Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2019

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Burway (Shropshire Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
14Camilla Parsonage1311285249173+7619.1513.315.85
211Vivian Cooper129375242151+9120.1712.587.58
312Anthony Rogers119282216141+7519.6412.826.82
427Steve Dovey97278177124+5319.6713.785.89
539Barry Rogers137654223212+1117.1516.310.85
646Peter Griffiths86275156114+4219.5014.255.25
765Cheryl Lloyd106460177179-217.7017.90-0.20
870Mark Rogers55010010569+3621.0013.807.20
9104Jack Bufton94544150174-2416.6719.33-2.67
10111George Cooper104640156193-3715.6019.30-3.70
11115Liam Dovey3301006341+2221.0013.677.33
12139Terry Angell1331023183255-7214.0819.62-5.54
13147Andrew Stewardson321676056+420.0018.671.33
14161Mark Bull92722127184-5714.1120.44-6.33
15166Tony Partridge110100215+1621.005.0016.00
16167Kevin Richards110100215+1621.005.0016.00
17179Unlisted Player211502640-1413.0020.00-7.00
18187Steve Burmingham91811123170-4713.6718.89-5.22
19197Gerry Haynes10101521-615.0021.00-6.00
20198Jesse James10101521-615.0021.00-6.00
21199Jill Powell10101521-615.0021.00-6.00
22201Russell Davies10101421-714.0021.00-7.00
23205John Woodfield20203342-916.5021.00-4.50
24214Lawrence Rogers1010621-156.0021.00-15.00
25221Jack Parsonage20201442-287.0021.00-14.00
26225Wendy Davies20201242-306.0021.00-15.00
27226Dan Addis40405084-3412.5021.00-8.50
Fri 26th AprHMeole Brace V2221908410
Fri 3rd MayAFrankwell199225575
Fri 10th MayHMeole Brace A2301399311
Fri 17th MayHBishops Castle2241718410
Fri 24th MayAOSBC183217666
Fri 31st MayHWem USC2381609311
Fri 14th JunHAbbey2341958410
Fri 21st JunAHadnall1502352102
Fri 28th JunHCraven Arms2381689311
Fri 5th JulAOswestry Church167240393
Fri 12th JulAMeole Brace V171229393
Wed 17th JulAOxon176223484
Fri 19th JulHFrankwell2172098410
Fri 26th JulAMeole Brace A00000
Fri 2nd AugABishops Castle00000
Fri 9th AugHOSBC00000
Fri 16th AugAWem USC00000
Fri 23rd AugHOxon00000
Fri 30th AugAAbbey00000
Fri 6th SepHHadnall00000
Fri 13th SepACraven Arms00000
Fri 20th SepHOswestry Church00000
  Played 1326492601827496
1st Half Results for Burway
Wem U
Parsonage Camilla131119.1521-1521-1021-421-1221-921-721-1310-2121-138-2121-12
Cooper Vivian12920.1721-719-2121-1221-521-1517-2117-2121-1221-9 21-8
Rogers Anthony11919.6421-521-1921-521-12 21-521-1213-21 21-1514-21
Dovey Steve9719.6721-1421-2021-7 21-1221-321-1613-2121-1017-21 
Rogers Barry13717.1521-116-2121-1021-413-2121-1321-1312-2119-2121-2012-21
Griffiths Peter8619.50  21-1221-9 21-1621-819-2121-1121-16 
Lloyd Cheryl10617.7021-1621-1016-219-2121-1921-13  21-17 11-21
Rogers Mark5521.00    21-2021-1221-1221-13   
Bufton Jack 9416.6714-2114-21 16-21  21-17 21-1714-2121-20
Cooper George10415.6021-19 12-2116-2121-1621-1515-2110-21  10-21
Dovey Liam 3321.0021-19 21-1121-11       
Angell Terry13314.086-2121-1921-1315-216-2121-1315-215-2120-217-2114-21
Stewardson Andrew3220.00   21-17    21-18  
Bull Mark9214.1119-2118-2113-2121-176-21 21-20 10-2114-215-21
Partridge Tony1121.00        21-5  
Richards Kevin1121.00        21-5  
Burmingham Steve9113.6715-2117-2121-2 13-2115-2119-21  10-21 
Player Unlisted2113.00           
Woodfield John2016.50     17-21     
Haynes Gerry1015.00         15-21 
James Jesse1015.00          15-21
Powell Jill1015.00          15-21
Davies Russell1014.00 14-21         
Addis Dan4012.50    15-21  12-21 11-2112-21
Parsonage Jack207.00 6-21       8-21 
Davies Wendy206.00    4-21  8-21   
Rogers Lawrence106.00       6-21   
2nd Half Results for Burway
Parsonage Camilla131119.1521-1721-19
Cooper Vivian12920.1721-1221-8
Rogers Anthony11919.6421-1421-12
Dovey Steve9719.67  
Rogers Barry13717.1514-2121-15
Griffiths Peter8619.5011-21 
Lloyd Cheryl10617.7015-2121-20
Rogers Mark5521.0021-12 
Bufton Jack 9416.678-2121-15
Cooper George10415.609-2121-17
Dovey Liam 3321.00  
Angell Terry13314.0812-2120-21
Stewardson Andrew3220.00 18-21
Bull Mark9214.11  
Partridge Tony1121.00  
Richards Kevin1121.00  
Burmingham Steve9113.677-216-21
Player Unlisted2113.00 21-19
Woodfield John2016.5016-21 
Haynes Gerry1015.00  
James Jesse1015.00  
Powell Jill1015.00  
Davies Russell1014.00  
Addis Dan4012.50  
Parsonage Jack207.00  
Davies Wendy206.00  
Rogers Lawrence106.00  

Fri 19th Jul

1Jack Bufton2115Brian Bennett
2Camilla Parsonage2119Simon Hayman
3Vivian Cooper Best Result218Simon Hepworth
4Cheryl Lloyd2120Steve Haycocks
5Andrew Stewardson1821Mal Mitchell
6Unlisted Player521Ollie Ewels Best Result
7Unlisted Player2119Dilwyn Edwards
8Barry Rogers2115Mel Yates
9George Cooper2117Andrew Runham
10Steve Burmingham621Jesse James
11Terry Angell2021Chris Dorsett
12Anthony Rogers2112Mike Haycocks

Wed 17th Jul

1Dave Wood1221Mark Rogers Best Result
2Rob Mitton1421Anthony Rogers
3Colin Jones1721Camilla Parsonage
4Tony Manders1221Vivian Cooper Best Result
5Roger Haydon Best Result217Steve Burmingham
6Emmet Mckinley (j)2111Peter Griffiths
7Paul Thomas2115Cheryl Lloyd
8Pete Nicholls2116John Woodfield
9Matt Morris219George Cooper
10Andy Owens2114Barry Rogers
11Martin Mckinley2112Terry Angell
12Danny Powell218Jack Bufton

Fri 12th Jul

PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreBurway
1Mark Davies2111Cheryl Lloyd
2Martin Stott821Vivian Cooper Best Result
3Eric Webb1221Camilla Parsonage
4Philip Norton2115Jill Powell
5Bob Chatham2115Jesse James
6Mike Jones2112Dan Addis
7Alan Lloyd2114Anthony Rogers
8Geoff Balshaw2110George Cooper
9Peter Phillips2112Barry Rogers
10Melvyn Ashley2114Terry Angell
11Tony Williams2021Jack Bufton
12Bob Cliffe Best Result215Mark Bull

Fri 5th Jul

PosOswestry ChurchScoreScoreBurway
1Glenys Jones218Camilla Parsonage
2Dave Evans2117Steve Dovey
3Ron Crook1621Peter Griffiths
4Brian Oakley1521Anthony Rogers Best Result
5Emrys Jones2115Gerry Haynes
6John Hughes2110Steve Burmingham
7Karl Adams218Jack Parsonage
8Dave Smith2111Dan Addis
9Pete Adams2021Barry Rogers
10John Roberts2114Mark Bull
11Phil Laker2114Jack Bufton
12Steve Turner Best Result217Terry Angell

Fri 28th Jun

PosBurwayScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Camilla Parsonage2113Bernard Southern
2Peter Griffiths2111Ken Willis
3Kevin Richards Best Result215Gillian Morris
4Tony Partridge Best Result215John Oakley
5Andrew Stewardson2118Clive Leaworthy
6Steve Dovey2110Terry Lucas
7Cheryl Lloyd2117Bert Morris
8Barry Rogers1921Peter Murray
9Vivian Cooper219Iris Singleton
10Mark Bull1021Tony Pryce Best Result
11Jack Bufton2117Tony Cowdale
12Terry Angell2021Colin Blent

Fri 21st Jun

1Bob Sharpe2110Camilla Parsonage
2Kerry Dance2119Peter Griffiths
3Will Childs218Wendy Davies
4Mike Pemberton1221Vivian Cooper Best Result
5Dawn Gray216Lawrence Rogers
6Dave Maddams1321Mark Rogers
7John Thomas2110George Cooper
8Molly Harris2113Steve Dovey
9Darren Fitzpatrick2112Dan Addis
10Chris Elsbury2113Anthony Rogers
11Mike Thomas Best Result215Terry Angell
12Elaine Jones2112Barry Rogers

Fri 14th Jun

1Vivian Cooper1721Simon Damm
2Camilla Parsonage2113Derek Hill
3Peter Griffiths Best Result218Greg Jones
4Mark Rogers2112Tony Williams (6ta)
5Steve Burmingham1921Mike Hughes Jnr
6Barry Rogers2113Ali Brown
7Mark Bull2120Graham Jones
8Steve Dovey2116Adam Sneade
9George Cooper1521Andy Cooke Best Result
10Jack Bufton2117David Webb
11Terry Angell1521John Dorsett Best Result
12Anthony Rogers2112Neil Jones

Fri 31st May

PosBurwayScoreScoreWem USC
1Camilla Parsonage217Mo Corley
2Mark Rogers2112Colleen Harding
3John Woodfield1721Barrie Thomas
4Peter Griffiths2116Graham Dulson
5Vivian Cooper1721Josh Warner
6Steve Dovey Best Result213Guy Tipton
7Cheryl Lloyd2113Carl Pawlowski
8Barry Rogers2113Wayd Pawlowski
9Steve Burmingham1521Geoff Warner Best Result
10George Cooper2115Phil Bryan
11Terry Angell2113Ian Tinsley
12Anthony Rogers215Matthew J Golding

Fri 24th May

1John Griffiths921Camilla Parsonage Best Result
2Russell Lea2115Dan Addis
3Bob Chandler1521Vivian Cooper
4Andy Pullen2021Mark Rogers
5Tony Poole1221Steve Dovey
6Evelyn Jones1921Cheryl Lloyd
7John Harris Best Result214Wendy Davies
8Matthew Whittaker2113Steve Burmingham
9Gwyn Jones216Mark Bull
10Wendy Jones1621George Cooper
11Rich Jones2113Barry Rogers
12Derek Jones216Terry Angell

Fri 17th May

PosBurwayScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Vivian Cooper215Tony Graham
2Peter Griffiths219Wayne Pugh
3Camilla Parsonage2112Howard Rutherford
4Anthony Rogers2112Paul Swain
5Liam Dovey2111Josh Dickin
6George Cooper1621Paul Wheeler
7Cheryl Lloyd921Andrew Evans Best Result
8Mark Bull2117Bill Meek
9Barry Rogers Best Result214Ron Ellis
10Jack Bufton1621Mark Evans
11Terry Angell1521Doug Morris
12Andrew Stewardson2117Terry Bufton

Fri 10th May

PosBurwayScoreScoreMeole Brace A
1Anthony Rogers215Jill Bishop
2Vivian Cooper2112Vernon Biggs
3Camilla Parsonage214Liam Cruise Taylor
4Peter Griffiths2112Aiden Hughes
5Liam Dovey2111Chris Davies
6Steve Burmingham Best Result212Dave Sheridan
7Steve Dovey217Alan Hughes
8Cheryl Lloyd1621Molly Sullivan
9Barry Rogers2110 Kevin Jones
10Terry Angell2113Trevor Pritchard
11George Cooper1221Ian Riddell Best Result
12Mark Bull1321 Steve Rigby

Fri 3rd May

1Steve Haycocks2119Vivian Cooper
2Simon Hepworth1921Anthony Rogers
3Mike Haycocks2114Russell Davies
4Mal Mitchell1021Camilla Parsonage Best Result
5Mel Yates1021Cheryl Lloyd Best Result
6Chris Dorsett Best Result216Jack Parsonage
7Dilwyn Edwards2117Steve Burmingham
8Bob Simpson2021Steve Dovey
9Andrew Runham2118Mark Bull
10Simon Hayman2114Jack Bufton
11Ollie Ewels1921Terry Angell
12Andy Doster Best Result216Barry Rogers
Cracking match, could of gone either way.

Fri 26th Apr

PosBurwayScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Anthony Rogers Best Result215Eric Webb
2Vivian Cooper217Alan Lloyd
3Liam Dovey2119Dave (itchy) Pritchard
4Camilla Parsonage2115Mark Davies
5Steve Dovey2114Martin Stott
6Cheryl Lloyd2116Mike Jones
7George Cooper2119Peter Phillips
8Steve Burmingham1521Bob Chatham
9Mark Bull1921John Crundell
10Barry Rogers2111Melvyn Ashley
11Terry Angell621Tony Williams Best Result
12Jack Bufton1421Bob Cliffe