Ele boys and girls massive achievement.

Fri 16th Sep

1Steve Duckett Best Result218Phil Talbot
2Daryl Edwards219Darren Phillips (6ta)
3Barry Keep2110Martin Sandells
4Alan Peach2112Mark Preece
5Michael Rogers (6tb)2113Steve Price (6ta)
6Russell Tipton (6tb)2113Carl Bowers
7Gary Walker2117Jon Mansell
8Mark Walker219Eric Mansell
9Steve Walker2113Anna Preece
10Graham Wall2110Dayle Turner
11Tony Wall (6tb)1821Steve France Best Result
12Carl Wear (6tb)2120Rob Jones

Fri 9th Sep

1Dave Edwards2112Rob Jones
2Ron Crook Best Result213Jon Mansell
3Terry Heaton821Phil Price Best Result
4Tom Griffiths218Carl Bowers
5Ryan Bond2113Darren Phillips (6ta)
6Dave Hughes2110Eric Mansell
7Gary Wilkie2110Anna Preece
8Terry Thompson2115Shaun Ashton
9Roger Fisher2021Phil J Price
10Martin Chesworth2112Steve France
11Kevin Francis1621Phil Talbot
12Peter Griffiths2110Martin Sandells
Alot to be pleased about in this performance ron crook the main man closely followed by big tom. Both phil prices both extremely well,PJ coming back from 20 13 down i think Phils 21 8 card shaded away mvp.

Fri 2nd Sep

1Phil Price2114Richard Addison
2Jon Mansell1421Will Tyler
3Keith Phillips2111Rob Morris
4Mark Preece2119Shaun Bould
5Martin Sandells521Mike Stephens (6ta)
6Rob Jones2111Mick Pritchard
7Anna Preece421Gary Beaman Best Result
8Eric Mansell Best Result217Rob Jones
9Carl Bowers1921Keith Wall
10Darren Phillips (6ta)2110John Addison (6ta)
11Steve France2115Simon Lewis (6ta)
12Phil J Price1121Lee Barker

Fri 26th Aug

PosMeole Brace AScoreScoreHanwood
1Andrew Corfield (6fa)1021Phil Price Best Result
2Derek Jones Best Result2112Mark Preece
3Jenny Rogers (6fa)1821Dave Payne
4John Maddox (6ta)2120Carl Bowers
5Natalie Connor (6fa)1621Anna Preece
6John Coxill (6fa)2116Keith Phillips
7Ian Riddell (6ta)2115Eric Mansell
8Steven Rogers (6fa)2117Rob Jones
9Tom Dowling2116Martin Pover
10Martin Middleton2115Darren Phillips (6ta)
11Charlie Wilde (6ta)2116Martin Sandells
12Adrian Jennings (6ta)2118Phil J Price

Fri 19th Aug

PosHanwoodScoreScorePrince Hotel A
1Carl Bowers Best Result215Mike Hughes Jnr
2Steve France217Julie Pearce
3Rob Jones2117Paul Marshall
4Eric Mansell1221Tracy Ryan (6fa) Best Result
5Jon Mansell2112Ian Marshall (6fa)
6Keith Phillips1421Claire Barker (6fa)
7Darren Phillips (6ta)216Will Jones (6fa)
8Anna Preece218Nicki Hotchkiss
9Martin Sandells1521Geoff Davies (6ta)
10Mark Preece2114Conrad Clapham (6fa)
11Phil Price2110Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)
12Phil Talbot2120Darren Powis (6ta)

Fri 12th Aug

1Dan Williams (6ta) Best Result2112Carl Bowers
2Mark Harris (6ta)2114Phil Price
3Andrew Gregg2115Keith Phillips
4Jason Evans1621Darren Phillips (6ta)
5Neil Harris (6ta)1521Eric Mansell
6John Wycherley Best Result2112James Mansell (6ta)
7Dave Oliver1821Rob Jones
8Mark Jenks (6ta)2115Mark Preece
9Lee Walmsley (6ta)2118Steve France
10Matt Cooke2115Martin Sandells
11Mike Cutler1321Jon Mansell Best Result
12Scott Bowen2117Phil Talbot

Fri 5th Aug

1Carl Bowers Best Result214Harry Ryder (6ta)
2Keith Phillips2118Alan Pritchard
3Steve Price (6ta)2120Simon Thomas
4Tony Hotchkiss2113Keith Owen
5Phil Price2111Harold Banks
6Darren Phillips (6ta)218Amy Ryder
7Eric Mansell2115Dave Beer
8Rob Jones1921Steve Wilkes (6ta) Best Result
9Martin Sandells2112Nigel Ryder
10Phil J Price216Kevin Perks
11Jon Lyttle2021Mal Parry
12Phil Talbot2115Sam Cartwright (6ta)

Fri 29th Jul

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreHanwood
1Ben James1921Keith Phillips
2Phil Baker1221Jon Mansell
3Terry Lucas218Rob Jones
4Bert Morris2118Phil Price
5Ian Bishop Best Result212Martin Sandells
6Tony Pryce2115Mark Preece
7Tony Cowdale2116Mark Shore
8Nathan Baker2116Darren Phillips (6ta)
9Lee Wilding218Eric Mansell
10Toby Foxall1321Phil J Price
11Ben Foxall1621Phil Talbot
12Paul Davies821Steve France Best Result

Fri 22nd Jul

PosHanwoodScoreScoreLudlow Castle
1Phil Price2021Simon Lane
2Neil Beamond (6ta)821Mal Griffiths Best Result
3Steve France Best Result218Colin Lane
4Rob Jones1821Nick Beard
5Eric Mansell921Richard Harrington
6Keith Phillips2119Neil Crump
7Mark Preece2118Carl Bowen
8Phil Talbot1121Graham Pritchard
9Phil J Price2115Matt Lane
10Martin Sandells1221Richard Lane
11Darren Phillips (6ta)2110Graham Lane
12Jon Mansell219Mal Bowen

Fri 15th Jul

PosBricklayers AScoreScoreHanwood
1Nigel Ferrington (6fa)2113Phil Price
2Tony Williams (6fa/6ta)217James Mansell (6ta)
3Derek Hill2120Jon Mansell
4Perry Evans Best Result214Martin Sandells
5Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)2117Phil Talbot
6Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)2021Rob Jones
7Mark Sneade215Keith Phillips
8Neil Ashton2110Mark Preece
9John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)2115Eric Mansell
10Neil Jones (6ta)1221Carl Bowers Best Result
11Dan Williams2110Darren Phillips (6ta)
12Tim Norman (6fa)2118Phil J Price

Fri 8th Jul

PosHanwoodScoreScorePontesbury A
1Steve France215Dan Jones (6fa/ta)
2Phil Price2117Gary Middleton (6tb)
3Carl Bowers2111Dennis Walton (6fa/6ta)
4Jon Mansell2120Karl Jones (6fa/ta)
5Eric Mansell Best Result213Alan Potter (6ta)
6Mark Preece2117Boo Challinor
7Darren Phillips (6ta)2115Tony France (6tb)
8Rob Jones219Danny Blyth (6fa)
9Keith Phillips2113Emlyn Jones
10Martin Sandells1521Anthony Price (6fa/ta) Best Result
11Phil J Price2117Dave Povey (6fa/6ta)
12Phil Talbot2115Chris Luther

Fri 1st Jul

1Bob Chandler Best Result213Anna Preece
2Kev Farr (6tb)1421Steve France
3Ian Foster2114Rob Jones
4Chris Jones Jnr2112Keith Phillips
5Evelyn Jones2120Jon Lyttle
6Derek Jones (6tb)2110Martin Sandells
7Rich Jones (6tb)218Eric Mansell
8Russell Lea1521Jon Mansell
9James Mammone (6tb)2112James Mansell (6ta)
10Dave Morgan218Carl Bowers
11Tony Poole1221Phil Price Best Result
12Matthew Whittaker219Mark Preece

Fri 24th Jun

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreHanwood
1Paul Humphreys219Phil Price
2Paul Smith1121Carl Bowers Best Result
3Jamie Brookes215Neil Beamond (6ta)
4Richard Leah2115Mark Parsons
5Gary Whitehall2119Jon Lyttle
6Dawn Gray Best Result210Martin Sandells
7Connor Whitehall2111Keith Phillips
8Dave Hanson2111Eric Mansell
9Carl Preece214Phil J Price
10Tony Sherratt2119Darren Phillips (6ta)
11John Yeomans2120Phil Talbot
12Martin Young1321Steve France

Fri 17th Jun

1Phil Price1321Kevin Walker Best Result
2Eric Mansell2119Russell Tipton (6tb)
3Mark Preece2120Mark Walker
4Darren Phillips (6ta)2120Steve Walker
5James Mansell (6ta)2021Steve Duckett
6Steve France2113Shaun O Sullivan (6tb)
7Rob Jones2113Daryl Edwards
8Carl Bowers Best Result2110Graham Wall
9Phil J Price2120Barry Keep
10Phil Talbot1721Tony Wall (6tb)
11Jon Mansell2120Alan Peach
12Keith Phillips1821Gary Walker

Fri 10th Jun

1Carl Bowers1621Dave Edwards
2Keith Phillips218Ron Crook
3Rob Jones218Kevin Francis
4Jon Mansell2115Gary Wilkie
5Martin Sandells210Walk Over
6Darren Phillips (6ta)2021Roger Fisher
7Phil J Price821Martin Chesworth Best Result
8Mark Preece217Terry Thompson
9Eric Mansell2117Dave Hughes
10Steve France Best Result216Peter Griffiths
11Phil Talbot2110John Hughes
12James Mansell (6ta)219Tom Griffiths

Fri 3rd Jun

1Lee Barker2115Phil Price
2Richard Addison2119Carl Bowers
3John Addison (6ta)217Jon Mansell
4Mike Stephens (6ta)2110Rob Jones
5Shaun Bould2119Martin Sandells
6Dominic Wootton2118Mark Preece
7Rob Jones1721Dave Payne Best Result
8Mick Pritchard Best Result216Eric Mansell
9Hayden Lewis2116Darren Phillips (6ta)
10Keith Wall2117Phil Talbot
11Simon Lewis (6ta)2117Phil J Price
12Will Tyler2021Steve France

Fri 27th May

PosHanwoodScoreScoreMeole Brace A
1Jon Mansell Best Result214Dave Ellis
2Mark Shore1821John Maddox (6ta)
3Carl Bowers2119Adrian Jennings (6ta)
4Eric Mansell Best Result214Mal Cowley
5Mark Preece2114Natalie Connor (6fa)
6Martin Sandells2119Scott Moseley
7Dave Payne2119John Coxill (6fa)
8Phil Price1621Jenny Rogers (6fa) Best Result
9Rob Jones2021Steven Rogers (6fa)
10Phil J Price2112Alan Hughes (6fa)
11Darren Phillips (6ta)217Tom Dowling
12Phil Talbot2112Andrew Corfield (6fa)

Fri 20th May

PosPrince Hotel AScoreScoreHanwood
1Ian Smith (6ta)2117James Mansell (6ta)
2Mike Hughes Jnr2120Dave Payne
3Nicki Hotchkiss2120Phil Price
4Darren Powis (6ta)2112Jon Mansell
5Conrad Clapham (6fa)2114Mark Preece
6Tracy Ryan (6fa)2117Eric Mansell
7Claire Barker (6fa)2115Jon Lyttle
8Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta) Best Result2111Rob Jones
9Ian Payne (6ta)1921Phil Talbot Best Result
10Paul Marshall2113Darren Phillips (6ta)
11Will Jones (6fa)2113Steve France
12Ian Marshall (6fa)2113Martin Sandells

Fri 13th May

1Carl Bowers2112Matt Cooke
2Steve France2118Scott Bowen
3Eric Mansell1321Mark Rogers
4Dave Payne2115Steve Birch
5Darren Phillips (6ta)2110Stuart Greaves
6Phil J Price2117Mike Cutler
7Andy Roberts (6ta)1221Dan Williams (6ta) Best Result
8Phil Talbot2116Dave Oliver
9Martin Sandells1521Andrew Gregg
10Martin Pover1821Jason Evans
11Rob Jones2119Mark Harris (6ta)
12Phil Price Best Result219Lee Walmsley (6ta)

Fri 6th May

1Kevin Perks2117Ben Talbot
2Sam Cartwright (6ta)2111Darren Phillips (6ta)
3Dave Beer2112Jon Mansell
4Harry Ryder (6ta)2116Mark Preece
5Harold Banks1321Phil Price Best Result
6Amy Ryder2116Martin Sandells
7Mal Parry Best Result216Eric Mansell
8Barry Gilder (6ta)2115Keith Phillips
9Andy Jones1421Phil Talbot
10Dave Cadwallader2111Phil J Price
11Terry Gray1421Dave Payne
12Nigel Ryder2021Carl Bowers
Great game played in the best of spirits by both teams

Fri 29th Apr

PosHanwoodScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Keith Phillips216Lilian Payne
2James Mansell (6ta)1121Tony Cowdale Best Result
3Dave Payne2114Tony Pryce
4Ben Talbot219Terry Lucas
5Jon Mansell2110Shirley James
6Mark Preece2110Ian Bishop
7Martin Sandells1421Phil Baker
8Andy Roberts (6ta)2118Ben Foxall
9Eric Mansell2116Laurie Jones
10Phil Talbot2110Derek Bishop
11Darren Phillips (6ta) Best Result211Paul Davies
12Phil J Price2119Nathan Baker

Tue 19th Apr

PosLudlow CastleScoreScoreHanwood
1Matt Lane216Phil Price
2Tom Harrington2021Ben Talbot
3Nick Beard219Keith Phillips
4Simon Lane Best Result215Jon Mansell
5Graham Lane1921Rob Jones
6Jordan Bull2118Carl Bowers
7Richard Lane2110James Mansell (6ta)
8Carl Bowen2111Neil Beamond (6ta)
9Mal Griffiths216Eric Mansell
10Graham Pritchard2115Phil Talbot
11Rich Griffiths217Darren Phillips (6ta)
12Mal Bowen1421Martin Sandells Best Result

Fri 15th Apr

PosHanwoodScoreScoreBricklayers A
1Ben Talbot Best Result216Derek Hill
2Phil Price1921Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)
3Jon Mansell2118John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)
4Keith Phillips1221Tony Williams (6fa/6ta) Best Result
5Martin Sandells1321Perry Evans
6Eric Mansell2115Stephen Jennings
7Dave Payne1621Neil Ashton
8Rob Jones Best Result216Dan Williams
9Phil Talbot2111Simon Damm
10Steve France2110Mark Sneade
11Phil J Price1821Nigel Ferrington (6fa)
12Darren Phillips (6ta)2111Stuart Dorsett

Fri 8th Apr

PosPontesbury AScoreScoreHanwood
1Karl Jones (6fa/ta)1421Carl Bowers
2Dennis Walton (6fa/6ta)2117Ben Talbot
3Alan Potter (6ta)2114Steve Price (6ta)
4Anthony Price (6fa/ta)1021Jon Mansell Best Result
5Gary Middleton (6tb)2112Dave Payne
6Danny Blyth (6fa)2120Eric Mansell
7Tony France (6tb)1721Phil Price
8Dan Jones (6fa/ta) Best Result215Rob Jones
9Jason Rowson (6tb)1321Phil J Price
10Dave Povey (6fa/6ta)2118Steve France
11Anthony Gray1821Phil Talbot
12Andy Price2110Darren Phillips (6ta)

Fri 1st Apr

1Phil Price2113Dan Ashley
2Ben Talbot2111Bob Chandler
3Jon Mansell1521Chris Jones Jnr
4James Mansell (6ta)1421James Mammone (6tb) Best Result
5Rob Jones218Tony Poole
6Dave Payne2117Andy Pullen
7Darren Phillips (6ta)2119Evelyn Jones
8Eric Mansell Best Result217Dave Morgan
9Carl Bowers2119Kev Farr (6tb)
10Phil J Price2112Derek Jones (6tb)
11Steve France2117Ian Foster
12Phil Talbot2112Rich Jones (6tb)