The Dudley & District Bowling League 2015

Seniors League

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Team Averages for Mary Stevens Park D (Seniors 5)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
134Ray Pearson178947300296+417.6517.410.24
236David Grove148657243246-317.3617.57-0.21
353David Dunn1761135297320-2317.4718.82-1.35
461Ray Edwards1651131234305-7114.6319.06-4.44
562Dave Little84450141146-517.6318.25-0.63
678Ray Woodier2201004223+1921.0011.509.50
783Bob Lewry422506974-517.2518.50-1.25
889Michael Gillespie5234061103-4212.2020.60-8.40
990Ken Rollason82625106153-4713.2519.13-5.88
1095Harry Cooper110100214+1721.004.0017.00
1196John Castle1101002110+1121.0010.0011.00
1297Brian Mundon1101002110+1121.0010.0011.00
1399Tony Heath1101002114+721.0014.007.00
14102Colin Wills1101002116+521.0016.005.00
15108George Bayliss211503241-916.0020.50-4.50
16110Jim Griffiths6151778121-4313.0020.17-7.17
17113Brian Steele111109146224-7813.2720.36-7.09
18118Joe Bullock10101421-714.0021.00-7.00
19128John Austin30302063-436.6721.00-14.33
Wed 15th AprAHighfield B10098245
Wed 22nd AprHHighfield B12696608
Wed 6th MayAMary Stevens Park C82119242
Wed 13th MayHMary Stevens Park C88119151
Wed 20th MayAKingswinford Cons C10997427
Wed 27th MayHKingswinford Cons C80118242
Wed 3rd JunAKingswinford Cons B9996427
Wed 10th JunHKingswinford Cons B70116151
Wed 17th JunASwindon D85117151
Wed 24th JunHSwindon D121111426
Wed 1st JulAWernley B68124151
Wed 8th JulHWernley B102114242
Wed 15th JulADudley Sports D83120151
Wed 22nd JulHDudley Sports D94111333
Wed 29th JulHBye00000
Wed 5th AugABye00000
Wed 12th AugHSwindon C10994244
Wed 19th AugASwindon C95117242
Wed 26th AugHLye & Wollescote B83104242
Wed 2nd SepALye & Wollescote B91117242
Wed 9th SepADudley Sports C99112333
Wed 16th SepHDudley Sports C104111242
  Played 2018882211477362
1st Half Results for Mary Stevens Park D
Pearson Ray17817.6521-721-1321-1721-1418-2114-2111-21 10-21  
Grove David14817.36   6-2121-1521-1721-1621-1110-2118-217-21
Dunn David17617.4716-2121-164-2119-2121-1221-17 18-2120-2121-1321-19
Edwards Ray16514.6321-721-1521-1814-217-21 21-169-2111-2121-1820-21
Little Dave8417.6320-2121-2018-21  11-2121-128-2121-1221-18 
Woodier Ray2221.00           
Lewry Bob4217.2514-2121-12      13-2121-20 
Rollason Ken8213.25     5-21 7-21   
Gillespie Michael5212.20 21-207-219-21       
Castle John1121.00      21-10    
Heath Tony1121.00    21-14      
Wills Colin1121.00           
Mundon Brian1121.00           
Cooper Harry1121.00           
Bayliss George2116.00           
Steele Brian11113.27  11-2119-2121-148-21 7-21 19-2112-21
Griffiths Jim6113.00           
Bullock Joe1014.00           
Austin John306.678-21     4-21   8-21
Over Walk100.00          0-21
2nd Half Results for Mary Stevens Park D
Lye &
Lye &
Pearson Ray17817.6520-2121-157-2116-2120-2121-621-1621-1916-21
Grove David14817.3615-21  19-21 21-1421-1721-1421-16
Dunn David17617.4717-2120-2121-1218-2117-21 7-21 15-21
Edwards Ray16514.63 15-2117-21 12-214-21 6-2114-21
Little Dave8417.63         
Woodier Ray2221.00   21-621-17    
Lewry Bob4217.25         
Rollason Ken8213.25 15-2121-16  12-2111-2114-2121-11
Gillespie Michael5212.20 3-2121-20      
Castle John1121.00         
Heath Tony1121.00         
Wills Colin1121.00    21-16    
Mundon Brian1121.0021-10        
Cooper Harry1121.00   21-4     
Bayliss George2116.0021-20    11-21   
Steele Brian11113.278-219-21    16-2116-21 
Griffiths Jim6113.00  7-2114-214-21 15-2121-1617-21
Bullock Joe1014.00     14-21   
Austin John306.67         
Over Walk100.00         

Wed 16th Sep

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreDudley Sports C
1David Dunn1521Inge Goodwin
2Ray Edwards1421Bernard Hodges
3David Grove2116Audrey Southwick
4Ken Rollason2111Jennifer Smith
5Jim Griffiths1721Albert Goodwin
6Ray Pearson1621Martin Morris

Wed 9th Sep

PosDudley Sports CScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Albert Goodwin2116Brian Steele
2Linda Smith1421David Grove
3Bernard Hodges1621Jim Griffiths
4Audrey Southwick216Ray Edwards
5Jennifer Smith2114Ken Rollason
6Christine Harper1921Ray Pearson

Wed 2nd Sep

PosLye & Wollescote BScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Tom Quigley2116Brian Steele
2Mick Grazier217David Dunn
3Brian Amphlett1721David Grove
4Ken Perry1621Ray Pearson
5John Meakin2111Ken Rollason
6Tom Parsons2115Jim Griffiths

Wed 26th Aug

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreLye & Wollescote B
1Joe Bullock1421Tom Quigley
2George Bayliss1121Mick Grazier
3David Grove2114Brian Amphlett
4Ray Edwards421Ken Perry
5Ray Pearson216John Meakin
6Ken Rollason1221Tom Parsons

Wed 19th Aug

PosSwindon CScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Yvonne Sutton2117David Dunn
2Ron Blythe1621Colin Wills
3Barry Haynes2112Ray Edwards
4Brian Burns2120Ray Pearson
5Allan Roberts214Jim Griffiths
6John Biddle1721Ray Woodier

Wed 12th Aug

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreSwindon C
1David Grove1921Ron Blythe
2Jim Griffiths1421Raymond Brettle
3David Dunn1821Barry Haynes
4Ray Woodier216Harold Payne
5Harry Cooper214David Wood
6Ray Pearson1621John Biddle

Wed 22nd Jul

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreDudley Sports D
1David Dunn2112Daphne Moss
2Ray Edwards1721David Walker
3Ken Rollason2116Eunice Cutler
4Ray Pearson721Roy Stephenson
5Michael Gillespie2120Margaret Southwick
6Jim Griffiths721Doreen Fellows

Wed 15th Jul

PosDudley Sports DScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Margaret Southwick213Michael Gillespie
2Eunice Cutler2120David Dunn
3Roy Stephenson219Brian Steele
4Daphne Moss2115Ray Edwards
5Doreen Fellows2115Ken Rollason
6Colin Bryan1521Ray Pearson

Wed 8th Jul

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreWernley B
1David Grove1521Brian Salter
2George Bayliss2120Dave Price
3David Dunn1721Colin Grove
4Ray Pearson2021Brian Winks
5Brian Steele821Dudley Batchelor
6Brian Mundon2110Gordon Wright

Wed 1st Jul

PosWernley BScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Dave Price217David Grove
2Bert Jansen1921David Dunn
3Val Roberts2120Ray Edwards
4Brian Salter210Walk Over
5Colin Grove2112Brian Steele
6Brian Winks218John Austin

Wed 24th Jun

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreSwindon D
1David Grove1821Patrick Bell
2David Dunn2113Phil Hemmings
3Brian Steele1921Margaret Hathaway
4Ray Edwards2118Ray Wood
5Dave Little2118John Hathaway
6Bob Lewry2120Alan Langford

Wed 17th Jun

PosSwindon DScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Patrick Bell2110Ray Pearson
2John Hathaway2111Ray Edwards
3Margaret Hathaway2120David Dunn
4Phil Hemmings2110David Grove
5Shirley Topley1221Dave Little
6Ray Wood2113Bob Lewry

Wed 10th Jun

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreKingswinford Cons B
1David Dunn1821Vic Hemming
2David Grove2111Bob Kelly
3Brian Steele721Joan Grove
4Dave Little821Josie Soutter
5Ray Edwards921Angela Davies
6Ken Rollason721Maureen Sutton

Wed 3rd Jun

PosKingswinford Cons BScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Maureen Sutton1021John Castle
2Joan Grove1621David Grove
3Sheila Bull1221Dave Little
4Bob Kelly214John Austin
5Josie Soutter1621Ray Edwards
6Joe Adlington2111Ray Pearson

Wed 27th May

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreKingswinford Cons C
1David Grove2117Sue Morant
2David Dunn2117Marion Burford
3Brian Steele821Edith Clowes
4Dave Little1121Chris Taylor
5Ken Rollason521Peter Conroy
6Ray Pearson1421Eric Henry

Wed 20th May

PosKingswinford Cons CScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Veronica Adams1221David Dunn
2Edith Clowes1421Brian Steele
3Sylvia Roden1421Tony Heath
4Peter Conroy217Ray Edwards
5Sue Morant2118Ray Pearson
6Marion Burford1521David Grove

Wed 13th May

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreMary Stevens Park C
1Ray Edwards1421Roy Bradley
2Brian Steele1921John Castle
3David Dunn1921Graham Jones
4Michael Gillespie921Joe Bullock
5David Grove621Brian Mundon
6Ray Pearson2114Roger Wynne

Wed 6th May

PosMary Stevens Park CScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Roy Bradley2111Brian Steele
2Joe Kadji214David Dunn
3Roger Wynne1821Ray Edwards
4Brian Mundon217Michael Gillespie
5Joe Bullock1721Ray Pearson
6Graham Jones2118Dave Little

Wed 22nd Apr

PosMary Stevens Park DScoreScoreHighfield B
1Ray Edwards2115Tony Poole
2Michael Gillespie2120Paul Smith
3Bob Lewry2112Hayden Lewis
4David Dunn2116Joseph Edwards
5Dave Little2120Pat Neal
6Ray Pearson2113Eileen Hodgetts

Wed 15th Apr

PosHighfield BScoreScoreMary Stevens Park D
1Pat Neal2114Bob Lewry
2Eileen Hodgetts721Ray Edwards
3Hayden Lewis2116David Dunn
4Paul Smith721Ray Pearson
5Joseph Edwards218John Austin
6Tony Poole2120Dave Little