Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2015

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Monkmoor B (Shrewsbury Div. 4)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
14Stuart Dodd2018290395252+14319.7512.607.15
211Andy Cooke1714382328216+11219.2912.716.59
313Micky Bramall1914574360269+9118.9514.164.79
414Richard Saunders2014670380292+8819.0014.604.40
518Mick Fiest1913668330252+7817.3713.264.11
619Steve Bramall1913668349280+6918.3714.743.63
724Daniel Brookfield1612475317191+12619.8111.947.88
825Colin Hayes1712571347246+10120.4114.475.94
926Ricky Cooke2012860379296+8318.9514.804.15
1052Ali Brown179853268288-2015.7616.94-1.18
1178Matthew Griffiths126650193200-716.0816.67-0.58
12114Lesley Medlicott3301006317+4621.005.6715.33
13149Dean Pritchard1101002112+921.0012.009.00
Tue 21st AprHMonkmoor A1861218210
Tue 28th AprABye00000
Tue 5th MayHMinsterley2001099111
Tue 12th MayALythwood185137739
Wed 13th MayASevernside1991168210
Tue 19th MayHElephant & Castle174150648
Tue 26th MayHGreenfields Social B196156739
Tue 2nd JunAWorthen & Brockton179169648
Tue 9th JunHTelepost B190145739
Tue 23rd JunHBagley B196165648
Tue 30th JunAHanwood B155184555
Tue 7th JulABagley B172159648
Tue 14th JulHHanwood B196119739
Tue 21st JulAMonkmoor A2108410012
Tue 28th JulHBye00000
Tue 4th AugAMinsterley2021239111
Tue 11th AugHLythwood2051119111
Tue 18th AugAElephant & Castle158163555
Tue 25th AugAGreenfields Social B2001378210
Tue 1st SepHWorthen & Brockton2021249111
Tue 8th SepATelepost B130208282
Tue 15th SepHSevernside195131739
  Played 203730281114159175
1st Half Results for Monkmoor B
Dodd Stuart201819.7521-1621-1621-821-1421-821-1121-1621-921-179-2121-7
Cooke Andy171419.2921-6 21-1621-1621-821-1921-1511-21 21-1321-13
Saunders Richard201419.0021-1111-2112-2118-2121-921-1218-2121-1521-815-2121-9
Bramall Micky191418.9521-1621-1921-1313-215-2121-1421-1613-2118-2121-1621-13
Bramall Steve191318.376-2121-1321-1321-312-2121-1221-1921-1312-21 21-13
Fiest Mick191317.3712-2121-621-921-1111-2121-1621-1021-1221-1411-213-21
Hayes Colin171220.4121-821-821-721-1120-21  19-2120-2121-1921-20
Brookfield Daniel161219.8121-621-311-2121-221-1920-2121-921-821-821-1416-21
Cooke Ricky 201218.9521-1121-815-2121-821-519-2119-2121-521-1621-1712-21
Brown Ali17915.7621-521-1421-821-921-1710-2111-2121-2021-187-21 
Griffiths Matthew12616.08     21-95-21 20-218-2115-21
Medlicott Lesley3321.00 21-1         
Pritchard Dean1121.00           
2nd Half Results for Monkmoor B
Dodd Stuart201819.7521-721-821-1221-1121-721-1421-148-2121-15
Cooke Andy171419.2921-821-3 21-415-2121-1521-88-2121-9
Saunders Richard201419.0021-1221-1221-1221-1621-1521-621-1112-2121-18
Bramall Micky191418.9521-121-8 21-1621-621-921-1417-2121-3
Bramall Steve191318.3721-921-1521-921-1415-2121-1321-814-2117-21
Fiest Mick191317.37 21-1321-521-52-2121-1321-218-2121-10
Hayes Colin171220.4121-721-021-1316-2121-1420-2121-1421-20 
Brookfield Daniel161219.8118-2121-921-1821-1    21-10
Cooke Ricky 201218.9519-2121-013-2121-710-2121-1721-1421-2020-21
Brown Ali17915.7612-21 21-1321-1611-21 13-214-2111-21
Griffiths Matthew12616.0821-1221-16  21-1612-2121-187-2121-3
Medlicott Lesley3321.00  21-8  21-8   
Pritchard Dean1121.00  21-12      

Tue 15th Sep

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreSevernside
1Stuart Dodd2115Martin Peleszok
2Andy Cooke219Felicity Kershaw
3Matthew Griffiths213John Holmwood
4Mick Fiest2110John Fannin
5Steve Bramall1721Doreen Jones
6Micky Bramall213Peter Flude
7Ali Brown1121Pat Hart
8Richard Saunders2118Julie Perry
9Ricky Cooke2021Chris Dormer
10Daniel Brookfield2110George Perry

Tue 8th Sep

PosTelepost BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Peter Shingler218Andy Cooke
2Gordon Draycott2118Mick Fiest
3Rob Morris218Stuart Dodd
4Alan West217Matthew Griffiths
5Margaret Flatley2112Richard Saunders
6Robin Sprigg2114Steve Bramall
7John Bowater2117Micky Bramall
8Andy Tipton214Ali Brown
9Martin Snow2021Ricky Cooke
10Peter Cook2021Colin Hayes

Tue 1st Sep

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Stuart Dodd2114Brian Jones
2Andy Cooke218Joyce Graves
3Mick Fiest212Debbie Davies
4Matthew Griffiths2118Claire Bennett
5Micky Bramall2114Andrew Lippa
6Steve Bramall218Kate Washbourne
7Richard Saunders2111Derek Richards
8Ali Brown1321Roy Washbourne
9Ricky Cooke2114Duncan Bennett
10Colin Hayes2114Phil Rowson

Tue 25th Aug

PosGreenfields Social BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Tony Sandford2112Matthew Griffiths
2Pete Mackay1421Stuart Dodd
3Ron Evans1521Andy Cooke
4Dave Pritchard1321Mick Fiest
5Lorna Parsons821Lesley Medlicott
6Sharon Jones621Richard Saunders
7John Corbett921Micky Bramall
8James Fernie1321Steve Bramall
9Tony Andrews1721Ricky Cooke
10Dave Hughes2120Colin Hayes

Tue 18th Aug

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Richard Leah212Mick Fiest
2Jo Facer2115Andy Cooke
3Terry Trow1621Matthew Griffiths
4Andy Sands721Stuart Dodd
5Mike Morris2115Steve Bramall
6Bryan Williams1521Richard Saunders
7James Minns621Micky Bramall
8Richard Gears2111Ali Brown
9Derek Shingler1421Colin Hayes
10Graham Humphreys2110Ricky Cooke

Tue 11th Aug

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreLythwood
1Colin Hayes1621Carol Clements
2Andy Cooke214Christine Taylor
3Daniel Brookfield211Molly Sullivan
4Mick Fiest215Bob Preece
5Steve Bramall2114Alan Winstanley
6Ali Brown2116Julian Archer
7Richard Saunders2116Sylvia Morris
8Micky Bramall2116Kevin Edwards
9Ricky Cooke217Norman Clements
10Stuart Dodd2111Rosie Scotland

Tue 4th Aug

PosMinsterleyScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Liam Cox521Mick Fiest
2Joyce Ashley821Lesley Medlicott
3Geoffrey James1321Colin Hayes
4Audrey Cox1821Daniel Brookfield
5Sylvia Povey1221Dean Pritchard
6John Hoofe1321Ali Brown
7Dennis Owen921Steve Bramall
8Jane Hoofe1221Richard Saunders
9Melvyn Ashley1221Stuart Dodd
10Kevin Farr2113Ricky Cooke

Tue 21st Jul

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Veronica Bland821Stuart Dodd
2Joan Uncles921Daniel Brookfield
3Cath Bland1621Matthew Griffiths
4Rose Mackay321Andy Cooke
5Dale Thomas1521Steve Bramall
6John Uncles1221Richard Saunders
7Nathaniel Lee1321Mick Fiest
8Chris Thomas821Micky Bramall
9Walk Over021Colin Hayes
10Walk Over021Ricky Cooke

Tue 14th Jul

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreHanwood B
1Stuart Dodd217Clive Goodwin
2Andy Cooke218Tony Beamond
3Daniel Brookfield1821Dayle Turner
4Matthew Griffiths2112Shaun Roberts
5Steve Bramall219Roger Houston
6Ali Brown1221Mike Bennett
7Richard Saunders2112Vi Houston
8Micky Bramall211Christine Phillips
9Ricky Cooke1921Steve Ashton
10Colin Hayes217Martin Sandells

Tue 7th Jul

PosBagley BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1John Farmer2116Daniel Brookfield
2Kevin Heath213Mick Fiest
3Neville Poole1321Andy Cooke
4Maureen Poole1321Micky Bramall
5Sandra Griffiths1321Steve Bramall
6Margaret Cooper921Richard Saunders
7Jack Matthews721Stuart Dodd
8Ron Wainwright2021Colin Hayes
9Dave Paterson2112Ricky Cooke
10Jenny Newton2115Matthew Griffiths

Tue 30th Jun

PosHanwood BScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Dayle Turner1321Andy Cooke
2Shaun Roberts219Stuart Dodd
3Clive Goodwin2111Mick Fiest
4Steve Ashton1421Daniel Brookfield
5Heather Evans217Ali Brown
6Christine Phillips218Matthew Griffiths
7Tony Beamond2115Richard Saunders
8Roger Houston1721Ricky Cooke
9Mike Bennett1621Micky Bramall
10Martin Sandells1921Colin Hayes

Tue 23rd Jun

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreBagley B
1Stuart Dodd2117Neville Poole
2Mick Fiest2114Kevin Heath
3Steve Bramall1221Richard Green
4Micky Bramall1821John Farmer
5Ali Brown2118Maureen Poole
6Daniel Brookfield218Margaret Cooper
7Richard Saunders218Jackie Sung
8Matthew Griffiths2021Jack Matthews
9Ricky Cooke2116Jenny Newton
10Colin Hayes2021Ron Wainwright

Tue 9th Jun

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreTelepost B
1Andy Cooke1121Alan West
2Stuart Dodd219Darren Shingler
3Mick Fiest2112Rob Morris
4Steve Bramall2113Gordon Draycott
5Daniel Brookfield218Robin Sprigg
6Ali Brown2120Mick Lewis
7Richard Saunders2115John Bowater
8Micky Bramall1321Pete Onions
9Ricky Cooke215Richard Cook
10Colin Hayes1921Martin Snow

Tue 2nd Jun

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Claire Bennett1521Andy Cooke
2Debbie Davies1021Mick Fiest
3Derek Richards1621Stuart Dodd
4Joyce Graves1921Steve Bramall
5John Davies2111Ali Brown
6Kate Washbourne2118Richard Saunders
7Linda Rigby921Daniel Brookfield
8Andrew Lippa1621Micky Bramall
9Duncan Bennett2119Ricky Cooke
10Phil Rowson215Matthew Griffiths
What a great game with a very friendly team Clare Bennett (W&B)

Tue 26th May

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Stuart Dodd2111Dave Hughes
2Micky Bramall2114Dave Pritchard
3Andy Cooke2119Pete Mackay
4Mick Fiest2116Tony Sandford
5Steve Bramall2112James Fernie
6Daniel Brookfield2021Roger Collins
7Ali Brown1021Ben Vasey
8Richard Saunders2112John Corbett
9Ricky Cooke1921Ron Evans
10Matthew Griffiths219Tony Andrews

Tue 19th May

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Colin Hayes2021Tony Sherratt
2Micky Bramall521Richard Leah
3Mick Fiest1121Andy Sands
4Andy Cooke218Terry Trow
5Steve Bramall1221Bryan Williams
6Richard Saunders219Mike Morris
7Ali Brown2117Jo Facer
8Daniel Brookfield2119Derek Shingler
9Ricky Cooke215Graham Humphreys
10Stuart Dodd218James Minns

Wed 13th May

PosSevernsideScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1George Perry1621Andy Cooke
2Roger Burton2113Micky Bramall
3Felicity Kershaw1421Stuart Dodd
4Doreen Jones1121Mick Fiest
5Brian Hall921Ali Brown
6John Holmwood221Daniel Brookfield
7John Fannin321Steve Bramall
8Chris Dormer2118Richard Saunders
9Robert Phillips821Ricky Cooke
10Martin Peleszok1121Colin Hayes

Tue 12th May

PosLythwoodScoreScoreMonkmoor B
1Norman Clements1621Andy Cooke
2Molly Sullivan921Mick Fiest
3Christine Taylor721Colin Hayes
4Carol Clements1321Micky Bramall
5Julian Archer2111Daniel Brookfield
6Sylvia Morris1321Steve Bramall
7Rhys Williams821Ali Brown
8Alan Winstanley2112Richard Saunders
9Rosie Scotland2115Ricky Cooke
10Kevin Edwards821Stuart Dodd

Tue 5th May

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreMinsterley
1Colin Hayes218Sylvia Povey
2Mick Fiest216Geoffrey James
3Micky Bramall2119Sam Cox
4Lesley Medlicott211Joyce Ashley
5Steve Bramall2113Audrey Cox
6Daniel Brookfield213Dennis Owen
7Richard Saunders1121Kevin Farr
8Ali Brown2114John Hoofe
9Ricky Cooke218Melvyn Ashley
10Stuart Dodd2116Liam Cox

Tue 21st Apr

PosMonkmoor BScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Colin Hayes218Joan Uncles
2Mick Fiest1221Jordan Heron
3Ricky Cooke2111Chris Thomas
4Daniel Brookfield216Cath Bland
5Steve Bramall621Brian Armstrong
6Richard Saunders2111Kelly Mcminn
7Ali Brown215Rose Mackay
8Micky Bramall2116Scott Hughes
9Andy Cooke216Veronica Bland
10Stuart Dodd2116Dale Thomas