Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Monkmoor B (Shrewsbury Div. 4)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
147Scott Lane1110191226147+7920.5513.367.18
268Chris Thomas159660270273-318.0018.20-0.20
393Cath Flattley2171433298420-12214.1920.00-5.81
4102Colin Bell1961332279336-5714.6817.68-3.00
5107Joan Uncles2061430268396-12813.4019.80-6.40
6118Tom Groome2051525258402-14412.9020.10-7.20
7122Dave Smith4401008467+1721.0016.754.25
8123Ian Horne114736167206-3915.1818.73-3.55
9138Jane Horne1331023163251-8812.5419.31-6.77
10139Colin Prinn2031715268397-12913.4019.85-6.45
11141Rose Mackay1831517212362-15011.7820.11-8.33
12158John Uncles1321115111267-1568.5420.54-12.00
13160Matthew Griffiths110100210+2121.000.0021.00
14175Chris Lee312334152-1113.6717.33-3.67
15177Richard Lee5142049100-519.8020.00-10.20
16187Lou Hotchkiss20202742-1513.5021.00-7.50
17193Liz Taylor40404484-4011.0021.00-10.00
18200Thomas Jones150150102315-2136.8021.00-14.20
Tue 18th AprABayston Hill B122186373
Tue 25th AprHPOWBC B103200191
Tue 2nd MayASevernside157195555
Tue 9th MayHBagley B146180555
Tue 16th MayAPontesbury C115205282
Tue 23rd MayAElephant & Castle97195282
Tue 30th MayHGreenfields Social B119187373
Tue 6th JunACrescent B128195282
Tue 13th JunHMeole Brace C117209191
Tue 20th JunAPontesbury D81208191
Tue 27th JunHWorthen & Brockton163186464
Tue 4th JulHBayston Hill B157190555
Tue 11th JulAPOWBC B1182100100
Tue 18th JulHSevernside171180555
Tue 25th JulABagley B158191373
Tue 1st AugHPontesbury C166169555
Tue 8th AugHElephant & Castle135175464
Tue 15th AugAGreenfields Social B114189282
Tue 22nd AugHCrescent B124195282
Tue 29th AugAMeole Brace C122205282
Tue 5th SepHPontesbury D156179555
Tue 12th SepAWorthen & Brockton119193373
  Played 22288842226515565
1st Half Results for Monkmoor B
Lane Scott111020.5521-4 21-1821-17   16-21  21-17
Thomas Chris15918.00 11-21 21-1421-1721-20 21-20 16-21 
Flattley Cath21714.1921-1714-2121-2021-1821-206-2121-1713-2111-218-2115-21
Bell Colin19614.6816-2121-1111-2113-2115-2121-78-2121-77-21  
Uncles Joan20613.405-218-2121-16 6-21 21-109-2121-206-2113-21
Groome Tom20512.9021-1816-2118-218-219-214-21 15-2113-2121-196-21
Smith Dave4421.00           
Horne Ian11415.1815-21 21-20   21-13 8-21 21-11
Prinn Colin20313.408-216-2111-21 6-215-21 11-2116-2120-2117-21
Horne Jane13312.544-21 21-16 9-215-2111-21 6-21 21-14
Mackay Rose18311.787-214-217-217-2112-2110-213-2112-21   
Uncles John1328.54 5-21  4-2114-2114-21 9-211-2121-18
Griffiths Matthew1121.00           
Lee Chris3113.67   21-1012-218-21     
Lee Richard519.80   21-16 3-2112-216-217-21  
Hotchkiss Lou2013.50   10-21      17-21
Taylor Liz4011.00 14-21    4-21 19-217-21 
Jones Thomas1506.804-214-215-213-21  4-214-21 2-2111-21
Over Walk500.00         0-21 
2nd Half Results for Monkmoor B
Lane Scott111020.5521-11 21-721-1721-9  21-921-17  
Thomas Chris15918.0021-1919-2116-2121-143-21 21-1216-2121-2021-11 
Flattley Cath21714.197-2115-2111-21 17-2121-143-2112-2112-217-2121-20
Bell Colin19614.6814-217-2121-1517-21 8-2121-98-219-2121-1420-21
Uncles Joan20613.4021-2013-215-2111-2121-1618-2119-2114-214-2121-2011-21
Groome Tom20512.9021-163-2121-1915-2120-212-213-21 10-2121-1511-21
Smith Dave4421.00  21-1621-13 21-20 21-18   
Horne Ian11415.1815-2114-21 13-2121-15   7-2111-21 
Prinn Colin20313.4021-1917-2116-217-2115-2121-159-2113-2118-2110-2121-6
Horne Jane13312.5410-2112-21 18-2121-11 10-21  15-21 
Mackay Rose18311.78 12-2118-2114-2121-1317-2114-212-2110-2121-1421-20
Uncles John1328.546-21 21-18  6-213-211-21  6-21
Griffiths Matthew1121.00     21-0     
Lee Chris3113.67           
Lee Richard519.80           
Hotchkiss Lou2013.50           
Taylor Liz4011.00           
Jones Thomas1506.80 6-21  6-21 11-2116-2110-218-218-21
Over Walk500.00     0-21    0-21

Tue 12th Sep

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Debbie Davies2120Colin Bell
2Ralph Graves2111Tom Groome
3Ian Hutchison621Colin Prinn Best Result
4Linda Rigby2021Cath Flattley
5Brian Jones2021Rose Mackay
6Joyce Graves2111Joan Uncles
7Ken Holding218Thomas Jones
8Phil Rowson Best Result216John Uncles
9Clare Bennett210Walk Over
10Jan Holding210Walk Over
I do not know what players being played by Worthern & Brockton, as we only fielded 8 Players. worthen & Brockton comment Why this comment i hadn't been given the chance to enter results on not impressed

Tue 5th Sep

PosMonkmoor BScoreScorePontesbury D
1Ian Horne1121Kelly Price (j)
2Cath Flattley721Jan James Best Result
3Colin Prinn1021Sandra Evans
4Rose Mackay2114Anne Walton
5Joan Uncles2120Tessa Potter
6Jane Horne1521Ben Middleton (j)
7Thomas Jones821Kath Farmer
8Tom Groome2115Charlie Hotchkiss (j)
9Colin Bell2114Anna Lawson
10Chris Thomas Best Result2111Sue Potter

Tue 29th Aug

PosMeole Brace CScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result214Joan Uncles
2Eric Webb219Colin Bell
3Brian Jones2112Cath Flattley
4Brian Simcoe2118Colin Prinn
5Hugo Jones2110Tom Groome
6Roy Morris2110Thomas Jones
7Eric Greaves217Ian Horne
8John Hartshorne2110Rose Mackay
9Melvyn Ashley1721Scott Lane Best Result
10Clive Fisher2021Chris Thomas

Tue 22nd Aug

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreCrescent B
1Colin Prinn1321Paul Turford
2Dave Smith2118Brian Richards
3Colin Bell821Dan Laurens
4Thomas Jones1621Graham Hughes
5Cath Flattley1221Mike Greaves
6Joan Uncles1421Daz Hunting
7Rose Mackay221Andy Maycock
8John Uncles121John Wycherley Best Result
9Scott Lane Best Result219Dave Rowe
10Chris Thomas1621Alan Hotchkiss

Tue 15th Aug

PosGreenfields Social BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Tony Sandford219Colin Prinn
2Pete Mackay Best Result213Tom Groome
3Ray Buckley921Colin Bell Best Result
4Bill Steventon Best Result213Cath Flattley
5Dave Pritchard2110Jane Horne
6Roger Collins2111Thomas Jones
7Mike Goodall2119Joan Uncles
8Graham Hughes Best Result213John Uncles
9Ron Evans2114Rose Mackay
10Neil Harris1221Chris Thomas

Tue 8th Aug

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Matthew Griffiths Best Result210Clive Dann
2Tom Groome221Dave Hanson Best Result
3Colin Bell821Martin Young
4Joan Uncles1821Richard Gears
5Dave Smith2120Gary Francis
6Rose Mackay1721Wayne Harding
7Cath Flattley2114Craig Jones
8Colin Prinn2115Bryan Williams
9John Uncles621Derek Shingler
10Walk Over021Graham Humphreys

Tue 1st Aug

PosMonkmoor BScoreScorePontesbury C
1Ian Horne2115Terry Wainwright (6tc)
2Colin Prinn1521Alan Purslow (6tc)
3Tom Groome2021Kevin Williams (6tc)
4Joan Uncles2116Ray Perry (6tc)
5Rose Mackay2113Derek Worrall
6Cath Flattley1721Dave Bennett
7Thomas Jones621Maureen Charles
8Jane Horne2111David Charles
9Scott Lane Best Result219Mike Hampson
10Chris Thomas321Adam Morris (6tc) Best Result

Tue 25th Jul

PosBagley BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Jack Matthews2111Joan Uncles
2Laurence Earl2114Rose Mackay
3David Scutts1421Chris Thomas
4Sandra Griffiths1321Dave Smith Best Result
5Margaret Cooper2118Jane Horne
6Andrew Tipton2115Tom Groome
7Neil Scutts Best Result217Colin Prinn
8Jenny Newton1721Scott Lane
9Alan Welsh2117Colin Bell
10Mike Lewis2113Ian Horne

Tue 18th Jul

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreSevernside
1Colin Bell2115Julie Perry
2Colin Prinn1621Felicity Kershaw
3Cath Flattley1121Glyn Turner
4Tom Groome2119Doreen Jones
5Rose Mackay1821John Fannin
6Joan Uncles521Eileen Farr Best Result
7John Uncles2118Ian Edwards
8Dave Smith2116John Parry
9Scott Lane Best Result217Les Lewis
10Chris Thomas1621George Perry

Tue 11th Jul

PosPOWBC BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1John Evans216Thomas Jones
2Bryan Price217Colin Bell
3Lee Tipton (6tc) Best Result213Tom Groome
4Geoff Tipton2117Colin Prinn
5Brian Austin2113Joan Uncles
6Andy Lockley2112Rose Mackay
7John Ramsay2112Jane Horne
8Alan Potts2115Cath Flattley
9Glyn Harvey2114Ian Horne
10Darren Jones2119Chris Thomas Best Result
A very soggy night for the Monk. The hat and coaters march on.

Tue 4th Jul

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreBayston Hill B
1Ian Horne1521Christine Taylor
2Colin Prinn2119Norman Price
3Tom Groome2116Bob Preece
4Colin Bell1421Tim Thomas
5Cath Flattley721Kevin Edwards
6Joan Uncles2120Jean Barlow
7Jane Horne1021Ron Wilcock
8John Uncles621Rosie Scotland Best Result
9Scott Lane Best Result2111Ray Sant
10Chris Thomas2119Royston Wilcock

Tue 27th Jun

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Colin Prinn1721Kate Washbourne
2Thomas Jones1121Ken Holding
3Ian Horne Best Result2111Debbie Davies
4Lou Hotchkiss1721Clare Bennett
5Tom Groome621Ian Hutchison Best Result
6Jane Horne2114Linda Rigby
7Cath Flattley1521Andy Lipa
8John Uncles2118Brian Jones
9Scott Lane2117Phil Rowson
10Joan Uncles1321Roy Washbourne

Tue 20th Jun

PosPontesbury DScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Gary Middleton210Walk Over
2Kelly Price (j)212Thomas Jones
3Melva Bennett1921Tom Groome Best Result
4Sue Potter2120Colin Prinn
5Anna Lawson218Cath Flattley
6Jan James217Liz Taylor
7Ben Middleton (j)216Joan Uncles
8Anne Walton210Walk Over
9Charlie Hotchkiss (j) Best Result211John Uncles
10Tessa Potter2116Chris Thomas

Tue 13th Jun

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreMeole Brace C
1Liz Taylor1921Joyce Ashley
2Ian Horne821Brian Jones
3Richard Lee721Dave (itchy) Pritchard
4Colin Prinn1621Eric Webb
5Cath Flattley1121Eric Greaves
6Jane Horne621Roy Morris Best Result
7Joan Uncles Best Result2120John Hartshorne
8John Uncles921Helen Jones
9Tom Groome1321Clive Fisher
10Colin Bell721Melvyn Ashley

Tue 6th Jun

PosCrescent BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Kevin Barratt721Colin Bell Best Result
2Brian Richards2111Colin Prinn
3John Wycherley216Richard Lee
4Graham Hughes2115Tom Groome
5Andy Maycock219Joan Uncles
6Dan Laurens2113Cath Flattley
7Mike Greaves2112Rose Mackay
8Paul Turford Best Result214Thomas Jones
9Daz Hunting2116Scott Lane
10Alan Hotchkiss2021Chris Thomas

Tue 30th May

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Colin Bell821Tony Sandford
2Joan Uncles Best Result2110Graham Hughes
3Richard Lee1221Bill Steventon
4Ian Horne2113Dave Pritchard
5Liz Taylor421Pete Mackay
6Rose Mackay321James Fernie Best Result
7Cath Flattley2117Ron Evans
8Thomas Jones421Tony Andrews
9Jane Horne1121Roger Collins
10John Uncles1421Ray Buckley

Tue 23rd May

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Jo Facer-leah215Colin Prinn
2Richard Leah Best Result213Richard Lee
3Mark Gray216Cath Flattley
4Craig Jones721Colin Bell Best Result
5Gary Francis2110Rose Mackay
6Paul Dean215Jane Horne
7Bryan Williams2114John Uncles
8Richard Gears214Tom Groome
9Graham Humphreys218Chris Lee
10Derek Shingler2021Chris Thomas

Tue 16th May

PosPontesbury CScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Dave Bennett2021Cath Flattley
2Kevin Williams (6tc)2115Colin Bell
3Ray Perry (6tc)216Colin Prinn
4Keith Tate Snr2112Chris Lee
5Maureen Charles216Joan Uncles
6Adam Morris (6tc)219Jane Horne
7Derek Worrall2112Rose Mackay
8Mike Hampson219Tom Groome
9Terry Wainwright (6tc) Best Result214John Uncles
10Stuart Morris (6tc)1721Chris Thomas Best Result

Tue 9th May

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreBagley B
1Chris Lee Best Result2110Sandra Griffiths
2Cath Flattley2118Laurence Earl
3Thomas Jones321David Scutts Best Result
4Lou Hotchkiss1021Maureen Poole
5Rose Mackay721Neil Scutts
6Colin Bell1321Margaret Cooper
7Richard Lee2116Andrew Tipton
8Tom Groome821Jenny Newton
9Scott Lane2117Alan Welsh
10Chris Thomas2114Mike Lewis

Tue 2nd May

PosSevernsideScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1George Perry2111Colin Prinn
2Roger Burton2111Colin Bell
3Felicity Kershaw2021Ian Horne
4Julie Perry2021Cath Flattley
5Doreen Jones1621Joan Uncles Best Result
6Chris Dormer2118Tom Groome
7John Parry1621Jane Horne Best Result
8Glyn Turner217Rose Mackay
9Les Lewis1821Scott Lane
10Robert Phillips Best Result215Thomas Jones

Tue 25th Apr

PosMonkmoor BScoreScorePOWBC B
1Colin Prinn621Jack Price
2Cath Flattley1421Geoff Tipton
3Thomas Jones421John Evans Best Result
4Liz Taylor1421John Ford
5Joan Uncles821Brian Austin
6Colin Bell Best Result2111John Ramsay
7Rose Mackay421Lee Tipton (6tc) Best Result
8Tom Groome1621Andy Lockley
9John Uncles521Alan Potts
10Chris Thomas1121Glyn Harvey

Tue 18th Apr

PosBayston Hill BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Bob Preece218Colin Prinn
2Christine Taylor2116Colin Bell
3Julian Archer2115Ian Horne
4Marion Jones1821Tom Groome
5Sylvia Morris1721Cath Flattley
6Norman Price217Rose Mackay
7Jean Barlow Best Result214Jane Horne
8Rosie Scotland215Joan Uncles
9Tim Thomas421Scott Lane Best Result
10Ray Sant Best Result214Thomas Jones