Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2016

Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Monkmoor (Shrewsbury Div. 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
118Stuart Dodd2012860367304+6318.3515.203.15
219Steve Bramall2012860376321+5518.8016.052.75
327Daniel Brookfield1711665338284+5419.8816.713.18
439Ricky Cooke1910953342311+3118.0016.371.63
548Colin Hayes129375220161+5918.3313.424.92
656Andy Cooke2091145331334-316.5516.70-0.15
764Mick Fiest1981142319361-4216.7919.00-2.21
868Micky Bramall127558225178+4718.7514.833.92
982Dean Pritchard137654214212+216.4616.310.15
10115Richard Saunders134931192251-5914.7719.31-4.54
11119Ali Brown1741324246346-10014.4720.35-5.88
12137Matthew Griffiths1821611246360-11413.6720.00-6.33
Tue 12th AprHCastlefields C1991578210
Tue 19th AprACrescent B155179464
Tue 26th AprAMeole Brace B166179464
Tue 3rd MayHPOWBC A184155648
Tue 17th MayHCorbet Arms184171466
Tue 24th MayABye00000
Tue 31st MayHPOWBC B187159466
Thu 2nd JunAOsbc A176184555
Tue 7th JunABicton B1422100100
Tue 14th JunHBagley A157184555
Tue 21st JunAElephant & Castle158162555
Tue 28th JunABagley A182161557
Tue 5th JulHElephant & Castle181135739
Tue 12th JulACastlefields C177174648
Tue 19th JulHCrescent B155159464
Tue 26th JulHMeole Brace B175157739
Tue 2nd AugAPOWBC A160186464
Tue 9th AugHOsbc A180158648
Tue 16th AugACorbet Arms141202282
Tue 23rd AugHBye00000
Tue 30th AugAPOWBC B159195282
Tue 6th SepHBicton B198156739
  Played 203416342395105115
1st Half Results for Monkmoor
Bramall Steve201218.8021-1514-2121-1421-1315-2118-2121-1415-2121-2021-721-12
Dodd Stuart201218.3521-1811-2121-1021-1315-2121-321-1020-2119-2114-2121-6
Brookfield Daniel171119.88 21-1116-2121-1818-21 20-2119-2121-921-1516-21
Cooke Ricky 191018.0021-1515-2111-2121-1021-717-2117-2114-2121-1313-2121-9
Hayes Colin12918.33    21-1121-521-194-21 21-621-11
Cooke Andy20916.5521-1012-216-2121-1421-1515-2121-2020-2112-214-2115-21
Fiest Mick19816.7921-2021-1821-1317-2119-2119-2114-2113-2121-1921-1612-21
Bramall Micky12718.7514-21 18-2121-321-1221-9   21-13 
Pritchard Dean13716.4621-821-616-2110-21    21-185-21 
Saunders Richard13414.7717-218-21   21-1621-1620-217-21 21-18
Brown Ali17414.4721-1921-1821-1611-2117-2117-2114-216-214-21 15-21
Griffiths Matthew18213.6721-1011-2115-2120-2116-2117-216-2111-2110-2117-2119-21
2nd Half Results for Monkmoor
Bramall Steve201218.8021-321-1419-2121-1921-1521-76-2117-2120-21
Dodd Stuart201218.3521-1521-1421-621-1121-1713-2114-219-2121-13
Brookfield Daniel171119.8821-921-1421-1321-16 21-1721-2018-2121-16
Cooke Ricky 191018.0021-1012-2119-21 21-1221-1714-2121-1621-13
Hayes Colin12918.3321-39-21 21-14  18-2121-1121-18
Cooke Andy20916.5519-2121-1121-621-815-2121-69-2115-2121-13
Fiest Mick19816.7921-1210-21 10-2121-1621-1610-219-2118-21
Bramall Micky12718.75 21-1721-8 8-2121-1119-2119-21 
Pritchard Dean13716.46 21-208-2121-1414-2114-2121-14 21-6
Saunders Richard13414.7711-21 6-2121-1215-2115-219-21  
Brown Ali17414.4721-2020-2113-219-2110-21  13-2113-21
Griffiths Matthew18213.674-21 6-219-2114-2112-21 17-2121-14

Tue 6th Sep

PosMonkmoor ScoreScoreBicton B
1Steve Bramall2021Andy Wilson (6fa)
2Mick Fiest1821Stuart Bennett
3Stuart Dodd2113Matt Statham
4Matthew Griffiths2114Karen Bennett (6fa)
5Daniel Brookfield2116Roger Oldacre
6Andy Cooke2113Billy Jones
7Ali Brown1321Pat Oliver Best Result
8Dean Pritchard Best Result216Julie Williams
9Ricky Cooke2113Shaun Phillips
10Colin Hayes2118Keith Sudlow

Tue 30th Aug

PosPOWBC BScoreScoreMonkmoor
1John Evans Best Result219Stuart Dodd
2Geoff Tipton Best Result219Mick Fiest
3Bryan Price2117Steve Bramall
4John Ford2117Matthew Griffiths
5Brian Austin2115Andy Cooke
6Alan Potts2119Micky Bramall
7John Groom2113Ali Brown
8Glyn Harvey2118Daniel Brookfield
9Alex Nicholls1121Colin Hayes Best Result
10Alan Dean1621Ricky Cooke

Tue 16th Aug

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreMonkmoor
1Brian Mobberley Best Result216Steve Bramall
2Eric Pitchford2114Stuart Dodd
3Paul Caswell219Richard Saunders
4Steve Edwards2110Mick Fiest
5Marion Stevens219Andy Cooke
6Gill Blakeley1421Dean Pritchard Best Result
7Mary Woodcock2021Daniel Brookfield
8Mike Wood2119Micky Bramall
9Nick Marshall2118Colin Hayes
10Eddie Roderick2114Ricky Cooke

Tue 9th Aug

PosMonkmoor ScoreScoreOsbc A
1Steve Bramall217Linda Gale
2Mick Fiest2116Bill Francis
3Dean Pritchard1421John Allen
4Stuart Dodd1321Martin Francis
5Richard Saunders1521Keith Lewis
6Andy Cooke Best Result216Robert Furlong
7Matthew Griffiths1221Matthew Beck Best Result
8Daniel Brookfield2117Paul Wills
9Micky Bramall2111Bert Pover
10Ricky Cooke2117Karl Weaver

Tue 2nd Aug

PosPOWBC AScoreScoreMonkmoor
1Matty Hyde Best Result218Micky Bramall
2Ryan Hutchings1521Steve Bramall
3Chris Slawson1621Mick Fiest
4George Dourish2114Dean Pritchard
5Tom Moseley2115Richard Saunders
6Tom Gregory2114Matthew Griffiths
7Joe Hotchkiss1721Stuart Dodd
8Steph Clarke2115Andy Cooke
9Stan Briscoe2110Ali Brown
10Mike Binnersley1221Ricky Cooke Best Result

Tue 26th Jul

PosMonkmoor ScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1Steve Bramall2119Barry Lowe (6tb)
2Mick Fiest1021Tony Crundell (6tb)
3Dean Pritchard2114George Spain (6tb)
4Stuart Dodd2111Vernon Biggs (6tb)
5Colin Hayes2114Bob Cliffe
6Andy Cooke Best Result218Dan White
7Daniel Brookfield2116Steve Phillips
8Matthew Griffiths921Neil Pickin (6tb) Best Result
9Ali Brown921Mal Cowley Best Result
10Richard Saunders2112Brian Jones

Tue 19th Jul

PosMonkmoor ScoreScoreCrescent B
1Steve Bramall1921Dan Harris
2Dean Pritchard821Simon Hepworth
3Matthew Griffiths621Graham Hughes Best Result
4Richard Saunders621Brian Richards Best Result
5Micky Bramall218Mike Greaves
6Daniel Brookfield2113Andy Maycock
7Andy Cooke Best Result216Paul Turford
8Stuart Dodd Best Result216Daniel Perkins
9Ali Brown1321Alan Hotchkiss
10Ricky Cooke1921Dave Rowe

Tue 12th Jul

PosCastlefields CScoreScoreMonkmoor
1David Burroughs1421Steve Bramall
2Ade Clarke2110Mick Fiest
3Paul Jarvis1421Daniel Brookfield
4Steve Lewis1121Andy Cooke Best Result
5George Marston1721Micky Bramall
6Phil Mcewan2120Ali Brown
7Liam Page1421Stuart Dodd
8Ally Roberts2112Ricky Cooke
9Craig Walker2021Dean Pritchard
10Steve Walker Best Result219Colin Hayes

Tue 5th Jul

PosMonkmoor ScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Steve Bramall Best Result213Craig Jones
2Mick Fiest2112Paul Dean
3Richard Saunders1121Richard Leah
4Colin Hayes Best Result213Richard Gears
5Daniel Brookfield219Brian Leah
6Matthew Griffiths421Graham Humphreys Best Result
7Andy Cooke1921Derek Shingler
8Stuart Dodd2115Gary Francis
9Ali Brown2120Tony Sherratt
10Ricky Cooke2110Martin Young
Match played in a good spirit pity the minority have to spoil it for for the majority of players on the night

Tue 28th Jun

PosBagley AScoreScoreMonkmoor
1John Griffiths1221Steve Bramall
2Colin Clayton (6ta)1821Richard Saunders
3Darren Williams1121Colin Hayes
4Paul Peatroy (6ta) Best Result2112Mick Fiest
5David Scutts621Stuart Dodd Best Result
6Neil Scutts (6ta)2119Matthew Griffiths
7Gary Morgan (6ta)2116Daniel Brookfield
8Jenny Newton2115Andy Cooke
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)921Ricky Cooke
10John Lovett (6ta)2115Ali Brown

Tue 21st Jun

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreMonkmoor
1Richard Leah Best Result214Andy Cooke
2Tony Sherratt215Dean Pritchard
3Paul Dean721Steve Bramall
4Brian Leah2117Matthew Griffiths
5Jo Facer-leah1321Micky Bramall
6Steve Jones1621Mick Fiest
7Gary Francis621Colin Hayes Best Result
8Richard Gears1521Daniel Brookfield
9Derek Shingler2113Ricky Cooke
10Graham Humphreys2114Stuart Dodd

Tue 14th Jun

PosMonkmoor ScoreScoreBagley A
1Andy Cooke1221Paul Peatroy (6ta)
2Steve Bramall2120Colin Clayton (6ta)
3Richard Saunders721Darren Williams
4Matthew Griffiths1021John Farmer
5Dean Pritchard2118Aaron Sutherland
6Ali Brown421Gary Morgan (6ta) Best Result
7Mick Fiest2119David Scutts
8Daniel Brookfield Best Result219Sandra Griffiths
9Stuart Dodd1921John Lovett (6ta)
10Ricky Cooke2113Andy Sutherland (6ta)

Tue 7th Jun

PosBicton BScoreScoreMonkmoor
1Trevor Bowers2120Richard Saunders Best Result
2Paul Idris Evans2120Andy Cooke Best Result
3Matt Statham2111Matthew Griffiths
4Norman Brown2115Steve Bramall
5Julie Williams216Ali Brown
6Kevin Sudlow2113Mick Fiest
7Roger Oldacre Best Result214Colin Hayes
8Shaun Phillips2119Daniel Brookfield
9Keith Sudlow2114Ricky Cooke
10Keith Thomas2120Stuart Dodd Best Result

Thu 2nd Jun

PosOsbc AScoreScoreMonkmoor
1Keith Lewis Best Result216Matthew Griffiths
2Tony Poole2021Andy Cooke
3Bill Francis2114Mick Fiest
4Robert Furlong1421Steve Bramall
5John Allen2120Daniel Brookfield
6Diane Preece1621Richard Saunders
7Matthew Beck2114Ali Brown
8Paul Wills1921Colin Hayes
9Karl Weaver1021Stuart Dodd Best Result
10Martin Francis2117Ricky Cooke

Tue 31st May

PosMonkmoor ScoreScorePOWBC B
1Stuart Dodd Best Result213John Ramsay
2Mick Fiest1921Alan Potts
3Richard Saunders2116Bryan Price
4Colin Hayes215Harry Richardson
5Matthew Griffiths1721John Evans
6Ali Brown1721Brian Austin
7Micky Bramall219John Groom
8Andy Cooke1521Geoff Tipton Best Result
9Steve Bramall1821John Ford
10Ricky Cooke1721Glyn Harvey

Tue 17th May

PosMonkmoor ScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Andy Cooke2115Steve Edwards
2Mick Fiest1921Nick Marshall
3Steve Bramall1521John Lumsden Best Result
4Ali Brown1721Dave Hyde
5Daniel Brookfield1821Paul Caswell
6Micky Bramall2112Eric Pitchford
7Matthew Griffiths1621Gill Blakeley
8Colin Hayes2111Mary Woodcock
9Stuart Dodd1521Eddie Roderick Best Result
10Ricky Cooke Best Result217Graham Lewis

Tue 3rd May

PosMonkmoor ScoreScorePOWBC A
1Mick Fiest1721Tom Moseley
2Steve Bramall2113Keith Davies
3Ali Brown1121Chris Slawson
4Ricky Cooke2110Stan Briscoe
5Andy Cooke2114Steph Clarke
6Micky Bramall Best Result213Joe Hotchkiss
7Dean Pritchard1021Matty Hyde Best Result
8Daniel Brookfield2118Tom Gregory
9Matthew Griffiths2021Ryan Hutchings
10Stuart Dodd2113Josh Davies

Tue 26th Apr

PosMeole Brace BScoreScoreMonkmoor
1Tony Crundell (6tb) Best Result216Andy Cooke
2Neil Pickin (6tb)1321Mick Fiest
3Barry Lowe (6tb)2116Dean Pritchard
4George Spain (6tb)2118Micky Bramall
5Mal Cowley2111Ricky Cooke
6Vernon Biggs (6tb)1021Stuart Dodd Best Result
7Chris Davies (6tb)2115Matthew Griffiths
8Dan White2116Daniel Brookfield
9Chris Elliott1621Ali Brown
10Paul Majski1421Steve Bramall

Tue 19th Apr

PosCrescent BScoreScoreMonkmoor
1Kevin Barratt1821Mick Fiest
2Andy Maycock2111Matthew Griffiths
3Mike Greaves2111Stuart Dodd
4Daniel Perkins1821Ali Brown
5Brian Richards2112Andy Cooke
6Daz Hunting Best Result218Richard Saunders
7Paul Turford621Dean Pritchard Best Result
8Simon Hepworth2114Steve Bramall
9Alan Hotchkiss2115Ricky Cooke
10Dan Harris1121Daniel Brookfield

Tue 12th Apr

PosMonkmoor ScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Andy Cooke2110Peter Ashley
2Matthew Griffiths2110Liam Page
3Mick Fiest2120David Burroughs
4Stuart Dodd2118Steve Lewis
5Steve Bramall2115Phil Mcewan
6Micky Bramall1421Mark Walker Best Result
7Ali Brown2119Steve Walker
8Dean Pritchard Best Result218Rob Grocott
9Richard Saunders1721Craig Walker
10Ricky Cooke2115Ally Roberts