Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2019

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Greenfields Social B ( Shropshire Div. 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
156Rob Jones126650203216-1316.9218.00-1.08
268Mike Badnell125742209209017.4217.420.00
371Pete Mackay115645180185-516.3616.82-0.45
488Alan Welsh104640159165-615.9016.50-0.60
591James Fernie104640165181-1616.5018.10-1.60
6108Mark Southall93633124169-4513.7818.78-5.00
7120Roger Jones6243382107-2513.6717.83-4.17
8125Ian Blower102820137195-5813.7019.50-5.80
9126Dave Pritchard102820133201-6813.3020.10-6.80
10144Eileen Farr312334151-1013.6717.00-3.33
11145Graham Hughes312334959-1016.3319.67-3.33
12151Mike Goodall514207197-2614.2019.40-5.20
13153Thomas Jones312333158-2710.3319.33-9.00
14156Andy Gale111109141216-7512.8219.64-6.82
15175Tony Sandford30304163-2213.6721.00-7.33
16179Brian Pritchard20201142-315.5021.00-15.50
Fri 26th AprHShelton Village156194373
Fri 3rd MayABagley157174646
Fri 10th MayAGreenfields Social A143196464
Fri 17th MayHCastlefields B167204191
Fri 24th MayABayston Hill 1162100100
Fri 31st MayHBicton B2109510012
Fri 7th JunAElephant & Castle155172464
Fri 14th JunHCriftins151179373
Fri 21st JunAPontesbury B109204282
Fri 28th JunHUnison173179464
Fri 5th JulAPreston Brockhurst114197191
Fri 12th JulAShelton Village1262100100
Fri 19th JulHBagley00000
Fri 26th JulHGreenfields Social A00000
Fri 2nd AugACastlefields B00000
Fri 9th AugHBayston Hill 00000
Fri 16th AugABicton B00000
Fri 23rd AugHElephant & Castle00000
Fri 30th AugACriftins00000
Fri 6th SepHPontesbury B00000
Fri 13th SepAUnison00000
Fri 20th SepHPreston Brockhurst00000
  Played 1217772214388240
1st Half Results for Greenfields Social B
Jones Rob12616.9221-1321-2021-1921-1517-2121-1210-2116-2111-2121-1115-21
Badnell Mike12517.4218-2121-1411-2116-2116-2121-97-2116-2121-1721-1421-8
Mackay Pete11516.3613-2121-1321-1918-219-2121-921-121-1719-2111-215-21
Fernie James10416.5021-1821-1721-1416-2120-2121-6 18-217-21 5-21
Welsh Alan10415.907-2121-721-1816-2115-2121-620-2121-84-2113-21 
Southall Mark9313.7813-21 9-2111-2113-21 21-2021-74-2121-1611-21
Blower Ian10213.7012-2121-19 20-21 21-810-214-215-2117-2118-21
Jones Roger6213.67      21-1116-218-2121-124-21
Pritchard Dave10213.3016-214-2111-2110-217-21 21-14 21-1911-2119-21
Hughes Graham3116.33     21-1711-21  17-21 
Goodall Mike5114.20  7-21  21-13 12-21  11-21
Farr Eileen3113.67    7-2121-9     
Gale Andy11112.8214-219-2116-2119-215-2121-613-21 9-2120-215-21
Jones Thomas3110.3321-164-21     6-21   
Sandford Tony3013.67 14-21 20-217-21      
Pritchard Brian205.50  5-21        
2nd Half Results for Greenfields Social B
Jones Rob12616.928-21
Badnell Mike12517.4220-21
Mackay Pete11516.36 
Fernie James10416.5015-21
Welsh Alan10415.90 
Southall Mark9313.78 
Blower Ian10213.709-21
Jones Roger6213.6712-21
Pritchard Dave10213.3013-21
Hughes Graham3116.33 
Goodall Mike5114.2020-21
Farr Eileen3113.6713-21
Gale Andy11112.8210-21
Jones Thomas3110.33 
Sandford Tony3013.67 
Pritchard Brian205.506-21

Fri 12th Jul

PosShelton VillageScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Fred Micklewright2113Dave Pritchard
2Mark Hill2120Mike Badnell Best Result
3Nigel Williams218Rob Jones
4Paul Murray Best Result216Brian Pritchard
5Chris Murray2113Eileen Farr
6Andrea Pickering2120Mike Goodall Best Result
7Brian Selley219Ian Blower
8Sue Hill2115James Fernie
9Paul Davies2110Andy Gale
10Paul Bishop2112Roger Jones

Fri 5th Jul

PosPreston BrockhurstScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Brian Burton215Pete Mackay
2Tony Meese821Mike Badnell Best Result
3Mike Wood2119Dave Pritchard
4Doreen Meese2115Rob Jones
5Sylvia Burton2118Ian Blower
6Margaret Foster2111Mark Southall
7Sandra Evans2111Mike Goodall
8Suzanne Latham215James Fernie
9Dave Hyde215Andy Gale
10Arthur Latham Best Result214Roger Jones

Fri 28th Jun

PosGreenfields Social BScoreScoreUnison
1Rob Jones Best Result2111Martin Jones
2Mike Badnell2114Simon Reynolds
3Dave Pritchard1121Brian Meredith Best Result
4Graham Hughes1721Phil Tyler
5Pete Mackay1121Evelyn Jones Best Result
6Mark Southall2116Clive Jordan
7Roger Jones2112Mark Ramsey
8Ian Blower1721Matthew O’brien
9Andy Gale2021Pete Oliver
10Alan Welsh1321Dave Renwick

Fri 21st Jun

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Kevin Williams215Ian Blower
2Mike Hampson2111Rob Jones
3Kieran Jones1721Mike Badnell Best Result
4John Lumley1921Dave Pritchard
5Nina Green218Roger Jones
6Sue Potter217James Fernie
7Terry Jones Best Result214Mark Southall
8Neil Hyde2119Pete Mackay
9Martin Jones Best Result214Alan Welsh
10Martin Green219Andy Gale

Fri 14th Jun

PosGreenfields Social BScoreScoreCriftins
1Rob Jones1621Kara Singleton
2Mike Badnell1621Jamie Birch
3Mike Goodall1221Anthony Gillam
4Mark Southall Best Result217Kelly Fleet
5Roger Jones1621Paul Tomlinson
6Thomas Jones621David Cunningham
7Pete Mackay2117Lenny Jones
8James Fernie1821Ross Rogers
9Ian Blower421Terry Thompson Best Result
10Alan Welsh218Liam Badwick

Fri 7th Jun

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Mal Wilde Best Result217Mike Badnell
2Peter Thomas1421Dave Pritchard
3Harry Jones2110Rob Jones
4Paul Dean2110Ian Blower
5Bryan Williams1121Roger Jones
6Clive Dann121Pete Mackay Best Result
7Derek Shingler2021Mark Southall
8Graham Humphreys2113Andy Gale
9Wayne Harding2120Alan Welsh
10Steve Dudson2111Graham Hughes

Fri 31st May

PosGreenfields Social BScoreScoreBicton B
1Rob Jones2112Pat Neale
2Mike Badnell219Jane Veal
3Graham Hughes2117Roger Oldacre Best Result
4Ian Blower218Val Roberts
5Eileen Farr219Sandra Darlington
6Pete Mackay219Diane Washbrook
7Mike Goodall2113Steve Fitchew
8James Fernie Best Result216Pat Oliver
9Andy Gale Best Result216Ken Darlington
10Alan Welsh Best Result216Norman Barkley

Fri 24th May

PosBayston Hill ScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Jane Archer219Pete Mackay
2Dave Nicholls217Eileen Farr
3Ray Jones217Dave Pritchard
4Lionel Morris2116Mike Badnell
5Norman Price2113Mark Southall
6Graham Dorricott2120James Fernie Best Result
7Mike Statham2117Rob Jones
8Andy Davies217Tony Sandford
9Martin Cousins2115Alan Welsh
10Jack Dale Best Result215Andy Gale
Well done to Greenfields "B" for the way they played the game and the team spirit they showed.

Fri 17th May

PosGreenfields Social BScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Mike Badnell1621Matty Hyde
2Tony Sandford2021Steph Clarke
3Pete Mackay1821Steve Peach
4Dave Pritchard1021Kieran Walker Best Result
5Rob Jones Best Result2115Terry Thorne
6Ian Blower2021Michael Rogers
7Mark Southall1121Dan Price
8Andy Gale1921Steve Heath
9James Fernie1621Luke Suter
10Alan Welsh1621Russell Tipton

Fri 10th May

PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Ian Massey1921Rob Jones
2Reg Reece2111Dave Pritchard
3Ian Kilburn2111Mike Badnell
4Chris Jones Best Result215Brian Pritchard
5June Massey1921Pete Mackay
6Jo Wellard217Mike Goodall
7John Judson219Mark Southall
8Kevin Williams1421James Fernie Best Result
9Nigel Harris2116Andy Gale
10John Brown1821Alan Welsh

Fri 3rd May

PosBagleyScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Darren Williams1321Pete Mackay
2Andy Sutherland2114Tony Sandford
3Marg Barnes1421Mike Badnell
4John Lovett2021Rob Jones
5David Scutts1721James Fernie
6Louise Rooke Best Result214Dave Pritchard
7Paddy Grace1921Ian Blower
8Andy Barnes Best Result214Thomas Jones
9Richard Green721Alan Welsh Best Result
10Stuart Reynolds219Andy Gale

Fri 26th Apr

PosGreenfields Social BScoreScoreShelton Village
1Rob Jones Best Result2113Paul Murray
2Pete Mackay1321Andrea Pickering
3Dave Pritchard1621Fred Micklewright
4Mike Badnell1821Paul Bishop
5Ian Blower1221Chris Murray
6Thomas Jones2116Sue Storey
7James Fernie2118Mark Hill
8Mark Southall1321Nigel Williams
9Andy Gale1421Brian Selley
10Alan Welsh721Paul Davies Best Result
Dave Blower should be Ian Blower. Please amend. Thank you.